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         Essential Knowledge Of Skills Lesson Plans:     more detail

1. LION: Lesson Plans & Teaching Activities For School Librarians
to knowledge Follett's Information skills Model by also the Pathways to knowledgehome page. flexible scheduling, adequate funding, essential technology, and
Librarians Information Online Network
Provided here are lessons and activities useful in school libraries, links to library and information skills curriculum documents, and related books and periodicals.
American Association of School Librarians: Position Statement on Information Literacy and Problem-Solving
Outlines the role of the library media program in fostering information literacy, and includes eight "scenarios" that illustrate how cooperative instructional efforts between teachers and library media specialists can help students improve their information problem-solving skills through significant learning experiences.
Baltimore County Public Schools: Library Lesson Plan Format
A form used by Baltimore library media specialists to plan lessons.
Bellingham Public Schools: Staff Development Course on Information Literacy
This Washington State school district provides online some of the materials it uses in a staff development course on Information Literacy and the Net . The course emphasizes student investigations as vehicles to explore information available on the Internet. Topics covered include the Research Cycle, several types of literacy, Gardner's Seven Intelligences, and much more.
Bellingham Public Schools: Library Media Frameworks
This Washington State school district provides information on its library media curriculum. Includes elementary and secondary "scenarios" illustrating the role of the library media center in student projects.

2. Education-Content Areas
Math Forumlesson plans. Mega-mathematics. National Council of Teachersof Mathematics. Texas essential knowledge and skills for Mathematics.
Mary and John Gray Library Lamar University, Beaumont, Texas
Content Areas Websites
Subjects Art Biology Business/Economics Chemistry ... Theater/Drama
Art Art on the Air- Art Lesson Plans Art Teacher on the Net Arts Education and School Improvement Resources for Local and State Leaders Arts Education Curriculum Guides ... top
Biology American Association for the Advancement of Science Evolution Resources AskERIC Lesson plans for the sciences Atlas of the Body ... top
Business DECA Economics Resources for K-12 Teachers Education Planet's Business Education links National Association of Business Economics ... top
Chemistry AskERIC Lesson plans for the sciences The Catalyst Chemguide Chemistry Teaching Resources on the Internet ... top
Communication/Speech American Communication Association National Federation of Interscholastic Speech and Debate Associations National Forsenic League Southern States Communication Association ... top
Computer Science Computer Science Education Links Computer Science Education Special Interest Group of the Association of Computing Machinery Computer Science Teaching Center International Society for Technology in Education ... top
Earth Science Accretion Disk Astrolinks American Geological Institute Education Department AskERIC Lesson plans for the sciences Earth to Class ... top
English Ask ERIC Lesson Plans for Language Arts AskERIC Lesson Plans for Literature AskERIC Lesson Plans for Writing Carol Hurst's Children's Literature Web Guide ... ERIC Clearinghouse on Reading, English and Communication

3. Science Lesson Plans And Resources
TA TEKS Integration. lesson plans. Technology Applications Educator Standards the Texas essential. knowledge and skills (TEKS) for graduation credit for all plans beginning
Science Lesson Plans and Resources This page provides links to lesson plans and resources for all grade levels and all science areas typically taught in K-12 schools. Click on a topic from the list below. If you need lesson plans for health or nutrition, click here. If you need science homework help, click here. All links on this page were checked and updated October 15, 2002. Multi-Subject Science Pages; Rubrics; Scientific Method/Nature of Science; Astronomy; ... Inventions/Science Projects Didn't locate what you need here? Find it fast with LookQuick:
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Frustrated? Find a solution . . . . . Click here to access the National Science Education Standards.
Click here
to go to the home page of the National Science Teachers Association.
Click here
to find great free stuff for teachers, students, and homeschoolers.
Click here
to try the best Mahjong game ever made. New!

4. Core Knowledge - Lesson Plans
mastery of all the essential skills and knowledge time focus on group social skills,attending and Home About Core knowledge Schools Bookstore lesson
March 12-14, 1998
Beyond Cute Activities and Themes: Helping Children Make Connections to Build Cumulative Knowledge and Skills
Catherine Howanstine, Pre-K teacher, St. Leonard Elementary, Calvert County, MD 20678
In this workshop, examples will be used from the areas of daily routines, journal writing, mathematical thinking, and song and movement to illustrate the possibilities for curricular richness using the Core Knowledge Preschool Sequence.
I. Daily Routines: Habits of learning A. Arrival 1. Sequence of expectations a. Promotes autonomy b. Practice of skills (1) Name recognition (2) Sequence of days of the week (3) Sequence of tasks to perform (4) Journal writing (a) Drawing and dictating or labeling (b) Developmental writing including scribbles, strokes, shapes letters ~ Notes written back and forth between student and teacher (5) Sustained effort with math/science manipulatives B. Circle Time 1. Carpet squares and name cards a. Name recognition, letter recognition b. Greetings, and returns of greetings (1) Hello song and body parts game 2. Helpers

