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61. Dr. Daniel's Movie Emergency - Waiting And Waiting
face before they can get out of the car good. something besides red carpets, blackties, and bad production numbers. We all know those guys are making out like
Waiting and Waiting A Doctor's Complaint to the Academy
(Mar. 2, 1999) I don't know why it should bother me so much, but, dangit, it does.
Late last year, as I've been doing for years now, I wrote in and requested credentials from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to cover the ceremonies for the bestowing of Golden Boys to the deserving few. I filled out my forms, pressing hard so as to make the carbonless copies for Who Knows Who. I even used a ballpoint pen and printed neatly (not easy for a medical professional.) I folded them the right way, I mailed them back a week before the deadline, and I put three stamps on them so there'd be no way there wasn't enough postage on them, no matter how much the stamp price jumped.
And, here I sit. Waiting.
Martha Nell brings in the mail every morning. Boring medical journals, new magazines for the waiting room (yes, I provide new magazines. How they disappear and get replaced by seven-year old Good Housekeepings are anybody's guess), bills, junk. But, nothing from the Academy. I hurry home every day and check the mail. Nada. Ed McMahon's trying to give me a fortune; my

62. Pro Rodeo Coming To Knoxville
hope the wealthy business man make good profit on development, just against animalcruelty. Uh guys before we poster why this is such bad news) because
Click for larger image)
Pro Rodeo Coming
to Knoxville!
South Knox Bubba's Classic
K2K April Fools Troll
Here's the text of the original K2K troll:
This is big. There is an official announcement scheduled for some time next week after a couple of more details are worked out, but...
A wealthy Nashville businessman in affiliation with the Professional Rodeo Cowboy's Association (PRCA) and Jack Daniel Distillery is finalizing a deal to build a world class rodeo arena and rodeo/cowboy destination attraction in downtown Knoxville.
A large tract of land on Riverside drive near the Dempster's Machine Shop will be the site of the $43 Million attraction. It will feature the largest rodeo arena east of the Rockies, designed to accommodate major rodeo events with seating for 25,000 rodeo fans. It will be a scheduled stop for the worlds biggest rodeo events such as the Wrangler Pro Rodeo Tour, the Dodge National Circuit Rodeo.
In addition, it will be a year-round destination attraction featuring the ProRodeo Hall of Fame East, a rodeo/cowboy museum and hall of fame where fans can learn about the history of rodeo through exhibits and lectures and meet their favorite rodeo cowboys during events. The ProRodeo Hall of Fame East will an extension of the main ProRodeo Hall of Fame in Colorado, and will share moving exhibits and speakers. Additional plans call for a pedestrian walkway linking the attraction to the new Downtown Marriot (formerly Hyatt) and Riverwalk.

63. Pacifica Hijacker PR Firm's Attack On The Pacifica Campaign : Houston Indymedia
The bad doctor wants 10 million corpses and the total carries out on his behalf, likea good Southie soldier. Seriously, guys An Ode to Edwin Johnston by Chef
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deutsch italiano norsk portug
donate imc network printable version Pacifica Hijacker PR Firm's attack on the Pacifica Campaign
by Denis Moynihan Wednesday September 18, 2002 at 01:32 AM
Westhill Partners, hired by former Pacifica management to handle the crisis, put out this intercepted fax in July, 2001, with classic PR advice to smear those as violent and radical who most challenged their client's control. download PDF (279.0 kibibytes) Note the name of James Ratchford, a subordinate to Westhill Partners lead Washington, DC flack Michael Powell (not the FCC Powell). Ratchford had worked for the National Hotdog and Sausage Council and the American Meat Institute prior to signing on to Westhill. Those in the Pacifica struggle should review the language put forth in Westhill's failed campaign, in light of ongoing attempts by retired admen and their flunkies around Pacifica stations who attempt to defame the Pacifica Campaign with similar lies, as they produce their revisionist history to support their second-wave hijacking. add your comments
pg 12 never obtained
by Denis Moynihan Wednesday September 18, 2002 at 01:37 AM

