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         Geological Surveys:     more books (100)
  1. Geology of the Country Around Buxton, Leek and Bakewell (British Geological Survey Memoirs) by British Geological Survey, 1986-01-29
  2. Oil and gas in Alabama, (Alabama.Geological survey, 1873- Special report 15) by Douglas Ramsay Semmes, 1929
  3. Middle Ordovician to Lower Devonian Deep-Water Succession at Southeastern Margin of Hazen Trough, Canon Fiord, Ellesmere Island (Bulletin 272 - Geological Survey of Canada) by Hans Peter Trettin, 1979
  4. Carnotite-bearing sandstone in Cedar Canyon, Slim Buttes, Harding County, South Dakota (Geological Survey bulletin) by J. R Gill, 1955
  5. United States mineral resources (Geological Survey professional paper 820) by Donald Albert Brobst, 1973
  6. Fourth Annual Report on the Geological Survey of the State of Pennsylvania by Henry D. Rogers, 1840
  7. Geological Survey of the Oil Lands of Japan; A Report of Progress for the First Year of the Oil Surveys by Benjamin Smith Lyman, 2010-07-24
  8. A Guide to the Geology of the Danvers-Normal area [Illinois State Geological Survey] by David L Reinertsen, Robert S. Nelson, 1982
  9. Geology of the Juazohn Quadrangle, Liberia (Open file report / U.S. Geological Survey) by Russell G Tysdal, 1974
  10. Summary of Significant Floods in the United States, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands, 1970 Through 1989 (U.S. Geological Survey Water-Supply Paper, 2502.) by Charles A. Perry, B. N. Aldridge, et all 2001-06
  11. Nelson map-area, east half, British Columbia, (Geological Survey of Canada. Memoir) by H. M. A Rice, 1956
  12. Geology and the Environment in Western Europe: A Coordinated Statement by The Western European Geological Survey
  13. Ground-water resources of Natrona County, Wyoming, (Geological Survey water-supply paper) by Marvin A Crist, 1972
  14. Geology and mineral resources of the Allenwood and Milton quadrangles, Union and Northumberland Counties, Pennsylvania (Atlas / Pennsylvania Geological Survey) by Jon D Inners, 1997

61. U.S. Geological Surveys Fiscal Year 2002 Budget
US geological surveys Fiscal Year 2002 Budget. June 22, 2001. TheAmerican Society for Microbiology (ASM), representing over 42,000
For more information: U.S. Geological Survey Links to Other ASM Pages: ASM Public Policy Contacts
Contacting Congress
U.S. Geological Surveys Fiscal Year 2002 Budget June 22, 2001 The ASM encourages Congress to maintain its commitment to the U.S. Geological Survey research programs, which are vital to continued discovery of geological, hydrological, geographical, and biological processes that are so important to the well being of the environment and protecting public health. Last Modified: June 25, 2001

62. State Geological Surveys
STATE geological surveys. ALABAMA, (205) 349 2852, TUSCALOOSA, AL,35486-9780, http// ALASKA, (907) 474 - 7147,
University of Tulsa - Department of Geosciences
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63. OECD Macrothesaurus - GEOLOGICAL SURVEYS
OECD Macrothesaurus geological surveys. ID 3732 KW geological surveysBT SURVEYS RT AERIAL SURVEYS RT GEOLOGY RT REMOTE SENSING

64. Geological Surveys
geological surveys. geological surveys initiated. 298 35 70 70 Fax +298 35 70 75Email The Beginning geological surveys First Nomination .
Front Page
The Ministry


Geological Surveys
Newsletter Subscription

Geological surveys initiated
After the Act on Preliminary Surveys was passed the Government invited international seismic companies to apply for seismic survey licenses in the Faroese area. A prospecting license gives the licensee the right to perform various geological surveys, which may lead to the production of oil and natural gas from the Faroese subsoil. However a prospecting license does not give the licensee the right to produce oil or natural gas. The Ministry of Petroelum receives a copy of all survey results which subsequently are interpreted by and stored at the Geological Survey. The Geological Survey is an independent institute under the Ministry of Petroleum and acts as an integrated part of the Ministry in petroleum related matters. The Geological Survey is, on behalf of the Ministry of Petroleum, responsible for all geological and geophysical matters in connection with petroleum activities in Faroese waters and coordinates and supervises all petroleum geological work on the Faroe Shelf. Initially one seismic company was granted an exclusive prospecting license with special conditions for 2 years (1994 and 1995). Geologically, the Faroese continental shelf was unexplored and the Faroese Government felt that it was paramount that areas which at first might seem uninteresting were also covered by the seismic acquisition activities.

