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41. [] Station Records - Transcripts
Brown's Earth 2 character is a takecharge, high-tech mechanic and Brown says, He's just a regular guy. bad guys are always proactive. It's really good.
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NBC Online Auditorium

April 21, 1995
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They fought a bunch of bad guys called HYDRA and Hydra wore CAPTION We could savethe WORLD, on a regular BASIS CAPTION And it wasn't doing too good at that
PANEL THREE: Avengers fighting the Space Phantom (AVENGERS #2). CAPTION: We LIVED for the battles. We fought CROOKS and SUPER-VILLAINS and COMMIES and guys from OUTER SPACE... PANEL FOUR: X-Men fighting Vanisher from X-MEN #2. CAPTION: We thought it could go on FOREVER. CAPTION: We thought there was NOTHING that a SUPER-HERO couldn't handle. PAGE TEN: Full-page scene: Motorcade in Dallas, Jack Kennedy being shot to death. (Try for a frontview on this, I don't want to see the President's brains.) CAPTION: Wrong. PAGE ELEVEN: PANEL ONE: Peter Parker watching TV, astonished; Walter Cronkite on the screen; Aunt May in the room, looking on, drop-mouthed. CAPTION: How could something happen in DALLAS? PANEL TWO: Iron Man, Giant-Man, Thor, and Wasp watching Cronkite in Avengers H. Q., in degrees of astonishment. Wasp is crying. (Iron Man has his pointy mask. Remember, as Tony Stark, he undoubtedly HAS met Kennedy...though possibly the other Avengers have met him as well.) CAPTION: There weren't any super-heroes there to PROTECT him. PANEL THREE: The X-Men, in civilian garb, with Prof. Xavier in the School For Gifted Youngsters, in a darkened room, watching the TV (we don't see the screen). They're grim. As mutants, their existence isn't exactly one of hope. CAPTION: There weren't any super-villains there we NEEDED to protect him from. PANEL FOUR: Lee Harvey Oswald being shot by Jack Ruby as Dallas cops take Oswald away. CAPTION: There wasn't any BATTLE. Just some SHOTS one day, and a shot a day LATER... PANEL FIVE: Spider-Man on rooftop, grieving;. wadded-up copy of DAILY BUGLE, with headline visible about Oswald's death, nearby. CAPTION: There wasn't anything we could DO. PAGE TWELVE: PANEL ONE: Avengers in submarine (Giant-Man, Wasp, Iron Man, Thor) looking at Captain America (unmasked, in suspended animation, his tattered uniform clearly showing the Cap suit beneath). CAPTION: A few months after that, as if in EXCHANGE, someone else came back from the DEAD. It was CAPTAIN AMERICA...the AVENGERS found him. CAPTION: Cops cried at the sight of him when he came back to New York. We thought he'd been gone for TEN years...since he was the ORIGINAL Cap, it turned out to be almost TWENTY. PANEL TWO: Daredevil, in his yellow-and-red suit, rolling on a barrel in a subway station toward the fleeing Fixer (DD #1). CAPTION: Then there was DAREDEVIL. Ol' Hornhead showed up about a month after Cap returned...he was a loner, pretty much like me. CAPTION: We worked together a few times. If I'd ever wanted a steady partner, DD would have been my FIRST CHOICE. PANEL THREE: Gulf of Tonkin, in Viet Nam: American ship being fired upon. (Don't show who's firing upon it, because it STILL isn't certain if it was enemy fire or not.) CAPTION: Am I BORING you kids yet? Well, here's something WITHOUT super-heroes. It happened that summer... CAPTION: Two U.S. destroyers in VIET NAM were fired upon...we're not sure by WHOM... CAPTION: We sunk two North Viet PT BOATS and bombed their BASES. PANEL FOUR: American helicopter landing soldiers in Viet Nam. CAPTION: President Johnson asked the Congress to give him power to escalate the war. They did...with maybe ONE dissenting vote. CAPTION: We were into the SIXTIES, kids. For REAL. PAGE THIRTEEN: PANEL ONE: Captain America, Scarlet Witch, Hawkeye, and Quicksilver fighting the Commissar from AVENGERS #18. CAPTION: Do you STILL want to hear about super-heroes, kids? There weren't too many NEW ones after that. CAPTION: Three old SUPER-VILLAINS saw the light, became HEROES, and became the new