64. War Watch - September 16, 2002 - The Ornery American
Being Buddies with the bad guys 06-03-02. Are We the bad Guy? - 01-07-02. Goodheavens, we have a laundry list of crimes this monster has committed.
Front Page About Essays Forums ... How to Submit Essays E-mail this page Current Essays War Watch Yogi Berra, Polybius, and the Recurring Jihad - By Gray Rinehart Peace, as opposed to Peace - By Lisa Liel Being Israeli and Jewish - By Daniel Arenson ... Can We Win This War? Past Essays Clinton’s Worst Crimes - By David L. Harten Winning At Any Cost? - By Thomas Sowell Election: As Fair As Getting Tenure? - By Denise A. Tucker, Ph.D. The Electoral College ... Reasons I'd Write in My Dog's Name Before Voting for Gore
War Watch
First appeared in print in The Rhinoceros Times , Greensboro, NC By Orson Scott Card September 16, 2002 War Watch How to Keep Your Perspective When the Media Lose Theirs The Most Careful of All Wars Brokaw, Practical Idealism, and France Awe, Shock, the U.N., and NATO ... How Will We Know If We Won? Iraq: Deterrence or Prevention? How sad but almost funny to watch people take positions about the need to attack Iraq. CNN, for instance, took their editorial position on Sunday. President Bush has not made his case for attacking Iraq, they said. Such an attack would not be necessary, because what harm would it do for Iraq to have nuclear weapons? Didn't Russia have nuclear weapons for fifty years of the cold war? Our nuclear weapons were a fine deterrent then, and Mutually Assured Destruction should work just as well against Iraq. This is so idiotic it takes my breath away. Mutually Assured Destruction worked for several reasons: First, the Russian government was not, in fact, insane. Systemically evil, yes but they actually cared whether their own nation was utterly wiped off the face of the earth, and preferred to act in such a way as to keep that from happening. They knew we would and could retaliate, and so they carefully avoided provoking us

65. Gitlin: NHL Fighting Is Good
ALL hockey players aren’t that good, so that If nobody is gonna punch these guys’lights out, then of fighting in professional hockey is a bad thing, take a
Back to this week's new Shtick! NHL FIGHTING: IT’S DRUNKFAN-TASTIC
(Part of Shtick's ongoing special report: "The NHL's Front Office is Stupider Than Any Goon") by Matt Gitlin
March 19, 2002 “The Olympics showed that fighting in hockey isn’t needed.” Every stupid hockey viewer in America, 2/26/02
People, in general, LOVE fighting. No? Then why are “South Park”, “Jerry Springer”, “WWF”, “Celebrity Boxing”, and “Celebrity Death Match” the most popular shows on TV? (Fact: the “Faces of Death” series would be the hottest thing on television if only a network was allowed to air it.) So, I’ll say it again people, in general, love fights. When a fight breaks out at a hockey game, the entire arena always noisily explodes, providing the same vibe as when a rock star has just hit the stage. Then, the crowd of 18,232 drunks, while remaining boisterous, magically becomes more attentive to the ice than lawyer David Boies was to the Florida ballots. Five years later, when fans think back to the 5-2 loss their team suffered that night, the only thing they’ll remember from the game was how great it was when their enforcer knocked the stuffing out of that jerk on the other team. Considering the NHL lives off of ticket revenue and beer sales, you’d think it would be the easiest decision in the world for them to hang onto a source of excitement that sends 18,232 drunks into a frenzy and then back to the beer stands.

