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         Uganda Culture:     more books (47)
  1. Traditional religion, custom, and Christianity in Uganda as illustrated by the Ganda with some references to other African cultures and Islam by Francis-Xavier Sserufusa Kyewalyanga, 1976
  2. Traditional religion, custom, and Christianity in Uganda: As illustrated by the Ganda with some references to other African cultures and Islam by Francis-Xavier S Kyewalyanga, 1976
  3. Cultural Values and Development in Uganda (Nirp Research for Policy Series) by John C. Munene, Shalom Schwartz, 2001-01
  4. The making of bark-cloth by Hamo Sassoon, 1973
  5. Africa Time by William Shullenberger, 1998-09-10

61. RESPOND Uganda - In Search For Peace And Democracy
The great need and challenge is that of changing the culture of violenceand wars in uganda to a culture of peace and nonviolence.
Your browser does not support script SEARCH CATEGORIES Democratic transitions Electoral reforms Judicial reforms Civil service reforms Military reforms Devolution of power Varieties of democracy Negotiations/ dialogue Constitutional reforms Ugandan elections Ugandan Political parties Ugandan civic organizations Ugandan urban groups Ugandan rural groups Ugandan government Ugandan local government Ugandan parliament Ugandan media Ugandan military groups Ugandan political history NRM movement Governance Corruption Refugee camps Human rights violations Domestic warfare International conflicts Ugandan policy debates African foreign policies American foreign policies Europe foreign policies IN SEARCH OF PEACE AND DEMOCRACY AUDIO NGOs All Africa BBC Africa ... Africa Online OPINIONS What African Politicians Should Learn From the West, Finnigan Wa Simbeye Is POB a threat to democracy, Dr. Mansur Senyonjo Lack of Tolerance is Killing our Politics, Nelson Ocheger How Seeds of Multipartyism were planted on Barren Soil ...

QUOTATION S Quotation UGANDA'S CHILD SOLDIERS Fruits of War, Uganda's Child Soldiers

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63. Teaching Jobs
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64. Home Page - The British Council Uganda
Information on facilities and programs.Category Regional Africa uganda Society and culture...... New corporate Identity British Council in uganda 2002 report (PDF 833Kb) What ourcustomers say UK The new 3D way to explore and discover the UK culture LabUK
Welcome This site is a one-stop-shop for our news and events in Uganda as well as our activities and services. Contact us if you do not find what you're looking for. The British Council connects people worldwide with learning opportunities and creative ideas from the UK. We aim to build lasting relationships between the UK and Ugandans. Are you already part of the network that meets to discuss and share leadership and management best practices? Find out more... Ten young people in Uganda and in the UK explore their lifestyles using digital cameras as a mode of communication - more pictures... Please come again. What we can do for you
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65. Promoting Arts And Creativity - Arts - The British Council Uganda
and the private sector so that they can perform the culture function greater policyobjectives such as training, education and community development in uganda.
Promoting arts and creativity
Crossing boarders
My life, my future Dreams and Teams Cultural Policy ...
Radio playwriting competition 2003

These Rights are mine - A child's Rights play British Council i n partnership with the Small World Theatre will stage an interactive performance on child rights at the National Theatre, Kampala on Saturday 8th March 2003 and Sunday 9th March 2003. New and budding actors from Pimbas, Lubiri, Kitante Hill, Kazo St. Francis and Luzira schools will articulate their experiences in relation to the rights of the child through dramatic expression, frozen images, and exercises using the body to identify emotional states. Ann Shrosbree and Bill Hamblett of Small World Theatre spent four weeks working, work-shopping and interacting with children from various schools. Phillip Luswata renown Ugandan actor and playwright has been part of the process, interacting and work-shopping with the children. Groups from each school have participated in 5 workshops each given by the Small World Theatre. Through a children led process the participants devised their own performances. Scenes from each play have been woven into this presentation. Small World Theatre is an educational charity which promotes the use of the performing digital and visual arts to help people creatively interpret their situation. Small World Theatre has over 20 years experience in different parts of Africa, Wales and Asia. Through combining the arts with participatory development Ann Shrosbree and Bill Hamblett have helped increase people’s capacity to express their concerns, identify problems and explore their solutions.