AVENGERS team when most of the old guard LEFT. Yeah, Hawkeye, Quicksilver, and Scarlet Witch... CAPTION: You didn't know they'd been BAD GUYS? Read your HISTORY BOOKS! PANEL TWO: Nick Fury, Dum Dum Dugan, Gabe Jones, and SHIELD attacking HYDRA in their h.q. (From STRANGE TALES). CAPTION: Then there was wasn't a super-hero group, just some secret agency run by a W.W. II vet named NICK FURY. They fought a bunch of bad guys called HYDRA...and Hydra wore costumes, so maybe they were SUPER-VILLAINS, I dunno. CAPTION: Yeah, it WAS kind of like the Man From U.N.C.L.E. PANEL THREE: Firefight between Americans and Communists in Viet Nam. CAPTION: That was how we occupied our time. In the ‘Nam, they had OTHER ways of doing things... PAGE FOURTEEN: PANEL ONE: The 1965 Watts burning. CAPTION: Then came the FIRE. CAPTION: In WATTS, black men vented their frustration with a white system. CAPTION: They BURNED. PANEL TWO: Burning building, but we see a kid running past, and a guy behind him with a gun. CAPTION: The FIRE... PANEL THREE: Closeup shot of the hand and the gun going off. PANEL FOUR: Shot of the kid, now dead, lying on the ground, shops and houses burning all around. CAPTION: The Fire. PAGE FIFTEEN: PANEL ONE: Mayor John Lindsay's office. Captain America, Thor, Reed Richards, Thing, and Iron Man are listening to the Mayor's pronouncement. CAPTION: Watts was a LONG WAY from New York City. Nonetheless, Mayor Lindsay had some words for the heroes... LINDSAY: The government has asked that you NOT STEP IN down there. LINDSAY: They're having a hard enough time keeping things contained. And, like it or not... PANEL TWO: Lindsay closeup. LINDSAY: ...All SUPERHEROES currently in operation are WHITE. PANEL THREE: Thor hefting his hammer, Reed Richards behind him. THOR: This doth reek of MADNESS! With but a few strokes of MJOLNIR, I could summon STORM enow to DRENCH yon conflagration... REED RICHARDS: Yes, Thor, but not for LONG. REED RICHARDS: Mayor...what if the dissent spreads to OUR city? PANEL FOUR: Another shot of Lindsay and the heroes. MAYOR LINDSAY: If and when, Dr. Richards, we will rely on NEW YORK'S FINEST to handle things. MAYOR LINDSAY: You folks take care of the SUPER-VILLAINS...we'll take care of the CITY. PANEL FIVE: The heroes filing out of the office. THING: Ya don't suppose the PUPPET MASTER's gotten inta this clambake, do ya, Cap? CAPTAIN AMERICA: Nothing that SIMPLE, Ben... CAPTAIN AMERICA: Not nearly that simple. PAGE FIFTEEN: Montage of Marvel heroes and villains in combat from 1965-68. CAPTION: So we did our JOBS. We were INDEPENDENT of government, but we wanted their approval. CAPTION: There were always SUPER-VILLAINS to fight. So we fought them. CAPTION: We could save the WORLD, on a regular BASIS. CAPTION: But we couldn't much do anything to save AMERICA. CAPTION: It would have to save ITSELF. PAGE SIXTEEN: Overlay these panels on a background of a burning ghetto. PANEL ONE: War protest. Cops busting heads with billyclubs, students throwing bottles and rocks. PANEL TWO: Vietnam. Two soldiers loading wounded into helicopter, while other soldiers lay down covering fire to keep enemy away. PANEL THREE: Student in a college dorm, shirt off, rubber tubing around his upper arm, injecting himself with drugs. PANEL FOUR: Black militants and cops in a gun battle. CAPTION: And it wasn't doing too good at that. PAGE SIXTEEN: PANEL ONE: Divided into two sections. In one, Martin Luther King is shot thru window of his hotel room; in the other, Bobby Kennedy taking fatal shots. CAPTION: Killing was going on EVERYWHERE...but we only seemed to NOTICE when the victims had FAMILIAR NAMES. PANEL TWO: Protesters and cops facing off at the Democratic Convention in 1968 in Chicago. CAPTION: How could this be happening in AMERICA, we wondered? PANEL THREE: Revolutionaries running from a fire-bombed Bank of America. CAPTION: How long would there BE an America, we wondered? PANEL FOUR: Protesters setting an American flag on fire. CAPTION: How long would the FIRE burn? PANEL FIVE: Bigger panel of the American flag burning; no people visible.