65. Geological Surveys Department Becomes An Institute - Dec 2000
Tick to receive updates. N B I, geological surveys Department Becomes An Institute(Posted Dec 2000) Tell your friends about this page! Email it to them.
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Others Corporate Personalities Classified Adverts Interactive Homepage Site Map Like this site? Fill out and submit the form below to send an e-mail to your friend about it. Your Friend's E-Mail Address: Your E-Mail Address: Your Name: Submit your comments about this site or something you found on it. NAME: E-MAIL: Tick to receive updates N B I Geological Surveys Department Becomes An Institute (Posted Dec 2000) Tell your friends about this page! Email it to them. The old Geological Surveys Department of the Ministry of Solid Minerals has been converted to an independent institute. The department which will now be known as the Geological Surveys Institute of Nigeria, predates the independence of Nigeria in 1960. Started around the 1940s, it had during the colonial times, virtually explored and mapped out all areas where solid mineral deposits could be found in Nigeria. Now independent once again, the Geological Surveys Institute is expected to bring its rich traditions of performance to bear on governmentÂ’s current efforts to boost the solid minerals sector. The renamed institute would be free to go into partnership with foreign investors or researchers, and raise funds on its own for research purposes. It can also commercialise its findings. NigeriaBusiness

66. British Columbia's Geological Surveys, 1895-1995
GAC Pacific Section Sponsored Publications. British Columbia's geological surveys,18951995 A Century of Science and Dedication. by Atholl Sutherland Brown.
GAC Pacific Section Sponsored Publications
British Columbia's Geological Surveys, 1895-1995:
A Century of Science and Dedication
by Atholl Sutherland Brown This is the definitive history of an important branch of the provincial government and an introduction to the history of mining in British Columbia. It will serve as THE reference for years to come It will keenly interest historians, geologists, engineers, surveyors, members of the mining community and anyone curious about the historical development of British Columbia. "This is a masterly account, written by a distinguished and respected insider, of a very technical institution with necessarily close links with government and business. The writing is uncommonly dense, concise, compact, and erudite." Review Comments by B.C. Historian Dr. Richard Mackie Enquiries for orders can be directed to at 250-952-0454. Copies may also be obtained from: Crown Publications Inc.
521 Fort Street
Victoria, B.C. Canada

67. Provisional Report On Geological Surveys In Relation To Groundstone Study - Cata
Provisional Report on geological surveys in Relation to GroundstoneStudy Catalhoyuk 1998. by Adnan Baysal. This season, in 1998




Provisional Report on Geological Surveys in Relation to Groundstone Study - Catalhoyuk 1998
by Adnan Baysal
Where is the nearest source and what were the possible problems surrounding the transportation of the material? Did they work on the material before it came to the site and so on ? These questions were the basis of this survey. The first trip was conducted by A Baysal with V. Toprak, T Topal and A. Turkmenoglu, all of whom are geologists from METU. the first trip targeted the following:-
  • Considering the potential of the Carsamba river as a raw material source
  • In order to throw some light on these two points the route of the trip was determined before visiting the villages in the following order, Alemdar, Karamankiri, Cumra, Ortaoren, Timras, Balcikhisar and Simi towards the south then in the afternoon the Karadag region would be visited. Most of the villages, which are occupied at present, have evidence of the usage of volcanic rock types but none of them have any indication of their source. This makes us think that even in the later periods of history, villagers were still using volcanic rocks but this type of rock must have been imported from outside the Konya Plain. However, the other types become abundant as we get closer to the Northern edges of the Taurus mountains. The third stop was Belkuyu where the landscape rose dramatically and was slightly behind the gorge of the Carsamba river in the Tauruses. This small village is situated on the limestone beds of the mountain and the surface of the limestone is full of red coloured soil which is almost similar in colour to the North Area Building 5 floor in space 155. This soil type was also collected for chemical analysis. The colour of this soil is due to a high iron (Fe2 O3) content.