5. TEA LP Correlation To Texas Essential Skills And Knowledge
lesson plans designed lesson objectives, goals and occupational analysis. Now wed like to see how these curriculum objectives relate to the Texas essential knowledge and skills
* TEA stands for the Texas Education Agency, Austin Texas The following lesson is taken from the IMS (Instructional Material Service) who developed lesson plans designed to prepare vocational/technical instructors. Topic: Correlation to TEKS Type of Lesson: Cognitive Unit Objective: Specific Objectives: Upon completion of this lesson, the student(s) will be able to: 1. describe the organization of the Trade and Industrial Education Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS); 3. discuss the SCANS Foundation and Competencies; and 4. identify the TEKS essential knowledge and performance descriptions which correlate to the individual lessons in the curriculum. NOTE: TEKS stand for Texas Essential Skills and Knowledge (K-12) TEKS BACKGROUND Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). TEKS were developed in response to Texas legislation (Senate Bill 1, Chapter 28, Subchapter A- Essential Knowledge and Skills; Curriculum.). This section of the Texas code states, "It is the intent of the legislature that the essential knowledge and skills developed by the State Board of Education under this subchapter shall require all students to demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary to:
  • read write problem solve think critically apply technology and communicate
across all subject areas. The essential knowledge and skills shall also prepare and enable all students to continue to learn in postsecondary educational, training and employment setting."

6. Lessons From Dr Seuss
lesson plans. Dr. Seuss. Click on the activity you wish to view, or the location you student uses arts skills and knowledge in other subject areas.). Library essential Learnings
Lesson Plans
Dr. Seuss Click on the activity you wish to view, or the location you wish to visit. School Links Dr. Seuss Links Other Lesson Plans Events Staff PTA Classroom Projects ... Card Games 2000 Dr. Seuss Activities 2001 Dr. Seuss Activities Subject Area Grade Levels Themes Technology Integrated Miscellaneous For an overview of the Dr. Seuss 12 Center Plans scroll just below this box. Integrated Lesson Plan Dr. Seuss Activity #1 Grade Level: Pre-5 Subject/Unit/Theme: Math, Art ( Cat in the Hat Materials:
  • The book The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss LifeSavers Frosting (powder sugar) Necco Wafer of circular tag paper Popsicle stick or toothpick for spreading frosting White paper to draw the pattern made for the hat Variety of color scraps to rip the pattern made and a cat head.
  • Students will create a color pattern and use it in the formation of a "Cat in the Hat" hat. Students will become familiar with Dr. Seuss' book The Cat in the Hat Students will tell about their pattern in a variety of forms (paper tearing, color sheet, or in written form).

7. Texas-Made Lesson Plans
Links to good resources for lesson plans for Texas teachers.Category Regional North America Texas Education Resources...... Resources for Teachers Texas essential knowledge and skills (TEKS) The Instituteof Texas Cultures lesson plans for The Spirits of the Alamo and The Real
Texas-Made Lesson Plans
Educational Organizations

8. LESSON PLANS - Essential Learning Outcomes For Health
lesson plans. essential Learning Outcomes for Health. (skills, Attitudes/Beliefs, knowledge). skills
Lesson Plans Essential Learning Outcomes for Health Skills Attitudes/Beliefs Knowledge
  • Skills
Able to set personal goals, develop action plans for health K-13
Able to make health decisions K-3
Able to solve health-related problems K-3
Can think critically about health K-3
Is aware of media influences K-3
Social skills/interpersonal communications/forming friendships K-3
Coping skills, stress management skills K-3
Refusal skills, resisting peer pressure K-3
Mediation/conflict resolution skills K-3
Has healthy relationship with family K-3
Has healthy relationship with a trusted adult K-3 Remedial (basic) academic skills K-3
  • Attitudes/Beliefs
Believes she/he can influence own health K-3 Has realistic perceptions of health risks to self K-3 Perceives health as a resource for daily life K-3 Self-esteem/concept/efficacy/locus of control K-3 Recognition/feeling of competence/positive risk taking K-3 Assertiveness K-3 Sense of belonging/interdependence K-3 Resilience K-3
  • Knowledge
Of benefits of health, healthy lifestyle K-3 Of health promoting influences K-3 Of alcohol, drugs and other drugs

