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         Esl Lessons For Special Needs Students:     more detail

1. Special Education/ESL
special needs Web Destinations Save One Starfish Don't be fooled by the name this website is not about sea creatures. English as a Second Language (esl) Sites for special needs students. special needs Web Destinations to print and share and instructions to help you implement them in your lessons.
Special Education/ESL English as a Second Language (ESL) Sites for Special Needs Students Special Needs Web Destinations Save One Starfish: Don't be fooled by the name...this website is not about sea creatures. A group of school nurses have created this website about ADHD (Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder), understanding the diagnosis and medical treatment of the disorder, and alternative methods of dealing with the symptoms of ADHD. Sources of information are cited clearly and links for parents and teachers are included. Handspeak: This site has more than 3.000 signs (both American and International sign language) in its database, the site has the resources to help you learn in no time. Choose a word and the site quickly shows you an animated demonstration of the word. The graphic repeats continuously so you can spend as much time as you need to to learn it before moving on. There are words of the day, words by category, and words listed alphabetically. New Horizons Inclusion of Students with Special Needs: This site provides the ideal starting point for an analysis of the challenges and successes in the movement toward including students with special needs in the public school environment. Reports on inclusion programs, a link to the MESH Manual for Inclusion, and valuable tips on creating supportive classroom environments for special students are a mouse click away. LD Online : LD Online is undoubtedly the most concise and informative source for the latest and the best information on learning (disabilities. Materials are indexed into tightly focused categories including the ABCs of Learning Disabilities, Finding Help, KidZone, and more. A highly engaging KidZone features an art gallery, student newspaper, interactive activities, and audio clips on IEPs specifically designed for children.

2. Special Needs
special needs support services The following support services are available for special needs INTEGRATION SUPPORT UNIT English as a Second Language (esl). Circuit breaker students with special needs are able to access the support given not like to miss some of their lessons, especially practical ones.


Our purpose
Pastoral care

Special needs
Child protection

School routine

School curriculum

School uniform
Bus travellers
Special needs support services
The following support services are available for special needs: Integration support unit The Teaching/learning team Parent Assisted Learning (PAL Hearing impaired ... Saturday school of community languages
INTEGRATION SUPPORT UNIT Students with special needs are able to access the support given by this unit after testing and consultation with the St Laurence Centre staff. The students are fully integrated into mainstream classes, usually with a modified curriculum. They also have opportunities to develop literacy, numeracy and Life Education Skills. Each student has an Individual Education/Transition Plan, formulated with the student, parent, and the support teacher.
This is a group of teachers who oversee the Special Needs Support provided by the school. It looks at different ways of assisting students and teachers with teaching/learning, and develops plans to assist students with special needs who cannot access the Integration Support Unit. The team also ensures that regular education services are used effectively for all students.

3. ESL Plans
WYOMING EDUCATION FINANCE Programs for students with special needs (Disadvantaged, Limited English Proficient, Gifted) Management Analysis Planning Inc. 1130 K Street, Suite 255 Sacramento, CA 95814 James W. Guthrie, President
ESL Lesson Plans/Activities
ESL Resources
Lesson Plans/Activities
Adult Education ESL Teacher's Guide. Although designed for adults, the lessons and activities provided at this site can be adapted for secondary school students. Features include: Beginning ESL Lessons and Accompanying Teacher Training Modules; Intermediate ESL Lessons and Accompanying Teacher Training Modules; and Teaching Non-Literate Adults. All materials and worksheets are provided.
Grammar, vocabulary, and discussion questions for ESL students to be used in conjunction with the CNN Newsroom television program produced by Turner Educational Services Inc. The site includes information concerning how your school can subscribe to the programs and what support is offered from CNN once your school has subscribed.
Conversation Questions for the ESL/EFL Classroom. A wide range of topics, each with a set of questions, that teachers will find useful as springboards for oral production practice or as prompts for journal writing assignments. Opportunity is also provided for teachers to add topics and questions.
Dave's ESL Idea Page.

