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  1. We Will Not Dance on Our Grandfathers' Tombs: Indigenous Uprisings in Equador by Kintto Lucas, 2001-02-12

41. An Alternative School In Equador By Fasila Carter
and sadness . An invited teacher from the government asked Miguel after finishing the work You painted hot using green? The
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An Alternative School in Ecuador by Fasila Carter Singing unknown sounds MONDAY 4
8.15 AM - "Known and Unknown sounds or vowels":
We sing songs or vowels that first come to mind , one sound at a time. The teachers tape the sounds and the children listen and repeat only the unknown sounds of the language.
9.00 AM - "Agricultural activity from a different point of view":
We take a walk in nature and look at nature at ground level from the perspective of a small insect. One of the teachers writes down all the children's observations and then makes a poem using only the comments that the teacher finds unusual.
10.20AM - "A table with surprises":
There is a table filled with food and the children choose the food they want to eat and the amount. Then they close their eyes, choose a number all together, and move to the right that number of seats, then open their eyes and eat what somebody else has chosen! (Children are more open to play.)
11.20AM - "Drawing known and unknown sounds and vowels":

42. BBC NEWS | Talking Point | Brazil's New Government: Will It Make A Difference?
Look at the past and remember Guataemala 19531990, equador in the 1960s, Chile Brazilis finally on the path to true democracy, a government for the people, by
You are in: Talking Point News Front Page World UK ... Programmes SERVICES Daily E-mail News Ticker Mobile/PDAs Text Only ... Help EDITIONS Change to World Monday, 4 November, 2002, 08:45 GMT Brazil's new government: Will it make a difference?
Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, the new leftist president-elect of Brazil, has said that the country will respect financial markets and prioritise the fight against hunger.
Mr Lula - who received 61% of the vote in the recent elections - pledged fiscal austerity and sustainable growth. However, he also addressed the country's poor, saying his priority is to combat hunger and unemployment. When Mr Lula is inaugurated on 1 January, he will take over Latin America's largest economy, which is burdened by debt and suffering a deep economic crisis. He has also called on the IMF and other international lenders to help Brazil through its crisis and to extend credit lines to Brazilian businesses. Will Brazil's president-elect, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva's government be able to please the financial markets yet also combat poverty in the country? Can Brazil's new government make a difference? This Talking Point has now closed. Read a selection of your comments.

43. World Homes Network - Ecuador
equador. Ecuador. Country in South America, bounded N by Colombia,E and S by Peru, and W by the Pacific Ocean. government. Ecuador
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Property Agents In Ecuador Real estate for sale in Ecuador Apartments for sale
Evan's Ecuador, Galapagos, Andes and Amazon

Dorn's Ecuador Page

Quito Relocation Services
Country in South America, bounded N by Colombia, E and S by Peru, and W by the Pacific Ocean.
Ecuador is not a fully federal state but has a devolved system of 21 provinces, including the Galápagos Islands, each administered by an appointed governor. The 1979 constitution provides for a president and a single-chamber national congress, the 77-member chamber of representatives, to which 65 representatives are elected on a provincial basis every two years and 12 nationally for a four-year term. The president is elected by universal suffrage for a four-year, nonrenewable term.
Home Find Property Submit Property News ... Terms, conditions and privacy policy, September 2002

44. Equador Halts Food Aid Program Due To GM Content EFE News Service 18may01
equador Halts Food Aid Program due to GM content. EFE News Service 18may01. Quito,May 17 The Ecuadorian government on Thursday suspended a nutritional program
Equador Halts Food Aid Program due to GM content
EFE News Service 18may01
Quito , May 17 - The Ecuadorian government on Thursday suspended a nutritional program that provides food for poor children and mothers sponsored by the United Nation's World Food Program (WFP) due to the possibility that genetically engineered soybeans were among some of the food products' ingredients. Authorities will not suspend the food deliveries, but they will eliminate two nutrition programs aimed at children because of the possibility of genetically engineered soybeans, Radio Quito reported. The government will make up the foot shortfall caused by the suspension of the two plans by handing out other products free of any genetically engineered ingredients. WFP representative in Ecuador Hannah Laufer said that food provided by the two nutritional programs could contain genetically engineered soybeans. These programs were aimed at children, pregnant women and lactating mothers, with the objective of counteracting the malnutrition and infantile growth deficiency prevalent in Ecuador's poor areas. Accion Ecologica, one of Ecuador's most prominent environmental organizations, said that 55 percent of the ingredients used in the State's nutrition programs contain genetically engineered products, especially soybeans.

45. Luna Runtun, Ecuador, Equador, Banos, Sp, Adventure, Hiking, Biking, Forms,
Declared a national park by the Ecuadorian government and (along with the GalapagosIslands) a Natural Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1983, the 517,725 hectare
SANGAY NATIONAL PARK Declared a national park by the Ecuadorian government and (along with the Galapagos Islands) a Natural Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1983, the 517,725 hectare Sangay National Park is one of the most beautiful natural areas in Ecuador and in the world. Sangay, much the same as its neighbor, Llanganates National Park, is a place of amazing biodiversity and shelters an incredibly high number of endemic species, especially plant species. This spectacular diversity is a direct result of the Park's geographical and climatic extremes. With towering peaks rising up to 5,230 meters above sea level and valleys dipping down into the Amazon Basin as low as 600 meters above sea level, Sangay has microclimate ranging from sub arctic to tropical with average temperatures varying from below freezing to 24 degrees Celsius. The Park is home to eight distinct vegetation zones, ranging from sub artic to tropical lowland forest, with the transition areas between these distinct zones providing habitats for the area's most interesting plant species. Notable fauna includes: tapirs, bears, ocelots, jaguars, otters, humming birds, condors, and deer, many of which are rare and endangered species.

