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         Equador Government:     more detail
  1. We Will Not Dance on Our Grandfathers' Tombs: Indigenous Uprisings in Equador by Kintto Lucas, 2001-02-12

81. Reference Center
List of hotels in Angola no links to individual hotel sites are given, but addresses and phone numbers Category Regional Africa Travel and Tourism Lodging Hotels...... The Continental offers an executive lunch buffet on weekdays and its bar, the equador,is known for its Irish coffee.There is a new discotheque and a cafe that
Hotels: All telephone/fax numbers are preceded by the country code 244 Hotels listed by region below. For more hotel information contact: SATUL - Sociedade Angolana De Empreendimentos Turisticos e Hotelaria, LDA. R. do Carmo, 8
Tel: 2-33-21-19
Fax: 2-33-98-20
Transcontinental Sociedade de Hoteis, SARL
R. Duarte Lopes
In Luanda (N.B. Accomodations in Luanda are very expensive. Where available, we have provided information on amenities offered and room rates. However it is important to remember that room rates fluctuate frequently. Thus you should not assume these rates are current. They are provided here only as an indicator of price ranges.) Africa-Turihotel Industrias Hoteleira e Turistica de Africa, SA
R. Comandante Che Guevara, 126, r/c Luanda
Tel: 2-32-27-37
Grande Hotel Universo R. Cirilo Conceicao Silva, 6 Luanda Tel: 2-33-31-93 Fax: 2-33-31-92 Hotel Avenida R. Serqueira Lukoki Tel: 2-33-47-26 or 2-39-51-34 Fax: 2-33-4727 Web site:

82. Ecuador
1995 est.). government. Top of Page. Country form Ecuador. Data codeEC. government type republic. National capital Quito. Administrative
[Country Listing] Factbook Home Page] Ecuador
Geography [Top of Page] Location: Western South America, bordering the Pacific Ocean at the Equator, between Colombia and Peru Geographic coordinates: 2 00 S, 77 30 W Map references: South America Area:
total: 283,560 sq km
land: 276,840 sq km
water: 6,720 sq km
note: includes Galapagos Islands slightly smaller than Nevada Land boundaries:
total: 2,010 km
border countries: Colombia 590 km, Peru 1,420 km Coastline: 2,237 km Maritime claims:
continental shelf: claims continental shelf between mainland and Galapagos Islands
territorial sea: 200 nm Climate: tropical along coast becoming cooler inland Terrain: coastal plain (costa), inter-Andean central highlands (sierra), and flat to rolling eastern jungle (oriente) Elevation extremes:
lowest point: Pacific Ocean m
highest point: Chimborazo 6,267 m Natural resources: petroleum, fish, timber Land use: arable land: permanent crops: permanent pastures: forests and woodland: other: 15% (1993 est.) Irrigated land: 5,560 sq km (1993 est.) Natural hazards: frequent earthquakes, landslides, volcanic activity; periodic droughts

83. BrowserWise Search!
Results 1 through 5 of 5 for equador INCA The Galapagos and equadorFind information on travel to the Galapagos Islands. Provides

84. History Of Ecuador
For 15 years the country struggled with his attempts to overthrow the governmentfrom abroad. Several regions seceded from the central government.
ECUADOR Safari's Home About Ecuador About Safari Adventures ... Search Safari's Guide to History of Ecuador Contents Pre Colombian History The Conquest The Early Years The Fight for Independence ... The Republic of Ecuador Pre Colombian History For 12,000 years Ecuador has been home to various civilizations. Early cultures celebrated the history of their forefathers through songs, dances, and story telling. Oral history was an important part of religious ceremonies. Little of this history remains today. The Spanish forcefully converted the indigenous culture to Catholicism, religious ceremonies were abandoned and many of the stories forgotten. The tales that endured are of the Inca's who arrived in Ecuador shortly before the Spanish. Information about earlier cultures is attributed to the archeological treasures discovered throughout the country. Ecuador is a young country archeologically speaking, the importance of unearthing and preserving ruins does not have the enthusiastic support of the country and scientists as in Mexico, Peru, Egypt or Turkey. Many of the country's ruins remain buried, left simply as a mysterious symbol of an earlier culture. One can only imagine what has left to be discovered. Opportunities to learn about Pre-Colombian cultures include the well-preserved ruins in Machalilla and Ingapirca or visiting one of the excellent museums housing a collections of art work and tools. The first known culture of Ecuador is the Las Vegas, a group of hunters and gathers who lived on the Santa Elena Peninsula between the Guavas Basin and Salinas. Living in houses and making textiles they enjoyed a varied economy and they existed by farming crops including maize and squash, hunting, and exploiting the mangroves for wood, oysters and other seafood. The museum "Museo de los Amantes de Sumpa" near Santa Elena houses displays of the Las Vegas and tells the story of their culture.