4. ED377138 1993-11-00 Educating ESL Students For Citizenship In A Democratic Socie
you have special needs students with attention Analyze successful lessons and classroom management techniques Identify the needs and cultural concerns of esl students and learn
ERIC Identifier:
Publication Date:
Pereira, Carolyn
Source: ERIC Clearinghouse for Social Studies/Social Science Education Bloomington IN.
Educating ESL Students for Citizenship in a Democratic Society. ERIC Digest.
THIS DIGEST WAS CREATED BY ERIC, THE EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES INFORMATION CENTER. FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT ERIC, CONTACT ACCESS ERIC 1-800-LET-ERIC A basic need of this growing population of ESL students is learning how to cope with the rights and responsibilities of citizenship in the United States. So civic education should pervade the curriculum for ESL students. This ERIC Digest treats five facets of civic education for ESL students: (1) needs and goals, (2) content and curriculum materials, (3) use of cooperative learning, (4) use of outside resource persons, and (5) national organizations that provide resources for teachers.
What happens when these ESL students enter United States schools? What are their civic education needs? Joan M. First writes (1988, 205), "Young immigrants enter the United States classrooms with cultural scripts modeled on the material and social environments of their homelands. Their behavior norms stem from lives they are no longer living but cannot forget. To survive, they must integrate old scripts with their new environment."

5. Education World® : Lesson Planning Center : Archives : Special Ed & Guidance
offers a guide to some of the best online lessons for esl/EFL students best onlineresources for teaching students about the special needs and unique

Lesson Planning Center
Archives: All Articles by Date The Arts ...
  • Teaching @ Tolerance
    Martin Luther King dreamed of a world more tolerant that the one he lived in. This week’s lessons are designed to teach kids about King’s dream of tolerance. Included: Lessons on stereotyping, appreciating differences, recognizing how words can hurt (or heal), and more!
  • ESL Lessons on the Web
    In the last 100 years, the number of foreign-born U.S. residents has grown to about 30 million people resulting in a corresponding growth in demand for schools to provide effective ESL and EFL programs at all levels of instruction. This week, Education World offers a guide to some of the best online lessons for ESL/EFL students in middle school, high school, and above.
  • Career Education: Setting Your Students on the Path to a Valued Vocation
    Only rich people can go to college!" That is what one third grader told teacher Heather Root. Now, Root and other educators are emphasizing career education in their classrooms, even at the elementary level. With the resources of the Web as your guide, you too can implement a study of occupations that enlightens, inspires, and encourages your students to succeed! Included: Online resources for screening personality and interest, writing résumés, and the all-important job interview. Lesson plans for teachers too!
  • Rock or Feather: A Critical-Thinking Activity
    A simple activity can reveal much about the students you work with each day. Students make and defend their choices in this activity, called Rock or Feather? Included: Comments from teachers who've used the activity and a printable activity sheet!

6. Special Needs
Tesl lessons. A collection of esl/EFL lessons, maintained by the InternetTesl Journal. Top. Reading Programs for special needs students.

Reading Resources for Special Needs Teachers
Reading Programs for Special Needs Students Village Idea Exchange Professional Books, Journals and Articles for Teachers ... Listservs for Reading Teachers of Special Needs Students
Resources for Special Needs Teachers
Would you like to share sites that you have found helpful? Let us hear from you! 1000 Days to Success: A Program for Reading Success
1000 Days to Success School Network is a not-for-profit corporation developed to help elementary schools dramatically raise reading achievement for all students. Through this program, elementary schools work together as they begin a "No Excuses" approach to teaching reading. This program includes a"Reading Guarantee" that assures parents, students, and staff that a child will read at or above grade level by the time they finish second grade.
Center for Equal Opportunity Sponsors conferences, supports research, and publishes policy briefs and monographs on issues related to race, ethnicity, assimilation, and public policy. Center for Excellence in Education Dedicated to helping people find the appropriate application of technology to improve teaching and learning in diverse settings.

7. Closing The Gap - Library
Computer Technology in special Education and Rehabilitation Features of award winning software for special needs students By Kathleen Hurley and Priscilla Shumway October / November 1997 for taking extra time on lessons. students can experience the variety of approaches for esl students. Stanley's

8. Education World® - Administration Resources : School Counselors : Career & Coll
special Themes Teacher lessons Tech In School Counselors Career College Information special needs students. Evaluating Workplace esl Instructional Programs

9. Special.html
Bilingual Education and eslesl lessons and units. Teachers Helping Teachers-lessonsand a special students, special needs Science Teacher, v57, n8, Nov.

