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81. A Better State Of Your Computer's Union
Infrequent sales are bad news for HP, though, and so they The division still considersthemselves the good guys. good people do remain in the HP 3000 division
Front Page News Headlines Technical Headlines Planning Features ... Advanced Search February 2002 NewsWire Editorial

82. What I'm Reading Now 4/01 Part 2 -
There are spies and Russians and bad guys and good guys and it's a good adventurousmystery which is probably Hi Sheridan and dang!! That does sound good.

83. COMBED OVER!!! [eXile 122]
She said, ‘That’sa good idea. eX I guess I’ll call the other guys. the internet,and is taken seriously despite the fact that he is in bad standing with
Warning /www/ on line
Restaurants Songs Cards ... Who Feature Story Press Review Kino Corner Letter From America Death Porn ... Club Review
By Matt Taibbi with Jake Rudnitsky and John Heisel I t all started two weeks ago. There is a certain person, whom I will hereafter refer to as a Little Birdie, who often sends the eXile materials and ideas for stories and pranks, without getting any credit for contributing. Two weeks ago— on July 26, to be exact— the Little Birdie sent me an e-mail containing a story that had appeared in that day’s edition of the Los Angeles Times. Entitled “Taming the Wild, Wild Web”, and written by Michael Hiltzik, the article basically argued that the internet was too free for its own good, and needed to have its anarchistic tendencies reigned in, for the good of commerce. The premise of the article was odious enough, but the Little Birdie was particularly upset about a specific quote in the piece. In the e-mail, it was highlighted and placed under the heading, “There are too many assholes in this world!” It read: “‘The Internet is an important cultural phenomenon, but that doesn’t excuse its failure to comply with basic economic laws,’ said Thomas Nolle, a New Jersey telecommunications consultant. ‘The problem is that it was devised by a bunch of hippie anarchists who didn’t have a strong profit motive. But this is a business, not a government-sponsored network.’”

84. LewisNews
to order people killed because he says they are bad guys. The good people in thiscountry go to the polls The first tragedy is bad enough so that the second For All the Bill of Ri

85. Forums - View Topic
world and I'd hazard a guess that a good portion of Sometimes this means catchingbad guys. RNelson regular Member Joined Dec 28, 2002 Posts 33 From Phoenix

86. Press
bad ALCHEMY (GERMANY) Christian Kiefer's 'Welcome to Hard times INDIGO NOTES (GERMANY)Those who like good music are You'll meet guys like Lee Hazlewood and
christian kiefer home news listen show dates ... links
the inexplicable falling
ALL MUSIC GUIDE Exodust (nevertheless very good, by the way). STRANGECULT AQUARIUS RECORDS (USA) A split cd between Christian Kiefer and Jeff Pitcher's project Above the Orange Trees. Both musicians add to the canon of super sad singer songwriters: Jeff Pitcher's completely heartbroken songs are lushly melodic and quietly epic, bringing to mind Joel Phelps (ex-Silkworm) and Talk Talk; while Christian Kiefer's tracks are even more anguished than Pitcher's (if that's even possible), similar to the stillness of Low, the warm earthiness of Mark Kozelek, and the macabre twang of Songs:Ohia and Will Oldham/Palace. The artists also each contribute a cover of one of the others songs. Depressing in a good way. DUTCH EAST INDIA TRADING (USA) Best known as a weaver of “folk music free of its leaves and deadwood” as well as his popular release on the Extreme Music label, Kiefer has garnered vocal fans such as composer Terry Riley, former Kronos Quartet cellist Joan Jeanrenaud and Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore. A rich blend of ambient soundscapes and folk-tinged songs have made Kiefer a smash indie success. A layer of banjo strings and piano wires support the majority of his work on this CD, making an eerie sounds akin to Nick Cave one moment and Neil Young the next.
You’ve heard of split 7” singles? This is a split CD, with the first six songs by Jeff Pitcher’s group Above the Orange Trees and the eight that follow by Christian Kiefer. It opens with Pitcher covering Kiefer’s “Erendira”; it closes with Kiefer returning the favor with Pitcher’s “Sorry, My Love.” In between, Pitcher’s drawn-out, acoustic guitar-driven post-New Romantic originals are fleshed out with cello, piano, bass and drums, which give them a roughhewn chamber-pop quality not unlike some of John Cale’s early solo work. Pitcher’s piano dirge “I Am Nowhere” segues into Kiefer’s minimalist “Carpenter,” and from there he sketches a desolate tableau that evokes finger-picked coffeehouse folk, blues and banjo damage, tumbleweeds blowing across a Sergio Leone standoff and, in the case of “Original,” the effect of electric-guitar noise on crickets. It’s a bifurcated set, but it works.