85. Equador - LANIC - Português
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Assuntos Acadêmicos
Cultura e Artes
Direitos Humanos

86. Governo Na América Latina - LANIC- Português
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Leia as notícias de hoje Ciências Políticas
Political Database of the Americas

Elections around the World
Political Databse of the Americas
ou Political Resources on the Net
Recursos Regionais

87. Al Hammadi IT -- E-Government
Name of Ministry or government Corporation,
e-government e-ducation e-business e-commerce e-nd to end arabic flash e - Government E-Government aims at increasing productivity and reducing costs in performance by using the Data Networks based Technology. In addition, it aims at enhancing the services offered to citizens, Business sector corporations and to find better methods to involve them in the executive procedures. Objectives
  • Increase the performance quality by employing the information and communications technology.
  • Compress the government expenditure.
  • Provide unique services to citizens and business sector corporations in typical time.
Basic Specifications of Development
  • Expand the automated citizen services and create new communications channels.
  • Provide complete services thru the net instead of only providing the information.
  • Create and activate the government informational structure and benefit more from the accumulated data.
  • Get high quality goods and services against the least prices and the most effective methods.
Basic Components
  • Infrastructure serving the E-government.

88. Vera Institute Of Justice | Support For Government Officials | Register
How long, overall, have you worked in government?

89. A Mormon Missionary In Equador
We were told in no uncertain terms by our mission president, a former governmentofficial (he was always rather secretive about his former career go figure
Life as a Young Mormon Missionary then afterwards
I get touched by all these stories. This one is great and I hope all who read this will be able to learn more about the Mormon experience This is from: Here at work we recently have been hooked into the Internet, and I have availed myself of the opportunity to browse through various topics. I was more than a little surprised to find so much information regarding the Mormons, and their various detractors. You see, I am also a former member of the LDS church. A little background on my mind set; I do not have anything against the Mormons, nor have I ever set out to disabuse any active member of their fallacious (from my point of view) belief system. I feel that religion and spirituality, while mutually exclusive of one another, are a personal thing not unlike an individual's spouse/lover. As such, they completely subjective to the individual, and have no basis in facts, provable datum, or any other quantifiable medium. I would no more want to tell a person that their religion is "wrong" than I would tell a friend that his/her spouse was ugly. When I left the Mormons, I did it on my own; no fanfare, no histrionic requests for excommunication or removal from the records. They are simply a worldly organization, and as such have no power over my own personal brand of spirituality. Any request for those actions would have given validation to any claims that they thought they might have over my soul. I my view, they have none.

90. World Travel Guide - Ecuador - Climate
Accommodation. Sport and Activities. Social Profile. Business Profile. Climate.History government. Maps. Regions and Cities. Quito. The Andean Highlands. TheCoast.
OAS_sitepage = URL + '/SouthAmerica/Ecuador/Climate'; WORLD TRAVEL GUIDE .NET GUIDES World Travel Guide World City Guide World Airport Guide World Cruise Guide ... World Weather TOOLS Holiday Brochures Mini Guide Online Bookstore
World Clock

APPENDICES How to Use This Guide Health Disabled Travellers Buddhism ... Travel Warnings LANGUAGES Deutsch Dutch Español
... Ecuador
Warm and subtropical. Weather varies within the country due to the Andes mountain range and coastal changes. Andean regions are cooler and it is especially cold at nights in the mountains. Rainfall is high in coastal and jungle areas.
Required clothing: Lightweight cottons and linens, and rainwear in subtropical areas. Warmer clothes are needed in upland areas.
NOTE: This site is updated quarterly - for the very latest information see
About this site
Terms and Conditions Advertise ... Feedback Travel Information Contact Addresses Overview General Information Passport/Visa ... Maps Regions and Cities Quito The Andean Highlands The Coast The Oriente ... Galápagos Islands Tools Mini Guide Reviews

91. Mission To Equador 1999 - Findlay Memorial Church - Glasgow, Scotland
The cost of everything in Ecuador increased by 2040% early this year because thegovernment are trying to dig themselves out of their financial crisis due to
about the church directions what's on?
about the church
contact us