43. - Of Good Guys And Bad Guys, Generals And Gangsters
Of good guys and bad guys, Generals and Gangsters by Ernest W. Adams. Rommel epitomizesone of the tragic ironies of war, a good man serving a bad cause.
Of Good Guys and Bad Guys, Generals and Gangsters See Also:
General Game Design:Game Design
Of Good Guys and Bad Guys, Generals and Gangsters
by Ernest W. Adams Quite a few years ago now, Electronic Arts published a game called Patton versus Rommel , about a hypothetical matchup between two of World War II’s greatest generals. In reality, Patton and Rommel never faced one another – Rommel was invalided home to Germany with injuries before Patton arrived in Normandy. In the tradition of most wargames, you could play either side – take Patton’s army and try to fight your way into Normandy, or take Rommel’s and push the Allies back into the sea. If you took Rommel’s side, you were obviously playing in support of the Nazi regime. The game didn’t address the moral question that this raises; it was a straightforward wargame about troops and tanks, battle and maneuver. Wargames tend to avoid social or political issues to concentrate on purely military ones. Each side is fighting to achieve its objectives without any reference to their motivations or the rights of the situation. Risk is a nice case in point – every player is trying to take over the world, but none of them has an agenda or a political ideology. It’s a simple, symbolic wargame.

44. -- Of Good Guys And Bad Guys, Generals And Gangsters
Of good guys and bad guys, Generals and Gangsters by Ernest Adams Rommel epitomizesone of the tragic ironies of war, a good man serving a bad cause.
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Of Good Guys and Bad Guys,
Generals and Gangsters
by Ernest Adams
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Quite a few years ago now, Electronic Arts published a game called Patton versus Rommel , about a hypothetical matchup between two of World War II’s greatest generals. In reality, Patton and Rommel never faced one another - Rommel was invalided home to Germany with injuries before Patton arrived in Normandy. In the tradition of most wargames, you could play either side - take Patton’s army and try to fight your way into Normandy, or take Rommel’s and push the Allies back into the sea. If you took Rommel’s side, you were obviously playing in support of the Nazi regime. The game didn’t address the moral question that this raises; it was a straightforward wargame about troops and tanks, battle and maneuver. Wargames tend to avoid social or political issues to concentrate on purely military ones. Each side is fighting to achieve its objectives without any reference to their motivations or the rights of the situation. Risk is a nice case in point - every player is trying to take over the world, but none of them has an agenda or a political ideology. It’s a simple, symbolic wargame.

