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of the medical profession, the color hints at Matt's association with the good guys. badthings happen to bad people. Terrible things happen to good people.
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If you would like regular updates on upcoming webcasts, additions to this countrywithout identifying who are the good guys and who are the bad guys in the

23. Hawksblog
or too greedy for the business the bad guys bring (the We've got a handful of gooddeputies, and that elites need to start talking to regular folks like Mr

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Intermezzo's over, please return to your seats for Act II.
Saturday, March 29, 2003
Future Slang II
Turkey Dance: A situation where a person or organization continually flip-flops their position on some issue, such as weather Turkish troops will cross into Kurdish Iraqi territory.
posted by John 2:05 PM
Plain Truths, There for the Knowing
Mark Steyn
has a typically brilliant column in The Spectator. Among other things, he turns the Chickenhawk argument [something Hawks blog takes rather personal] on its head. To be sure, war is hell. But in Iraq life is hell, and there are hundreds of tales to trump [Jonathan] Mirsky’s — see Ann Clwyd on those dispatched feet-first into the human shredder, etc. With Saddam’s prison state, to choose war is to choose potential temporary hell over certain ongoing hell. I happen to believe that’s the moral position. But Mirsky’s ‘chickenhawk’ sneer is surely sauce for the dove, too. He thinks I’m in favour of war only because I don’t have to live with the consequences of my warmongering, as ordinary Iraqis do; but he’s only opposed to war because he doesn’t have to live with the consequences of his moral posturing, as ordinary Iraqis do.

24. WATCHMAN #74
If I was one of these smart bad guys I would expect the american public to demand Toobad. to him but it was like talking to a brick wall, a waste of good wind
Watchman #74
Michael J. Badamo, editor/publisher September 14, 2001 IN THIS ISSUE: Dark Days Ahead
by The Old Woodchuck The Real Interview with Anthony Pollina Playing Indian
by Oak's Dad
In Memory of All Those Who Remain Buried in the Rubble
Ultimate shock
Deepest sorrow
We can only wish it was just a bad dream
T he masterminds behind the devastating blow against American institutions may not have simply won an opening battle. As anyone can see, the attacks on New York and Washington were planned and executed with great skill and cunning. Isn't it certain that people of such devious intelligence would have considered the consequences of their actions? American reactions of fear, anger, and determination to strike back seem as inevitable as day following night. These very smart bad guys must know this. The expected American reaction must be part of the plan, like a gambit chess move that forces a chain of moves going somewhere unknown. If I was one of these smart bad guys I would expect the American public to demand immediate, massive retribution. Perhaps that's exactly what they want and perhaps we will give it to them for free in addition to the victory they have already won. Hypothetically, I might leave a false trail of bread crumbs through the woods leading to an apparent target which is actually full of innocent victims. T he most commonly mentioned prime suspect, Osama bin Laden, has repeatedly called for a Muslim Jihad against America but most Muslims pay little attention. There is no such thing as unity among Muslims or Arabs. What would it take to unify that seething mass? A couple of nuclear missiles in the mountains of Afghanistan? Another American army in the Persian Gulf?

25. TV ACRES: Weapons - Cowboy & Frontier Firearms Section
passed from person to person and (for good or bad even the odds when he came up againstthe bad guys. a special seventh barrel located beneath the regular one.
Return to WEAPONS Old Betsy - In American history, "Old Betsy" was the nickname of Davy Crockett's frontier rifle. On an early WALT DISNEY PRESENTS episode "Davy Crockett Goes to Congress" (January 26, 1955) Fess Parker as Davy Crockett See also - HANDGUNS: "Betsy" Buntline Special - Long barreled pistol on the western adventure THE LIFE AND LEGEND OF WYATT EARP/ABC/1955-61. The Buntline Special was a Colt .45 pistol with a 12-inch barrel favored by frontier Marshal Wyatt Earp (Hugh O'Brian). According to the series, the gun was designed by Ned Buntline (Lloyd Corrigan) who gave two of the pistols to his friend Wyatt. The gun's longer barrel made it easier for Wyatt to hit his target. TRIVIA NOTE: Ned Buntline (Pseudonym of Edward Zane Carroll Judson 1823-86), was an American writer born in Stamford, New York. He founded a magazine called Ned Buntline's Own in 1845, and wrote over 400 action novels-forerunners of the American Dime Novel. In nautical terms, a "buntline" is a rope attached to the float of a square sail. See also - "The Colt Pistol"

26. - Region-Specfic: North America - New Jersey Railfan - When Do Trai
only target passenger trains, we don't have regular passenger service We have to becareful because the bad guys may really hit I'll give you a really good one.

