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         Glass Art Techniques:     more books (100)
  1. Wire Wrapping Techniques for Today's Art Glass Jewelry Designer (VHS video) VHS video by Jayne Persico, 1985
  2. The Art and Technique of Pate de Verre
  3. Techniques of Glass Engraving by Peter Dreiser, Jonathan Matcham, 2008-05-01
  4. The Penland Book of Glass: Master Classes in Flamework Techniques by Ray Hemachandra, 2009-01-06
  5. Contemporary Enameling: Art And Technique (Schiffer Book for Artists) by Lilyan Bachrach, 2006-03-31
  6. Art Nouveau Glass Painting Made Easy by Alan Gear, Barry L. Freestone, 2003-08-28
  7. Techniques of Kiln-formed Glass by Keith Cummings, 1997-01-01
  8. Depression Era Art Deco Glass (Schiffer Book for Collectors) by Leslie Pina, Paula Ockner, 1999-01
  9. Warm Glass: A Complete Guide to Kiln-Forming Techniques: Fusing, Slumping, Casting by Philippa Beveridge, Ignasi Domenech, et all 2005-03-01
  10. Art Nouveau Stained Glass Pattern Book (Dover Pictorial Archive Series) by Ed Sibbett Jr., 1978-06-01
  11. The Stained Glass Art of William Jay Bolton by Willene B. Clark, 1992-03
  12. Glass Bead Workshop: Building Skills, Exploring Techniques, Finding Inspiration by Jeri L. Warhaftig, 2008-05-06
  13. The Narratives of Gothic Stained Glass (Cambridge Studies in New Art History and Criticism) by Wolfgang Kemp, 1997-01-28
  14. Dictionary of Glass: Materials and Techniques by Charles Bray, 2001-11-05

21. Section: 21 Art Forms
Section 21 art forms. 21.00 Painting general 21.01 Painting techniques and materials21.02 painting 21.11 Wall painting 21.12 Stained glass painting 21.19
Section: 21 art forms
Painting: general
Painting: techniques and materials

History of painting

Miniature painting
Other art forms

Sheridan College, in conjunction with the upcoming glass art Association of Canada Coldworking and finished techniques for works will also be discussed
GlassWire #9
1) Starfish Glassworks
630 Yates Street, Victoria, British Columbia Starfish Glassworks is once again offering one day workshops in Introductory Glassblowing, Sand casting, Beginner and Advanced Bead Making. Instructing the various courses will be G ary Bolt, Lisa Samphire, Morna Tudor, Jay Macdonell, Andrew McKeegan, Jonathan Mossop , and Joy Jubenville . For complete information, you can contact Starfish through their website at
2) Beginners Glassblowing
Vancouver, British Columbia Malcolm MacFadyen provides on-going private lessons. Contact Malcolm at (604) 732-5100 or email
3) Beyond Borders: A Craft Marketing Conference, Kootenay School of Arts
Nelson, British Columbia
March 28 - 30 According to conference coordinators Helen Sebelius and Lou Lynn Alan Elder Conference information and registration forms are available on the KSA/conference web-site,

23. Plique A Jour
Contemporary pliquea-jour enamels with background information on the most difficult of enameling techniques. The art Nouveau technique reminiscent of miniature stained glass is shown here in all its glory.
htmlAdWH('7002055', '120', '30'); htmlAdWH('7002044', '234', '60'); Main Create Edit Help ... Please visit me on my new server by clicking here. Plique-A-Jour Enameling
Diane Echnoz Almeyda

24. EKA : Organisatsioon/Teaduskonnad/Disaini/Klaasikunsti Osakond : Department Of G
participation in exhibitions, competitions, and art events are The curriculum includesall basic glass processing techniques glass grinding and osakond/?la

