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         Geological Surveys:     more books (100)
  1. Lithostratigraphical and sedimentological framework of coal-bearing Upper Cretaceous and Lower Tertiary strata, Coal Valley area, central Alberta foothills (Paper - Geological Survey of Canada) by T Jerzykiewicz, 1980
  2. The sedimentology and stratigraphy of the Husky Formation in the subsurface, District of Mackenzie, N.W.T (Paper / Geological Survey of Canada) by D. R Braman, 1985
  3. Selected Annotated Bibliography of the Geology of Sandstone-Type Uranium Deposits in the United States (Geological Survey Bulletin Series, Number 1059-C) by Robert E. Melin, 1957
  4. An introduction to the geology of Parke County, Indiana (Circular / Indiana Dept. of Conservation, Geological Survey) by Charles E Wier, 1957
  5. Geology of the Country Around Newtownards (British Geological Survey Memoirs) by R. A. Smith, T. P. Jonston, et all 1991-12
  6. Uranium-bearing coal in the central part of the Great Divide Basin (Geological Survey bulletin) by G. N Pipiringos, 1961
  7. Carnotite-bearing sandstone in Cedar Canyon, Slim Buttes, Harding County, South Dakota (Geological Survey bulletin) by J. R Gill, 1955
  8. Radioactive deposits in New Mexico (Geological Survey bulletin) by T. G Lovering, 1956
  9. Status of the Sierra Nevada: The Sierra Nevada Ecosystem Project (U.S. Geological Survey digital data series DDS-43)
  10. Late Upper Devonian (Famennian) Rhynchonellid Brachiopods from Western Canada (Geological Survey of Canada Bulletin 169) by Paul Sartenaer, 1969
  11. The geology and mineral resources of the Astromeritis-Kormakiti area (Memoir / Geological Survey Department, Cyprus) by T. A Moore, 1960
  12. Stratigraphy and correlation of Lower Paleozoic formations, subsurface of Bathurst Island and adjacent smaller islands, Canadian Arctic Archipelago (Bulletin - Geological Survey of Canada) by Ulrich Mayr, 1980
  13. An aeromagnetic reconnaissance of the Cook Inlet area, Alaska, (Geological Survey) by Arthur Grantz, 1963
  14. Annotated catalogue of and guide to the publications of the Geological survey Canada, 1845-1917 by W. F. Ferrier, 1920-01-01

81. Surveys
geological surveys Nat. Res. Depts. The USGS HomePage have somenice sites to visit. It is also availlable at this site. Arizona
  • The USGS HomePage have some nice sites to visit. It is also availlable at this site.
  • Arizona Geological Survey Gopher Server
  • Australian Geological Survey WWW Server
  • Geological Survey of Canada ...
  • Geological Survey of Finland (GSF)
  • Iowa Geological Survey Web Server have information about geology, minerals, paleontology, and some maps.
  • Illinois State Geological Survey Home Page
  • Illinois State Geological Survey Educational Extension Unit
  • Oklahoma Geological Survey
  • Oklahoma Geological Gopher ...
  • United States Geological Survey-HTTP Server-Home Page
  • 82. UML Sciences And Technology Library: Geology Web Sites: Geological Surveys And G
    Geology Web Sites geological surveys and Governmental Organizations.Note Some of these Web site descriptions come from Earth
    Geology Web Sites:
    Geological Surveys and Governmental Organizations
    Note: Some of these Web site descriptions come from "Earth Sciences: Web Resources", CHOICE April 1999.
    Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center (CDAID)
    The CDAID is the primary global-change data and information analysis
    center of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). CDIAC responds to data and information requests from users from all over the world who are concerned with the greenhouse effect and global climate change. CDIAC's data holdings include records of the concentrations of carbon dioxide and other radiatively active gases in the atmosphere; the role of the terrestrial biosphere and the oceans in the biogeochemical cycles of greenhouse gases; emissions of carbon
    dioxide to the atmosphere; long-term climate trends; the effects of elevated carbon dioxide on vegetation; and the vulnerability of coastal areas to rising sea level.
    Canada Centre for Remote Sensing
    CCRS is responsible for the acquisition of Earth observation data and for the development of remote sensing applications and related methodologies and systems.

