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         Glass Art Techniques:     more books (100)
  1. The Claude Glass: Use and Meaning of the Black Mirror in Western Art by Arnaud Maillet, 2009-04-30
  2. English Glass and the Glass Used in England Circa 400-1940: English Decorative Arts by R. J. Charleston, 1984-08
  3. Sidelights, Fanlights and Transoms Stained Glass Pattern Book by Ed Sibbett Jr., 1987-05-01
  4. Stained Glass: Projects & Patterns by George W. Shannon, Pat Torlen, 1997-06-30
  5. The Rich Cut Glass of Charles Guernsey Tuthill by Maurice Crofford, 2001-10-31
  6. Techniques of Decorative Stained Glass by Paul S. Casciani, 2001-06
  7. The Complete Guide to Glass Painting: Over 80 Techniques with 25 Original Projects and 400 Motifs by Alan Gear, Barry Freestone, 2001-12-31
  8. 162 Traditional and Contemporary Designs for Stained Glass Projects (Dover Pictorial Archive Series)
  9. Stained Glass: How To Make Stunning Stained Glass Items Using Modern Materials And Traditional Techniques-11 Projects (Contemporary Crafts) by Marc S. Gerstein, Lynette Wrigley, 1995-11-15
  10. 120 Traditional Stained Glass Patterns (Dover Pictorial Archives) by Ed Sibbett Jr., 1988-10-01
  11. Art of Light: German Renaissance Stained Glass (National Gallery Publications) by National Gallery, 2007-11-13
  12. Point Engraving on Glass (The Decorative Arts Library) by Laurence Whistler, 1997-09
  13. Stained Glass Crafting by Donatella Zaccaria, 2000-06-30
  14. Classic Glass Painting: Inspirations from the past by Judy Balchin, 1999-01-01

81. Gemini School Of Art And Design
Using precision sandblasting techniques, this international awardwinning videowill illustrate how you can achieve professional results in the art of glass.
Gemini School of Art and Design
Art instruction for today's searching artist
Video Description
Titles Available
Note: The following VHS programs are courses developed for individual instruction. All programs are entirely complete, studio edited, and are sold in display packaged, snap lock video cases. LEARN THE ART OF MURAL PAINTING : "Is an advanced graphic program illustrating a variety of techniques using airbrush, production gun, mask and brush to create multi-color graphics and murals. This course will cover the entire project with step-by-step instructions from materials and preparation, to final application. This is the ultimate video for both the fine and automotive artist seeking to learn these exclusive and advanced techniques for success in the art of mural airbrushing."
LEARN THE ART OF MURAL PAINTING II : "Is an advanced program produced for the fine, graphic, commercial, and automotive artist. This course of study is demonstrated through the creation of large-scale, full color airbrushed graphic of Clark Gable and Marilyn Monroe. Information on equipment and materials, application, techniques, and advanced methods, make this comprehensive video on advanced mural airbrush painting a must for any artist. This program illustrates the use of a production gun, airbrush, paintbrush, and the use of frisket, using mask and cutting techniques."
LEARN THE ART OF GLASS ETCHING : "With this program, anyone will learn how to embellish and sandblast intricate patterns and designs onto a variety of glass surfaces. Using precision sandblasting techniques, this international award-winning video will illustrate how you can achieve professional results in the art of glass. Through step-by-step instructions learn creative pattern design, layout, masking, technical cutting using abrasive compounds. This program introduces effective shading techniques, used to achieve professional quality frosted appearance on any glass, metal, or wood surface."

82. Jon Erickson: Stained Glass Designer
Particularly concentrated on developing skills in glass painting techniques. Paintinghas been featured in glass art magazine; Experience in casting and molding
Jon Erickson: Designer and Artisan - Glass Gazette Site Guide - What's New at Aurora Studio - A lifelong fascination with capturing visual images has led Jon Erickson to a career in the design and creation of custom glass work. Jon has been a resident of Savannah for almost 10 years since 1984 and is a 1988 graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design With a strong grounding in art history Jon has tremendous respect for the painted glass windows of European cathedrals and has worked to develop his skills in this traditional aspect of glass work. However, Jon's concepts are modern and he has brought glass painting skills to a variety of subject matter including wildlife and nautical motifs Jon advocates the use of painting techniques in residential settings. "I would like to see more people realize they can have cathedral quality stained glass in their homes." Curved lines and a natural motion drive Jon's work. Keeping with both Norse and New England tradition, Jon has been drawn to the sea, and much of his work is representational of waves , marine life or touches on other nautical themes.