9. Curriculum Guides
to education present their unit and lesson plans for incorporating radio of the TechnologyApplications Texas essential knowledge and skills and provide
Curriculum Guides
Files ending in .pdf require Adobe Acrobat Reader which can be downloaded free at
If you have difficulty downloading or viewing these files please contact
If you wish to purchase hard copies of available publications please print the order form Global Classrooms: Air Curriculum Guide by Rhonda Christensen, Gray Clayton, Nola Campbell, Gerald Knezek A curriculum guide for teachers which focuses on a telecommunications project featuring an exchanging data on air from a world perspective. Get your students globally connected and motivated to preserve our natural resources. (1994) Units 1-4 Resources Global Classrooms: Water Curriculum Guide by Rhonda Christensen, Gray Clayton, Nola Campbell, Gerald Knezek A 42 page document guides teachers through a telecommunications project for exchanging data on the uses of water from all over the world. Get your students globally connected and motivated to preserve our natural resources. (1996) Appendices Resources Water Guide with Curriculum Connections Infusing Radio-Based Communications Tools into the Curriculum edited by Greg Jones Teachers who have learned about various radio communications modes and their applications to education present their unit and lesson plans for incorporating radio communications tools into a variety of curricula.

10. Peace Corps World Wise Schools Lesson Plans Teacher Guides
What essential questions will guide this unit and focus teaching/learning? Whatkey knowledge and skills will students acquire as a result of this unit?

11. Educator Technology Competency 10
DK. K. U. Evidence of Mastery. (lesson plans, projects, products, portfolios,etc.). Date of Evidence. essential knowledge skills, Demonstrate these skills
Curriculum Publication Sales Education Initiatives Agency Web Sites ... NC Schools Listing ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY COMPETENCIES FOR EDUCATORS PR 10.0 CURRICULUM DK K U Evidence of Mastery (Lesson plans, projects, products, portfolios, etc.) Date of Evidence Demonstrate these skills: 10.1 Use the Computer Skills Curriculum to identify what students should know and be able to do
  • List the appropriate Computer Skills Curriculum strands and indicators for your appropriate grade level and/or subject area
10.2 Use school television resources that support the curriculum
  • List school television resources and their correlation to your appropriate grade level curriculum and computer skills competencies Develop lesson plans utilizing school television resources Develop materials for better implementation of lesson plans (worksheets, graphic organizers, activities) Develop an assessment tool to evaluate student learning via school television resources
10.3 Access resources for planning instruction available via telecommunications (e.g., experts, lesson plans, authentic data, curriculum materials)

12. Teaching Archeology
In this section are lesson plans for both elementary and secondary grades basedon the objectives of the Texas essential knowledge and skills (TEKS) and the
Texas Beyond History Home Map Tool Themes
Welcome Teachers! Teachers' Guide to TBH Teaching with Standards Lesson Plans ... Please Evaluate Our Site
Welcome Teachers!
Texas Beyond History is rich in information and resources to help you teach about the past in Texas, using archeology as a lens for discovery. In this section are lesson plans for both elementary and secondary grades based on the objectives of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) and the related Texas Assessment of Academic Skills (TAAS) and Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS). All of these lesson plans were written by experienced teachers enrolled in graduate courses at The University of Texas at Austin. Each lesson can be downloaded and printed for easy use in class. Welcome to the fun and excitement of teaching Texas' cultural heritage and archeology! Click on your subject area to find archeology-related lesson plans.

13. Lesson Plans
Fine Arts). Aligned with Texas essential knowledge and skills LearningStandards. Scholastic lesson plans and Reproducibles. Second
edsites Creative Arts English Human Society ... Search Tools Lesson Plans Find Lesson Plans in .pdf format
You can access PDF files (Portable Document Files) using search engines. You need Adobe's free PDF software to view the files.
You can get Acrobat Reader at
Go to a search engine, such as Dogpile . Do a search for lesson plans, but narrow the search by adding inurl:pdf That is, enter Academy Curriculum Exchange Apple Learning Interchange AskERIC Lesson Plans Back To School ... Baltimore Curriculum Project Lesson Plans
There are lessons at each grade level and for all subject areas. Big Sky Language Arts Lessons CEC Lesson Plans Classroom Ready Lessons and Activities
Smithsonian Institute Collaborative Lesson Archive University of Illinois Computer Applications Lessons Computer Lessons These are NOT interactive Computer Skills Lessons Connecting Students The Contributory Database
Contents range from simple ideas to complete, structured learning and teaching resources. National Grid for Learning, UK Curriculum Library
Environmental Curriculum Plans from The Wild Ones, which is part part of the Wildlife Trust