10. School Facilities & Resources
A feature of esl lessons is the incorporation of to help students participate in lessonsin mainstream programmes and services for students with special needs.
Home > Educational Support
Educational Support
Educational Support Student Government Community Services Other Facilities New students arrive at Lincoln throughout the academic year, with different cultural, educational and linguistic backgrounds, and with varying levels of proficiency in English. Fortunately for them, Lincoln has a vigorous and highly regarded ESL Department to cater for the widely varying needs both of new ESL students and of those already here.
The ESL programme is designed to give additional language support to newly enrolled students with limited English proficiency, and, as the schedule permits, to those mainstream students whose language background is thought to be a factor in below grade level performance.
The overall goal of the programme is to help students function successfully in school life, both socially and educationally, as quickly as possible. The means to this end is a supported immersion programme, whereby ESL students are placed in their mainstream class but withdrawn for part of the day for specialist instruction from the elementary or secondary ESL teacher. Lessons are tailored to individual needs and take place in small groups of 1 to 4 students, in a relaxed, supportive and academically challenging environment that encourages risk-taking and promotes rapid, effective learning. The number of lessons and time in the programme depend on the student's progress as determined jointly by ESL and mainstream teachers, in consultation with the Lincoln Principals.

11. ESL Songs -
who have been in the profession before these special needs programs were of greathelp in putting together some interesting lessons for your esl students.

Music Education
Member Central Join Our Community! Login Member Update What's New ... TravelSuite Suite University About Suite University Visit the University Course Listing New Courses ... Featured Courses New Topics Electronica Basketball Teaching Creative Writing to Children Maine People ... More... Suite Events My Favorite Place War and Peace Spring Into Health! Earth Day 2003 More about Suite101 About Home Music Education
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By Deborah Jeter Topic Page Articles Links ... Community Bookstore Subscribe Related Subject(s): N/A Borrow... Browse... Buy... Previous Article ... Next Article ESL Songs Author: Deborah Jeter Published on: November 13, 1998 Related Subject(s): Not Indexed The Music Educator has to wear many hats in order to fulfill the needs of multi-faceted, special needs programs nowadays. While that is all well and good, sometimes, (especially those of us who have been in the profession before these special needs programs were instated), we may feel a bit "behind the times" and not too well equiped to deal with these programs.

12. UNI: Inclusion - Successful Strategies And Assistive Technologies For Special Ne
You will Analyze successful lessons and classroom management techniques with otherteachers who Who Are Your special needs students? Who Are Your esl Learners
Home Registration Syllabus FAQ's Faculty ... UNI ProfDev Home
  • No commute time!
  • Totally online
  • 280:133g section 6G - 3 semester hours graduate credit
  • Next session begins: January 20, 2003
    The schedule includes a spring break when participants will not be required to submit assignments or participate in online discussions.
Inclusion - Do you have special needs students with attention deficit disorder, dyslexia, autism or students who speak little or no English in your classroom? This workshop is designed for K-12 classroom teachers, guidance counselors, and special educators who work with inclusion programs. Learners who have physical, mental, emotional, behavioral, or learning disabilities or who are second language learners can be successful in the classroom when teaching strategies and technologies fit their needs. You will:
  • Analyze successful lessons and classroom management techniques with other teachers who are working in inclusive classrooms
  • Evaluate online sources for teaching strategies and lesson plans
  • Dialogue about assistive technologies during "Ask an Expert" electronic conferences
  • Identify people in your building or district, as well as online, that can act as a resource for you as you learn new strategies and work as part of an educational team

13. Publications And Products - Integrated Language And Content
of social studies and implemented instructional lessons designed to US Governmentand Citizenship Designed with the special needs of esl students in mind

Adult ESL Literacy

Bilingual Education

Foreign Language

Immigrant Education

K-12 ESL

Language Testing
Two-Way Immersion
Integrated Language and Content Publications and Products
Online Publications
Conceptualizing Academic Language
This report draws upon linguistic data from two fifth-grade bilingual classrooms, to show that academic language is comprised of various discourse-level features which are influenced by academic tasks. The authors discuss how students often have different interpretations than teachers regarding what styles of language are appropriate for carrying out certain academic tasks.
A variety of publications resulting from CAL's work with TESOL on the ESL Standards. Implementing Standards with English Language Learners: Initial Findings from four Middle Schools This report summarizes the findings of the first year of an innovative research project conducted in Lowell, MA. The study provides a detailed discussion of the professional development needs that have become the main focus of the work in Lowell thus far. This report is intended for those interested in the role standards play in the education of English language learners, and the influence standards have on professional development in public education generally. Integrating Language and Content: Lessons from Immersion This report highlights the findings from research in second language immersion programs in Canada and makes recommendations for designing and implementing integrated language and content programs and other types of second language instruction.