83. Books
basis for learning two stainedglass techniques copper foil breathtaking three-dimensionalpainted-on-glass horse from sense of the limitlessness of the art.
Stained Glass Books
Home is pleased to have The Stained Glass Web-Mart in the family of associates and we've agreed to ship products and provide customer service for orders we receive through special links at The Stained Glass Web-Mart By clicking on the any of the book or video links below you will be transported to
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Feel free to call us if you have any questions regarding this. How-To Instructional Videos
Video Collection Creating a Stained
Glass Panel
Alchemy in Light: Making Art Glass How-To Stained Glass Stepping Stone Video Instructional and Pattern Books Stained Glass : Design Sourcebook A striking portfolio of contemporary stained glass designs by leading artists and an excellent practical resource for both amateurs and professionals. Featuring 150 color photos. There are many practical books on stained glass, but few that provide inspiration. This is the first to present the very best modern work from around the world as a design source. LOOK This book covers the

84. Isn't Stained Glass A Dying Art?
Isn't stained glass a dying art? that making stained glass lampshades or genuine leadedstained glass windows were You can learn the techniques on our courses.
Isn't stained glass a dying art?
If you've always imagined that making stained glass lampshades or genuine leaded stained glass windows were two of the crafts that had disappeared along with gas-lit street lamps and bath chairs - you're in for a big surprise!
You can learn the techniques on our courses
We have been designing and making stained glass windows, terrariums, lampshades and other items professionally for many years and originally had no intention of running courses for beginners. However, avid enthusiasts persuaded us to pass on the basic skills and we have taught well over 1500 students this absorbing and rewarding craft. In 1997 we presented an award our thousandth student! Both Sam and Elizabeth are experienced in all aspects of working with stained glass and can offer a different approach where necessary - for instance Sam is left-handed whereas Elizabeth is right-handed ! In a craft situation these small differences count for a lot.
Interested in starting to learn the techniques yourself?
Not only is it a possibility to learn both methods of working with glass in our studio but this area is one of the few in the country that can offer Leaded Stained Glass and Stained Glass Craft (often called "Tiffany" Stained Glass) as an option through the Adult Education evening classes that we tutor.

85. Roger Nachman Glassworks | Teaching
199199, Fusing and Kilnworking techniques, NW art glass, Seattle,WA. 1999, glass Fusing Workshops Visiting Instructor, Tohma
Biography The Process Selected Exhibitions Publications Teaching
"Fusing and Kilnworking Techniques," N.W. Art Glass, Seattle, WA "Glass Fusing Workshops" Visiting Instructor, Tohma Shoji Corp., Tokyo & Osaka, Japan "Kilnworking Techniques," Visiting Instructor, National Museum of Anthropology, Mexico City, Mexico — in conjunction with Glass Art Society Conference
"Survey of Glass Techniques," Pratt Fine Arts Center, Seattle, WA "Basic Glassblowing," Pratt Fine Arts Center, Seattle, WA Pilchuck Glass Center, Teaching Assistant for Flora Mace and Joey Kirkpatrick
Fusing and Flat Glass Workshops, Miasa, Japan
Stained Glass Classes, Kyoto, Japan Print-friendly version

art. art History And Theory, art Movements, art techniques. Individual artists, Modern20th Century art, Pop art. Pottery,ceramics,glass, Religious art, Sculpture And

87. Studio Art
Course listings for studio art program.Category arts Visual arts Education Colleges and Departments...... art 166 glass Blowing Studio. Studio glass blowing techniques with technicalinformation on glass compositions, furnace design, and construction.
The area of Studio Art encourages students to explore a wide area of aesthetic and cultural experience.
All courses are not offered every semester, please check the Schedule ofCourses for current offering.
Art 1 - Art Forms
An introduction to art/seeing and appreciating the visual world around us.
Art 13 - Design
Exploration of basic art concepts through two- and three-dimensional design problems.
Art 20 - Drawing
Introductory experiences in drawing using observation, imagination, and expressive means.
Art 21 - Figure Drawing
Focuses on developing abilities in observation, composition, and expression through drawing the human figure. Art 24 - Printmaking Introduction to the printmaking processes of intaglio, lithography, and woodblock printing. Art 25 - Lithography Explores the process of printing drawings on stone and metal by the planographic process. Art 26 - Intaglio Processes Printing in the intaglio process using techniques of etching, drypoint, aquatint, and softground on metal plates. Art 27 - Screenprinting Investigation into techniques of printing with a screen. Paper, film, tusche, and glue techniques for creating printing stencils are explored.