14. Education Resources--Dunagan Library
Texas essential knowledge and skills (T E the Web Subdivides by subject area and byWeb Based Tutorials, Web Based Projects, Unit and lesson plans, and so
J. Conrad Dunagan Library: Education Resources
General Education Resources K-12 Resources Subject Directories: Education ... Web Design Issues Link to Selected Dunagan Library Social Science Databases and Full-text Materials
  • SBEC has completely redesigned their site. The site now requires !! that you use Internet Explorer 5.5 or in order to access any of its materials. These materials includes educator certification standards, TexES (formerly ExCET) test frameworks, TexES test preparation manuals, and so on. The site has changed so significantly that users should go to SBEC's new home page to begin navigation; however here is the link to the primary (but not the only) page dealing with TexES test frameworks . Test frameworks continue to require the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to function. National Evaluation Systems, Inc.: TexES/ExCET This is a link to the web site provided by the test administration company for TexES/ExCET examinations.
  • Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills ( T E K ... S This is test formerly used in Texas; the last time the page was updated was February 2001.
General Education Resources
  • Ask ERIC Virtual Library
  • ERIC Clearinghouse on Assessment and Evaluation
  • ERIC Digests
  • AACTE Education Policy Clearinghouse American Assn of Colleges for Teacher Education. A clearinghouse designed to help people access information on education policy at the national, regional, or state level.
  • 15. TSPR Crystal City School District - Chapter 5
    for technology teaching nor are lesson plans reviewed for for the knowledge and skillsfor which the on the corresponding Texas essential knowledge and skills
    Texas School Performance Review Crystal City School District
    July 2001 Chapter 5
    COMPUTERS AND TECHNOLOGY This chapter examines the computers and technology services provided by the Crystal City Independent School District (CCISD) in the following sections.
    A. Organizational Structure B. Technology Planning and Funding C. Instructional Technology and Training D. Infrastructure E. Technical Support
    C. INSTRUCTIONAL TECHNOLOGY AND TRAINING The process of integrating technology into the instructional programs of the school district involves providing the necessary infrastructure and technology hardware, training the staff on the technology system, establishing a technology curriculum, training staff on the curriculum standards and monitoring the implementation of the curriculum. Training is one of the most critical factors to ensuring technology is used effectively. Teachers must be comfortable with instructional technology and must know not only how to operate it, but also how to integrate it effectively into their teaching. Studies indicate that it may take three to five years for a teacher to acquire the appropriate level of expertise. Planning and support for technology-related training must take this into account. Technology-related training must be ongoing. Teachers need continuous opportunities to expand their technological skills and to interact with other teachers so they can share new strategies and techniques. Access to electronic mail and the Internet have proven valuable for teachers to share ideas on classroom uses of technology.

    16. TSPR Hunt Independent School District - Chapter 2
    HISD teachers follow the Texas essential knowledge and skills (TEKS) but are notrequired to use curriculum The teachers use TEKS to develop lesson plans.
    Texas School Performance Review Hunt Independent School District
    June 2002 Chapter 2
    EDUCATIONAL SERVICE DELIVERY This chapter discusses the Hunt Independent School District (HISD) educational service delivery system in eight sections:
    A. Student Performance B. Instructional Resources C. Gifted and Talented Education D. Compensatory Education E. Special Education F. Bilingual/English as a Second Language Education ... H. Computers and Technology
    B. INSTRUCTIONAL RESOURCES Instructional resources are the financial and human resources, as well as materials and direction necessary, to ensure students succeed in school. FINDING HISD teachers typically do not use curriculum guides. Curriculum guides are work plans that teachers use in their classroom. Curriculum guides provide direction for teachers concerning student objectives, assessment methods, prerequisite skills, instructional materials and resources and classroom strategies. Guides identify basic instructional resources and suggest ways to deliver content. HISD teachers follow the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) but are not required to use curriculum guides. Curriculum guides are voluntary with the exception of pre-kindergarten, kindergarten and special education. The teachers use TEKS to develop lesson plans. The superintendent communicates with teachers on an ongoing basis and discusses with them any problems or issues related to the curriculum. The superintendent does not review lesson plans but goes into classrooms regularly and observes teachers.