    83. Government Geological Surveys Website Results :: Linkspider UK
    Government geological surveys Websites from the Linkspider UK. Governmentgeological surveys Directory. Complete Results for Government
    Government Geological Surveys Websites from Linkspider UK Keyword: Government Geological Surveys Linkspider UK Directory
    Government Geological Surveys
    Search for
    Directory Tree: Top Science Earth Sciences Geology ... Organizations : Government Geological Surveys (99) Add URL Advertise Here! Personalize Amazon ...
  • South America
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  • 84. Geological Surveys : Documentation
    Ministry of Natural Resources Environmental Affairs. geological surveysDEPARMENT. DOCUMENTATION. The following is a list of available
    Ministry of
    The following is a list of available documentation within Malawi's Geological Survey Department (GSD): 1. Publications These are available in form of bulletins, memoirs, records and Annual Reports 1.1 Bulletins Listed below are bulletins covering various parts of the country with accompanying 1: 100,000 geological maps Bulletin No. 5. The Chilwa Series of Southern Nyasaland by Dixey W. Campbell Smith and Bisset (Revised Edition 1955). Bulletin No. 6. The Geology and Mineral Resources of Malawi by G.S Carter and J.D. Bennett (2 nd Edition Revised 1973) Bulletin No. 7. Electrical Aids in Underground Water Finding by W.G. Cooper (1950, 2 nd Edition, 1965) Bulletin No. 8. The Geology of the Nkana (Ngana) Coalfied, Karonga District by K. Bloomfield (1958) Bulletin No. 9. The Geology of the Port Herald (Nsanje) Area by K, Bloomfield (1958) Bulletin No. 10. The Geology of the Middle Shire Area by S.W. Morel (1958) Bulletin No. 11.

    85. Dept Of Geological Surveys

    86. Bomis: The Organizations/Government Geological Surveys/United States Ring
    Bomis The Organizations/Government geological surveys/United Statesring. 3. State geological surveys and Related Agencies. Annotated
    Bomis: The Organizations/Government Geological Surveys/United States ring Build a ring
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  • ...Science/Earth_Sciences/Geology/Organizations/Government_Geological_Surveys Home My Bomis Webmasters ... Ring Rankings
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    Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology
    Conducts research and publishes reports on mineral resources, engineering geology, environmental geology, hydrogeology, and geologic mapping. United States Geological Survey (USGS) United States Geological Survey (USGS) State Geological Surveys and Related Agencies Annotated listing, with Internet links, maintained by the California state survey. California Division of Mines and Resources Information about mineral and other geological resources in the state of California New Mexico Bureau of Mines and Mineral Resources Agency that serves as the geological survey for the State of New Mexico. Maine Natural Resources Information and Mapping Center Geologists, biologists, ecologists, information specialists, and administrators committed to public service by gathering, analyzing, and disseminating unbiased information on Maine's natural resources.
  • 87. Alaska Division Of Geological & Geophysical Surveys Geology Home Page
    Focusing on Minerals and Energy, Engineering Geology, Geologic Communications and Geologic Materials.
    DGGS Home

  • Geologic
  • Energy
  • Engineering Geology
  • Minerals
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    GO TO:
    A Division of the Alaska Department of Natural Resources
    794 University Avenue, Suite 200
    Fairbanks, Alaska 99709
    voice: (907) 451-5000 fax: (907) 451-5050 Rodney A. Combellick, Acting Director Mission: Determine the potential of Alaskan land for production of metals, minerals, fuels and geothermal resources, the locations and supplies of groundwater and construction material; and the potential geologic hazards to buildings, roads, bridges, and other installations and structures (AS 41.08.020)
  • Earthquake information
  • Alaska's Mineral Industry 2001
  • New geophysics release
  • On-line publications ...
  • Electronic data available
  • Current project summaries
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  • Statute defining DGGS
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  • Search the DGGS site Send comments and mail to This Page Last Updated on 1/31/2003
    Marine geophysical surveys, engineering site surveys, quality assurance, geophysical and geological consultancy.
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    89. Exploration Services
    Geochemical databases from the BC geological Survey, including data from lake sediment, till, and regional geochemical surveys.
    Exploration Services BC Assayers Certification Assessment Reports
    Bedrock Mapping

    Resource Information

    Exploration Services
    GSB Publications Catalog

    Geoscience Resources


    What's New

    Surficial Geology Released Survey Data The B.C. Geological Survey Branch is responsible for: Geochemical Surveys conducting regional and focused mutli-media geochemical surveys and complementary research and orientation studies designed to promote the effective use of exploration geochemistry in British Columbia. High quality data produced from these regional programs and detailed studies is used by the mining industry to identify new exploration targets and by government for resource management, land use planning and environmental assessment. Surficial Geology and Hazards Mapping conducting surficial geological surveys throughout B.C. to map the sediment properties, origin, distribution and age of unconsolidated glacially derived materials overlying bedrock. These surveys determine the history and direction of glacial flow and classify the resulting terrain landforms. These surveys are an important adjunct for the geochemical programs, placer mapping, aggregate inventory, aggregate potential mapping, earthquake hazard mapping and landslide and terrain stability mapping Staff Brian Grant: Manager