88. Gifts-Mochi Equestrian African Art
techniques With a pencilshaped knife, Ugo Mochi painstakingly crafted each of hisimages. lay the page over black paper placed upon a sheet of glass, and then
With a pencil-shaped knife, Ugo Mochi painstakingly crafted each of his images. His process was first to make a rough sketch of his concept on a white page, lay the page over black paper placed upon a sheet of glass, and then cut over his sketched design - at times making thousands of fine cuts - through both pieces of paper. Removing the white page magically reveals the cutout image on a single black sheet of paper. In contrast to ordinary silhouettes - which are simply tracings of an image - Mochi's unique process combined portraiture with paper sculpture. Trained as a sculptor, Mochi was more concerned with capturing a sense of mass and movement in space within his outlines. These graceful 3-dimensional images of horses at work and at play, with riders or standing alone, illustrate his complete knowledge and understanding of horse anatomy.
Remarkably, as precise and delicate as these masterpieces are, they are equally provocative and exciting. Their energy evokes a startling realism that is seen in many of his equestrian pieces, such as The Polo Players Cowboy on a Bucking Bronco and the many others portrayed in his book Horses As I See Them




Outlines by Mochi
PO Box 1188
Campton, NH 03223, USA

89. GlassAustralia - Bibliography
The art of Painting on glass Charles Scribner's Sons, New York Isenberg, A and S,and Millard, R. Stained glass Painting basic techniques of the

Architectural Glass

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Health and Safety

History of Glass
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Architectural Glass
  • Hix, John. The Glass House
    The MIT Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts,1974.
  • Mark, Robert. Light, wind, and Structure - The Mystery of the Master Builders
    The MIT Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts. London, England,1990.
  • Moor, Andrew. Architectural Glass - a guide for design professionals
    Whitney Library of Design, an imprint of Watson-Guptill Publications, New York,1989.
  • Simson, Otto von. The Gothic Cathedral - Origins of Gothic Architecture and the Medieval Concept of Order Princeton University Press, 1988. TOP
    Book Links
  • The Corning Glass Museum Book Shop
  • The Lightwriters Library and Bookstore (neon) TOP
    Health and Safety
  • Rossol, Monona. The Artists Health and Safety Guide Allworth Press, New York, 1990.
  • Rossol,Monona and Bartlett,Ben. Danger, Artists at Work - A guide to Occupational Hazards and Precautions for Australian Arts Workers and Teachers DW Thorpe, 18 Salmon St, Port Melbourne, Vic 3207 Australia, 1991
  • McCann, Michael. Artists Beware Lyons and Burford Publishers 1992 TOP
    History of Glass
  • Barrett, M.
  • 90. Seattle 2003 Conference
    who work in a variety of mediums and techniques to its glass Add to this Tacoma'sMuseum of glass International Center for Contemporary art, and surely
    33rd Annual Glass Art Society Conference
    Seattle, Washington - USA
    June 12 - 15, 2003
    Welcome to Seattle Conference Schedule Presenters Conference Catalyst: Pre-Conference Reception ... The Fine Print
    Welcome to Seattle G.A.S. in Seattle 2003: Community Catalyst will explore the abundance of artists, hot shops, studios, galleries, museums, schools, manufacturers and suppliers that have brought notoriety to this region, and examine why communities of glass form in places like the Pacific Northwest. Seattle Center, affectionately referred to as "Seattle's living room" by locals, was originally built as the site of the 1962 World's Fair. Home to the Space Needle, its convenient campus setting provides a cohesive conference site, within walking distance and connected via the monorail to downtown. Lectures, flameworking, neon and hot glass demonstrations, technical display, resource centers, an auction, a student exhibition, G.A.S. food court, and plenty of opportunities for mingling will all take place on the open, green grounds of Seattle Center. Ten studios within a 5-mile radius of Seattle Center will open their doors for hot glass demonstrations during the conference. Nearby, on the shore of Elliott Bay, Bell Street Pier is the site of a Closing Party extravaganza not to be missed.

    91. Index
    See the most relevant works, as well as the development of new techniques of working with stained glass.
    Welcome to his Website "Divinity in Light Narcissus Quagliata Light and Time A Masterpiece Previous Work Painting with Light Architecture and Glass Treasures In The Mediterranean Gateway into Night ... Contact the Artist

    92. Glass Etching
    Step by Step guide to etching glass using both chemical and sandblast techniques. Includes designing and creating custom etching stencils.
    5 SHEETS OF READY TO CUT ETCHED GLASS VINYL-$12.99 FREE PATTERN SITE STEPPING STONE GUIDE STEPPING STONE MESSAGE BOARD ... FREE GLASS ETCHING PATTERNS ! The Complete Guide to Glass Etching Custom glass etching can turn ordinary pieces of glass into works of art and can make ordinary stained glass pieces extraordinary.  You can personalize gifts or customize your own glass pieces.  With glass etching the possibilities are endless. Over the past decade, the art of glass etching has seen an incredible surge in interest from both consumers and artists.  Consumers find etched glass pieces to be an affordable yet beautiful alternative to stained glass and glass artists have found it to be an almost unlimited medium for artistic expression that is not subject to the design limitations of regular stained glass pieces.  Designs the would have never been attempted in stained glass are easily done in etched glass. Surface etching can be used on regular glass, stained-glass, flashed glass, mirrors, porcelain, wine glasses, mugs, ceramic tile and more, not to mention the many commercial applications.  Also, the techniques described in this guide can be applied to wood surfaces to create beautiful sand carved works of art on gorgeous hard woods. One of the great advantages to glass etching is the short time in which a piece can be completed.  Intricate art that looks as if it took days to design and create can actually be done in hours instead of days.  Many pieces can be completed from design to clean up in less than an hour.

