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         Geological Surveys:     more books (100)
  1. Rocks in the Chiricahua National Monument and the Fort Bowie National Historic Site (Arizona Geological Survey down-to-earth series) by John V Bezy, 2001
  2. United States Geological Survey: Webster's Timeline History, 1863 - 2007 by Icon Group International, 2009-06-06
  3. The Geology of Wyoming's Precious Metal Lode and Placer Deposits (Bulletin 68 / Geological Survey of Wyoming) by W. Dan Hausel, 1989
  4. Evaluation of the Ground-Water Resources of the Lower Susquehanna River Basin, Pennsylvania and Maryland, (U.S. Geological Survey Water-Supply Paper 2284) by James M. Gerhart, George J. Lazorchick, 1988
  5. Geochemistry of spring water, southeastern Uinta Basin, Utah and Colorado (Geological Survey water-supply paper) by Briant A Kimball, 1981
  6. Results of triangulation and primary traverse for the years 1906, 1907, and 1908 (Geological Survey) by Robert Bradford Marshall, 1910
  7. United States Geological Survey activities in Iowa (SuDoc I 19.76:95-392) by Rob G. Middlemis-Brown, 1995
  8. Lithology, depositional setting, and coal rank-depth relationships in the Jurassic-Cretaceous Kootenay Group at Mount Allan, Cascade Coal Basin, Alberta (Paper / Geological Survey of Canada) by J. D Hughes, 1985
  9. Geology of Amund Ringnes, Cornwall, and Haig-Thomas Islands, District of Franklin (Memoir / Geological Survey of Canada) by H. R Balkwill, 1983
  10. Catalog of the United States Geological Survey Library, first supplement by United States, 1972
  11. Maps for America: Cartographic products of the U.S. Geological Survey and others by Morris Mordecai Thompson, 1981
  12. The upper Triassic Kutcho formation, Cassiar Mountains, north-central British Columbia (Paper / Geological Survey of Canada) by Linda Elaine Thorstad, 1986
  13. Economics and the 1995 National Assessment of United States Oil and Gas Resources (U.S. Geological Survey Circular, 1145) by E. D. Attanasi, 1998-06
  14. Quaternary sediments, Columbia River valley, Revelstoke to the Rocky Mountain Trench, British Columbia (Paper / Geological Survey of Canada) by Robert J Fulton, 1985

41. UW Library - Earth Sciences Electronic Library - Geological Surveys
For Help. Basic Library Course. Library Research Tools. Links of Interest. Learnware.Other Library Starting Points. geological surveys. Canada; United States; Other.
Geological Survey s

Links of Interest
... Other Disciplines
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I welcome your comments, questions and suggestions April 2002

42. Query Results
Retrieved 59 Search Results geological surveys. NEXT 10 RECORDS . Click onphoto or title to view the image description 1 Lees Ferry - Robert P. Sharp. surveys

43. Previous Geological And Geophysical Survey Reports
Geophysical and geological surveys. January 13, 2003. January 6, 2003, December16, 2002. December 23, 2002, December 16, 2002. December 9, 2002, December 2, 2002.
Geophysical and Geological Surveys
January 13, 2003 January 6, 2003 December 16, 2002 December 23, 2002 ...
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44. Topographic Maps At State Geological Surveys
State geological surveys that sell USGS topographic maps.
State geological surveys that sell USGS topographic maps
AL AR CT DE ... WY Return to
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45. PaleoZoo's List Of State Geological Surveys
Maps Geological Timelines State geological surveys Books. Click here to visitour sponsor. Welcome to the PaleoZoo's list of State geological surveys!
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Geobop's North America General Store
Home Prehistory/Fossils/Geology: Alabama-LA Maine-NY Ohio-Wyoming State Geological Surveys ... GO Translator this page W elcome to the PaleoZoo's list of State Geological Surveys ! Offices that have important information about fossils or prehistory online are also listed on the Links Home Page United States Geological Survey
Alabama Geological Survey Home Page

Alaskan Geologic and Geophysical Surveys
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46. Comments About State Geological Surveys
Professionals comment on working in State geological surveys. Vicki Stategeological surveys have a wide range of responsibilities. Some
Professionals comment on working in State Geological Surveys
Vicki Cowart [ Biography
Colorado Geological Survey
Denver, Colorado
Each of the fifty states, and Puerto Rico, has a state geological survey. Although size, structure and responsibilities vary between states, all have some involvement and commitment to public education and outreach. This means that wherever you live, you may contact your state geological survey and find out more about the geology of your state. In most cases there will be individuals on staff willing to talk to you about the work they do and how they became a geologist. State geological surveys have a wide range of responsibilities. Some are affiliated with universities and have large research efforts. Some are in the executive branch of government and have responsibilities for regulatory programs for their state's extractive industries, such as mining or oil and gas. Others have responsibility for understanding or monitoring water quality, and many are involved with coastal processes. Many work with the highway and building industry to ensure safe roads and communities. Regardless of the specific focus of a state survey, all share a fundamental responsibility to inventory and understand the geologic resources and hazards of their state. They report this information through a wide range of public-information activities, including the production of reports and maps. Most publish material for the non-specialist. Geologists who work for state surveys must convey their results to the public and policy makers.