45. 3 - Intro To American History, Part I Curriculum Resource Archive - Message Inde
"3" Intro to american history, Part I. Key elements of american history 4Day for regular Readers. 5-Day for regular linked (inside) to a good article. Cheryl_NY Fri,
"3" Intro to American History, Part I Basic Program "3" Intro to American History, Part I. Key elements of American history from before the Spanish conquistadors through the 1850s. Special emphasis on U.S. social history. See this curriculum: Combines well with: Quick Search This Forum: Sonlight Forum Tools: This site will work and look better in a browser that supports web standards , but it is accessible to any browser or Internet device. (Un)Subscribe to Email Search This Forum Set Your Preferences Need a Password? ... Post a New Message
3 - Intro to American History, Part I Curriculum Resource Archive
Message Index Welcome!

46. Robert Jensen: Alternative Futures
academics paid to explain why the smart guys are right. are not simply saying thatcorporations do bad things or off most readers, and that's all to the good.
home subscribe about us books ... feedback Read Cockburn and St. Clair's Whiteout: the CIA, Drugs and the Press and discover how the CIA gave a helping hand to the opium lords who took over Afghanistan, thus ushering the Taliban into power. New Print Edition of CounterPunch Available Exclusively to Subscribers: Inside the Supposed Lair of Osama bin Laden: Is He In Georgia? Almost Certainly Not, But It Sure Suits the US and Shevardnadze To Pretend That He Might Be; It's All About Oil; God's Country: How the Anti- Defamation League Learned to Love the Christian Right; It's All About Israel; President Kucinich? Not If Katha Pollitt and NOW Have Any Say In It; Does It All Come Down to Abortion? Remember, the CounterPunch website is supported exclusively by subscribers to our newsletter. If you find our site useful please: Subscribe Now! Or Call Toll Free 1-800-840-3683 June 27, 2002 Rahual Mahajan
Arafat Says US Needs New Leadership; Calls for Fair Elections
June 26, 2002 Robert Fisk
Sharon as Bush Speechwriter
Mokhiber / Weissman
June 25, 2002

47. 2002 Reading List
bad guys are way more interesting than good guys. And these guys were definitelybad guys. Too bad I didn't know this book when I was searching high and low
2002 Reading List
A Patchwork Planet by Anne Tyler
At last I know what it means to have a life...
The Birds of Swan Point by Charles Wood
A short, charming book about birding at Providence's Swan Point Cemetery famous for its warblers - perhaps more famous as the final resting place of H.P. Lovecraft.
Travelers of a Hundred Ages by Donald Keene
More diaries.
Modern Japanese Diaries by Donald Keene
See December 11
The Willows at Christmas by William Horwood
See December 11 and December 12
Short and Tall Tales by Lillian Jackson Braun
Those wacky Moose County stories Qwilleran has been collecting throughout The Cat Who series...
This Cold Heaven by Gretel Ehrlich
Seven seasons in Greenland. Lots of fascinating stuff about Eskimo lifestyle. Nice retelling of Rasmussen's journeys at a manageable length. Much of Ehrlich's description and reflection on her experiences is overwritten. The content was what kept me reading - not the writing.
Trans-Himalaya by Sven Hedin
Volume 1. Hedin's take on Tibet is radically different from all those conquering (attempted conquering, I guess one might say) Brits I was reading last year.

48. Mouldering On The Shelves (2002)
one can say about a Hiaasen story is that his good guys are a little too good,and that his bad guys are a little too, well, not bad, but thoroughly
Mouldering on the Shelves
These are capsules of books I read in 2002. Comments? Mail me
Mouldering on the Shelves:
Skipping Toward Gomorrah , Dan Savage
I like Dan Savage. If you already agree with that statement, this book will be fun for you, and you can skip the rest of the review. If you've never read Mr. Savage's sex advice column or his other books (one of which is just a collection of advice columns), here's the scoop. He's a funny, uninhibited, liberal gay man with a fair amount of common sense, a lot of opinions and he expresses himself remarkably well. If you are offended by the sort of person who enjoys picking on Bill Bennet, or the sort of person who will mention sex acts in a description of foreign policy, you should pass on this one. This is Dan's answer to Bennett's Slouching Toward Gomorrah in much the way that Ruch Limbaugh Is A Big Fat Idiot is Al Franken's answer to Rush Is Right . The idea is that Dan will go out and commit each of the 7 Deadly Sins, and write a chapter about it. Which is what he does, in the same way that what he does each month is write a syndicated sex column. That is to say, it provides a basic structure that he violates whenever he has something else to say. Dan writes well enough that this works, but I suspect that most writers shouldn't try it at home. Skipping is a series of vignettes that will leave you chuckling and thinking for a while. Assuming you're still reading the review, buy it and enjoy.