66. History, Culture, Arts, Religion And Education Links For Uganda
History, culture, arts, religion and education links for uganda.Information about Flag of uganda. (WOUGNET). (created 2000) SITE
History, culture, arts, religion and education links for Uganda

67. WebGuest - Open Directory : Regional : Africa : Uganda : Society And Culture
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68. Browsing Regional Africa Uganda Society And Culture Category
Browse Regional Africa uganda Society and culture
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Regional: Africa: Society and Culture

British Council : Uganda

Information on facilities and programs. Preview This Site Buganda The history, language and culture of the people of Buganda, occupying the south-central region of Uganda. Preview This Site Ethnologue: Uganda A list of languages spoken in Uganda.

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70. TDS; Passports, Visas, Travel Documents Uganda Pages
uganda. culture. The Lonely Planet offers some Cultural information aboutuganda. To Country Main Page To TDS Home Page Travel Document Systems
The Lonely Planet offers some Cultural information about Uganda.
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71. Monday, July 22, 2002
Anthony GG GingyeraPinycwa (uganda) - culture, Adolescence and SexualityThe Predicaments of the Rural Girl Child in uganda Today.
GENDERING YOUNG VOICES Monday, July 22, 2002 Theme: Gendering Young Voices Panel 1, Faculty of Arts, Upper Building Room 1 Sub-Theme: Children's Rights Chair Jim Lwanga (Uganda) Panelists Judith Issroff (UK) - A Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist and Psychoanalyst's Consulting Room Encounters with the Traumatic Consequences of Childhood Sadistic Sexual Exploitation, Neglect and Abuse, and the Implications of these Experiences Wandera Kizito (Kenya) - Promise My Son a Future: Rethinking the Issue of Children’s Rights Shamillah Wilson (South Africa) - Developing Young Women's Leadership for Young Women's Rights Shilan Shah (UK) - The Rights of the Girl Child: Law, Tradition and Culture in Tanzania Vineeta Gupta (India) - A Girl Child's Right To Be Born: Increasing Gender Selective Female Feticide (GSFF) and its Linkage with Human Rights and Gender Equality ROUNDTABLE I: Girls’ Empowerment Faculty of Science, Room 205 Enabling Girls To Be at the Centre of the Development Arena: The ‘GEM’ Agenda Chair Ruth Nrumelta Karuwa (Uganda) Presenters 10 girls and 5 boys led by Carol Nabwanga (Uganda) and Janet Zabbali (Uganda) demonstrating what works in the promotion of girls’ education that empowers Panel 2

72. Monday, July 22, 2002
Catherine Namono (uganda) – Gender, Women and culture A Partnership.Laura Coatl (Mexico) Speaking about the Future A Conceptual Choice.
WOMEN, CULTURE AND CREATIVITY Monday, July 22, 2002 Theme: Women, Culture and Creativity Keynote Speaker: Ms. Thelma Awori (USA) African Voices, African Visions Faculty of Arts, Lower Lecture Theatre (LLT) Panel 1, Faculty of Arts, Lecture Room 1 (LR1) Sub-Theme: Images of Women in Language and Literature - 1 Chair Panelists Dorcas Akande (Nigeria) - The Pleasures and Pains of Sisterhood in the African Novel: A Stylistic Perspective Razia Mwondha (Uganda) - Gender Identities in Selected Kiswahili Literary Texts Stella Okworonkwo (Cote d'Ivoire) - Women Will Have To Change Their Negative Portrayal in Language and Literature - Gender Representation in African Folklore Patriba Ray (India) Maandera Muhumuza (Uganda) - Literature and the Social Milieu: The Impact of Authorial Ideology on Characterisation. Panel 2, Faculty of Arts, Lecture Room 2 (LR2) Sub-Theme: Women's Knowledge and Creativity Chair Mirjam Southwell (UK) Panelists - Women's Knowledge Devalued as Craft Lillemor Westerberg (Sweden) - The Invisible Way of Making Women's Creativity Invisible Nicole Aimee Roux (USA) - Nha Fala: Visions and Voices of Diasporic Identity Ijeoma Nwajiaku (Nigeria) - Alternative Versions of the Nigerian Civil War: A Discourse on Recent Novels by Women Mary Smith-Johnson (USA) - In Their Own Word: Portraits of African Women Betty Govinden – Portrayal of Women in Language and Literature Panel 3