66. A Paradox Press Omnibus
up the river, or hijack an airplane, these guys have done gives us a wry look at someother bad people in one of the best books in a consistently good series.
Jonathan Vankin, The Big Book of the '70s (Paradox Press, 2000)
Jonathan Vankin, The Big Book of Bad (Paradox Press, 1998)
Doug Moench, The Big Book of Conspiracies (Paradox Press, 1995)
Bronwyn Carlton, The Big Book of Death (Paradox Press, 1995)
Gahan Wilson, et al., The Big Book of Freaks (Paradox Press, 1996)
Jonathan Vankin, The Big Book of Grimm (Paradox Press, 1999)
Carl Sifakis, et al., The Big Book of Hoaxes (Paradox Press, 1996)
George Hagenauer, et al., The Big Book of Little Criminals (Paradox Press, 1996)
Paul Kirchner, The Big Book of Losers (Paradox Press, 1997)
John Wagner, The Big Book of Martyrs (Paradox Press, 1997)
Jonathan Vankin, T he Big Book of Scandal (Paradox Press, 1997) Joel Rose, The Big Book of Thugs (Paradox Press, 1996) Doug Moench, The Big Book of the Unexplained (Paradox Press, 1997) Jan Harold Brunvald, adapted by Robert Loren Fleming and Robert F. Boyd, Jr., The Big Book of Urban Legends (Paradox Press, 1994) Steve Vance, The Big Book of Vice (Paradox Press, 1999) Steve Vance and John Whalen, The Big Book of The Weird Wild West (Paradox Press, 1998)

67. Alibi . Feature Section . 08/09/01
I've got a couple really good friends that are policemen. Nice guys. It doesn'tmean they're bad people. Henry Chavez is as good as any in the city.
This week's feature From the Inside Out
An Interview with Jimmy Santiago Baca
From the Inside Out
An Interview with Jimmy Santiago Baca
By Steven Robert Allen
For in that place where life and death are waging war every day and the right choice is often the most difficult one, I was able to reach out and find a finger hold on the fragile ledge of hope. Hope didn't support me all the time, and wouldn't have supported others in quite the same way, but it served well enough for me to slowly pull myself up. Very simply, I learned to read and write. Jimmy Santiago Baca, A Place to Stand Today, Jimmy Santiago Baca is considered one of America's greatest poets. In Black Mesa Poems and other volumes, Baca uses his powerful, unpretentious literary voice to conjure poems of immense beauty. All manner of laurels have been dumped on his head, from the National Hispanic Heritage Award to the Pushcart Prize to the Southwest Book Award to the American Book Award. As a young man, though, Baca's prospects didn't seem so bright. At the age of 21, he was sentenced to five to 10 years in a maximum security prison for selling drugs. At the time, he was functionally illiterate and had already lived a life harder than many of us could ever imagine. Baca's new memoir, A Place to Stand , published last month by Grove Press, describes his dramatic journey through the bowels of America's prison system into the pure, saving grace of poetry.

68. RantList Archive
If you feel bad about it, offer them a discount afterwards. with the nailclippers,the plastic knives, and the National Guard guys walking around The good news
RantList Archive
Sunday, December 30, 2001
Lessons Learned
The salvation of Flight 63 is the legacy of Flight 93.
We'd already known that many innocent lives were savedand the White House or U.S. Capitol sparedwhen Todd Beamer, Jeremy Glick and their fellow passengers aboard United Airlines Flight 93 thwarted Osama Bin Laden's hijackers. But we now know that they probably also helped save those aboard American Airlines Flight 63 on Saturday, when a man trying to set off a bomb in his shoe was quickly overpowered over the Atlantic by flight attendants and passengers, French and American, who instantly understood what they had to do.
Nearly one year ago, in his inaugural address, President Bush spoke of an America "bound by ideals that move us beyond our backgrounds, lift us above our interests and teach us what it means to be citizens." Civility itself, he went on to say, "is the determined choice of trust over cynicism, of community over chaos." How true those words ring today, and how well they describe the initiative taken by the men and women aboard both United Flight 93 in September and American Flight 63 this past weekend.
As heartened as we are by the new expression of old virtues, we're inclined to agree with Rudy Giuliani, who dismisses talk about a changed world. "We're not in a different world," he told Time magazine. "It's the same world as before, except now we understand it better."