49. - Career - Review: Good 'Gig' - October 16, 2000
Review good 'Gig And does bad management have an impact on how you feel about your Someof the people interviewed in Gig seem like regular folks who work in
reading up archive Editions myCNN Video ... Feedback
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MTV at Super Bowl: Fielding a half time


Super Bowl Sunday: It's finally here

India tends to quake survivors
Contact with OSU aircraft was lost before it went down, investigator says Sharon calls peace talks a campaign ploy by Barak ... MORE MARKETS 4:30pm ET, 4/7 DJIA NAS SPORTS Syracuse holds off Kansas for first title ... LOCAL EDITIONS: Europe change default edition MULTIMEDIA: video video archive audio multimedia showcase ... more services E-MAIL: Subscribe to one of our news e-mail lists Enter your address: DISCUSSION: chat feedback CNN WEB SITES: Europe AsiaNow Spanish ... Korean Headlines TIME INC. SITES: Go To ... People Money Fortune EW CNN NETWORKS: CNN anchors transcripts Turner distribution SITE INFO: help contents search ad info ... jobs WEB SERVICES:
Review: Good 'Gig'
'Gig: Americans Talk About Their Jobs at the Turn of the Millennium' Edited by John Bowe, Marisa Bowe and Sabin Streeter

50. The Bush Watch
Tom DeLay and those other GOP congressional bad guys yesterday, a Coupled with theregular guy strategy, Poppy and Junior have done a pretty good job of
From Austin, Texas, Home of Candidate Bush
...It's the Industrial Strength Archives of
Here's how you can contact Governor Bush Bush Watch bush millions bushreport ... press comments

to bush sunday funnies Specials



Bush Web Sites
BUSH '98
BUSHFAX BUSH FAMILY BUSH 2000 NET ... SOME BUSH '00 MONEY Gore Web Sites OFFICIAL GORE 2000 GORE WATCH.NET VETS FOR GORE DISABLED FOR GORE ... NOT GORE Presidency 2000 Politics 1 Elections U.S.A. Everything 2000 White House 2000 OCTOBER '99 The Invasion of the High Tech Republicans. SEE DUBYA'S HALLOWEEN COSTUME POLITEX: "MUGWUMPS OF THE WORLD, UNITE!" "We have nothing to gain but to get rid of these sons-of-bitches, but that is everything! " So says New York Observer rabbel-rouser Michael Thomas in his review of David Tucker's Mugwumps . Mugwumps were "genuinely good men [who] once took up the cudgels against the corrupt holders of entrenched power and on behalf of an idea of political virtue which, a century later, still looks virtuous. It was perhaps the only time in American history since the founding of the Republic that the entanglement of politics and virtue was not fatally tainted with tendentiousness and self-interest," wrote James Bowman in a Times Literary Supplement review of the book last month.

51. Left Field Gold Gloves
Not too bad agreement two-thirds of the time and near-agreement for about 80 You'reprobably saying, Yeah, but how good could these guys be compared to