    90. Soil Surveys And Maps Of Texas: Haskell County
    Represents geological information about the results of surveyance of select soil locations and maps to clarify visually such locations.
    Back Soils Home
    Texas Soil Surveys and Maps
    To request surveys or maps contact the Texas state office of the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS)
    Haskell County
    SU: A 57.38: 958/8 AU: Irvin C. Mowery and others CA: United States Agriculture Department; Texas Agricultural Experiment Station TI: Haskell County, Tex. SO: [Washington]; United States Agriculture Department. Soil Conservation Service; 1961 PY: 1961 PD: cover title, [1] + 74 p. il. 75 p. of pl. and maps, 4 DE: soil-survey-Texas-Haskell-County soil-maps-Haskell-County-Texas URL: surveys/tx/haskell.html
    Last revised: 25 January 2002
    Site created and maintained by the Office of Arid Lands Studies

    91. Geoscience Australia
    Australia's national geological survey dealing with geological, geophysical and geohazard mapping Category Regional Oceania Industry, Science, and Resources...... 24 February 2003 Online Airborne surveys Index Database. New online databaseof airborne geophysical survey metadata More News News Archive.

    About Us
    Contact Us Media News ... Advanced Search
    Spatial Information for the Nation
    Browse a Topic
    What's New
    6 March 2003 Bigger and better Gazetteer of Australia 2002 now available
    Did you know that the longest official geographic name in Australia is "Mamungkukumpurangkuntjunya Hill" in South Australia...
    24 February 2003 Online Airborne Surveys Index Database
    New online database of airborne geophysical survey metadata...
    More News
    News Archive
    How can we help you?

    92. Yucca Mountain Geophysical Studies
    USGS geophysical studies are part of a national effort to geologically characterize a potential highlevel nuclear waste repository in southwest Nevada. Information on site geology, faults, magnetic and aeromagnetic surveys, borehole geophysics.
    Data and Maps Available
    Selected drill-holes. Gravity
    Station locations, profiles, and maps. Geologic Map of Yucca Mountain Magnetic
    Station locations, profiles, and maps. Geophysical Studies
    Aeromagnetic Survey Across Crater

    Flat and Yucca Mtn
    Faulting in the Yucca Mtn Area
    Related WWW Sites
    Ask a QuestionOffice of Civilian Radioactive
    Waste Management (OCRWM)
    Yucca Mountain ProgramOCRWM
    Geophysical studies at Yucca Mountain are part of a National
    effort to geologically characterize a potential high-level
    nuclear waste repository in southwest Nevada.
    DOE Nevada Operations Office DOEOCRWM Nevada Test Site USGS/DOE Studies in Nevada ... Search USGS
    Internal access only: USGS Phone Book GUMP Intranet
    Maintained by Dave Ponce , U.S. Geological Survey,
    GUMP, MS989, 345 Middlefield Rd, Menlo Park, CA 94025 URL Privacy Statement FOIA Accessibility

    93. Geological Survey Of India
    Involved in mapping, exploration, ocean surveys, geophysics, airborne surveys and map publication.
    Geological Survey of India Established : 1851 About Us Training Institute Our Products Seminar ... Miscellaneous Contact Information Telephone 33-22496941 Fax 91-33-22496956 Postal address 27 Jawaharlal Nehru road, Kolkata 700016. For further information mail to GSI, Chq Last updated: March 27th, 2003

    94. Geological Survey Of Pakistan
    by the geological Survey of Pakistan. Includes Stratigraphic Names, Tectonics Zones, geological Mapping and Field surveys, Ground Water and Environmental geological Studies. and Metallogenic Map.
    STRATIGRAPHIC NAMES S.No Name Type Locality Lithology Age Nagar Parkar Granite Not Designed Granite, grey, composed of orthoclase Late Precambrian Kirana Group Not Designed Slate Late Precambrian Salt Range Formation Khewra gorge, eastern Salt Range, Punjab Tertiary microfossils reported Hazara Formation Not designed Late Precambrian Salkhala Formation Salkhala village, Kishan Ganja River, Kashmir Slate Late Precambrian Khewra Sandstone Khewra gorge Khewra, Salt Range, Punjab Sandstone Early Cambrian Kussak Formation Kussak Fort , eastern Salt Range, Punjab Sandstone, Siltstone Jutana Formation Jutana Village, eastern