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48. PTTC Links
Commercial Links US Government National/International Organizations State/RegionalOrganizations State geological surveys US Universities with Petroleum
State Geological Survey Links
HOME Calendar/Events Newsletter/Press Tech Info ... State/Regional Organizations State Geological Surveys
US Universities with Petroleum-Related Programs
Online Software Selected Tech Search Links
State Geological Survey Links
National United States Geological Survey Regional
States Contiguous to West Virginia:

49. Florida-Alabama-Mississippi Consortium Of Geological Surveys
Meetings, FloridaAlabama-Mississippi Consortiumof geological surveys. July 1999, in this issue
Home Sections: Fieldwork Research Outreach Meetings ... Archives
Florida-Alabama-Mississippi Consortium of Geological Surveys
July 1999 in this issue: previous story next story The Alabama Geological Survey was host to an organizational meeting with the purpose of forming a consortium including The Florida Geological Survey, Geological Survey of Alabama, and Mississippi Bureau of Geology. The two-day meeting was held in Mobile, Alabama, on June 22-23 and was attended by the three State Geologists, Walt Schmidt (Florida), Don Oltz (Alabama), and Cragin Knox (Mississippi). Other state participants were Ron Hoenstine (FGS), Amy Granes (FGS), Bob Mink (GSA), Richard Hummel (GSA), Jack Moody (MOG), Keil Schmid (MOG), and Bob Woolsey (University of Mississippi). Discussions on the first day concerned coastal issues pertaining to each of the states, capabilities, and areas of possible cooperative studies. It was interesting to note that the topics compiled by the states look very similar to the seven GD Strategic Science goals, and their issues look very similar to our primary CMGP issues. On the second day, selected federal agencies were invited to participate, including the USGS, Corp of Engineers (USACE), Mineral Management Service (MMS), and National Research Council (NRC). Representatives present from each of the agencies were

50. SGU: Länkar Till Geologiska Undersökningar / Links To Geological Surveys
Home Geologiska undersökningar/geological surveys. Norden/Nordiccountries. Denmark Finland Iceland Norway. Europa/Europe. Austria
Geologiska undersökningar/Geological surveys
Norden/Nordic countries Denmark


Europa/Europe Austria


Afrika/Africa Botswana


South Africa
... Tanzania Nordamerika/North America Canada Natural Resources of Canada Geodetic Survey of Canada The Geological Survey of Canada Ontario Geological Survey USA United States Geological Survey U.S. Geological Survey Office of Mineral Resources Alabama Alaska ... Wyoming Sydamerika /South America Argentina Brazil Chile Guyana ... New Zealand Asien/Asia China Fiji India Indonesia ... Contact SGU Last updated: 2003-02-11 Responsible for the content of this page: Kerstin Finn

51. Geological Surveys For The World
geological surveys of the World. Council for Geoscience. Geological Surveyof Estonia. European geological surveys GEIXS. Top of page..
European Geological Surveys - GEIXSMineral Resources Department, FijiGeological Survey of Finland
(in german) Institute for Applied Geodesy, GermanyThe Guyana Geology and Mines CommissionHong Kong Geological SurveyHungary - Eotvos Institute of Geophysics ...
Geological Survey of Italy
(in italian) Geological Survey of JapanState Geological Survey of LatviaGeological Survey of LithuaniaGeological Survey Department Malaysia ... Council for Geoscience (South Africa) Geological Survey of SwedenNational Hydrological and Geological Survey, SwitzerlandThailand Department of Natural ResourcesMTA General Directorate of Mineral Research and Exploration, Turkey ...
NOAA Geosciences Laboratory, USA

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Geological Surveys of the World
Geological Survey of Austria Australian Geological Survey Institute of Geological Sciences, Belarus Geological Survey of Belgium ... Geological Survey of Estonia

52. Organization Detail
Contact Information. geological surveys North Section. Type Section. DepartmentNatural Resources and Energy. General Information (506) 5472070.