52. Emphasis Added
the “good guys” won, a bunch of very bad guys definitely lost. for the oil supply,this is not a bad thing jobs where a little luck or a good connection is
Why you must agree with me CATEGORIES Home Who - Me? Rants Books Comix Noise Links and Buddies FAVORITE SITES Salon Film Threat Baseball Prospectus BLOGS I LIKE Paul Andrews Critiques of Editorials Mark Evanier/POV Blogcritics ... Oliver Willis
Sunday, February 16, 2003
The Liberal Media – Myth and Reality
Eric Alterman’s new book— What Liberal Media?— has apparently begun a long-needed discussion on the role of the media in shaping, rather than just reporting, our political culture. Alterman contends that the professional press, which was never that liberal in the first place, has been systematically intimidated by conservative whining over the years, and that the corporate right-wing media now has the field to itself as a result. Clearly, any “fair and balanced” view of the media in present-day America would reveal a distinct tilt to the right. The airwaves are jammed with rabid screaming-head talk-show hosts pushing the RNC party line; Fox “News” is an organ of the White House press office; and even mainstream media outlets are quietly deferential to the Administration while presenting Democrats as marginal, disorganized and slightly ridiculous. Nevertheless, the canard of liberal press bias persists. How could this be? The answer lies in the basic function of the press in a democracy, which is to pose questions to those in authority, root out hidden agendas and inconsistencies, and give the people an independent source of information on which to base their opinions. An independent press that functions as anything beyond a propaganda office or marketing and PR agency must, as a matter of course, subvert authority to some extent.

53. Bully Magazine - Slim Cessna's Auto Club - The Uncountry Country Band
SC I wouldn't say it was a bad experience. Also, we haven't broken up, but threeof the guys aren't playing with us good ANGRY FUN Home © 2002 Bully Magazine.
Home About Advertise
Slim Cessna's Auto Club - The Uncountry Country Band
Interview By Ken Wohlrob
Here's an interesting theory…have you ever noticed that the people who do really interesting things with country music - say Johnny Cash or Merle Haggard - have always been the ones who are considered outsiders by the Nashville music scene?
Slim Cessna's Auto Club is another good example of hardcore country musicians who really do some interesting things with the sound and yet are considered outsiders because they don't fit into Nashville's definition of country. Hell, their not even on a country label. Their latest output, a re-release of their 1995 debut is being put out by Alternative Tentacles, Jello Biafra's punk/spokenword/everything under the sun label. They are a non-country fan's country band. They are for people who can't abide by the poppiness of Nashville but still have a soft spot for guys like Willie Nelson or George Jones.
Yet, Cessna and the Auto Club's sound is for all and intents and purposes country to the bone. They incorporate elements of country, gospel, and hillbilly music along with a good ol' fashioned sense of humor. The only difference here is the Auto Club's tendency to be as goofy as a pack hilljacks hopped up on corn liquor. Lyrics talking about Satan as if he's not such a bad Joe, completely whacked song structures more akin to carnival side shows than Hank Williams tribute bands, and Cessna's somewhat off-kilter voice and tendency to yodel. It's about as anti-Nashville as you can get while still being closer to Nashville's roots than Shawnia Twain, Faith Hill, Travis Tritt, and Tim McGraw could ever hope to get.

54. IAMAW News: Machinists Union Happenings
getting in there and helping the good guys the smaller Growing good businessesis in everybody's interest alive that government spending is a bad thing

55. Untitled Article
Hosler was stunned to discover that W K had divided the ad world into good guys and bad guys. . I said to them, Hosler recalls, 'You guys all do the
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23-year-old Todd Nopp says he usually changes
the channel when TV commercials come on. Photo: Marc Rosenblatt Also see the sidebar to this story: Miller’s Man . Josh Feit interviews indie musician Alan Sutherland about his role in the Miller campaign "It's a reality from Beer World. It's part of beeryou get beer breath. It's something Bud would never say." Details Advertising Age . In its June 16 issue, Time identified Wieden & Kennedy as "the most widely recognized" of the "Off-Madison Avenue hot spots." Nearly 50 percent of Spin magazine readers are under 21, according to Business Week Spin Nationally, microbrews make up 2.5 percent of the beer market. In Oregon, microbrew market share is between 9 and 10 percent. The beer market is worth an estimated $50 billion in retail sales, according to Beer Marketer's Insights Negativland's Mark Hosler told Willamette Week
"I was sad that Wieden & Kennedy called me. It means that our aesthetic is totally cool to use for a beer commercial. It's just an aesthetic now, and it obviously has nothing to do with my message." Miller isn't the only large company that went looking for a new ad agency. Companies from Bayer aspirin to Domino's Pizza to Taco Bell Corp. to GTE Corp. all changed agencies