    95. MRAM
    An independent implementing agency of the Mongolian Government in charge of basic geological and mining surveys, research and the registering and issuing of licenses.
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    96. GeoTech Surveys Limited
    Engineering and geological consulting services for Government agencies and petroleum and mining industries. Features list of services, experience and contact information.
    GeoTech Surveys Limited
    Consultants in Geological Research and Engineering Halifax, Nova Scotia CANADA
    Who Are We?
    GeoTech Surveys Limited was incorporated in 1980 as a private Canadian company based in Nova Scotia. We provide professional engineering and geological consulting services to Government agencies and to the petroleum and mining industries where expertise is required for projects involving geological information, research, or engineering.
    What Do We Do?
    We gather information and provide solutions for problems containing a geological or engineering component. We have experience in the following activities:
    • Route Designs for Natural Gas Pipelines : We can provide geological information for large engineering projects requiring an understanding of sub-surface structures, such as for natural gas pipelines and municipal sewage systems. For example, we were recently the route designer for the Halifax Lateral natural gas pipeline. We also participated in the route design for the pipeline from Goldboro to Cape Breton Island, and for parts of the Sable Island pipeline to the New England states. These efforts included a risk assessment for such geological hazards as fault lines, sink holes and old mine excavations.
    • Drill-Stem Pressure and Temperature Profiles : We have completed numerous temperature and pressure profiles for wells in the Jeanne d'Arc Basin (Hibernia Field), and the Scotian Shelf (Venture Field), offshore eastern Canada. The temperatures were determined using hydrocarbon maturation data based on our analyses of mascerals selected from well cuttings. The pressures were calculated from drill-stem tests in conjuction with other down-hole geophysical data.

    97. The Nature Of Illinois Foundation
    Nonprofit corporation that supports the state's scientific surveys (geological, natural history, and water) and the Waste Management Research Center. Information on its quarterly publication, programs, and contacts.
    Board of Directors Illinois Natural History Survey Illinois Water Survey Illinois Geological Survey ... Illinois EcoWatch Network Feature Presentation: Nature Works, a Nature of Illinois Jr. publication The Foundation publishes The Nature of Illinois , a quarterly newsletter that promotes public awareness of good science and scientific literacy. Check out excerpts from our most recent publications and find out how you can obtain a subscription! BioDiversity In Illinois is a program promoted by NIF that promotes the value of biodiversity of our planet and State and its direct benefits to humanity. Science is Essential is a program that promotes the science in schools. CTAP is an on-going process to evaluate trends in the Illinois environment. CTAP also provides scientific support for the Department's Ecosystems Program under Conservation 2000 , a multi-year initiative to preserve and restore Illinois ecosytems. LE FastCounter
    Visitors Since 1/1/97 Website Maintenance and Hosting by

    98. Coastal Geoscience Research
    Formed in 1989 to provide a variety of marine, geological and environmental surveys and services to the engineering and scientific communities.
    Coastal Geoscience Research Corporation
    Underwater Video Inspections and Towed Camera
    Subbottom Profiling Marine Magnetics Side Scan Sonar ...

    Coastal Geoscience Research is a marine, geological and
    environmental survey company that has served
    the engineering and scientific communities since 1989. We perform sounding surveys, subbottom profiling, sidescan
    sonar, magnetic surveys, video underwater mapping and
    video inspections, all types of water sampling and bottom substrate
    sampling, coring and "STING" penetrometer surveys. The majority of CGRC's surveys are conducted in coastal marine
    waters and lakes of British Columbia, however we are open to
    challenging projects in all parts of the world.

    99. Arsenic Contamination Of Groundwater
    From the British geological Survey; includes detailed reports of the surveys carried out in Ghana and Bangladesh.
    Home Bangladesh
    Phase 1
    Bangladesh ...
    Phase 2
    Reports Maps Data Images Ghana Contact Us About BGS Capabilities ... Education
    Arsenic contamination of groundwater
    Arsenic is highly toxic and carcinogenic. Groundwater is particularly vulnerable to contamination with arsenic as a result of natural geochemical processes and problems can be exacerbated by mining activity. Even natural concentrations of arsenic in groundwater can limit its suitability for drinking. It is now apparent that arsenic contamination of groundwater is quite extensive. In the last eight years, BGS has undertaken a series of collaborative investigations into the arsenic contamination of groundwater in various countries. These investigations have included both 'mining-related' and 'natural' sources of arsenic contamination. Many of these have been undertaken with support from the UK Department for International Development ( DFID
    Keratosis sufferer Bangladesh Phase 1 Bangladesh Phase 2 Ghana Arsenic Contacts ...
    Bangladesh claims against the British Geological Survey
    Information regarding the of BGS material and the BGS

    100. Home Page
    Consulting company in Indianapolis. Offers environmental site assessments, geological/geotechnical site surveys, cultural resource surveys, and related services.
    Our Services Environmental Geotechnical Cultural Resources ... Administrative
    in a Complex
    Over the years, Sagamore has earned an outstanding reputation for competence and integrity in the environmental profession. Our staff of highly trained and experienced individuals has established an enviable record of performance in meeting scheduled deadlines and surpassing client expectations Web Design By Creative Imaging

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