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         Explorers New World General Resources:     more detail
  1. Explorers Of The New World by Walter A. Hazen, 1994-10-20
  2. One Man's West, New Edition by David Lavender, 2007-10-01
  3. Essential Computers: Buying and Selling Online

1. European Explorers Theme Page
The Age of Exploration general resources Baseline Maps For Plotting Voyages. explorersof new France (Early Canada); European explorers in the new world ;

2. European Explorers - Age Of Exploration
European explorers of the "new world" in the Age of Exploration. Project Ideas. general Links primary source documents and multimedia resources covering Juan Bautista de Anza's two
European Explorers of the "New World" in the Age of Exploration
Project Ideas
General Links

3. Spanish Explorers Venture To The New World
Nintendo® and new world Travel Writing A Dialogue This essay appears in Cybersociety ComputerMediated Communication and Community, ed. Steven G. Jones (Thousand Oaks Sage Publications, 1995) 57-72. over this strange new world and its curious resources. MF My make Nintendo® and new world narratives in some ways reality as a new world or new frontier is the
Spanish Explorers: In Search Of ? A WebQuest for 5th Grade Question l Background Information l Tasks l Resources l Activities l Assessment Question Why did the Spanish explorers risk their lives to explore new lands? Background Information The age of exploration was driven by a combination of many forces. European countries had a variety of political, religious, and economic reasons to explore new lands. Individual explorers often shared some of the same motives as the nations they represented but often they had their own reasons for exploring. The Spanish conquistadors were one group of explorers who sailed for Spain. They explored the Americas during the first half of the 1500's. It was during this time that the Spanish dominated the settlement of the Americas. Task Imagine you are a conquistador on a ship sailing to the New World during the 16th century. You have decided to tell the members of your crew all about your hopes and dreams for the upcoming seafaring adventure. You must choose one of the explorers in the table below to research. Your expert knowledge of one of these daring men will uncover the answer to our question.

4. Education World® - *History : World History : Explorers : General Resources
This site is designed for the busy student who does not have time for a full search of the web United States History resources. Early explorers PreColumbian Exploration of the new world There many have been Life Science / Earth Science / Space / general Science. Art and Music

5. Explorers Of North America
explorers of North general resources. sommen.htm This venture allows cybernauts freeentry into the first virtual universe devoted to new France a new world.
Explorers of North America General Resources Virtual Museum of New France This venture allows cybernauts free entry into the first virtual universe devoted to New France: a new world. Include profiles of: Champlain, Cartier, Marquette, Jolliet, La Salle, Brule, and other exlorers. Great Explorers of the World and their Expeditions Mariners Museum ... This is a must see site for everyone! Click on "Knowledge & Power" for great ship info. Lots of other great links! Explorers Page Very good for Balboa, Cabral, Columbus, Cortez, deGama, Ponce, Dias, Magellan, Vespucci, Navigation Tools, Maps. Life Aboard a Ship one-page info on health and sickness aboard ships Explorers in General

6. General Exploration & Discovery Resources
Exploration Email List A general list covering maritime exploration, Columbusand other explorers, and more The new world From the University of Georgia's
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General Exploration Resources Use these general introductory sites to find out more about expansion, exploration and discovery throughout the Middle Ages and beyond. Colonialism and Imperialism
An excellent selection of links dealing with European expansion from the 15th to 19th centuries, collected by About Guide to European History, Robert Wilde. Discoverers Web Pages of information on explorers and exploration throughout history are combined with a massive collection of links, all written and compiled by Andre Engels. A general list covering discovery and exploration throughout history. Web page has archives and subscription information, or send a message to

7. NSTW General Resources/Programming
leading her class on fantastic field trips into the world of science. The new explorerswith Bill Kurtis The new explorers portrays scientists in the field.

8. NSTW General Resources/ORGANIZATIONS
incorporated 30 East 33rd Street new York, NY and educated personnel, and unique,worldclass facilities site also features a Young explorers section, ideal

9. General Resources: Text Only Caribbean Amerindian Centrelink
Annotated Guide to Internet resources related to includes links onGeneral background;Mythology and new world explorers, part I South America”, Special
Caribbean Amerindian Centrelink
(CAC) General Information Pages
  • The Ameribbean: Information, pictures and cultures of Indigenous Tribes in Central America and the Caribbean (in progress). “Ancient Beadmakers of the Caribbean”, By David R. Watters: “…The exquisitely crafted beads, pendants and related objects from Trants attest to the skill of its Saladoid inhabitants in working stone and shell. Our research involves analyzing beads held in museum collections as well as conducting new excavations to document these artifacts in their stratigraphic context, from which we can interpret their antiquity and cultural implications…” The Fire this Time: a comprehensive website utilising text, photos, animation and numerous musical mp3's to examine the links between black and indigenous peoples (Black Indians). Among other things the site examines the history of indigenous (Amerindian) people in Jamaica, Cuba, Belize, Bolivia, Peru, Costa Rica, Panama, Brazil and their struggles and cultures were linked and often joined with those of black people to form "Black Indian" culture. See especially the sections on "Black Indian Resistance" and "Supai Reservation". Benjamin Nicholas, “Processing Cassava to Make Bread”:

10. Gunston Middle School Library: Explorers Of The New World
and reference materials, search these Internet links to find additional informationabout the European explorers of the new world. general Internet resources.
Explorers of the New World
An Internet Hotlist on European Explorers of the Western Hemisphere created by Elena Rodriguez
Gunston Middle School Library Media Center
Introduction Portuguese and Spanish Explorers
English Explorers
Viking Explorers
Who were the explorers of the New World? What motivated them to come to this hemisphere? What challenges did they encounter here? What did changes did they bring back to Europe? What is their legacy? After using books, magazines and reference materials, search these Internet links to find additional information about the European Explorers of the New World.
General Internet Resources
Portuguese and Spanish Explorers
  • Prince Henry the Navigator - The European Voyages of Exploration /Department of History / The University of Calgary - This is part of an outstanding tutorial on exploration.