27. Robert George
Clintons merely requires good guys and bad guys whose personal Oh, and just forgood measure, throw in 400 and also worked subliminally with regular voters
Columns Current Issue Goldberg File Nota Bene ...
Diallo II?
4/19/00 2:30 p.m.
Getting Away With It
Bill Clinton's Scandal Politics 101.

Robert A. George is an editorial page writer
for the New York Post he scariest thought: Is this actually Bill Clinton's world and do we just live in it? That may be the only conclusion to reach after reading the April issue of everybody's favorite libertarian magazine, Reason. Charles Paul Freund performs a valuable service as he identifies what may be the true lasting legacy of the Bill Clinton presidency: His mastery of scandal politics Freund notes five steps Clinton has successfully utilized over the last eight years: Step 1: A Scandal Is Just a Story
Step 2: You Don't Feed a Bad Story
Step 3: Stories Are About People
Step 4: War Is the Biggest Story
Step 5: The Presidency Is a Counter-story By following these steps, Clinton manages to manipulate the media, protect himself and completely frustrate his enemies. He has expertly wielded the weapons of stonewalling, distraction, and diversion. The cost of all this, of course, has only been the integrity of the White House (like, who could care about

28. Apocalypse On September 11: Reflections On The New Reality
from falling, but at little risk to the safety and security of regular citizensin It was a world of black and white and good guys versus bad guys.
home today's asian business strategy ezine columns Apocalypse on September 11: Reflections on the New Reality
15 September 2001 This week's incredible apocalyptic images of death and destruction have had a historically unprecedented impact on the American psyche, not to mention signaling huge changes in the nature of international relations and basic definitions of war and peace. Certainly there has never been a single day in my life span bringing with it such a fundamental divide between past and future. Even Pearl Harbor Day, which is being widely cited as a parallel, pales in comparison. At least there it was clear who did the deed and FDR knew immediately what had to be done. I was sitting in the lounge of the Manila Elks Club Wednesday (Tuesday, the ill-fated September 11th in the states), watching Armageddon unfolding on CNN along with other stunned Yankee ex-pats. The images were hypnotic, shocking, and upsetting for all, leading more than a few folks to switch from coffee to stronger libations by early afternoon. I myself opted for Jack Daniels on the rocks, a drink which I nurtured as I tried to sort out my own feelings and assess what these unbelievable events really meant - for America, for the international community, for the Philippines, and for myself. While I failed to come up with definitive answers, following are a few free associations reflecting the themes that rumbled through my troubled mind that evening (and that have haunted my dreams in the intervening few days).

29. News & Opinion: Challenging The Defender (Newcity Chicago . 08-10-98)
vain, but it was kind of a Royko column, says regular Defender reader going on inthe community, who I thought were the good guys versus the bad guys. .
Challenging the Defender
The nation's last black daily struggles to survive By Sam Jemielity There's an inky, oily pit where the Chicago Defender's old printing press used to crank out the historic daily. Workers came by a few weeks ago to remove the antiquated monolith from the back warehouse at the Defender's South Michigan headquarters. At one point, a hundred workers toiled in the print room, running the Defender and the Sengstacke family's other three papers, which were shipped to readers in Detroit, Pittsburgh and Memphis. But now the old print room lies vacant, stray electric cords poking out of the walls, jugs of photo developing fluid lined up in one corner. When the Defender moved into the old Illinois Automobile Association's headquarters in 1956, CEO John Sengstacke converted the Club's Olympic pool into the pressroom and the paper to a daily. As decades passed, new technology turned the once-busy press into a dinosaur. Today's Defender is computerized, beaming in digital photos and wire service reports via satellite. The actual printing of the five issues a week has been handled for years by the Daily Southtown's presses. But although the nation's only remaining African-American daily has changed, many critics would say it has not changed quickly enough. Circulation, which stood near 160,000 in the thirties, has dwindled to about 20,000. In a Tribune op-ed piece last December, the Chicago Reporter's editor and publisher Laura S. Washington argued that by the 1970s, the Defender had "lost its mission." Poor editing, misquoting, bad reporting and support of Chicago's political powers-that-be had earned it the nickname "The Offender." Younger black readers have forsaken the paper for the Sun-Times and the Trib, not to mention the panoply of Afrocentric publications like Vibe and the Source, which cover African-American culture. There's no need to pick up the Defender to read wire reports, or articles on the Cubs, or a review of "Bring In Da Noise."