25. Looking Glass Art - The Shiori Technique
a wonderful place to practice the art of shibori The techniques used by the Japaneseand other peoples shapes and sizes of plastic, glass, clothespins, elastic
Cloth Shibori is a Japanese word used to describe a myriad of techniques for manipulating cloth prior to dyeing it. The design elements are created by folding, twisting, stitching, knotting, pleating, wrapping or pinching. The cloth is then secured with binding and placed in the dye pot. The resisted areas form soft-edged, spontaneous-looking designs which seem to possess their own vocabulary. The closest term we have in English is "tie-dyeing." Shibori techniques have been practiced in some form all over the world; probably the most famous examples are from Japan. Because of the perishable nature of cloth, we cannot determine exactly when or where the first shibori had its origins, but it more than likely dates back to an early prehistorical period in man's technological development. The results of the dyed cloth almost always have an element of surprise because the dye pot, like the potter's kiln, leaves at least some of the process to chance. And each worker is unique in the way he/she folds, twists, stitches or gathers. Thus even when a very precise method of preparing the cloth is followed, the results will be different each time, depending on not only personality and temperament, but also on the kind of cloth and dye, and the huge variety of threads, clamps, and poles used in the process.
The United States is a wonderful place to practice the art of shibori because of our vast supply of plastics strong enough to survive a boiling dye bath without melting. The techniques used by the Japanese and other peoples for hundreds of years involved hours of stitching, tying and pole wrapping. Today, we can replicate them in a fraction of the time with the help of rubberbands, sewing machines, all shapes and sizes of plastic, glass, clothespins, elastic thread, PVC pipe, plexiglass, and various found objects. The very best fiber artists create a new version of "East meets West" by applying modern technology to techniques that go back to our very earliest efforts to adorn the human body.

26. Finn's Stained Glass
Supplies, products, techniques and classes on art glass crafts.
Explore the fun and exciting world of art glass
with Australia's largest family owned
Finn's Stained Glass is one of Australia's leading suppliers of
Stained Glass and art glass tools and products.
Classes for all levels.

27. Handmade Glass Arts - EC Online Glass Art Gallery - Stained, Leaded, Blown, Fuse
A unique lost art rarely seen hard to find. Salem, OR - Traditional and contemporarystained glass incorporating a plethora of unexpected glass techniques.
Original handmade stained glass, blown glass, etched glass, and fused glass EC HOME EC Categories:






"To those that wait all things reveal themselves, provided that they have the courage not to deny, in the darkness, what has been seen in the light." - Coventry Patmore "Meditation Window" by Contois Reynolds At EC Gallery you can purchase directly from each exhibitor. Every site is a unique experience... enjoy your arts exploration! Please report any inactive links that you might find... thanks. If you know other artlovers, please SPREAD THE WORD about EC Gallery! This is GLASS GALLERY 1 ... Go to: GALLERY 2 >> Arthur Allison - Pottsboro, TX - Contemporary blown glass, including vases, bowls, goblets, glass sculptures and more. >> Diane Echnoz Almeyda - Miami, FL - Unique plique-a-jour enamel vessels in 18K and silver resemble miniature stained glass and art nouveau. >> Lynda L. Barrett

Many of these companies are still working in traditional art glass techniques,including etched, beveled, painted, and leaded glass.
To create this list, the Editors surveyed the leading studios in our Company Database. From their responses, we selected the following companies because they provide a representative range of products and services for public, commercial, and residential projects in both new commissions and conservation of antique glass. Art glass craftsmanship has never been better. Many of these companies are still working in traditional art glass techniques, including etched, beveled, painted, and leaded glass. Only highly sophisticated opalescent glasses are not replicated today. subscription page
Click here for Previous Product Reports
Adams Morgan Stained Glass
912-994-8683; No Fax
Washington, DC 20010
Studio designs abstract expressive windows, restores antique stained glass, fabricates museum-quality reproductions. Also, sash and drum restoration; epoxy repair of glass, lamps. Architectural Features/Charles Madden
215-646-1599; Fax: 215-643-7272
Maple Glen, PA 19002

a little more about the background and description of the techniques involved thenread the section on techniques of Stained glass for Exploring Islamic art.
DESIGN GALLERY OF STAINED GLASS ART WORK In the following pieces of art work, I use a variety of techniques to explore the properties of light transmission through coloured glass, drawing inspiration from the traditions of both the Middle East and Western Europe, adapting traditional designs to contemporary situations. In these pieces I aspire to the classical principles of harmony, unity and beauty by shaping and modifying the glass surface, painting with light to reveal multiple depths of pattern and decoration. By clicking on the thumbnails on the right of your screen, you can view higher resolution images showing much greater detail. They are held in JPEG format and are c.100-200 Kb, so if you have a slow connection to the Internet, please be patient!
Iznik Plate
Inspired by the free flowing movement of the composition, which later helped me appreciate the abstract movement of the line in calligraphy. 113 Kb
Kufic Script
Emphasising the bold upright style of the script, contrasting with the delicate floral elements surrounding it. 141 Kb
Red Screen
Is an exploration into texture and mixed media, featuring central glass calligraphy. An attempt to produce harmony through combining different materials.