11. Africa Links And General Resources - Academic Info
and explorers to Africa (Women Travelers, explorers and Missionaries Wide Web, aswell as create new collaborations and facing one of the world's few remaining
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"Electronic resources from Africa are organized by region and country. All materials are arranged to encourage an awareness of authorship, type of information, and subject. The scope of the collection is research-oriented, but it also provides access to other gopher and web sites with different or broader missions." Includes online library catalogs, maps, electronic news archives, bibliographies, and more.

12. Native Americans And New World Exploreres
Native Americans and new world explorers. Links to Aboriginal resources http// tochoose from; some give general information and

13. - Your One-stop Shop For Educational Resources!
Lakes basin, or expand your knowledge of general avian biology see the “discovery”of the new world by European navigators and explorers as never

14. Deliver Your Media: General Resources
Invisible world an Australian multimedia studio offering of the surreal and sublime;explore new cinematic forms monthly video clips of explorers From Earth
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General Resources
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: an opportunity for your work to be viewed and accepted by the powers that be, within the local Canadian and international film community
Invisible World
: an Australian multimedia studio offering innovative graphic/Web design and digital music production. Networking artists, writers and musicians on the Web

15. General Curriculum Links And Resources The world Fact Book html Worksheets Unlimited (Hereis the new address) http com Classroom Activities for Little explorers Find it
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Education World
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16. MWH WWW Resources - Origins Of Modern Europe
general History Topics. Library Voyages of Exploration European Exploration ofthe new world Exploration and Discovery Home Page explorers The site is

17. :: Cyberculture, Identity And Gender Resources
printed anthology of readings on the new technologies and Net and the WWW, the world'slargest library of students, scholars, teachers, explorers, and builders
@import url(""); This website looks much better in a web standards compliant browser. The reason you are reading this message is probably because you visit this site with an old, non-standards compliant browser. It's probably a good idea to update your browser. Visit the Web Standards Project for more information on web standards and which browsers support them. Although you're missing out on the fabulous ;-) design of this website, all the content should still be accessible, whatever browser you use. Cyberculture Resources Texts About Home Resources Resources Index
Fragments blog

Bibliography Complete

Online Articles
Game Research

New windows?
General Resources AoIR List of Internet Research Lists

A rather selfexplanatory title there: a list of internet research related mailinglists. Hosted by the Association of Internet Researchers. Bibliography on Chat Communication

The subject of this bibliography are contributions on Computer-Mediated Communication, that deal with communication in webchats and IRC (partially also MUDs and MOOs) under the perspective of linguistics, communication research and/or social sciences. (Note: very extensive site, both online and offline sources.) Brian Alexander's Cybercultures Site

18. European_explorers
general Student resources. Search for explorers alphabetically or chronologically.MAP. Viking routes to the new world. CAN PIX IMAGE BASE.
European Explorers Grade 6 Ontario Social Studies Curriculum General Vikings French ... Teach identify early explorers (e.g., Viking, French, English) who established settlements in Canada and explain the reasons for their exploration (e.g., fishing; fur trade, resulting in the establishment of the Hudson’s Bay Company); General Student Resources PASSAGES: A Treasure Trove of North American Exploration Search for explorers alphabetically or chronologically MAP Viking routes to the new world CAN PIX IMAGE BASE MAP TIMELINE A brief history of the "French Era" and "British Era" of the FUR TRADE MAP Cartier's routes to the new world and dates of voyages BIOGRAPHY MAKER How to write the story of someone's life MAP Cabot's routes to the new world and dates of voyages VIKING EXPLORERS Vikings: North Atlantic Saga (Smithsonian Museum of Natural History) L'ANSE AUX MEADOWS Vikings Discovery and Landing at L'Anse Aux Meadows ERICSSON Leif Ericsson L'Anse Aux Meadows Leif Erikson Discoveries Across the Atlantic ... Canada Hall: The Norse VIKING LIFE Gander Academy: Viking Life (links to info. about daily life, food, etc.)

19. BLM Learning Landscapes Explorers--Archaeology
general/OVERVIEWS. BLMNevada Cultural resources Overview of activities on BLM landsin Nevada found at a site that was the only new world project undertaken by
The vast public lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management feature some of the most significant and spectacular evidence of the 10,000+ years of human prehistory in the western United States and Alaska. Long-abandoned archaeological sites offer important insights into the ways in which human activities and the environment have been linked together through time, and how seemingly minor cultural practices can contribute to substantial environmental change. Discovering, studying, and understanding the evidence of past human influences provide us with important lessons about how we should be using our lands today. From beautiful petroglyphs (rock art) to a Paleoindian hunting lookout in Alaska, our archaeology pages offer a wealth of information for anyone interested in our human past.
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GENERAL/OVERVIEWS BLM Cultural Heritage and Fossil Resources
Information and teacher resources on archaeology and paleontology, including links to historic preservation organizations, professional associations, and cooperating agencies

20. History Resources
1492 Exhibit; Discoverers Web; HomeworkCentral explorers; Spain in the Colorado,Maine, new York, Vermont. world War Two Table of Contents - general info; Teaching

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