56. Who Is Telling Us The Truth
Didn't run across any bad guys. of resentment toward the Serbs, I suppose having theregular VJ in (good patrol tip, walk only where the locals walk.) He also

You beleive NATO is it makes your life easier Why Responsibility ... Relentless Propaganda Drivel Continues [ Who is Telling us the Truth ] How NATO Mislead the Public Legitimate Targets
US troops out of Europe!
You beleive NATO is it makes your life easier



US Evil Policy
Relentless Propaganda Drivel Continues

Who is Telling us the Truth
How NATO Mislead the Public

Legitimate Targets
Highly recommended articles: This is the News Bar Too High For Serbs to Comply Why New World Order Hates Serbs New Roman Empire ... Last Free People in Europe
of the Belgrade Coup Leon Chame - 12/04/99 Yugoslav Associates: - Zoran Radojicic - Dejan Vukelic - George Orwell Contributing Websites: - Original Sorces - Transnational (TFF) - Fair sources - WSWS March 03, 2003
Who is Telling us the Truth about the Serbs?
" When men differ in opinion, both sides ought equally to have the advantage of being heard by the public; when truth and error have fair play, the former is always an overmatch for the latter. " In the last three months we have seen the one who should be the guardian of the flame of free speech, the President of the United States, bomb the Yugoslav TV studios, transmitters, and the nation's electric power plants for the stated purpose of silencing that nation's electronic media.

57. Comics Are Good For You!
men in strong tights beating up the bad guys, this is best of friends, together throughgood times and bad. Strangers in Paradise It's a good life (Abstract

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Comics 411


Comicbooks are good for you
by Christopher Butcher

Welcome Back!
Yeah, Column Number two folks! I think the first column went over well, and now I'm back for more. In the interim, my "links arsenal" has gone up. Basically, it's a links page with all manner of comics related stuff on it. Very cool links there (my personal favorites are the Smoke Damage Web Site, Mania Magazine, and the Floor 13 Font Page). Go check 'em out. Meanwhile...
Ringing in the new year, Comic Style.
In the spirit of the joyous occasion of the birth of Jesus Christ, many of us empty our bank accounts in the pursuit of crass commercialism. People buying all manner of gifts for each other in the spirit of giving. What I want to know is why they aren't buying each other comicbooks! You're Pushing it... Okay, so convincing you to buy comics as presents of any kind, let alone Christmas Presents is going to take some... well, convincing. That's okay, I'm okay with that. You see, it took me quite a few years to get over the initial horror of giving something like a comicbook to someone I cared about, but now that I'm over that you'd be surprised how well a comic goes over as a gift! No, really! When you buy a good gift, it's a thoughtful, useful item that reflects not only the giver (you), but also the person you're giving it too. Whether this means "Men In Black" on video, a John Lennon CD, or yes, even a comicbook.