73. Uganda -- Archaeology
fashioned quartz tools, resembling those of the Stillbay Stone Age culture of Somaliland,have been found near Moroto. Agriculture reached uganda 2,000 to
Uganda Archaeology
A wide range of archaeological remains have been discovered in Uganda, ranging from early stone tools to trade goods brought from the coast by nineteenth century traders and explorers. The Paleolithic collections housed at the Geological Survey at Entebbe include 2,500 pieces from the former environs of Lake Victoria, which were exposed along the Kagera River valley, chiefly around Nsonezi. These finds indicate a richly developed Acheulean handaxe culture, which has been dated at between 100,000 and 50,000 years. Handaxes have also been discovered in gravel deposits near Parra and Mweya. Later stone tools of the Sangoan Culture (named after the Sango Bay in Masaka District) have been found in western Uganda along the Kagera River valley and on hills around Mbarara. The Magosian Culture, named after a water-hole site in Karamoja, flourished 7,000 to 5,000 years ago, leaving deposits of small stone tools. Many beautifully fashioned quartz tools, resembling those of the Stillbay Stone Age Culture of Somaliland, have been found near Moroto. Agriculture reached Uganda 2,000 to 3,000 years ago and quickly spread over western Uganda. Nevertheless, hunting and food-gathering people, making tools resembling those of the Wilton Stone Age cultural tradition, lived in caves and rock shelters near Lake Victoria. These peoples were slowly absorbed into the more settled Bantu agriculturists. The Nsongezi rock shelter was re-excavated in 1961 and dated to about 1,000 A.D. These Stone Age survivors, perhaps kin to the present-day Bushmen, were probably responsible for the rock paintings found in Teso, at Kakoro in Bukedi and on Lolui Island in Lake Victoria.

74. Lonely Planet's Guide To Uganda
Lonely Planet guide to uganda and the world. Order Now. uganda. culture.uganda's population is made up of a complex and diverse range of tribes.
Lonely Planet Lonely Planet guide to Uganda and the world Order Now
Uganda Culture Uganda's population is made up of a complex and diverse range of tribes. Lake Kyoga forms the northern boundary for the Bantu-speaking peoples, who dominate much of east, central and southern Africa. In Uganda they include the Baganda and several other tribes. In the north live the Lango and the Acholi, who speak Nilotic languages. To the east are the Teso and Karamojong, who are related to the Maasai and who also speak Nilotic languages. Pygmies live in the forests of the west. Each tribe has its musical history; songs are passed down from generation to generation. Ndigindi (lyre), entongoli (harp), amadinda (xylophone) and lukeme (thumb piano) are commonly played instruments. An Acholi, Okot p'Bitek, is one of Uganda's most famous writers of folklore, satirical poems and songs. His book Song of Lawino (1966) describes the stories told in Acholi songs. While about two-thirds of the population is Christian, the remaining third still practises animism or follows Islam. There were sizeable numbers of Sikhs and Hindus in the country until Asians were expelled in 1972, although many are now returning following an invitation from the president. For the most part, Ugandan cuisine consists of a stodge filler with beans or a meat sauce. Main dishes are usually centred on beef, goat or mutton and the starch comes from

75. Gill Green - Health & Human Sciences - Staff
G, Whitworth, J (2000) Men's attitudes to condoms and female controlled means ofprotection against HIV and STDs in southwestern uganda. culture, Health and
Department Undergraduate Postgraduate For Healthcare Professionals ... Research
Dr Gill Green , BSc Brad., MA PhD London
Reader in Health Services Research
Fax: Room 3.717, Psychology Building