techniques OF STAINED glass FOR EXPLORING ISLAMIC art, Background.The background to the techniques that I developed which enabled
The background to the techniques that I developed which enabled me to interpret Islamic designs into stained glass works of art began when I came across the Middle Eastern technique of stucco coloured glass windows during a visit I made to a studio where the restoration of a Victorian copy was being carried out. The originals are at La Zisa, near Palermo, Sicily, and the copies are to be found in the Arab Hall, Leighton House, London. I became intrigued with this technique, where small pieces of glass are set into plaster of Paris, and noticed that the pierced work of the plaster was shaped and slanted. It was not until later, when I saw these windows in situ , that I realised that the angle of the cut in the plaster was regulated according to the height of the wndow above the spectator.
Windows of the East
When I began to further research this area in the UK I found very little information on the techniques of making stucco coloured glass windows. There was one book however, that did describe this technique, written about 1880 by a plaster worker, William Millar, in Plastering - Plain and Decorative , a comprehensive work full of information and useful advice. This book describes, and illustrates, one of eleven windows now stored in the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, To find early examples of this tradition, I had to look for information mainly to be found in the museums. The Ashmolean Museum (University of Oxford) has one of the earliest examples of crown glass is from Jerash, Jordan, dating from the 7th century, and plaster fragments with coloured glass set into it from Hira during the 8th century.

31. Hot Glass Art Studio Crystallizes In Vista -
the basic techniques, said Joyce Rooks, the president of the Society of glass Beadmakersin Southern California. Many people have picked up the art in the last
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Hot glass art studio crystallizes in Vista
Staff Writer
VISTA Like magic, the two glass rods melt into the shape of an elephant in the bright blue flame.
HAYNE PALMOUR/Staff Photographer Glass artist James Thingwold sculpts a small elephant under a hot flame at the Flame and Fusion studio in Vista.
Glass artists James Thingwold, left, and Joyce Rooks make glass sculptures at the Flame and Fusion, CA studio in Vista.
With fluid, seemingly effortless arm movements, hot glass artist Jim Thingwold, of Anaheim, twists and bends the melting glass into the small figurine. Then, he whisks it away to a kiln. For Thingwold and the half dozen artists who hunched over blue flames at a workbench one afternoon last week, the magic isn't as much in their creations as in where they are creating.

32. Fused Glass Examples
Advanced Fusing techniques glass Fusing Book Two by Boyce Lundstromglass art Magazine PO Box 260377 Highlands Ranch, CO 80126.
HOT GLASS! Fusion in Motion Home Glass Jewelry
Upcoming ...
Fused Moretti Glass Art Pins
by Tam Johannes
This article was originally printed in the Seattle bead journal "About BEADS" in the April 1998 issue. To learn more about this valuable and truly unique glass art publication or to subscribe click on the bead.
As early as 2000 BC, the Egyptians and Romans were creating advanced glass art. Crafting multi-colored glass bowls, beautiful jewelry and decorative wall tiles, they visualized and made masterpieces. Many examples of their work exist today in museums around the world. Among the most interesting glass techniques from that era is something that, just since 1935, has been making a resurgence: Fusing. With 20th century technology, and inexpensive kilns with modern engineering innovations, and a blending of the old processes, glass fusing is much more accessible than in Roman times. Plus, now we can produce a palette of fusible colors of glass ranging across the visible spectrum. Any one of us can explore the full potential of glass. Try this technique, you may fall in love with glass art all over again! This is what happened to me. I'm primarily a glass beadmaker and jewelry designer who has fallen in love with fusing glass! When an acquaintance at my day job offered me a box of discarded stained glass materials in trade for some of my lampworked beads I couldn't resist. I'm never one to turn down a good trade! I figured at the very least I could cut it up into strips and make beads (then, I didn't know about stained glass and compatibility problems).