69. - Interview With Bobby Wadkins
bad shot, someone is going to tell you you hit a bad one BOBBY WADKINS They werejust good Saturday pins And for some of the guys on our tour who walk every day

70. Maybe It's Just Me, But I Think We're On The Rebound
better for the good guys and a little bit worse for the bad guys right now So, what'sgood about this t mean that he can't be fired if he brings bad publicity to

focusIN Specialty Web Network
April 08, 2003
Special Event: Bernard Goldberg
to Speak at NewsMax

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February 11, 2003 The USS Bush Hat Off-the-Record with Gen. Singlaub and Adm. Moorer The Bible Code II The Last Jihad ... VISIT OUR STORE New items all the time Maybe It's Just Me, But I Think We're on the Rebound Neal Boortz Thursday, Dec. 20, 2001
OK, maybe it's too much Bailey's in my coffee this morning, but I actually have this feeling that things are starting to look a little bit better for the good guys and a little bit worse for the bad guys right now. Here are some of the indicators:
  • Democratic Senate leader Tom Daschle continues to be the "cork in the bottle" when it comes to the economic stimulus bill. He is insistent on turning this bill into handouts for the core Democratic constituency and big campaign donors. So, what's good about this? The fact that the American people seem to see right through Daschle and his goals, that's what. He can't pull this scam off with the same immunity that Clinton could.
  • A university in Florida is actually firing a tenured professor who enjoys shouting "Death to Israel" and making anti-American statements. Hey, he has freedom of speech. That doesn't mean that he can't be fired if he brings bad publicity to his employer.
  • 71. Drew's Cannabis Information Site - Smoking In History
    moral is clear smokers are in fact the good guys. Victoria reportedly suffered frombad period pains, and was have been helped along by a good old-fashioned
    Click on the logo to return to the main menu. Smokers: a historical guide Cannabis's influences on the world's historical development are many and varied. From classic literature and royal families to the design of album covers in the latter part of the 1960s, few aspects of life have passed untouched by the smoke of the noble weed. Here, roughly in chronological order, we present ten of these toking individuals or groups for your enjoyment... The Hashishin The alteration of consciousness through the repeated consumption of vegetable or plant products - e.g. drug taking - has been around as long as humanity has. Traces of cannabis have been found in human remains dated around 2,000 years before Christ's birth. Of all the great smokers of antiquity, though, I have chosen to highlight the contribution of the Hashishin, if only because they are at once the most famous and most notorious - and perhaps least understood. Led by Hasan Al Sabah, the "Old Man of the Mountain", the Hashishin were a cult based at the mountain fortress of Alamut, located in what is modern-day Iran. By all accounts (including that of Marco Polo), these people - from whose name the modern term assassin is derived - were a pretty scary bunch. Hasan's followers were a band of fearless political killers, and his method of indoctrination was pretty unique. He constructed a secret garden furnished with all the paradisical delights of paradise - women, great food and, of course, hashish. After the would-be assassins had experienced a few days of this mediaeval rock star lifestyle they were cast out with a mission, and the promise that if they completed it successfully and then committed suicide, they would return to the paradise.

    72. The Game Preserve: Card Games
    Naturally, destruction is a good thing! Pitting guys against dolls makes it perfectfor parties interactive elements such as giving your opponents bad ideas and

