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         Equestrian Olympic Sports:     more books (33)
  1. Olympic Equestrian: The Sports and the Stories from Stockholm to Sydney by Jennifer O. Bryant, 2000-05-25
  2. Galloping to the Gold: The Olympic Sport of Equestrian (Inspiring Athletes Non-Fiction) by Teresa Lobosco, 2002-10
  3. American Gold: The Story of the Equestrian Sports of the 1984 Olympics by John, et al. Strassburger, 1984
  4. American Gold the Story of the equestrian Sports of the 1984 Olympics by No Author Stated, 1984
  5. AMERICAN GOLD, The Story of the Equestrian Sports of the 1984 Olympics
  6. Olympic Equestrian: A Century of International Horse Sport by Jennifer O Bryant, 2008-06-01
  7. A Basic Guide to Equestrian (Official U.S. Olympic Committee Sports) by Suzanne Ledeboer, 2001-01-01
  8. A Basic Guide to Equestrian (Official U.S. Olympic Committee Sports Series)
  9. Equestrian Excellence: The Stories of Our Olympic Equestrian Medal Winners from Stockholm 1912 Thru Atlanta 1996 by Barbara Wallace Shambach, 1996-11
  10. U.S. Army Olympic Equestrian Competitions by Robert D. Thompson, 2008-10-28
  11. Sprints, Hurdles, and Other Track Events (The Olympic Sports) by Jason Page, 2008-03-15
  12. Trailblazers: Australia's First Olympic Equestrians by Thompson Wyatt, Petronella McGovern, 2008-03
  13. Russian Equestrians: Olympic Equestrians of Russia, Grand Duke Dmitri Pavlovich of Russia, Vladimir Littauer, Karol Rómmel
  14. Spanish Equestrians: Olympic Equestrians of Spain, Alfonso de Portago, José Álvarez de Bohórquez, José Navarro Morenes, Marcellino Gavilán

BEF team met Professor Lance Lanyon, Principal of the RVC, and assessed the outlinepotential of the site to meet the needs of the equestrian olympic sports.
News and Information since 1996
Last Update : Saturday, April 5, 2003 BEF Backs BOA Bid (21 December, 2002) The British Equestrian Federation is fully in favour of the proposed bid by the British Olympic Association for the 2012 Olympic Games to be held in London. Representatives from the BEF visited the site of one of the BOA's potential equestrian Olympic venues, the Royal Veterinary College at Potters Bar, at the BOA's invitation two years ago. The BEF team met Professor Lance Lanyon, Principal of the RVC, and assessed the outline potential of the site to meet the needs of the equestrian Olympic sports. Mike Tucker, who subsequently designed the Eventing cross country for the Jerez 2002 World Equestrian Games, accompanied the BEF delegation as a professional advisor. Philip Billington, Chairman of BEF, said: "Our initial observation indicates that the Potters Bar site offers good potential to accommodate the equestrian sports, a key ingredient is the ideal distance to the potential Olympic site being under 30 minutes. Once a decision to bid has been made there is much more work to be done, including over the venue, with full consultation between BOA, BEF and its members, and UK Sport." "It is critical that this consultation takes full account of the changing circumstances for Eventing. Should the bid go ahead we must do everything we can to minimise cost, present world class sport at its very best and seek to inherit a sustainable and useful legacy."

2. Equstrian Goods - Quality Equestrian Products At Competitive Prices. Horse Tack,
A guide to the equestrian olympic sports of Eventing, Dressage and Show Jumping Resourcefor the UK equestrian includes news, breeding info on horses and ponies
Welcome to Your Online Equestrian Store ENTER We are currently bringing to together a larger variety of equestrian products.
Please view our contact details to add your product to this site. or e-mail: ENTER Go up and click enter to find all the features of this equestrian web site News ...