87. Teleport City Movie Reviews: Last War
Suddenly, it becomes obvious that guys like Eiji Tsubaraya was the total package good looks, good acting, and bad movies can write a good character purely

This title is available on subtitled, letterboxed VHS from Video Daikaiju.
Sekai daisenso
The Great World War


Last Days of Planet Earth

New Barbarians

1990 Bronx Warriors
... World Without End READER RESPONSE Click here to tell us what you think of this review, this movie, or something else interesting. THE LAST WAR 1961, Japan. Starring Frankie Sakai, Akira Takarada, Yuriko Hoshi, Nobuko Otowa, Yumi Shirakawa, Chieko Nakakita. Directed by Shuei Matsubayashi. Review by Keith Allison Toho went through this period when nothing made them happier than blowing up the world. Given that the studio is best known to b-movie fans as the home of Godzilla, it's evident that destruction is deeply rooted in their body of work. But Godzilla only destroyed whole cities, not entire worlds. Oh sure, from time to time the sundry monsters of the Toho universe would team up and take out a couple cities, but it was still something less than total and complete obliteration of the planet. Not that forces weren't out there trying. There were plenty of space aliens bent on either conquering or blowing up Earth, but none of them ever succeeded. Their foul plans were always foiled at the last minute by ingenious human heroes. The threats from space weren't just limited to marauding aliens, however. Runaway stars and planets threatened the earth with destruction in both

88. THE IRANIAN: Film, "Maryam", Ramin Serry
Since then, I've seen more Iranian films, some good, some bad. I don't have muchin common with those guys and I'm not really influenced by Iranian films
email us Film Write for The Iranian
Editorial policy
March 8, 2001
The Iranian Recently I met an amazing young man. His name is Ramin Serry and he is a film director. The American reaction to the hostage crisis after the 1979 revolution affected him so deeply as a teenager that he has now made a movie which I think is amazing. The movie releases in the SF film festival this week and you should see it if you can. It will likely move to the community later and there is a definite buzz on this one folks! Anyhow, what better way to continue on with my series on exciting Iranians doing exciting things! What follows is my interview with Ramin. B-Ramin, what made you even consider this idea in the first place? I mean, why not go to work for the industry? Why not work with Joel and Ethan? R-Part of it's probably because I'm in New York, where there's a lot less temptation to work in Hollywood. But a lot of it has to do with being me being really naive. I remember I'd just gotten my masters from Columbia film school and didn't have much to show for it. I made two short films but they didn't get very much attention. New York was feeling claustrophobic so I decided to take a trip out west to figure out the rest of my life. I drove from Seattle to LA on Highway 1 and 101. Somewhere between Portland and San Francisco, it hit me. In a rented car, driving by a bunch of cows, I realized that I wanted to do a film about Iranians during the hostage crisis. Somehow I just knew it. And when you get an idea that you know is right, it's a great feeling. I remember jumping up and down in the car. The idea of making a film which explored that part of me felt pretty liberating, like some kind of psychological breakthrough. I grew up in the U.S., thinking I was a typical American. But when the revolution happened and the hostages were

89. Military Humor - Country Folks In The Army
Practically nothing. You got to shave, but it is not bad in warm water. Then the cityguys all get sore feet and we ride back in trucks. (USMC). good Question
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Country Folks in the Army More Military Humor Army Humor
Air Force Humor

Navy/Coast Guard Humor
Marine Corps Humor ... General Military Humor From Other Guides The Humor Site Political Humor Sick Twisted Jokes Site Mr. and Mrs. Braithwaite Backus, Bald Buzzard Ridge Mountainville, KY Dear Ma and Pa: Am well. Hope you are. Tell Brother Walt and Brother Elmer the Army beats working for old man Minch. Tell them to join up quick before all the places are filled. I was restless at first because you got to stay in bed till nearly 6 a.m.( but am getting so I like to sleep late. All you do before breakfast is smooth your cot and shine some things no hogs to slop, feed to pitch, mash to mix, wood to split, fire to lay. Practically nothing. You got to shave, but it is not bad in warm water.

90. Links
for President Ronald Reagan and a regular columnist on Webmaster is so good his workis often stolen These folks are our sponsors here
Items Of Interest About A Positive, Energetic, And World-Leading Nation
Where A Cowboy Can Ride Strong, Brave, And Free These are the sites that took the world by storm. Join with millions of loyal Americans to heap scorn on our fair-weather allies of Old Europe at this entertaining and controversial "All-American Answer To The Axis Of Weasel!" This is the home of Central Command, the U.S. combined services HQ for the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. There's a LOT here to enjoy, including pictures, stories, ways to support the troops, and a fascinating selection of the actual leaflets dropped on enemy troops encouraging their surrender and radio transcripts from "commando solo" the psy-ops broadcasts aimed at them, too. The Western Channel Part of the "Starz" super pack of channels, if you get this on your cable or satelite system, here's the schedule so you can relive the great moments in Hollywood cowboy history and not miss a single horse-opera hit! All the classics are here, so... Giddyup!