    68. Many Geological Surveys Possess Vast Amounts Of Extremely Valuable Data Collecte
    Many geological surveys possess vast amounts of extremely valuable data collectedover decades. You will see that there are 15 national geological surveys.
    Many geological surveys possess vast amounts of extremely valuable data collected over decades. However, it is frequently difficult, if not impossible, to discover which data exist; let alone have access to them. It is argued that the primary purpose of the geological survey is to acquire data from surveys, monitoring and analysis activities; to store those data securely, reliably and independently; to process the data so that they may be useful to others; and to make available the data to meet the needs of industry and society. In some cases geological surveys are required to generate revenue from sales of the data and value added products. The information value chain shows that there is greater value as we move from raw data, seen on the left of the slide, towards solutions suitable for end users, on the right of the slide, with value added at every stage. Before we can get to this stage, the data have to be sorted. The various stages are shown here; in particular the need to catalogue, index and convert to digital format and build graphical front-ends and apply standards. The European Geological Surveys have come together in order to undertake this work, with financial support from the European Union, in a project called GEIXS.

    69. University Of Leicester, University Library - Information Sources: Geological Su
    geological surveys Introduction. This page is a guide to geological surveysin the University of Leicester Library. British geological surveys.
    University Library
    Geological Surveys
    This page is a guide to geological surveys in the University of Leicester Library. See the sections on British Geological Surveys and The Rest of the World
    British Geological Surveys
    All of the British Geological Surveys (BGS) held by the Library are kept on the 1st floor at Geological Surveys 554.1-554.3 . They are divided into sections as follows:
    Geological Surveys covering Scotland Geo/Sur 554.13 - 554.131 Geological Surveys covering Northern Ireland Geo/Sur 554.16 Geological Surveys covering Ireland Geo/Sur 554.15 Geo/Sur 554.2 - 554.236
    Within these sections the BGS are then usually arranged alphabetically according to place name.
    A typical BGS reference looks like this: Geo/Sur 554.21.

    70. Geological Surveys
    ALPHABETICAL LISTINGS (BY STATE) OF geological surveys
    A B C D ... Z
    A -
    Publications Sales Office
    Geological Survey of Alabama
    P.O. Drawer O
    University, AL 35486
    State of Alaska
    Department of Natural Resources
    Division Geologica and Geophysical Surveys
    Box 80007
    College, AK 99701
    State of Arizona
    Bureau of Geology and Mineral Technology 845 North Park Avenue Tucson, AZ 85719 Arkansas Geological Commision Maps and Publications Section 3815 West Roosevelt Road Little Rock, Ar 72204
    California Division of Mines and Geology P.O. Box 2980 Sacramento, CA 95812 Colorado Geological Survey 1313 Sherman St., Room 715 Denver, CO 80203 State of Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection State Office Building Hartford, CT 06115
    D -
    Delaware Geological Survey University of Delaware Newark, DE 19711
    F -
    Florida Bureau of Geology Publications Office 903 West Tennessee Street Tallahassee, FL 32304
    G -
    Georgia Geological Survey 19 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive Room 400 Atlanta, GA 30334

    71. Geological Surveys
    USGS, IGS, USGS, IN. IL GS, KGS, OGS, MGS. geological surveys. TheIndiana Geological Survey Web pages were completely revised in 2002.
    PGI Geological Survey Links This page contains links and information concerning the internet resources available to Geologists working in or near the State of Indiana. USGS IGS USGS, IN IL GS KGS OGS MGS
    Geological Surveys
    • The Indiana Geological Survey Web pages were completely revised in 2002. The revision has provided improved organization of the information presented by the Survey. U.S.G.S. Indiana Home Page Contains exceptional water quality information and surface water hydrology data, bibliographic information on Indiana ground-water and surface-water resources, downloadable versions of several recent USGS reports, and links to other water-resource related sites. HYDROGEOLOGIC ATLAS OF AQUIFERS IN
      INDIANA U.S. Geological Survey Water-Resources Investigations Report 92-4142 U.S.G.S.: http//
      Additional USGS links of interest include:

    72. Northern Geoservices: Your Window On The Sub-surface
    Northern Geoservices. geological surveys Many people require informationon the surface and subsurface geology of an area. These
    Northern Geoservices Geological surveys
    Many people require information on the surface and sub-surface geology of an area. These may include engineers for new civil engineering projects (e.g. town bypasses, pipeline planning) environmentalists (groundwater vulnerability assessment, landform vulnerability assessment), quarrying and mineral exploration industries, local authorities and private individuals (e.g. optimum water well location, septic tank location, sand pit development).
    We can supplement surface geological mapping and landform studies with geophysical surveys for information beneath the ground surface to give a complete picture. Devonian sandstone/shale bedrock beneath thin soil cover in road cutting.
    Home About us Geological surveys Geophysical surveys ... Links Northern Geoservices
    Chapelton, Muir of Ord, Ross-shire, Scotland, UK
    Tel./fax: +44-(0)1463-870948