    73. Speech Before The Los Angeles World Affairs Council On March 14
    good times, but never talked about the bad times — just Normally, for a good officer,George Patton said, an he's had 10 years' service. These guys had it 02.htm
    Membership Archived Speeches Student Program Reservations ... Directors Speech before the Los Angeles World Affairs Council on June 28, 2002 Colonel David Hackworth
    Author, Steel my Soldiers Hearts Hello. I see a lot of old friends out there around the room and a lot of new friends we'll enjoy in years to come, and I'm very privileged to be here. I'm a native of Santa Monica and I know a lot about terrorism because I was Santa Monica's original terrorist and that's why I joined the service at fourteen. It was either end my terrorism or go to jail. What I'll talk about today, in the next 24 minutes and 11 seconds, is a bit about terrorism, a bit about the war of the future that we're now involved in, and a bit about my wife and my most recent book, which is called Steel My Soldiers' Hearts , so probably a good thing would be to start there. My primer for this whole sounding off and being a little bit different was probably the water of Ocean Park, California, in the 1930s, which was very difficult to get because we hadn't hijacked it from up North at that time. It's that rebel attitude that kind of stuck with me throughout my life. When I lobbed into Italy right after the end of World War II, I was in a reconnaissance battalion visited by a Dwight David Eisenhower. For some of the younger folks here that haven't had American history, he was a general in World War II and subsequently became the President. He popped in front of me and I was like — oh, maybe 5'2" or 5'3", something like that — the criteria for going into the U.S. Army at the time was lifting up a 9.5 M-l rifle, and I must have passed that test at the Santa Monica Post Office. He said to me, "what do you think of the chow?" and I said, "it stinks." Now, those of you who have ever been in the military, it kind of goes there's a five star, four star, three star and then stinks, stinks, stinks. Then he said, "Why?" and I said, "all we eat is Spam" – SPAM

    74. Nuze
    for the good guys and a little bit worse for the bad guys right now. So, what’sgood about this t mean that he can’t be fired if he brings bad publicity to
    America's Rude Awakening
    You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you mad.
    Thurs day
    December 20, 2001 Check out the Boortz Sponsors!
    OK, maybe it’s too much Bailey’s in my coffee this morning, but I actually have this feeling that things are starting to look a little bit better for the good guys and a little bit worse for the bad guys right now. Here are some of the indicators:
  • Democrat Senate leader Tom Daschle continues to be the “cork in the bottle” when it comes to the economic stimulus bill. He is insistent on turning this bill into handouts for the core Democratic constituency and big campaign donors. So, what’s good about this? The fact that the American people seem to see right through Daschle and his goals, that’s what. He can’t pull this scam off with the same immunity that Clinton could. A university in Florida is actually firing a tenured professor who enjoys shouting “Death to Israel” and making anti-American statements. Hey, he has freedom of speech.
  • 75. Jack McKinney
    The good guys are not always the ones in a particular uniform or from a of us areobsessed about whether we are right or wrong, good or bad, successful or
    Jack McKinney Pullen Memorial Baptist Church June 4, 2000 - Seventh Sunday of Easter Texts: Psalm 1; Acts 1:15-26
    The Death of Easy Assumptions
    We are a people who have a long history of making easy assumptions that turned out to be dreadfully wrong. As a child growing up in West Texas I played many a game of Cowboys and Indians. I always wanted to be the cowboy, of course, because everyone knew they were the good guys. The Indians were the bad guys, they were savages, just ask John Wayne. It didn't take much education to discover that it had been my ancestors, people who looked like me and wore the big hats, that had taken land that belonged to Native Americans, and forced the natives into virtual slavery, and nearly wiped out the original culture of this great country. My easy assumptions about who the savages were in the childhood game were completely wrong. Or what about the original sins of this country, slavery and racism? For centuries we operated religiously and economically based on the assumption that people of African heritage were less than human, they were savages, and therefore were fit to be kept as slaves or treated with discrimination. Once again, our easy assumptions about who the savages were in the whole white-black debate were exactly wrong. And this pattern of making easy assumptions that turn out to be dreadfully wrong continues to be played out in our culture. We see it right now in the debate over gay rights. The religious and moral arbiters of our society are jumping up and down screaming that the whole framework of our democracy will fall apart if we simply give homosexual citizens the rights the Constitution guarantees them in the first place. It's obvious to them, and easy to assume, that homosexuality is wrong biblically, morally, and culturally. It will destroy our family life, they say. In other words, they use the same arguments that were once used to deny women the vote and denied people of color equal rights. Time after time in this country, in case after case, our easy assumptions about what is right, and what is moral, and what is Christian have not only been wrong, they have been completely wrong.