14. *Learning Skills Center - Univ
Bilingual and esl lessons and activities. http//*Behavior Page. Arts and crafts resources for special needs students.
Educational Resources -Special Education
*Learning Skills Center - Univ. Northern British Columbia *Teachers Helping Teachers *Lesson Plans on the Web Bilingual and ESL lessons and activities *Behavior Page For information and effective practices when dealing with children with special needs. *Big Page of Special Education Links An excellent starting point to find what might help you. *Blind Links Net links in areas such as employment, adaptive technology, and medicine. *Blindspots Movie reviews for the blind, focusing on whether or not the film is easy to follow for the visually impaired. *Catalyst An online resource for technology in special education. *Office of Special Education Another site for links to information about special Ed.

15. Laubach Way To English
reading, vocabulary, skills practice, review of previous lessons, writing practice andteaching techniques to help meet the special needs of esl students.
Laubach Way to English
Additional Information LWE Level 1 Slideshow
Reduced scale image
sample pages slideshow LWE Level 3 Slideshow
Reduced scale image
sample pages slideshow Simply close this window to return to the main catalog page and ordering system. More About LAUBACH WAY TO ENGLISH What is Laubach Way to English?
The Laubach Way to Reading Connection

Principles on Which Lessons are Based

Meeting the needs of ESL students
Components Detail
LAUBACH WAY TO ENGLISH: What is Laubach Way to English? LAUBACH WAY TO ENGLISH: The Laubach Way to Reading Connection
  • vocabulary development phonic or structural analysis of words a short story reading comprehension checks writing practice
The lessons progress from the sounds and regular spellings of basic consonants to those of the short vowels, the long vowels, and finally to irregular spellings and more difficult reading, writing, and grammar skills. The skill books and correlated readers may be used with both speakers of English and those who are learning English. A separate series of manuals, the Laubach Way to English, provides complete instructions for teaching the skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing English to the non-English-speaking student.

16. NNHS : ESL Program : NNHS Teachers Information
students in their classes and would like to know more about them and how to accommodatetheir special needs. Tips on how to modify lessons to meet esl needs.
This page is designed for teachers who have ESL students in their classes and would like to know more about them and how to accommodate their special needs.
What every teacher of an ESL student needs to know
Countries ESL students represent
Cultural Spotlights by ESL students
Tips on how to modify lessons to meet ESL needs
What Every Teacher of an ESL Student Needs to Know
First of all, the content teacher needs to understand that the ESL student community has the same amount of diversity that the general student body has; a variation in general intelligence, in subject-area familiarity, in maturity level, in motivation, and in economic background is to be expected throughout any given cultural group. When you have a concern about an ESL student, therefore, English language level is only one factor among many which influences the student's classroom performance. Nevertheless, some performance factors that are unique to ESL students in general are caused by cultural issues. Textbooks and teaching techniques used in the home country may be very different from the ones we use here. Many textbooks have no illustrations, charts, graphs, glossaries, or homework exercises. Teaching techniques are often deductive rather than inductive. Students may be encouraged to memorize information. Often teachers, not students, do laboratory experiments in science classes. Sometimes students are not used to working in groups; sometimes students have only worked in same-sex groups. When a particular ESL student seems very disoriented in your class, consult with the ESL teacher for available background information. Allow for a period of adjustment.