University of Essex
Colchester, CO4 3SQ, United Kingdom

Research Interests
  • Social experience and stigma of chronic illness, particularly HIV/AIDS and mental illness Mental health service research particularly services for offenders and substance misusers with mental health problems Sexual risk behaviour Health Service consultation among women of Chinese origin living in Britain Health impact assessment Research funding secured for: the mental health of Chinese women in Britain (ESRC); acceptability of virucides in Uganda (MRC); follow up study of mentally disordered offenders (Eastern Region NHS); epidemiology of dual diagnosis (Eastern Region NHS).
  • Director of Essex Research Development and Support Group (RDSG) Active development of research in regional health service Scheme Leader for MSc Public Health Director of postgraduate research teaching Health, illness and society course

76. Colouring Our Culture
In view of the above factors the following steps have been taken to integratethe Global Art Project in uganda. Coloring our culture; Faces of War.
I*EARN The Global Classroom Colouring Our Culture
About the project
The Galleries


How to join

The Refugee Project Student Writing
Koori and indigenous students page
Responding to the crisis in Afganistan - NEW THE REFUGEE PROJECT
New for 2001 - Karen team to work with schools

RECOMMENDED NEW RESOURCE SITE: AUSTAID - Includes resources/issues on eg. Refugees/ Women/Childlabour LINK TO THE UGANDAN REFUGEE ART GALLERY LINK TO OUR BURMA REFUGEE STUDENTS' ART GALLERY FIND OUT ABOUT THE UGANDAN FIELD TRIP READ THE REFUGEE STUDENT'S STORIES ... AUSTCARE - REFUGEE WEEK EXHIBITION INTRODUCTION Richard Ssekyeru( in Lubiri coordinated the African Refugee Project and worked with the UN and Red Cross to conduct a field trip with students to link to this global art project. His colleague Richard Lubiri( coordinated the issue of 'I am a refugee'. Lubiri is putting information together from all three sub topics in 'Colouring Our Culture' . Richard Sebaduka( at Mengo is creating a website and producing a magazine which will reflect the activies of 'Colouring Our Culture'. Sebaduka has been able to reach out to tow countries in Africa, Rwanda and South Africa.

Crafts of uganda Information on uganda’s artists, galleries, exhibitions, curio/antiques,fashion, and boutiques culture uganda’s culture Information on
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78. Uganda Breaking News

79. - Arts And Cultures Of East Africa
(Africa Online Ltd /ODP) RELATED STORIES Zimbabwe Arts and Entertainment linksWest Africa Arts and culture uganda Music and Entertainment links African music,10,42807.jsp

80. Uganda Scouts Association - Library Resources - Pioneering Projects
The drum represents uganda's culture. It was once the belief thatdrums could scare away evil spirits. A drum chain can be used
Uganda Scouts Association
Scouting Projects Media Centre ...
Pioneering Projects

Library Resources

This area will be expanded over the coming months so look out for exciting new programme ideas.
Each colour in our national flag means something different:
  • Black for people of Uganda Yellow for the sun that shines in our sky Red for our blood and brotherhood
The Baleiric Crested Crane, in the centre of our flag, was chosen as the emblem for Uganda.
NATIONAL ANTHEM Listen to it here Oh Uganda, may God uphold Thee,
We lay our future in thy hand,
United free and liberty
Together we'll always stand. Oh Uganda, the land of freedom, Our love and labour we give, And with neighbours all At our country's call In peace and friendship we'll live. Oh Uganda, the land that feeds us, By sun and fertile soil grown, For our own dear land We shall always stand The pearl of Africa's crown. THE UGANDA COAT OF ARMS
  • The supporters on either side of the coat of arms are the Ugandan Kob representing the wildlife of Uganda and the Crested Crane, the emblem for Uganda. The drum represents Uganda's culture. It was once the belief that drums could scare away evil spirits. A drum chain can be used to transmit messages over a distance of 100 miles in less than one hour.
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