91. Why Would Folks Stay In The City -
It draws unnecessary attention and is bad for business. The upper classes heh, theseguys ain't going nowhere. 12/14/02 74526 am) Reply, Re good points, but

92. FRONTLINE/WORLD . Romania - My Old Haunts . Interview With Andrei Codrescu | PBS
by shady guys, interrogated for hours by guys with dark He does make a pretty goodcase against corruption and of crime and for giving Romanians a bad image in


On the Road in Romania WITNESS TO HISTORY
Exclusive Article and Archival Diary REPORTER'S NOTEBOOK
Examination, Interview and Quiz DID YOU KNOW?
Facts and FAQs about Romania
The Revolution, "Gypsies," Background MAP REACT TO THIS STORY
Andrei Codrescu Andrei Codrescu is a regular commentator on National Public Radio. Codrescu wrote and starred in the Peabody Award-winning movie Road Scholar. He is a MacCurdy Distinguished Professor of English and comparative literature at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, where he edits Exquisite Corpse: A Journal of Letters and Life Read a candid e-mail interview with Codrescu conducted by FRONTLINE/World series editor Stephen Talbot.

93. Soc.history.war.vietnam FAQ: USAF Gunships
Actually, it wasn't too bad. for a forty year old aircraft. KC What could youguys see from Maybe you are a good guesser, or maybe you are just lucky, but
soc.history.war.vietnam FAQ: USAF Gunships
From: (SHWV Moderating Team) Newsgroups: soc.history.war.vietnam soc.answers news.answers Subject: soc.history.war.vietnam soc.history.war.vietnam ... X-Trace: 931812165 18476 (12 Jul 1999 20:42:45 GMT) X-Complaints-To: NNTP-Posting-Date: 12 Jul 1999 20:42:45 GMT Summary: This FAQ is a summary of the types and use of gunships by the United States Air Force during the Vietnam War Archive-Name: vietnam/usaf-gunships Last-modified: 1997/05/01 Posting-Frequency: monthly (1st) An illustrated version of this FAQ, with Appendices, is available on the newsgroup website: Frequently Asked Questions: soc.history.war.vietnam ... Help
Send corrections/additions to the FAQ Maintainer:
Last Update March 05 2003 @ 01:27 AM

94. - Sports - The Real All-Star Game: Arguing Over Selections
I wanted to bring all my guys. . Rick Reed, who's not a necessary inclusion but isn'tbad either staff, the closers in the NL this year are all good, while none

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Sports Story
The Real All-Star Game: Arguing Over Selections Ed Dykhuizen, Staff Writer Well, thankfully, David Bell did not win an All-Star berth. In case you missed it, the mediocre Seattle third baseman was riding a wave of Mariner-mania that pushed four Mariners into starting spots and threatened to nab the journeyman infielder one of the most ridiculous All-Star selections in history. ( Go Here To See Full All-Star Rosters Instead, as often happens (suspiciously enough ?), an 11th-hour comeback quelled the controversy, lofting Cal Ripken into his 19th All-Star game. Ripken doesn't deserve it either, but at least he's got a better reason than getting the benefit of overzealous Japanese voters and the unfair practice of allowing balloting at Kroger department stores (which only exist in the Western states). Ripken is in, of course, because he's a sentimental long-time favorite closing out his career, and no other American League third baseman is doing well enough to oust him. But the bottom line is that he's hitting .229 with a .261 OBP and a .318 SLG, and if that's an All-Star, I'm a Pulitzer Prize winner. Of course, the rebuttal to that is always that "fans want to see him there." I suppose I can comprehend the argument, even if I can't sympathize with it in the least. Cal Ripken has already played in 18 All-Star games, not to mention 2,931 regular season games and three postseason appearances. For the rest of the year he'll be on his farewell tour, undoubtedly getting standing ovations and ceremonies at every park he visits. How many times do you have to see this guy?

95. Dewey973-8.htmHome Reading Power Search This Site Search Engines Internet Sites
Basic Program "7" american history in Depth. A deeper look at american history suited for middle school 7 american history in Depth Curriculum Resource Archive

96. The History Of Jim Crow is an educator's site that presents teachers with new historical resources and teaching ideas on one of the most shameful periods in american history, an era of segregation, lynching, and disfranchisement of African americans that

Jim Crow Gateway

Lesson Plans


Let Us Know!