    76. Bulletins | The Bulletin Of The Atomic Scientists
    known as “microsatellites.” Asked who the bad guys were, one resolution satelliteimagery before the good guys could secure seems to be doing a good job of
    May/June 2001
    Vol. 57, No. 3, pp. 6-13
    BULLETINS Behind the bits
    Precisely off target

    Unidentified flying doughnut

    Hi-tech cattle prod?
    A bottle of scotch

    Behind the bits
    USA Today, February 5). The cloaked information posted on a variety of highly trafficked web sites has allegedly included maps, targets, and instructions related to terrorist activities.
    Steganography, the ancient practice of concealing information, is a shadowy cousin to the more obvious and well-known practice of encrypting secret messages.
    To recover a hidden message posted on the web, the sender must first tell the intended recipient where to find the stego-media; then the recipient can extract the information using the same software that created it. Because intercepting stego-files is so difficult, and dissemination so simple, steganography has become a popular means of communication for those who prefer to fly below the radar, which includes everyone from privacy nuts who stego their regular e-mails, to the terrorists who want to stego-smuggle information around the globe. According to USA Today

    77. My Archives: May 2002
    Too bad no one checked with Belo I could just call you, but both you guys don't needto check back until Anyway, if you want to feel good about yourself, take it
    My Archives: May 2002 Friday, May 31, 2002 Yesterday I saw Star Wars Episode II at the theater. This is quite an event because I very rarely go to the movies. Anyway, despite what you may have heard, I thought it was great. The only thing I didn't like was when that Dooku guy was escaping on that motorcycle thing, he looked like the wicked witch from the Wizard of Oz. Oh, one other thing, why does Yoda talk like that. Very annoying it is. And, it's not like an accent that he couldn't get rid of. Very conscious of what he's doing, he is. That Yoda is just a non-conformist. The first space hippie. Whatever, I don't trust him and he fights like a ping pong ball. Or maybe I'm reading too much into it. Anyway, here's a Yoda translator. It doesn't work very well, and I don't know what Jesus has to do with it but if you're bored. And, If you're a fan of pop-up advertising, you might like the Yoda magic 8-ball. The Osbourne Family Website. No not that one, this is Jennings, Mitzi and Breezy of Arkansas. You may remember them as the family that the Arkansas Supreme Court ordered to turn off their Christmas lights. Judging from their links page , they appear to be fairly conservative. Maybe

    Back and forth the public relations have gone, from good guys to badguys and back again. He is a regular columnist for Ether Zone.
    Home Page Two News Portal Forum ... Links THE "SOVIET COLLAPSE"
    WHAT REALLY HAPPENED By: Alan Stang For the last few weeks, we have been exploring the supremely crucial question of whom we are fighting in the present "war on terror." Last week, we returned to the beginning of the Soviet seizure of Russia in 1917, and began to look at the "Soviet collapse," and we saw that the Soviets have "collapsed" time after time. Let's look at that tactic more closely. In 1921, Lenin saw that his Communist dictatorship would collapse without help, so he announced a complete overhaul, known as the New Economic Policy, the propaganda point of which was to prove that the Soviets were just like us Americans. The West, preeminently the United States, sent the aid that saved the new Soviet Union. By 1924, Lenin had died and the time had come to digest all this help. New Soviet dictator Stalin now reversed Soviet policy, which again became harsh. So, the United States had helped install the Communists in the first place, at which point the Communists were good guys. As soon as they took over, the Cheka implemented the Red Terror, so they were bad guys. They were good guys again, during NEP, and then bad guys again when NEP was thrown out.

    79. A Small Victory: Comment On And They Smell Like Rotting Beef Carcasses
    Our snipers did a good job in Afghanistan Its too bad we are ruled by a corrupt, senileold fool who be accidently shot down next time he visits you guys in the

    80. Book Review, 6/21/2002 - The Texas Observer
    academics paid to explain why the smart guys are right are not simply saying thatcorporations do bad things or off most readers, and that’s all to the good.

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