33. Creative Glass Techniques - Sundance Art Glass Center
Creative glass techniques. Book by. Bettina Ederle. Order 6804 $24.95. Fusing;Painting; Lampwork. Click here to see more books like this. Table of Contents.
Creative Glass Techniques
Order # 6804 - $24.95
  • Fusing
  • Painting
  • Lampwork
Click here to see more books like this
Table of Contents
  • Thought about This Book
  • What is Glass?
Glass Fusing
What is Glass Fusing?
Equipment and Materials
Technical Principles
  • Scoring, Breaking, and Grozing Glass
  • Grinding Glass
  • Preparing and Equipping the Kiln
  • Stress in Glass
  • Firing and Temperature Schedules
  • Molds and Materials for Molds
Glass Fusing - Projects
  • Project 1 - Plate
  • Project 2 - Flat Wall Lamp
  • Project 3 - Blue Soap Dish
  • Project 4 - Window Decoration
  • Project 5 - Jewelry
  • Project 6 - Napkin Holder
  • Project 7 - Small Bowl
  • Project 8 - Oval Mirror
  • Project 9 - Rounded Wall Lamp
  • Project 10 - Square Bowl
  • Project 11 - Round Bowl
  • Project 12 - Wall Ornament
Glass Painting
Important Information
Equipment and Materials
Technical Principles
  • Mixing Paints
  • Stippling Glass with White Satin Matte Paint
  • Working with a Pen
  • Working with a Brush
  • Applying Precious Metal Preparations with Brushes and Pens
  • Applying Relief Paints
  • Applying Crystal Ice
  • Applying Interference Paints
  • Applying Lusters
  • Working with Clear Adhesive Film
  • Working with Liquid Resist
  • Decal Printing
  • Applying Dry Paint
Painting - Projects
  • Project 1 - Glass Ornaments
  • Project 2 - Candle Holder
  • Project 3 - Blue Soap Dish
  • Project 4 - Lantern
  • Project 5 - Hanging Lamp Shade
  • Project 6 - Plate
  • Project 7 - Flat Wall Lamp
  • Project 8 - Vase
  • Project 9 - Champagne Glasses
  • Project 10 - Slender Vase
  • Project 11 - Flower Vase
  • Project 12 - Round Vase
  • Project 13 - Glass Dish
  • Project 14 - Wall Mirror

34. Firearts Studio
Where the related techniques of kilnformed glass, ceramics and vitreous enamel are practised and the works are sold. Images of tableware and art objects and information about their studio and techniques.
Studio Tour

How To Order

Contact Us
A Glass, Ceramic, and Enameling Studio
ARCHITECTURAL GLASS - tiles, tabletops, light sconces, clocks
CERAMICS - dinnerware, tea services, teapots
SCULPTURAL - glass and enamel Studio Update
Bruce Clark Nancy Best
Seven Wonders Inc
Friday Harbor - San Juan Islands Washington State - USA

35. Paperweight Techniques Video By Crystal Myths - Sundance Art Glass Center
Most lampworkers have the opportunity to try advanced techniques by gatheringglass from a crucible and using a torch and a glory hole. art glass.
Paperweight Techniques
by Crystal Myths Lewis shows how to set up a furnace and charge it with glass. Safety tips and suggestions for location of the furnace are discussed. Most lampworkers have the opportunity to try advanced techniques by gathering glass from a crucible and using a torch and a glory hole. Jennifer Wilson shows how to make three very small Moretti animals: a snake, a turtle and a frog. These and many more items are encased in pendants, buttons, and paperweight marbles by Lewis. The largest pieces made are approximately 2-1/4" in diameter. About Lewis: He has been a lampworker for 25 years. His sculptural pieces have been presented to Presidents Bill Clinton and George Bush and King Juan Carlos of Spain by his Native State of New Mexico.
Only $60
Order right now by calling toll free 888-4HOTGLASS Art Glass 178 Stierlin Road, Mountain View, CA 94043 Back to Home Page

36. Contemporary Art
Delve into traditional and modern techniques, artworks in glass, neon and other media.There are more contemporary art links below the ads, please scroll down
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with Sharon Silvia
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Contemporary Art
Guide picks Wander through a multi-disciplined gathering of creativity. Delve into traditional and modern techniques, artworks in glass, neon and other media. There are more contemporary art links below the ads, please scroll down to view them.
Accessible Art

Every day, while walking, running or riding, we pass by art, rarely pausing to take a look. Accessible art is public art, freely available for everyone to enjoy. It's art in the limelight! Stop a moment and enjoy public art. It's everywhere! Alexandra Exter - Art Into Life
Creating art in a man's world calls for a certain amount of courage, especially if you are young female artists sandwiched between two Russian revolutions! Yet, female artists joined in a Russian renovation of art that stimulated artists worldwide. Arte Povera - 1962 to 1972 While Pop Art was yielding to Minimalism and Conceptual Art in the United States, Italy's Arte Povera artists were challenging traditional artistic practice, particularly the supremacy of painting.