What happened in Ecuador? Ecuador is on the north-west coast of Latin America and is home to around 11 million people, the vast majority of which are very poor. The Ecuadorian people need a great deal of support to enable them to climb out of the poverty pit they find themselves in. I am going to spend 4 weeks this summer (1999) in a small village called Nuevos Horizontes which is about four hours from Quito (the capital) by road down the Andes. Nuevos Horizontes houses a basic health clinic and dental surgery which serves the poorer people in the vicinity. The health centre is run by Christians from all denominations who have a passion for the underpriviledged. Latin Link is the organisation through which I have found the opening, enabling me to travel to Ecuador and complete my elective period. I will be doing both research into the dental health problems of the Ecuadorian people along with some basic dental treatment. I am in no doubt God has kindly offered me this placement for a huge number of reasons, most of which I will discover in the future. Just now it is suffice to say that He wants to open my eyes to a way of life beyond my imagination, which has it's good as well as bad points. I want to offer a token gesture of dental help to the people I meet in return for everything I will surely gain from my trip.

92. Afghanastan Government News Board - Terrorists And Taliban Hijacked American Pla
From John Dale To Afghan government Subject Ambulances Date Thu Jan 2 1737022003 Message I am compiling a list of emergency telephone numbers in each


Please Bookmark This Page Message Boards Afghan-Government ... Note: This domain-name is no longer owned by the (previous) Afghan government. Sept. 12 posts (472K) Sept. 13 afghan posts (480K) Sept. 14-15 afghan posts (2041K)
Sept. 15-18 afghan posts (900K)
... Apr. 8 - Dec. 31 911terrorists posts (248K) From: om/cf
To: Merlyn
Date: Wed Jan 1 00:08:59 2003
Message: For Christs sake man, bud? Life is too short and its New Years Eve! Happy New Year. From:
Wed Jan 1 00:45:03 2003
Message: Atheism creates criminal societies! Look at the Taliban. They were atheist, becuase anyone who isnt cristian is an atheist. they were probably communist too. From: Happy pants
To: All on the board Subject: An amusing observation about Marie Date: Wed Jan 1 00:46:10 2003 Message: Do you ever notice how Marie goes into an incoherent rant, and then reposts below with more incoherent ranting, then reposts, and reposts again? What a little tantrum thrower. Who taught her how to type, what is their address? I want to shoot them for crimes against humanity. From: Buuuurp n Faaaaart To: Crap Date: Wed Jan 1 00:53:34 2003 Message: Blah, blah, blah....sputter - puke. Atheism sucks as well! Everything blows chunks! The Taliban where hardly atheist!

Reports on the geography, history, culture, and people as written by fifthgrade students.Category Kids and Teens School Time South America Ecuador...... Military ruled again in 1963 and they alternated back and forth with the civiliangovernments until 1979 when they removed government from the state and began
CES Home Page CES Awards Classroom Webpages Comments ... Teacher Resources
By: Kristen and Stephanie 5th Grade Chapin Elementary School We have worked hard to verify the facts on our web pages. Any mistakes are unintentional and not intended to offend any culture or people. If you are utilizing our pages for research, we wish you luck with your project. We would also suggest that you use other references (see our bibliography for suggestions) to add to and verify what we found. Thanks!
Where is Ecuador?
History of Ecuador The Good People of Ecuador Lifestyles in Ecuador ... Student Web Pages Menu
    Where is Ecuador
    - Climate
    • The climate varies according to the different altitudes. In the Eastern Lowland it is hot and humid all day with only a light rainfall occasionally. The Coastal Lowland is a plain that ranks from 12-100 miles long and covers a fourth of Ecuador. Here it is mostly hot and humid. The Andes Highland is a series of peaks that rise up to almost 20,000 feet above sea level.
      Some widely known natural resources of Ecuador are fish, oil, gold, timber, and a variety of minerals.