30. Ask Uncle Tim: On Guys
and very heavy as I recall, which is not a bad thing when also The Best Little Whorehousein Texas was good, and I so I don't know, Roger had a regular girl, Jo
On Brian, Freddie, John and Roger Paul Culmsee asks: In the course of another question, I asked Tim about his thoughts on the Red Special. Was he impressed by it? Becca asks: hello tim - i read somewhere on the internet that during your college days while doing a soap design freddie suddenly stood up in the middle of class and started to sing "purple haze" and everyone told him to sit down because he couldn't sing - please could you tell me if this is true? i know a lot of mistakes get let through the net! "This is a new one on me; however, I am but a human being with imperfect faculties, so it may be true, but I wouldn't go to lunch on the strength of it, sorry" Carrie asks: Is it true that brian went out with mary austin for a while before freddie? if so did he mind freddie going out with her? "It sounds familiar, Carrie, but I'm afraid I don't remember, I wouldn't have thought he would mind, however. " Katie asks: Did the band members have people who they got on best with? For example roger and freddie or brian and john or perhaps you were one of they're best friends? Or did they all just have best friends outside this circle? "Actually, I haven't a clue! Logically, I would guess that Roger and Freddie had more in common, and John and Brian would relate together more, as you speculate; although, 'best friends' is another matter - in my experience, there is no guarantee that one necessarily gets on with other band members, although if a band survives for any length of time, it's a safe bet that there are no major social problems.

31. BEVBS Speech
with millions of really dangerous, fanatical bad guys in turbans of their had ittoo good for too closed doors) despise the “regular person .especially
(Bearde's Eye View Bull Shit)
- ONE -
- TWO -
Do you believe the FBI, the CIA, John Ashcroft, and the "Homeland Security" people can really and truly win a war on terrorism? If so, then why aren't you relaxed?
Question: Are you really so scared that you want to give up all of our precious civil liberties and turn your COMPLETE personal information over to the feds? In this case, people wanting to give up their life for their country just did. - THREE - Question: Question: Are you really happy about executing so many thousands of prisoners - some who might be retarded, and others who are just plain not guilty.? If you answer in the affirmative how do you face the word of those commandment tablets 'ol kooky Moses found that said ”Thou shalt not kill"? "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you"? (Okay you can find anything in the Bible, but show me where it say's "You decide who dies - I'm just God; what do I know?") Question: Do you believe that the drug companies and the insurance companies are going to be told by this Administrations to stop exploiting the sick and the dying in America? Those who choose to think that will happen have completely lost their marbles and will never get them back without an expensive operation not covered by their hmo.

32. The Black Commentator - E-MailBox - Issue 31
good guys are whites and blacks, whereas the bad guys are the To me, Bush is tryingto make good on his to let you know that I enjoy you regular email alerts.
Dying for the almighty dollar
The "new" Colin Powell
The Moseley-Braun - Sharpton debate Carol Moseley-Braun's participation in the Democratic primaries provides the first opportunity to observe how African American and non-Black politicians operate when more than one Black is on the presidential ballot. In coming months we will discover a great deal about the workings of the Democratic Party, the corporate media, and the primary electorate. The two Black candidates are already well known. Rev. Al Sharpton brings with him all of the skills - and baggage - of three-plus tumultuous decades of civil rights struggles. Carol Moseley Braun will forever be connected to the superlative of "first" Black female U.S. Senator (1992 - 98), a post in which she managed to make even less noise than did Republican Edward Brooke (R-MA, 1966 - 78), the first Black to serve in that body since Reconstruction. Brooke was known as the "quiet man" of the Senate, who eschewed anything that smacked of political "posturing." During her six years in the Senate, Moseley-Braun's profile was near invisible. The Chicagoan did not decide to enter the primaries until the year-end holidays. In last week's commentary "