37. The Art And Science Of Glass - The History Of Glassmaking From Obsidian To The N
Throughout Europe, Great Britain, and Scandinavia, glass art and technologyevolved. Old World glassmaking techniques did not remain in Europe
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The Art and Science of Glass The History of Glassmaking from Obsidian to the New World More of this Feature Glassmaking: New World to the 19th Century
The Golden Age of Glass

The Modern Era in Glass

Related Resources The Multi-Faceted Realms of Glass
Glass Artists: Chihuly and Beyond
Glass Means and Methods From Other Guides Obsidian: Description Murano and Venetian Glass Collecting Elsewhere on the Web Middle Eastern Glass Beads Beads: Mesopotamia Pliny the Elder Phoenician Merchants and Sailors ... Short History of Bohemian Glass Glass is a state of matter... With enough heat, 100% of the earth's crust could be made into glass.

38. Fine Line Studio Glass -Custom Designed Glass Art, Glass Tables & More
By utilizing both innovatite new techniques and the steadfast traditional glassworking techniques the glass Artist, Robert Derwick, crafts the most refined
About Fine Line Studio Glass L Robert Derwick , an accomplished glass artist , has been Etching Glass, Carving Glass, Sandblasting Glass, and Cutting Glass for over twenty years. By utilizing both innovatite new techniques and the steadfast traditional glass working techniques the Glass Artist, Robert Derwick, crafts the most refined and elegant representation of the Designer's envision. Tammy Derwick , a designer and painter , works hand in hand with Robert and you, the client, to create the perfect design for your needs. Including Residential homes, corporate offices, hotels, resorts, new construction, yachts, and ships. Because each piece of glass artistry evolves from the customer's visualization of their desires and ideas for the piece - it is essential for you to explore Fine Line's Galleries to fully conceive the Designer, Tammy Derwick, and Artist's unparalled skill in developing unique Glass Artistry for residential and commercial projects. Fine Line Studio Glass is located at: 3416 Homestead Road Tallahassee, Florida 32308

39. Fine Line Studio Glass -Custom Designed Glass Art, Glass Tables & More
techniques such as etching, engraving, sandblasting, cutting, carving, coloring andlighting create not just a mirror or table- but a piece of glass art that
Our mirrors reflect more than an image, they reflect the art that has incorporated the mirror. Our artist, Robert Derwick, selects premium glass to first create a beautiful mirror. After the mirror is created, the transformation into a dynamic piece of glass art begins. In the process of creating an original Glass Art Table or Mirror, our designer and artist incorporate their artistic talents into the glass artisrty techniques such as etching, engraving, sandblasting, cutting, carving, coloring and lighting create -not just a mirror or table- but a piece of glass art that captures an expression of elegance in the most unique way. (Please Click On The Doors Below) Top of Page Home Mirrors Safari Wildlife ... Secure On-line Product Orders
Web Development provided by K.R. Price

40. Jyväskylä Virtual Library - Ceramics And Glass
ceramics and glass to materials and techniques as well Internet resources are basedon The art and Architecture the field of Ceramics and glass University of
Ceramics and glass Ceramics and glass: history, general
Ceramics and glass: theory, education, research

Ceramics and glass: materials, techniques, appliances
The Jyväskylä Virtual Library
contains X references on the field of "Ceramics and glass". The information included ranges from the history and theory of ceramics and glass to materials and techniques as well as to the related industry. In addition the database contains extensive information on artists working in the industry including images. Materials are selected using the general selection criteria of the Finnish Virtual Library Project . The English descriptors describing the contents of Internet resources are based on The Art and Architecture Thesaurus . The Finnish descriptors are based on The Applied Arts Thesaurus (Taideteollisuuden asiasanasto Helsinki, 1995) and General Finnish Thesaurus . In addition, both English and Finnish free terms have been used. The Jyväskylä Virtual Library provider
in the field of "Ceramics and glass"

University of Art and Design Library
Feedback and material suggestions
Eila Rämö (

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