94. VENEZUELA: The Other War For Oil
In an act of solidarity, unions representing oil workers in Colombia and Equadorhave offered to help the Venezuelan government break the lockout.
VENEZUELA: The other war for oil
BY STUART MUNCKTON Reading the mainstream press over the last month, one could be forgiven for believing that Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez has become so unpopular that his government is facing a revolt by the country's workers. The oil industry provides some 50% of government revenue and accounts for a third of Venezuela's gross national product. Venezuela is the world's fifth largest oil producing country and is the third largest supplier of petroleum to the United States. The Chavez government put a halt to PDVSA management's plans for full privatisation of the company, and introduced legislation requiring all of PDVSA's revenues to come under government control. This helps explains why Venezuela's big capitalist families have been so desperate to get rid of Chavez. These families are also being supported by the US government, which is acting to defend the profits of US oil corporations. In many ways, though, what has frightened Venezuelan capitalists and their US backers most of all is the mass radicalisation of the workers and peasants that has been encouraged by the Chavez government. The working majority, overwhelmingly of black or indigenous descent, are no longer willing to be ruled by a wealthy elite that, in different forms, has dominated the country's political life since the Spanish conquest. Despite controlling the private media, the elite's support among the population has narrowed since the failed April military coup, while the workers and peasants have become further radicalised and organised.