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British Horse Society for horses and riders, welfare, training, safety and access, 350 affiliated Riding Clubs, rescue centres, in the UK Olympic event of equestrianism Equestrian World horse accessories and clothing for all your equestrian and outdoor needs Comprehensive equine web directory for the equestrian enthusiast. Lots of free services. Horseweb-UK, Horses for Sale, Loan and wanted, Stallion, UK Studs and Riding Schools/Livery Yard Directories, Saddlery, Jobs, Products, Transport, Features, Property, Holidays, Message board, Chat. Uk equestrian zone provides inexpensive equine advertising and business promotion. We have horses and ponies for sale, also specialist breeds, such as Arabians and Akhal Tekes

3. Sports - Olympics 2000
» Kids Zone. olympic sports. Archery. Badminton. Baseball Boxing. Canoe/Kayak. Cycling. Diving. equestrian. Fencing. Field Hockey
Basketball Swimming Gymnastics Soccer ... Tennis - More Sports - Archery Badminton Baseball Canoe/Kayak Cycling Diving Equestrian Fencing Field Hockey Judo Mod. Pentathlon Rowing Sailing Shooting Softball Syn. Swimming Table Tennis Taekwondo Team Handball Triathlon Volleyball Water Polo Weightlifting Wrestling You are here: Home Schedule U.S. Qualifying History ... Schedule TODAY Get Live Scores on your Cell Phone! Click Here!
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About Sydney
Olympic Voices
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Olympic Sports Archery Badminton Baseball Basketball ... Wrestling

4. Olympic Sports - Equestrian
represented Australia at five olympic Games, winning a forerunner to a large equestrianfestival, which requirements of athletes in high performance sports.

5. British Equestrian Federation
The governing body for the olympic equestrian sports in the UK, affiliated to the FEI. Includes information about the sports, international events, member links, and news.

6. Olympic Sports
The Melbourne sports and Aquatic Centre provides a state of the art equestrianAustralia has won many medals including Gold in olympic equestrian events.

7. Equine Canada
Recognized by the F©d©ration Equestre Internationale (FEI) and the Canadian olympic Association as the governing body for equestrian sport in Canada. Offers news, calendar of events, membership information, information about horses and the equestrian sports.
QUICK ACCESS TO..... About Equine Canada
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HorseLife Magazine
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Eventing in 2008 Beijing Olympics!
Eventing will be maintained in the Olympic Programme of 2008 Beijing, on thecondition that it is organised under the new format proposed by the FEI.
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Equine-Hippique Canada Sport Recreation ... Members
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There are also past olympic sports and sports recognised by the olympic Movement. Boxing. Canoe / kayak. Cycling. equestrian. Fencing. Football. Gymnastics. Handball


The current Olympic Games programme includes 35 sports and nearly 400 events.
There are also past Olympic sports and sports recognised by the Olympic Movement.
Click below to discover the sports and disciplines on the programme of the next Olympic Games.
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Summer sports:
Winter sports:
Aquatics Archery Athletics Badminton ... Skiing RECOGNISED SPORTS Climbing, bridge, golf, roller skating and surfing are sports that are recognised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). The International Sports Federations (IFs) that administer these sports must ensure that their statutes, practice and activities conform with the Olympic Charter. Learn more OLYMPIC SPORTS OF THE PAST Tug of war, rugby, polo, lacrosse, and golf were once on the Olympic programme. Have a closer look at these sports and discover others that have become a part of Olympic history. Learn more WINTER SPORTS Discover the technique of all Olympic disciplines with flash animations.