    93. Walden's Antique And Collectible Art Glass - Index Of Glass & China Related Term
    Antique Collectible glass art. Index of glass and China Related Agata A type of art glass developed and patented in of heat sensitive uncased art glass that varies in color
    Index of Glass and China Related Terms

    Home Page
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    a Abrasion:
    The technique of grinding shallow decorations with a wheel. The decorated areas are left unpolished. Acid Cutback: A design produced by acid etching (rather than carving) on the outer layer of two layers (usually) of cased glass. Acid Etching: The process of etching the surface of glass with hydrofluoric acid. Acid-etched decoration is produced by covering the glass with an acid-resistant substance such as wax, through which the design is scratched. A mixture of dilute hydrofluoric acid and potassium fluoride is then applied to etch the exposed areas of glass. Acid etching was first developed on a commercial scale by Richardson's of Stourbridge, England, who registered a patent in 1857. An effect superficially similar to weathering may be obtained by exposing glass to fumes of hydrofluoric acid to make an all over matte surface. Acid Polishing: The process of making a glossy, polished surface by dipping the object, usually of cut glass, into a mixture of hydrofluoric and sulphuric acids. The technique was developed in the late 19th century.

    94. Glass Attic
    Information and instruction on techniques, as well as various lesson pages, a listing of supply sources, information on tools, and problem solving. Also contains illustrated examples and tips on photographing works.
    Click here for noframes content

    95. Welcome To BJ Signs!
    techniques include gold leafing, hand painting, sandblasting wood and foam, carving and sandblasted glass and leaded stained glass. Sarasota, FL.

    96. Bellezzama Art Glass Of Distinction
    Offers a wide variety of custom stained glass art and collectibles. Each handfinished piece incorporates overlay work with an original seal.

    97. Glass On Metal Magazine - The Enamelist's Magazine
    Offering techniques, history, news and various resources on vitreous enamel.
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    98. Art Glass, Carved Glass, Slumped, Mosaics, Etched, Tile | Fine Lines, Pennsylvan
    Carved glass, mosaics, etched glass, and slumped glass. A range of techniques from mosaics to hand painted stone tiles.
    costume jewelry
    Visit Bohemian Trading Company
    (click icon above)
    - Art Glass
    - Slumped Glass
    - Etched Glass
    - Carved Glass
    - Textured Glass
    - Glass Tile
    - Ornamental Ironwork
    - Landscape Stone Walls
    - UltraGlas - Joshua Greenwood, Hand Forged Ironwork
    Offering high end specialty interior and exterior finishes with over 40 years of combined experience in the architectural products industry. For the discriminating designer offering: · Art Glass · Slumped Glass · Etched Glass · Textured Glass · Carved Glass · Architectural Glass · Ornamental Ironwork · Visual Art ideal alternative to stained glass or glass block and is low maintenance Stone Masonry Environments (click on image below to go directly to that page) Custom Ornamental Ironwork (click on image below to go directly to that page) Architectural Glass and Tile Cochranville, Pennsylvania Products About Us Ask Us FAQ ... Ironwork

    99. History Revival - Art Glass Association
    Several amateur art historians and scientists rediscovered the medieval glasstechniques. Pieces of glass were tested and their color secrets unlocked.


    Art Glass
    General History
    Community / History / General
    Gothic Revival England in the mid 1800’s saw a revival of interest in Gothic architecture. Several amateur art historians and scientists rediscovered the medieval glass techniques. Pieces of glass were tested and their color secrets unlocked.
    Glass studios in England made their versions of medieval windows for Gothic Revival buildings. The Bolton Brothers, English immigrants, established one of the first stained glass studios in America. These Gothic style windows enhanced churches and simple ornamental windows and painted figural windows were the norm until the development of a distinctive American style. What is Stained Glass Techniques/Construction The Gothic age Medieval Craftsmen ... Today's Art Glass Text Courtesy of Art Glass Association. Pictures courtesy of SGAA (Stained Glass Art Association) Slide Library

    100. Machine Techniques, Inc - Glass, Machinery, Equipment, Windows, MTI
    Learn about this manufacturer of glass handling equipment for the fenestration industry including CNC glass cutters, lineal positioners, harp racks, and vertical washers.
    Machine Techniques, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of glass handling products and production machinery serving the glass and window industries.
    Designed, Built, and Supported in the USA
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