95. [Ecuador] Equadorian Govt No Longer Recognized By People
2000 For the most comprehensive and upto-date updates on the rebellion in Equadorin English It assumes the preparation of transition to the NEW government.
Date: Mon, 7 Feb 2000 15:03:39 +0100 Subject: [stop-war!] [Ecuador] Equadorian Govt no longer recognized by people Forwarded message Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2000 14:46:36 -0500 From: Bob Olsen To: Subject: Equadorian Govt no longer recognized by people Equadorian Indians no longer recognize the authority of President Jamil Mahuad, the elected Congress or the Supreme Court. January 21, 2000 For the most comprehensive and up-to-date updates on the rebellion in Equador in English, German and French, see International Press Release from the Confederation of Indigenous Peoples of Ecuador (CONAIE) Quito - January 16th 2000 The National Parliament of the Peoples of Ecuador, democratically constituted with the participation of 21 Provincial parliaments and innumerable community, county and neighbourhood parliaments, has directly assumed the control of national sovereignty in order to save the Republic of Ecuador from the process of national dissolution started by the decision of Jamil Mahuad to renounce monetary sovereignty by announcing the substition of the sucre, our historical form of currency, for the (American) dollar. ..... snip ..... The complete article can be found at 00.html :::::::::: start of summary of another message ::::::::: - Forwarded Message from "el desaparecido" - >Subject: (en) [ecuador] resolutions of the peoples' national parliament Resolutions of the People's National Parliament of Ecuador 1. To install the People's Parliament of Ecuador as a request for democracy and plurinational representation, legitimate and sovereign: the People's Parliament of Ecuador is a permanent organ of decision and resolution. It assumes the preparation of transition to the NEW GOVERNMENT. 2. This Parliament does not recognize the set of measures announced by Jamil Mahuad and calls for civil disobedience and the raising up of the people until succeeding in the revocation of the President and his Government, National Congress, Supreme Court of Justice and the Organisms of Control and the establishment of a government of the people. 3. The People's National Parliament of Ecuador assumes as a mandate the preparation of the Alternative Program of Government, for which they summon to strengthen the work of the provincial and district Parliaments. 4. The Parliamentarians of Ecuador's people, in representation of the 22 provinces of the country and of the discussed proposals at the district and provincial level, ratify the necessity of a total change of the neoliberal model for a fair, responsible, environmentally sustainable economy, that recognizes plurinationality and cultural diversity, productive and democratic, directed towards human development. 5. The people of Ecuador, represented in this National Parliament, resolve to practice and develop democracy, real, with true participation and directed towards a political model, under the principles of AMA KILLA, AMA LLULLA, AMA SHUA. 6. The People's Parliament at the provincial, district level, of the people and nationalities of Ecuador and the People's National Parliament of Ecuador, will function in a permanent manner in the whole country, and will be the organ of political-democratic representation and resolution of the MANDATE of the people. 7. The people of Ecuador call on the Armed Forces to respect and support the actions and decisions of the provincial indigenous-popular Parliaments and of the People's National Parliament of Ecuador, for being a legitimate expression and the Constitutional Sovereign Power of the People. Given and signed in Quito, capital of the Republic of Ecuador, in the session of the People's National Parliament of Ecuador, January 11, 2000. Mns. Alberto Luna Tobar. S. President Antonio Vargas Vice President Napoleon Saltos Secretary Manuel Castro Pro-secretary The complete article can be found at 00.html :::::::::: start of summary of another message ::::::::: National Parliament of the Peoples of Ecuador Quito, January 15, 2000 PRESS BULLETIN Mahuad must leave office in order to prevent a social convulsion BEGINING OF POPULAR-INDIGENOUS UPRISING The popular-indigenous uprising called by the National Parliament of the Peoples of Ecuador against the "dollarization," coruption, privitization, and the empoverishing of the country started at hour today with the closing of roads in several provinces and the mobilization of thousands of indigenous people on an encounter with the peoples of Ecuador in Quito; Antonio Vargas, Parliament President, insisted thet the only manner in to avoid a social convulsion is if Mahuad and his government give way to the desires of the peoples of Ecuador. ...... snip ....... The complete article can be found at 00.html :::::::::: start of summary of another message ::::::::: Forwarded message Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2000 01:44:36 +0100 From: el desaparecido URGENT ACTION The Confederation of Indigenas Nationalities of Ecuador CONAIE, with other social organizations of the country, are summoning all the organisms of solidarity, of human rights, to all the sister organizations of the Indigenous communities of the Continent, to develop actions that tend to restrain the repression levels, levelings, violation of human rights, and a system of discrimination and racial violence used by civil employees and public force of Ecuador, by order of the government of the Dr. Jamil Mahuad. The fight of the People of Ecuador today is made of legitimate actions, recognized in the same Constitution, which is recognized by the sovereign power which resides in the People. Towards the constitutional recognition mandate of the spirits of our sacred mountains, rivers, waterfalls and seas, to maintain our dignity at any cost, we, the people of Ecuador, undertake the Popular Parliaments and the Great insurrection of the towns as forms of head of resistance to neo-liberal, corrupt, anti-popular and anti-sovereign policies, imposed by the bankers, groups of great economic power, the government which represents them. January 11th, after the organization of the parochial, cantonal, provincial parliaments, we installed the National Parliament of the Communities, as an alternate and sovereign form of power where the different social sectors are discussing and generating government and Pluri-nacional State proposals. ...... snip ....... The complete article can be found at 00.html :::::::::: start of summary of another message ::::::::: Forwarded message Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2000 16:05:38 +0100 From: el desaparecido NATIONAL PARLIAMENT OF THE PEOPLES OF ECUADOR - COMMISSION ON THE ECONOMY DOCUMENT OF THE SUB-COMMITTEE ON DOLLARIZATION Dollarization operates exclusively in industrialized economic systems, which are governed by the flow of foreign exchange dollars, colonial economies based exclusively on commerce, tourism and monetary speculation. There are only 12 dollar colonies in the world, among them the Virgin Islands, the Marianas, Puerto Rico, Panama and other small dots hard to find on the world map. ..... snip ..... SUB-COMMITTEE MARCELO LARREA DIEGO ORDONEZ MARCELO ORTEGA JORGE LIZARZABURU FRANCISCO HUERTA JORGE LOOR ENRIQUE ASTUDILLO ...... snip ....... The complete article can be found at 00.html :::::::::: start of summary of another message ::::::::: From: "UBV-Quito" > January 19, 2000 ECUADOR PARALYZED BY INSURRECTION OF THE PEOPLE The Uprising of the People of Ecuador is acquiring great strength in the country, despite the levels of repression, disinformation and slander the the government has used in an attempt to check the struggle of the Indigenous Nations and Peoples (Nacionalidades y Pueblos Indigenas) and other sectors of the country's population. ...... snip ..... :::::::::: start of summary of another message ::::::::: Jan 21, 12:48 est • Business Ecuador Indians name governing junta • GTA News QUITO, Ecuador (CP) - Hundreds of Indian • protesters broke through a barbed-wire International barrier today and charged past military News guards, seizing the empty Congress • National building and declaring a new government. .... snip .... This article was found at go to updates and then to International updates. It will be removed tomorrow, Jan 22, 2000 However, it may be available at PROT.html :::::::::: Progress reports, Jan 18 - 21 ::::::::: 00.html 00.html 00.html "textbook lesson in Third World politics" 00.html 00.html 00.html apparently Spanish 00.html for updated information in spanish: For updates on the rebellion in Equador in English, German and French, see most comprehensive and up-to-date also for Spanish, see or the NGO Pulsar: or through the mainstream Ecuadoran daily newspaper: ............................................. Bob Olsen, Toronto .............................................

96. Geography - Merriam-Webster's Atlas
Form of government unitary multiparty republic with one legislative house(National Congress 125). Head of state and government President.

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