    73. Geological Surveys/Societies Of Western States
    Utah Geological Association. providing society with information on Utah geology. Copyright2002, Utah Geological Association. Last Modified January 14, 2003.
    U tah G eological A ssociation
    providing society with information on Utah geology P.O. Box 520100 Salt Lake City, Utah 84152-0100 GEOLOGICAL SOCIETIES Sponsor Information The Four Corners Geological Society. Geological Society of Nevada WESTERN STATE SURVEYS ... Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology ... Other Internet Geology-Related Links Utah Geological Association Last Modified March 11, 2003 Webmaster : Bill Case,

    74. LycosZone Directory > Homework > Science > Earth Sciences > Geology > Geological
    What kind of geological surveys Websites are you looking for? USGeologic Survey A site intended to both educate people about Sciences/Geology/Geological
    Search For: Lycos Zone Home Family Zone Teachers Zone What kind of Geological Surveys Websites are you looking for? U. S. Geologic Survey A site intended to both educate people about the practice of federal geological surveying as well as to provide a database of maps and photographs.
    Grade Level: 9-12
    Check out other "Geology" Web Pages!
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    75. State Geological Surveys
    A web site provided by Mining Internet Services, Inc. Government Agencies Stategeological surveys. Date last updated August 02, 2000. Alabama, Alaska, Arizona.
    A service provided by Mining Internet Services, Inc
    State Geological Surveys
    Mining Internet Services, Inc.

    76. North American Geological Surveys
    LISTING OF NORTH AMERICAN geological surveys Useful Addresses in theUnited States of America. United links. State geological surveys
    LISTING OF NORTH AMERICAN GEOLOGICAL SURVEYS Useful Addresses in the United States of America United States Geological Survey
    U.S. Department of the Interior, U.S. Geological Survey
    Reston, VA, USA

    A good source for all kinds of earth images Links to glacial sites

    This site may not be around forever but it has a lot of useful links State geological surveys
    B C D E F G H I J K L M N ... P Q R S T U ... W X Y Z

    Geological Survey of Alabama
    P.O. Box O Tuscaloosa, AL 35486 Alaska Geological and Geophysical Survey 794 University Avenue, Suite 200 Fairbanks, Alaska 99709 FAX 907-451-5050 Milton A. Wiltse, Director and State Geologist Arizona Geological Survey 416 W. Congress St., Suite 100 Tucson, Arizona 85701 FAX 520-770-3505 Arkansas Geological Commission Vardelle Parham Geology Center 3815 West Roosevelt Road Little Rock, AR 72204 FAX 501-663-7360

    77. State Geological Surveys
    State geological surveys. Alabama, Hawaii, Massachusetts, New Mexico,South Dakota. Alaska, Idaho, Michigan, New York, Tennessee. Arizona,Illinois,
    State Geological Surveys Alabama Hawaii Massachusetts New Mexico ... Wyoming

    78. Geography And Maps: Geological Surveys
    Search in SubCategory geological surveys. Title, For books that areFirst Edition Signed. Click title for more details.

    79. Geological Surveys
    This is the entry for geological surveys in the Depository ServicesProgram Core Subject Thesaurus. geological surveys. USE Geology.
    Contact Us Help Search Canada Site ... CIOB Home Search the thesaurus for


    Main Index
    TopTerm Index ... Term Index
    Geological surveys
    Geology Last updated: 2002-09-27 This site is maintained by Communication Canada Important Notices

    80. James A. Gibson Library, Brock University-U.S. Geological Surveys
    Catalogues, Databases, Reference, Subject Resources, How Do I ? Services, ContactUs, Site Map. US geological surveys. State geological surveys (Univ. Tulsa).
    Catalogues Databases Reference Subject Resources ... Site Map
    Catalogues Databases Reference Subject Resources ... Brock University Home Page This page is: http://www.BrockU.CA/library/research/earthsci/survey.htm
    Last updated: Thursday, 05-Sep-2002 11:29:09 EDT
    Brock University

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