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         Gheko Lizards:     more detail

1. A Nurse Speaks To HS Students
Large high screen windows with metal shutters on the outside that could be loweredin bad weather inside grey walls with gheko lizards (friendlies) crawling
An Army Nurse Corps Veteran Answers
Questions from a High School class in 1996 Sat, 09 Mar 1996
I will try to answer your questions about Vietnam as honestly and accurately as possible. I will always answer from my own experience, not someone else's, so if you hear another story that contradicts mine, that is not unusual. The Vietnam war occurred over a long period of time and over a long country. What was typical of one time and place might not have been typical of another time and place. I was in Vietnam from March of 1966 to March of 1968.
How many people came in and out of the hospital on a daily basis? The 2 largest hospitals I worked in had about 300 beds. These were regular surgical and medical hospitals that received soldiers on sick call as well as wounded from the field. We would get in about 100 patients a day. We treated them as quickly as possible and sent them either back to their units if they were well enough or on to Japan if they still needed care.
The average length of stay was 3 or 4 days. I was an operating room nurse, so I would work on anywhere from 5 to 20 surgeries in a day. I worked a minimum of 12 hours a day, 6 days a week. When there was a big battle, everyone worked around the clock for several days at a time, and nobody got to get off duty. For a couple of months I worked at a clearing company, which was a small medical unit set up in the field to treat casualties as they came in, get them stabilized, and send them to the appropriate hospital by helicopter. Since we didn't actually do much surgery unless we

2. D. Schuster
inside grey walls with gheko lizards (friendlies) crawling up them. living room with grey plastic sofa and club chair, a wood bookcase we.
Dusty: Spring, 1997.
Comments or questions, email at Date: Tue, 28 Jan 1997 21:34:18, -0500 Thanks for your interesting introduction of yourselves. Jenny: I used to coach a softball team, but haven't played in decades. Other than that, I am completely UN-athletic! Courtney: I am also a vegetarian, but I have occasional lapses. My husband is a devout carnivore, and it's hard to "just say no" all the time. You are right: the Vietnam war was an interesting time musically . If you can send them back, I will send you some tapes of the radio station we listened to in Vietnam. I have a couple of tapes that were recorded off the air (very bad sound), and a couple from National Public Radio programs on the war. It is rather hard to tell from the movies what music was popular in Vietnam. They only show you what music was popular in the States during the war. In Vietnam we listened to many different sorts of music, and tended to classify each other and make friends on the basis of what kind of music we liked. Cheryl: I hope you're planning to take lots of math, chemistry, and

3. Louie The Lizard Vs. Kermit The Frog @ WWWF Grudge Match
Louie wants his old job back, but it seems that there's a tougher frog in the way now one named Kermit .Category Arts Television Commercials Food and Drink Budweiser...... The Connection doesn't take kindly to assaults on their top men by twobit lizards. Thoseguys would make an excellent team with the gheko from Ghiko.
World Wide Web Fights Presents
The Scenario Louie: I'm dyin', Frank.
Frank: [sigh] What now, Louie.
Louie: I still can't believe they fired me.
Frank: We've been over this, Louie.
Louie: I was good, Frank!
Frank: Good? You repeatedly botched a one word line.
Louie: I added flair!
Frank: You added annoyance.
Louie: I'm an artist!
Frank: You're a lizard. Louie: So? My replacement is a frog Frank: He's supposed to be a frog, Louie. That's the whole point. Louie: Well he stinks. Frank: Stinks? This guy is a true showman. Louie: "Showman" my tail. He's a scab. He's an understudy. Frank: He's better than you. Louie: [gasp] ... Frank ... how could you say that? I thought I was your friend. Frank: You are. But he's still better. Louie: Well, we'll just see how long he lasts. Frank: Louie... Louie: What? I didn't let the first "weis" frog get in my way, why should I let this one? Frank: You've got a bigger fight this time, Louie. Louie: Fight? Humph. Frank: He's very happy here. He won't want to leave. It's a good gig. Louie: Gig is right.

4. The Animal Care Unit At Canterbury College
The Unit has a fully fitted reptile room, which houses many differentspecies of lizards and snakes in a controlled environment.
Animal Care Unit The Spring Lane Animal Care Unit is a purpose built environment situated in the picturesque gardens of Hadlow Agricultural College. It was created to house Canterbury College's animal collection and for practical teaching of animal care subjects. The quiet, natural environment benefits each and every animal. There are many species within the collection all of which are used as teaching aids within the large on site classroom or outside practical activities. The Unit has a fully fitted reptile room, which houses many different species of lizards and snakes in a controlled environment. The animal collection also includes a wide variety of aquatic species such as fish, reptiles and frogs, fascinating species such as giant African land snails, tarantulas and cockroaches. Outside of the main teaching area there is a large mammal collection of which includes rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, chinchillas and chipmunks. All of which have purpose built outdoor and indoor enclosures.

5. Reptile Discussion Forum
Kim, when i bought my leucistic leopard gheko, she had basically the sameproblem her eye was swolen and puffed up, but no green liquid.

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