9. Olympic Sports Overview
time to dry off, competitors head to the equestrian arena where Debut Sport TrampolineTrampoline is one of two sports making their olympic debut this
General Sports Outdoor Activities
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  • Featured Competition: Modern Pentathlon Debut Sport: Trampoline Individual: Men Only Individual: Women Only ... Featured Competition: Rowing

  • By Pamela Rice Hahn
    It's almost time for Olympic Fever. The kids will barely be back in school when from September 15 to October 1, 2000, most of us will be glued to our television sets, watching the games taking place in Sydney, Australia.
    The 2000 Summer Olympic Competition events fall within the following categories:
  • Featured Competition: Modern Pentathlon
    Debut Sport: Trampoline
    Individual: Men Only
    Individual: Women Only
    Team Events: Men Only Team Events: Women Only Team Events: Men and Women Equestrian Debut Sport: Triathlon Featured Competition: Rowing
  • Featured Competition: Modern Pentathlon This event isn't for slackers. It also helps if you're a morning person, too. Competition starts at 5:30 A.M. with a pistol shoot at a bull's-eye target 10 meters away. After that, there's the dueling and fencing for "first blood," where a single touch wins. Then it's on to the pool, where competitors swim a 200-meter sprint; stroke style is each competitor's choice. Without even taking time to dry off, competitors head to the equestrian arena where they each coax an unfamiliar horse around and over a course of fences. Then, after "resting" atop that horse for a bit, there's a final, two-mile cross-country run. The entire competition takes about 12 hours.

    10. - Olympic Sports - Protesters, Police Scuffle Over Olympic Equestrian
    College. sports Memorabilia. TeamStore. No horsing around. Protesters, police scuffle over olympic equestrian Center

    scoreboards soccer S ... U.S. SPORTS INTERNATIONAL NEWS Asia Europe


    Sportsman of the Year
    Swimsuit 2001

    Fantasy Central

    Inside Game

    Video Plus
    Statitudes ... Cities GROUP Sports Illustrated Life of Reilly SI Women SI for Kids ... CNN Languages COMMERCE SI Customer Service SI Media Kits Get into College Sports Memorabilia ... TeamStore No horsing around
    Protesters, police scuffle over Olympic Equestrian Center
    Click here for more on this story Posted: Friday July 06, 2001 10:54 AM ATHENS, Greece (AP) About 100 protesters scuffled with police on Friday at the proposed site of the Olympic Equestrian Center in an eastern suburb of the capital, authorities said. The demonstrators clashed with police when construction workers tried to fence off the property in Markopoulos. The protesters were reportedly former owners of the land who are upset over the low price the government paid them to expropriate the property. The incident was another example of growing dissent among locals toward the organization of the 2004 Games. The proposed Olympic rowing site, in a seaside area 30 kilometers (20 miles) from Athens, has become the focus of a domestic and international campaign to move the venue. Environmentalists and archaeologists are concerned the project could disrupt a sensitive wetlands ecosystem and intrude on the historic site of the 490 B.C. Battle of Marathon, which gave its name to the marathon race.

    11. ThinkQuest Library Of Entries
    equestrian. Showjumping contest. In 1900 came the equestrian to the Olympics,and the very first part was the show-jumping contest.
    Welcome to the ThinkQuest Internet Challenge of Entries
    The web site you have requested, The Olympics on Internet: The Gameßite , is one of over 4000 student created entries in our Library. Before using our Library, please be sure that you have read and agreed to our To learn more about ThinkQuest. You can browse other ThinkQuest Library Entries To proceed to The Olympics on Internet: The Gameßite click here Back to the Previous Page The Site you have Requested ...
    The Olympics on Internet: The Gameßite
    click here to view this site
    A ThinkQuest Internet Challenge 1999 Entry
    Click image for the Site Languages : Site Desciption In this site, each Olympic gathering is described , highlighting the statistics about medals, dates, and country participant .The athletes are described, with attention paid to women participants. The Olympic oath, the Olympic Flag and the Olympic Fire are included. Olympics in antiquity are featured and the corruption scandal is explored. This is a place on the Net for true Olympics enthusiasts. Languages: English, Dutch.
    Students Gerhard Zernike College
    Netherlands Peter Zernike College
    Netherlands Chris Zernike College
    Netherlands Coaches Sjoerd psychologist
    Netherlands Mathilde librarian
    Netherlands Aad Zernike College