58. The John Birch Society And Vietnam - Veterans Speak: U.S. News Media
Although some reporters were good guys and showed a lot of out in Indian country,looking for bad guys, and a had had a steady diet of bad information foisted
The John Birch Society and the Vietnam War The John Birch Society's Campaign Communist Aid and Trade: Helping the Enemy Kill Our Soldiers Vietnam: A "No-Win" War? ... News April 2003 - Product of the Month - Inside the United Nations March 18, 2003 - The bill to get the U.S. out of the United Nations (H.R. 1146) has been re-introduced in the 108th Congress Free Information Packet Make a Donation Issues in Focus ... Contact Us Refer this page to a friend (you will be returned to this page): Friend's Name: Friend's Email: Your Name: Your Email: Additional Comments:
More on Propaganda in the Press
The Vietnam War as Recounted by Vietnam Veterans
U.S. News Media As the fighting escalated in Vietnam, the men making the sacrifices, and sometimes the ultimate sacrifice, discovered that the U.S. media was not their friend. This perspective by the military did not end with the Vietnam War. During the 1983 U.S. invasion of Communist Grenada, journalists were prevented from accompanying our troops during the first waves of the "surprise" invasion. The Establishment press reacted angrily to this restriction daring anyone to defend it. Questioned by a local reporter as to whether he agreed with the policy, Vietnam veteran Brigadier General Andrew J. Gatsis replied, "of course." Asked to explain, Gatsis stated that it’s very simple: The first rule of warfare says that you never take the enemy along on a mission! In Vietnam, not all war correspondents were hostile, or even neutral. A few earned accolades from our troops. But what our men saw in general was selective reporting that magnified U.S. troop failings, while ignoring Communist atrocities and sustaining Communist propaganda. A great example of the latter was the reluctance of the press to report evidence that contradicted North Vietnam’s claims that it was not behind the war in the South. (Therefore, why was the U.S. bombing poor North Vietnam?)

59. Prisoners Under Rehabilitation
what; we want TDCJ to in good faith implement most TDCJ guards and staff are regularnice guys is preferentially releasing on parole the real bad guys who in
Statement By P.U.R.
Prisoners Under Rehabilitation.
To The Most Patient And Over-Abused Taxpayers And Voters Of Texas
By Ana Lucia Gelabert, T.D.C.J. Prisoner No. 384484 Please do not be insulted but you and I have some interests in common: We both want less crime, more voluntary respect to law and thereon safer streets; we both want to lock up and throw away the key with no "perks" provided to those "real bad guys" who will not be rehabilited no matter what; we want T.D.C.J. to in good faith implement Texas law [Govt. Code §§ 493 and 494] of endeavoring to rehabilitate and reintegrate to society those convicted felons who are willing to work hard towards their rehabilitation and become, maybe for the first time in their lives, fully productive, law abiding taxpayers and voters, a credit to their families and community, rather than a fearsome public nuisance. We at P.U.R. are committed to these goals, but we alone cannot advance them and, unfortunately, T.D.C.J. has not succeeded in attaining them. We P.U.R. are convinced that these goals are attainable, but only if YOU , the sovereign in this Republic demand that they be met: as the best and the most convenient to YOUR interests.

60. Fire Bad, Weblogs Good! - A Subtle Examination Of The Weblog Community. No, Real
guys became more and more brazen in their pursuit of Ardyce I went out kayakingthis weekend instead of blogging like a good blogger. Anyway. bad juju.
Fire Bad!
Weblogs good.
Yes, we have no banannas. We have no banannas today. Fire bad, weblogs good! hopes to be an oasis on the harsh, blinding sands of the blog community. Oh, and anything else online we damn well feel like reviewing, even things that are not weblogs. The only links we will provide will be the ones we review (and probably some meta-ones to Uncle Joe and such, just so you can get a more seasoned collection of opinions on other peoples opinions, which is what metablogging is all about) and we hereby swear to focus on content, and to avoid the Trix Rabbit urge to particpate in the link economy. Oh, and we accept bribes and then write what we would have anyway. If you'd like to suggest a blog we simply must review, please email us at and we'll be happy to take a look.
Wednesday, June 27, 2001
Hey, is it dead?
posted by Matthew Rossi 6/27/2001 04:21:01 AM
Sunday, July 23, 2000
Okay, first off let me say that I'm not reviewing Squirrel Bait solely because Meghan makes my hand stand on end and my nerve endings twitch. She does, I admit, but that's not why I'm reviewing it. I'm reviewing it because it is a pioneering site, been around for years. I'm reviewing it because she's been at this for five years, and she still rocks like (insert generic rocking thing here). I'm reviewing it because of

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