17. Teaching Students With Special Needs
well that I began to take French lessons (from a Leaving esl for a minute, we needto consider the special needs’ is the most accurate term for many of our
Return to List of Readings CHAPTER 16 SUCCESS FOR ALL TEACHING STUDENTS WITH SPECIAL NEEDS The Human Need for Success I remember going to my box in late September of my first year of teaching. Mixed in with the administrative notices and catalogs was a note from a special ed student in my Basic English class. It was neatly folded into a two-inch square. I will never forget it: "Mr. Birk, I think I’m dum. Can you help me with that?" It was signed, "Your student, Jon." It was a huge admission that reminded me of how I felt when I landed in Tunisia to serve in the Peace Corps with my shiny new college degree and no Arabic. I knew things, knew I was smart (in my own language), knew I could do things (if they were the things I knew how to do). But the culture of the situation made everything feel wrong to me. I remember how angry I felt with all my ideas and feelings bottled up inside me. We have a lot of kids in our schools today especially boys, that feel this way They feel this way for very different reasons. Some of the students in our classes came from other countries as recently as yesterday They are like I was when I first arrived in Tunisia. And because I had great teachers—I actually had to live with them, surrounded by Arabic twenty-four hours a day!—I learned to think and move between the worlds of Arabic and English so well that I began to take French lessons (from a wonderful woman who began each lesson by making us espresso which we drank in the little cottage out back of her house—ahh, but that’s a different story!). Other students in our mainstream English classes have been here long enough to be in transitional classes" that are designed to support these English language learners in the "regular" English classes. Still other students may have been born here, but at home they speak other languages and so have what some call "second language interference" errors in their English or speak what others would call nonstandard English.

18. Re: Pre-K Special Ed
Best of Luck! Alice Kodaly based lessons at this This would be no differentfor special needs students. J By the way, is there an esl issue here?
Re: pre-K special ed
Follow Ups Post Followup Early Childhood Open Forum FAQ Posted by Alice M. Hammel, MENC Research Mentor on November 15, 2002 at 07:30:36: In Reply to: pre-K special ed posted by Christine Newhard on November 14, 2002 at 16:38:46: Christine, I agree with Cecelia! She gave you some great ideas! I believe that, in preschool in general, and especially in special needs situations, the key is repetition. I have had success in
teaching the EXACT same lesson at least five times in a row. I have been amazed at how much ALL of the little ones are able to do
when they are allowed to process slowly and bit by bit. Choose about 8-10 activities for a half-hour class. Make sure that you
include songs, motor activities (ball rolling, jumping, scarves, etc.), art music listening (something short and appealing), rhymes,
instrument playing (Songs in ABABAB...form are good sort of repetition within repetition eg. sticks on A and jingle bells on B).
Choose a song that requires the child to show or voice a choice a motion, an animal sound, a vegetable to put in the soup,
etc. These are great for speech and language developement. John Feierabend's "First Steps in Music" series has lots of great stuff.

19. Rossi Syllabus HEP 4400
apply various accommodations for special needs and esl students. to assist studentswith special learning needs box for course materials/portfolio of lessons.

Instructor: Delphine Rossi, M.S., CHES Class: 2:30-4:10
Office: HPER 155 / Phone: 797-1435 Monday/Wednesday
Office Hours: MW 1:00-2:00 T/TH 11:00-12:00 Room: PE 110
and by appointment Credits: 3
* This class is held in connection with HEP 3300 and HEP 4300 Clinical Experience. Please register for one of the clinical experiences. The clinical experience fee is $50.00 Required Course Text: Merki and Merki (1999). Glencoe Health: A Guide to Wellness. 6th ed.. CA: Glencoe/McGraw - Hill. ISBN # 0-02-651563-6. Course Overview/Goals: Creative Methods in Teaching Health Education will provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to:
A. Acquire an understanding of learner-centered instructional strategies utilized in the instruction of Health Education to a diverse field of students. NCHEC I, II, III, IV, VII
B. Construct unit/lesson plans for Health Education according to adolescent health risk behaviors and student health-related needs. NCHEC I, II, III, IV.

20. Special Programs
and training for staff working with special needs students. learning program beginswith lessons on everything fall of 2002 because students in esl classes are
129 W. Second St.
Freeport, TX 77541
Mailing Address
P.O. Drawer Z
Freeport, TX
Special Programs
Director-Rosa Maria Garcia, PhD
Special Programs is a collaborative effort among various programs to support and enhance the students' learning in Brazosport ISD. Together we maintain a collaborative atmosphere striving towards the success and advancement of all students in BISD. Special Programs' vision is aligned with the district vision aiming for Exemplary and Beyond.
We value the families and students in all our programs and promote the involvement of the family in the education of their children. The programs include: Newcomer Center English Literacy-Civics Education Bilingual/ESOL CEI ... Title I Title V Title II Title III
Newcomer Center
is an accelerated learning program for students new to the United States.

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