    12. Plans Ready For Olympic Equestrian Center
    Canada, olympic sports news, results, schedules, features and more in Canada and abroad from SLAM! sports

    13. - Olympic Sports - Equestrian - SI's E.M. Swift: Horse Sense - Monday
    Va., gave the US its first equestrian gold medal It was just the second time in Olympichistory that an sports Illustrated senior writer EM Swift is in Sydney


    Sportsman of the Year

    Heisman Trophy

    Swimsuit 2001

    Fantasy Central

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    Multimedia Central

    Work in Sports GROUP Sports Illustrated Life of Reilly Television SI Women ... CNN Languages COMMERCE SI Customer Service SI Media Kits Get into College Sports Memorabilia ... TeamStore Horse sense
    Custom Made showed his skills in equestrian
    Click here for more on this story Latest: Monday September 25, 2000 09:00 AM HORSLEY PARK, Australia The best all-around athlete at the Games has no endorsement contracts coming his way, no girls swooning at his glance and no autograph hounds baying at his door. With all due respect to Ian Thorpe, Marion Jones and Andreea Raducan, the best all-around Olympic athlete to emerge from the first 10 days is ... a horse. Custom Made is his name, a 17-hand high, 16-year-old, 7/8ths Irish Thoroughbred gelding who, ridden by David O'Connor of The Plains, Va., gave the U.S. its first equestrian gold medal since 1984, a dry spell that was beginning to make the American horse set wonder how the West was won. "It's huge," says O'Connor, who also won a bronze in the team eventing competition with his wife, Karen.

    14. - Olympic Equestrian Is An Equine Newspa
    UK horse products supplies quality equestrian good such as horse tack, stable mats and magnotherapy ( magnetic therapy horse health ) at the best possible price, delivered by mail order

    15. - Olympic Sports - U.S. Olympic Equestrian Team - Wednesday September
    US equestrian Team. Event Dressage Horse Etienne olympic History Competing inher first CNNSI, Copyright © 2001 CNN/sports Illustrated An AOL Time Warner


    Sportsman of the Year

    Heisman Trophy

    Swimsuit 2001

    Fantasy Central

    Inside Game

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    Work in Sports GROUP Sports Illustrated Life of Reilly Television SI Women ... CNN Languages COMMERCE SI Customer Service SI Media Kits Get into College Sports Memorabilia ... TeamStore
    U.S. Equestrian Team
    Julie Black Sue Blinks Robert Costello Robert Dover ... Christine Traurig Julie Black Age: Height: Weight: Birthdate: Sept. 26, 1970 Hometown: Newnan, Ga. Event: Eventing Horse: Hyde Park Corner Olympic History: Competing in her first Olympics Back to the top Sue Blinks Age: Height: Weight: Birthdate: Oct. 5, 1957 Hometown: Mount Kisco, N.Y. Event: Dressage Horse: Flim Flam Olympic History: Competing in her first Olympics Back to the top Robert Costello Age: Height: Weight: Birthdate: July 26, 1965 Hometown: Southern Pine, N.C. Event: Eventing Horse: Chevalier Olympic History: Competing in his first Olympics Back to the top Robert Dover Age: Height: Weight: Birthdate: June 7, 1956 Hometown: Flemington, N.J.

    ABOUT equestrian is the only olympic sport where man It is the ultimate in team sports,a horse and rider working together for years to hone feats of grace

    17. USA Volleyball: Olympic Sports Links
    To request a link on our site contact Brent Buzbee or complete our link requestform. US olympic sports Sites equestrian (US equestrian Team).

    USAV Regions

    USAV Member Orgs.