Eyewitness to Jim Crow
Roger "Bill" Terry Remembers
"For the first time in 50 years, I could vote, I could hold office, I was restored to my rank of Second Lieutenant, and it only goes to show that we're a nation of laws. If you wait long enough, you will be vindicated. The only thing is that they wasted so much money and so much time doing it. But, we did show them that we could fly." [Roger "Bill" Terry, a native of Southern California, earned his pilot's wings at the Tuskegee Institute in Alabama during World War II. In this narrative, Terry describes his experience in the Jim Crow South, how it altered his outlook and led him to fight discrimination in the Armed Forces. He is a college graduate from UCLA, received his law degree from Southwestern University, and served as the President of the Tuskegee Airmen.]
To the student: As you read this first person account of life under Jim Crow, ponder the following:
  • Why wasn't Bill Terry accepted into the Air Force when he first applied? How does this reflect the military culture of the time? Why did the white pilot from the University of Wyoming say that white pilots couldn't have made it through the Tuskegee Institute's training program successfully? Why do you think the training there was so rigorous? How did this training benefit the Tuskegee Airmen? Why does he describe the white military instructors as both "good" and as the "opposition?"

97. The Softer Side Of Murder, Mystery, Women Detectives, Historical, American, Brit
Slip on some clean jeans, scrape the good stuff off your old boots, put bad Guyswe like. Why are many of the bad men and women, underworld types, pirates and
Information and Comments:
Romance Fantasy ... StoryBytes

The Softer Side of Murder
Death Rides the Rails or The Dark Side of the Tracks Nice Work If You Can Get It? Women Detectives Murder in Our Town ... Recommended Reading and where to Find It
Full Text On-Line Smoking Pistols Or Sleeping With The Shamus
Surely I'm not the only woman who imagines herself waking up with Spenser, Joe Pike or Lucas Davenport? The thought of those steamy nights before may initiate the appeal with the shamus-of-my-dreams, but it's the long-term relationship skills this modern investigator exhibits that makes him memorable.
Smoking Pistols: Recommended Reading for those who like their detectives to be experienced in more ways than one. Death Rides the Rails or The Dark Side of the Tracks
The lure of train travel provides inspiration to a gentleman with a very specialized profession. Read Death Rides the Rails or The Dark Side of the Tracks
Classic mystery train recommendations
Nice Work If You Can Get It? Wanted: Hard Working Woman
Must be willing to earn her own living while solving murders on the side
Survive on limited sleep, and

98. Journalism And Other Weird Stuff
evidence that watching professional wrestling can be bad for you I'll have all thoseguys stand up and throw Seems to be pretty good stuff, but I don't like that

car stuff


i read these



Signal v. Noise

In Passing...
why not blog for yourself? hosted by thescoop dot org a weblog about journalism and other weird stuff
Monday, October 30
Study: Police stopped blacks twice as often as whites African-American drivers were pulled over and checked for arrest warrants at twice the rate of white drivers in more than 1,600 Louisville police traffic stops studied, the Louisville Courier-Journal found. link Man bites dog . I swear. link
Sunday, October 29
Finally, definitive evidence that watching professional wrestling can be bad for you link
Friday, October 27
Ok, so I know that my birthday is nearing, but here's one present I didn't expect: a "certificate of admission" to the AARP . We did the same thing as a joke for my dad on his 50th birthday (which is when you become eligible to join), but somebody really must have it in for me to be 20 years early. Or, perhaps it's just a sign of my wisdom and maturity (ahem). link
Thursday, October 26

The good Life I suppose this title is aptits allencompassing in any eventfor the first essay here on the Kifaru website on the broad topic of "politics".
Forums The Good Life
Part 1 I suppose this title is apt—it’s all-encompassing in any event—for the first essay here on the Kifaru website on the broad topic of "politics". Some of you have asked me to do this—write about the political scene one encounters today as seen through the eyes of a hunter. Perhaps I should tell you that I’m also a historian. I never did anything with that degree except live a more fulfilled life so far. And I mean that—I am grateful for having acquainted myself with the foundations of culture. (Mind you, I was educated prior to PC-ness.) I am well aware of the long course of history that has brought us to the present. And so I bring that to bear as buttress to my observations. Call me a hunter/historian. I almost titled this series "Culture Wars". I selected The Good Life for several reasons. In the broadest terms, everybody—even our political/philosophical adversaries—is seeking The Good Life. What is it? Differences about that are at the root of our political conflicts. This is NOT to say that all "opinions" are "equal" or any of that new age poly- science pabulum. Certainly I am not suggesting that our opponents’ positions are just as valid as ours. Far from it—I intend to discuss at length why and how they’ve strayed from the path that represents the good life , and why they must be either led lovingly back to it, or resisted forcefully.

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