33. DVD Verdict Review - The Substitute 4: Failure Is Not An Option
fault, littered with insultingly stereotypical good and bad guys. series has somehowbecome his regular starring vehicle is still a dependably good actor with
Reviews Columns Staff Dossiers Studio Info ... Feedback
// 2000 // 91 Minutes // Rated R
Reviewed by Judge Gary Militzer (Retired) // July 13th, 2001
The Charge Hey everyone, gather 'round there's a new Substitute flick for our viewing edification! Opening Statement The highly anticipated fourth installment in the long-running, critically acclaimed, boffo box office smash Substitute film series, The Substitute 4: Failure is Not an Option brings a dramatic, darker edge to its shopworn teach-and-pummel mix, acting as a prescient cautionary tale tracing the trail of the extremist hate movement plaguing today's narrow, weak-minded yet impressionable youth. How's that for overblown hyperbole? Just how bad can this direct-to-video production be? Remember folks, there is a '4' in the title up there. Is that ever a good thing? Facts of the Case In a brief yet muddled pre-credits opening sequence, mercenary-for-hire Karl Thomasson (Treat Williams), seemingly engaged in some covert mano-a-mano combat with unnamed guerrillas in an Argentinean warzone, kills his youthful quarry. I guess this confusing sequence is included to show that Thomasson is equal parts lean, mean killing machine and kind, concerned man with a heavy, compassionate heart for young, impressionable soldiers willing to die needlessly for their cause. Flash forward to the conveniently named "Military Academy of the South." Thomasson, now retired from active military duty, poses as a substitute military history teacher to investigate the diabolical Commandant Brack (played by the wonderfully named Patrick Kilpatrick

34. Essays Galore
their eyes and fidget in the background of a regular cartoon follow like this goodguys learn some bad news, good guys find bad guys, good guys talk with
Not Free Essay's
EssayFind Search
Part of the

35. Men In Black And Immigration Policy -
Whether they are refugees or regular immigrants, the point 2. bad guys Are Like Bugs,And They Wear Edgar precipitates a mass exodus of the good aliens, rats
Practice Areas Attorneys by Practice Group Construction Law Dispute Resolution e-Business Insurance Law Attorney Quick Finder Attorney Profiles main page Attorneys by Practice Group Nelson B. Befitel R. Charles Bocken C.F. Damon, Jr. Jamesner A. Dumlao Brad K. Gushiken Gerhard Frohlich Diane D. Hastert Todd Y. Hirai Charles W. Key Jean Kim Christine A. Kubota Gregory W. Kugle Kenneth R. Kupchak Shannon M.I. Lau Denis C.H. Leong David P. McCauley James C. McWhinnie Anna H. Oshiro Michelle M. Shin Douglas C. Smith Robert H. Thomas Mark G. Valencia Alan Van Etten Michael A. Yoshida
page updated
Damon Key has affiliates in more than 270 cities around the world as Hawaii's exclusive member of Meritas, an international network of independent business law firms. You’re Not One of Us:
Men in Black and the Immigration Debate by Jean Kim
It’s not an allegory on immigration policy …“Men in Black” is just a good way to kill a summer afternoon. (emphasis added) Men in Black July 12, 1997, at A10.

36. Live Online
Also, it looked bad to see this bidding war the mid to upper- 50s, which is stillpretty good. is important for however ridiculous this guys sounds sometimes
placeChannelNav("liveonline"); Weekly Schedule Message Boards Transcripts Video Archive Discussion Areas Politics Nation World Metro ... For Advertisers placeAd(1,'wpni.liveonline/politics','',1,'',468,60,1) Terry Neal Talking Points
OnPolitics Section

Politics Live Online

Talk: OnPolitics message boards
Live Online Transcripts

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customized news, traffic, weather and more
Talking Points Live
With Terry Neal Chief Political Correspondent Friday, Feb. 21, 2003; 3 p.m. ET How do you rate the Bush administration's handling of the Iraq situation? Now that the Republicans control every branch of government what issues can we expect to dominate the next two years? Which Democrat is best able to run a successful presidential campaign in 2004? Chief Political Correspondent Terry Neal brought his Talking Points column live to field questions and comments on the latest in political news. The transcript follows. Editor's Note: moderators retain editorial control over Live Online discussions and choose the most relevant questions for guests and hosts; guests and hosts can decline to answer questions. Saint Louis, Mo.:

37. .\|/. H A Y S E E D N E T W O R K S .\|/.
This helps prevent other folks (the bad guys) from eavesdropping and grabbing user Toobad. Feh. Its good to know that once again I have been incontrovertibly
Armed with knowledge Emerson pointed me at this really cool bit of info about how to protect yourself from spam . Everybody hates spam, not everyone knows how the Powers of Evil manages to get ahold of our email addys in order to send us this shit. Good read. Emerson has a little perl script that will do the obfuscation of email addys in html for you. Civil Rights with a side of Terrorism Okay, in my continuing rants about the slippery slope of civil rights' erosion I have been on about I present the latest goose stepping tidbit for your apprasal. This little bit of love, joy and goodwill towards men was sent to me by a good friend this morning. I am still amazed by people's abilities to hide from themselves the meanings of such acts. All Clear Greetings, just wanted to mention that we were back and running relatively normally since about yesterday. We lost our name server machine but have rolled DNS service back to the primary machine. As soon as we can get the machine rebuilt we'll roll it back. Fuckupery Greetings. Well, gee, lookee, we did maintenance to the network and totally fucked it up yet again. Managed to smoke the name server completely this time. Pretty super. We restored most of the DNS info from backups to a named instance running on the main server but in fact we don't have all of it working just now. Are you suprised? Its prolly going to take another couple of days to pull our heads out of our asses so please be patient. Of course if you see something fucked up, let us know. Once again, very sorry for the retarded performance.

38. A Big Long Essay On The New War On Terrorism
all while Nancy Reagan is scolding us regular folk to a war that could get reallyamazingly bad very quickly. didn't make the Muj exactly good guys, either, as
Introduction FAQs You Just Won't (Or Shouldn't) Believe
Gut Reactions To A Sudden Outbreak Of Love And Patriotism

As Seen On TV Or Not

How We Got Here
So What The Hell Happens Next? What Do We Do Now?

THE SCOOP for October 9, 2001
The Enemy Of My Enemy
Is Still The Enemy Of The Enemy Of That Other Enemy
No Wonder There Are So Many Enemies
Part 4:
HOW WE GOT HERE There's an old saying: "the Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend." It's plainly moronic, appropriate perhaps for fights between three schoolboys, but little beyond. It's based entirely on the assumption that a world of six billion people has precisely two sides in every conflict. It simply doesn't hold in the real world for any significant length of time. Arguments can often have three sides, or even four or more. Your actual friends are your actual friends. The enemy of your enemy can often be a real asshole, too, as we all are finding out. Unfortunately, the phrase also summarizes the strategic basis America chose in its foreign policy in dozens of countries, in operations both overt and covert. Even now, it's the basic formulation of U.S. policy: you're either for us or against us.

39. An Elian Debate: US Politics Vs. Immigration Guides - U.S. Politics - 04/25/00
Elian Updates regular updates on the fastmoving Elian case from About armed raid,federal officials managed to reverse the good guys and bad guys in the
zfp=-1 About U.S. Politics: Current Events Search in this topic on About on the Web in Products Web Hosting
U.S. Politics: Current Events
with Apply Now
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"Elian Debate" > page
Question 7: Why has this case touched a chord with the public?
T his is a very American debate. From outside the US, and even inside, some people might think the issue is obvious: Send the kid home to his father. But Americans actually believe all that rhetoric about the importance of freedom and democracy, and we therefore find a deeper meaning in these debates. Nothing could be more American than the issue of whether the rights of a father override the rights of his son to escape a communist dictatorship. Pitting the values of parenthood against the values of freedom. It's debates like these that, even though I don't very much appreciate the way it's turned out, make me very proud of our country. We actually "care" about these kind of issues.
Question 8: Is the Miami family fit to be Elian's guardian if he stays in the USA?

40. Articles:Listing Movies
in Indian movies are today filmed on 'good guys', according to shows that in olderfilms the bad guys smoked, but that kills every second a regular user, says

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