    17. Lesson Plans For Seasons
    The student applies the creative process with arts knowledge and skills to reasonand Library essential Learnings Library Orientation; Library Organization.
    Season Lesson Plan School Links Seasons Other Lesson Plans Events Staff PTA Classroom Projects ... Themes Technology Integrated Miscellaneous Seasons of a tree Plans Grade Level: Pre-K Subject/Unit/Theme: Computer Integration / Science/ Seasons KID PIX Materials:
    • Computer Lab KidPix Deluxe Kid Pix Activity Kit Vol. 1 The Seasons of Arnold's Apple Tree by Gail Gibbons
    • Students will give descriptions of the four seasons. Students will create art pictures depicting the four seasons.
    Academic Essential Learnings:
    • Communication 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 (The student uses listening and observation skills to gain understanding.) 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, 2.5 (The student communicates ideas clearly and effectively.) 3.1, 3.2, 3.3 (The student uses communication strategies and skills to work effectively with others.) 4.1, 4.2 (The student analyzes and evaluates the effectiveness of formal and informal communication.) Reading 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5 (The student understands and uses different skills and strategies to read.) 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 (The student understands the meaning of what is read.) 3.1, 3.2, 3.3 (The student reads different materials for a variety of purposes.)

    18. Advanced Technology Competencies For Educators
    essential knowledge skills. 1. List the appropriate Computer skills Curriculumstrands and 1. Develop lesson plans utilizing school television resources. Passe.htm
    Advanced Technology Competencies for Educators Elementary Education (Revised Demonstrable :K 10.0 CURRICULUM In this Course Demonstrate these skills: 10.1 Use the Computer Skills Curriculum to identify what students should ELED 3220 (Curriculum) know and be able to do Address computers skills curriculum in integrated unit. 1. List the appropriate Computer Skills Curriculum strands and indicators for your appropriate grade level and/or subject area 10.2 Use school television resources that support the curriculum ELED 3420 (Student-Teaching) Use television in a student-teaching lesson 1. Develop lesson plans utilizing school television resources 2. Develop materials for better implementation of lesson plans (worksheets, graphic organizers, activities) 10.3 Access resources for planning instruction available via ELED 3223 (Social Studies) telecommunications (e.g., experts, lesson plans, authentic data, Include a listing of internet resources including URL's curriculum materials) along with other technology resources as a part of the integrated unit.

    19. Texas Public Education Portal: FAQs For Teachers
    Texas essential knowledge and skills; How do I assess my students? Texas SchoolDistrict Locator; Where can I find lesson plans aimed at TEKS?,3549,51,00.html

    Teacher's Tool Bag ESCs School District Locator ... SEARCH
    FAQs for Teachers
  • How do I become a teacher in Texas?
    Click on the following link for more information.
    Educator Preparation Program Information

  • What is the average teacher's salary in my district?
    For more information about teachers salaries by district, refer the Reports section of this site.

  • Where can I see the TEKS online?
    The following link provides access to TEKS in every subject area.
    Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills

  • How do I assess my students? Click on the following link to access TEA's Student Assessment Division and its links to an array of testing information. Student Assessment Division
  • Where is information about teaching in my field? This page offers links to each curriculum area's Center for Educator Development. Here you will find information about helping students demonstrate the TEKS in your field. Centers for Educator Development
  • How can I find out about my District/Campus (such as, how are students in my district performing academically)? Use the School District Locator to drill down to the specific district and then use the links at the top to choose whether you want to view Financial Reports for that ISD or view Student Performance Reports. When available the distrcit's website link is also provided.
  • 20. TASA Resources-- Curriculum And Instruction
    by subject, such as algebra or geometry, the free site includes online lesson plans,public forums Texas essential knowledge and skills Complete listing of
    General Links Texas Curriculum Management Audit Center Ancient Greek Theater
    /CPB Exhibits ...
    Texas Science Summit
    Curriculum and Instruction
    TASA Resources
    TASA's Texas Curriculum Management Audit Center
    This is one of the association's most powerful services. Curriculum auditing offers the most comprehensive examination available of a school district's curriculum management system, determining how effectively the school district designs and delivers its curriculum.
    General Links
    Ancient Greek Theater
    This CD-ROM includes synopses of 15 ancient Greek plays, with accompanying artwork from New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art. Ancient Greek Theater, designed for grades 9 to 12, costs $29.95 and can be ordered from the school's Web site. Annenberg/Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) Exhibits
    The goal of Annenberg/CPB's exhibits is to provide hands-on, high-quality learning activities that help students, teachers, and lifelong learners further explore important topics such as the environment, ethics, and the Renaissance. Classroom Connect
    Classroom Connect sells subscriptions to online "quests," in which students follow a team of adventurers as it travels through foreign countries collecting information about people, culture, wildlife, and social issues. Recent journeys include AsiaQuest and AmericaQuest.

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