    Volleyball Clubs
    Olympic Sports ...
    Link Req. Form

    USA VOLLEYBALL OLYMPIC SPORTS LINKS USA Volleyball is pleased to give you a fast, easy way to find other volleyball and sports sites. Simply click on any of the links bellow to get to that site. To request a link on our site contact Brent Buzbee or complete our link request form US Olympic Sports Sites: Archery (National Archery Association) Badminton (USA Badminton) Baseball (USA Baseball) Basketball (USA Basketball) ... Wrestling (USA Wrestling) LINKS: Main USAV Regions USAV Member Organizations Volleyball Clubs ... Donations

    18. Copernicus Education Gateway
    Find out which athletes won equestrian competitions in past years from Griffin PublishingGroup's Official olympic sports page For information straight from
    Equestrian displays and competitions were featured in the early Olympic Games in Greece. Today equestrian events are still popular and have been featured in the modern Olympic Games since 1912.
    The Events

    News, History, Fast Facts

    All About Athletes

    Dive In!
    ... More Sports
    The Events
    "Show jumping" is the most well-known equestrian event. Each horse and rider jumps two rounds of a series of obstacles. Fault points are assessed if an obstacle is knocked down, if the horse balks at an obstacle, or if the time is exceeded. The "dressage" competition requires the rider, man or woman, to guide the horse through a series of precise and intricate movements. Some of these movements include a stunning element called "the passage," which calls for a suspension of motion between each step of a trot, and another, "the piaffe," in which the animal trots in place. Points are awarded for the proper execution of each movement. The three-day event, also called "combined training," is a grueling test of endurance and style consisting of three parts: dressage, endurance, and show jumping. The dressage and jumping sections follow the same basic rules and scoring as do the regular dressage and jumping events. The endurance phase is a long-distance obstacle run broken into four parts: two "roads and tracks," one "steeplechase," and one "cross-country.".

    19. Sports Books - Spectator, Extreme, Olympic And Team Sports
    Spectator sports Baseball; Basketball; Football. Golf; Hockey; olympic Games. Soccer;Tennis. Contact sports equestrian sports equestrian; Dressage. Horse Racing. Rodeo.
    Sports Books Index Best Sellers
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    ... Other Subjects
    Spectator Sports
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    Auto Sports
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    Equestrian Sports
    Individual Sports Click here for top sellers in Individual Sports Outdoors Activities Sport Aviation Water Sports Winter Sports Search Sports Books Travel Books History Books Military Books Science Books UK Bookshop for

    20. Summer Olympics 2000
    1 NBC 11 am6 pm Boxing, equestrian, gymnastics, volleyball Gold medal radio Listenin on olympic athletes as and their Sydney dreams on The sports You Do Show.
    Mtn Biking Outdoors Running ... Winter Sports More Sports Adv Racing Badminton Baseball Baseball- LLB Basketball Bobsleigh Bodybuilding Bowling Cheerleading Climbing Cricket Cross Country Curling Disc Sports Duathlon Equestrian Fencing Field Hockey Figure Skating Fishing Fitness Flag Football Football Football - AU Golf Horseshoes Ice Hockey Inline Skating Kayak/Canoe Kickball Lacrosse Martial Arts Orienteering Other Sports Paddleball Paintball Polo Racquetball Ringette Roller Hockey Rowing Skydiving Softball-Fast Softball-Slow Stickball Table Tennis Tennis Volleyball Water Polo Water Skiing Wrestling Event Directors Park Professionals Team Administrators ActiveWomen ... Active Sports Shed
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    Michael Steele/Allsport
    Savon punches on

    Cuba, not known for making its mark at the Olympics, made history saturday. Felix Savon won the heavyweight gold to become only the third boxer to win three gold medals and second Cuban to do so.
    Raging bulls
    Fists were flying during semifinal action of the Olympic boxing tournament. When the final bell sounded, two Americans, Ricardo Williams Jr. and Rocky Juarez will have a final bout for gold. Double-fault
    A major sport at most times and in most places, tennis fails to generate widespread excitement among players and fans alike as an Olympic event. Would changing Olympic tennis to a team competition format help matters?

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