53. Organization Detail
Contact Information. geological surveys. Type Branch. DepartmentNatural Resources and Energy. Develop and maintain a geoscience data

54. State Geological Surveys
State geological surveys. Geological Survey of Alabama, PO Box 869999,Tuscaloosa, AL 354866999; Phone (205)349-2852; Fax (205
State Geological Surveys
  • Geological Survey of Alabama , P.O. Box 869999, Tuscaloosa, AL 35486-6999; Phone: (205)349-2852; Fax: (205)349-2861; E-mail: ; Web Site: Alaska Division of Geological and Geophysical Surveys , 794 University Avenue, Suite 200, Fairbanks, AK 99709-3645; Phone: (907)451-5000; Fax: (907)451-5050; E-mail: ; Web Site: Arizona Geological Survey , 416 West Congress Street, Suite 100, Tucson, AZ 85701; Phone: (520)770-3500; Fax: (520)770-3505; E-mail: ; Web Site: Arkansas Geological Commission , Vardelle Parham Geology Center, 3815 West Roosevelt Road, Little Rock, AR 72204; Phone: (501)296-1877; Fax: (501)663-7360; E-mail:

55. South Dakota Geological Survey - Geological Surveys
U. SGS, Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas. California, Colorado, Delaware, Florida,Georgia. Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa. Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine,Maryland.

U. S.G.S.
Alabama Alaska Arizona
U. S.G.S.
Alabama Alaska Arizona ... Sweden

56. The Role Of Geological Surveys
What are geological surveys. Geological prospectivity. In Australia, eachstate and the Northern Territory have their own geological surveys.
What are Geological Surveys
Geological Surveys provide exploration companies with regional geological and geophysical information so that the companies can target areas that they consider having higher prospectivity. In Australia, each state and the Northern Territory have their own geological surveys. These surveys work together with Geoscience Australia on a number of programs such as the National Geological Mapping Accord (NGMA) to provide the very best regional geoscientific data for the exploration industries across the Australian continent. The cost of undertaking these regional surveys, many of which will not prove to be prospective, is high. Geological surveys provide exploration and mining companies with pre-competitive geoscientific data that is designed to encourage the company to undertake further exploration. This data normally includes geology or interpreted basement geology (ie. what is under the regolith) as well as regional geophysical and/or geochemical data. NEXT: Geoscience Australia

EuroGeoSurveys was legally registered as a nonprofit association in France in January1996 and its Members are the national geological surveys of all fifteen
EUROGEOSURVEYS EUROGEOSURVEYS, the Association of the Geological Surveys of the European Union
EuroGeoSurveys Bureau
rue Breydel 40
B-1040 Brussels
Telephone; +32 2 282 0604
Fax: +32 2 280 1979
Web site: EuroGeoSurveys was legally registered as a non-profit association in France in January 1996 and its Members are the national Geological Surveys of all fifteen countries of the European Communities, represented at the level of their Directors, plus Norway as an Associated Member. The Members of EuroGeoSurveys are governmental organisations currently totalling over 7000 Geological Survey professionals active both onshore and offshore at national and international levels in basic, applied and mapping programmes in the geosciences: geology, geochemistry, mineralogy, geophysics, hydrogeology and related disciplines. EuroGeoSurveys is an enabling organisation and its mission is:
  • to bring together the Geological Surveys, enabling them to jointly address European issues of common interest; to provide a permanent network between the Geological Surveys and a common, but not unique, gateway to each of the Geological Surveys and their national networks;

58. Pendragon Forms Case Study - Geological Surveys
Pendragon Forms Case Study. geological surveys in Saskatchewan. ScenarioPendragon Forms is used to collect field survey information
Home News Products Order ... Pendragon Browser Pendragon Forms Case Study Geological Surveys in Saskatchewan Scenario: Pendragon Forms is used to collect field survey information for a Geological Information System. Case Study Developer/Location: Bill Slimmon , GIS Project Geologist Ken Tong, GIS Technician Saskatchewan Industry and Resources, Northern Geological Survey Regina , Canada Installation: T he Saskatchewan Industry and Resources department conducts geological surveys on the Canadian Precambrian Shield in Northern Saskatchewan . During the summer months, several crews carry out full-time field operations as they conduct comprehensive rock, mineral and structural surveys in the region. Starting from base camps, 8-12 mapping teams gather data 5-6 days per week, and log 20-50 records per day. To simplify data collection they have been equipped with Palm IIIxe handheld devices and GPS locators, and use a series of Pendragon Forms customized to meet their needs. At each new survey site, a primary form is used to collect station, location and GPS data, as well as a date stamp. Sub forms are used to log rock types, minerals within the rocks, geological structure data and other parameters. When the geologists return to base camp, the large amount of data collected is synchronized to an Access database on a laptop. The data is imported into ArcView 3.2, a Geographic Information System, for analysis and map generation.

59. Bigchalk: HomeworkCentral: Geological Surveys & Maps (Reference)
Looking for the best facts and sites on geological surveys Maps? MIDDLE SCHOOL Science Earth Sciences Geology Reference geological surveys Maps.
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  • 60. Bigchalk: HomeworkCentral: Geological Surveys & Maps (Reference)
    Looking for the best facts and sites on geological surveys Maps?This HomeworkCentral section focuses on 'Reference' and 'Geology
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  • World Book Online Article on GEOLOGICAL SURVEY
  • Coastal Relief Model
  • Giza Plateau Mapping Project
  • Glossary of water-use terminology ... Contact Us
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