46. Luna Runtun, Ecuador, Equador, Banos, Sp, Adventure, Hiking, Biking, Forms,
concerned entity in the country, began working with monetary support from the WorldWildlife Fund International (WWF) and the Dutch government to survey and
Pastaza Corridor Gift to the Earth
In 1996, The Nature Foundation (Fundación Natura) of Ecuador, the largest environmentally concerned entity in the country, began working with monetary support from the World Wildlife Fund - International (WWF) and the Dutch government to survey and develop a plan to promote sustainable natural resource development within Sangay National Park. This study made the group realize that the unprotected area between Sangay and Llanganates National Park, drained by the Pastaza River, if disrupted, would have serious impacts on both parks. In other word, the Pastaza River Valley might well be a natural corridor, an important "biological dispersion zone" connecting the parks and not, as some had previously assumed, a natural barrier to dispersal. The investigation, which was conducted over the course of four years, was carried out using established scientific protocols and indices designed and implemented by qualified scientists and specialists including ecologists, botanists, ornithologists, geneticists, and social scientists. The investigation was principally biological in focus, but extensive studies were also conducted into the social aspects of the plan, as well. Some of the conclusions of the studies are as follows:

47. Top Secret CIA/FBI Government Conspiracy CD! UFOs, Coverups, Scandals, & More!
Base Area 51 Alien Interview Crop Circles Bright UFO Triangular UFO Diamond UFODiamond UFO 2 equador UFO Bob Lazar How could the US government hide UFOs?
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48. Zentralamerika Online
Media, Organizations, Real Estate, Shopping, Education, government, Classifieds,Business Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Dominican Republic, equador, Switzerland, Mexico

49. Debt Swap For Conservation In Equador
Debt swap for conservation in equador. Natura for stabilization bonds, thanks toan agreement previously signed between Fundación Natura and the government.

Update: Debt swap for conservation in Equador
Debt swap for conservation in Equador Author: McNeely, J.A. (1988) Source: Sevilla, R.L. (1988). Debt Swap for Conservation : The Ecuadorean Case. Paper presented at Workshop on Economics, IUCN General Assembly, 4-5 February 1988, Costa Rica. Ecuador is a small South American country with extraordinary levels of biological diversity, containing nearly twice as many species of plants and animals as all of North America. To protect this diversity, 15 protected areas have been established, covering about 11 percent of the land area. As with many Latin American countries, Ecuador is suffering from significant external debt; its 1977 debt balance of $1.3 billion had increased to $9.4 billion by 1987, with 60 percent of the amount owed to private international lenders. It is apparent to the lenders that Ecuador - like other Latin American countries - is having great difficulties repaying the debt, and the lending banks have recognized this difficulty by reducing the price of Ecuador's debt by 50 percent in the past six months. Further, the debt crisis has generated austerity measures which are seriously hampering development efforts (including sustainable use management of biological resources). After examining the situation, a small group of Ecuadorian professionals, including the former General Managers of Ecuador's Central Bank and of Citibank-Ecuador, organized a private foundation, "Fundación Natura", to use the debt crisis as an opportunity to attract financial resources to be invested in conservation of biological diversity.

50. CHL Consulting Group
of Suriname; government of Guyana; government of Peru; governmentof equador. Independent Hotels in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania; Espace
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51. Rock Climbing In The Andes (Bolivia, Peru And Equador)
friendly, beautiful place to be and horrorstories normally only happento the stupid. (government travel advice can be viewed here).
Home Articles Links Shop ... News Handy Andes by Dave Ferguson Introduction Bolivia Peru Equador THE HOWS THE WHYS AND THE WHEREFORES First, a few words of warning: The central and northern Andean states can, at times, be difficult places to exist. The challenges are both political and environmental. During the 6-month period in the area I experienced 1 military coup, 3 national transport strikes, the end of Ecuador's currency, and was tear-gassed the day I flew home. During that time I spent just 6-weeks below 2000m and saw 2 volcanoes erupt within a couple of kilometres of where I stood. Such occurrences can be vexing and potentially hazardous so a few words of advice: - If you're planning to spend much time in the region, learn Spanish, it'll make life a LOT easier - Read the papers (aided by the above) to keep abreast of political and volcanic activities. - Acclimatise. French 6a at 3500m is very, very hard work. - Take your time. Don't plan too much and allow lots of contingency time.

52. Equador Conference
2002. Travel assistance. Participants are encouraged to seek travelsupport from their own government agencies or program sponsors.
Land use change and geomorphic, soil and water processes in tropical mountain environments
Symposium: Ecuador
16-21 December 2002
Second circular
Second circular
Word format

pdf format
Registration and Payment form
Word format

pdf Format

Thank you for showing interest in participating in the symposium "Land use change and geomorphic, soil and water processes in tropical mountain environments", which will be held in Ecuador from December 16 till 21, 2002. At present, over 40 persons have shown interest in participating in the symposium. Please find enclosed some additional information regarding the symposium. Note that additional information will be available on the website of the Laboratory for Experimental Geomorphology, K.U.Leuven:
This symposium aims at bringing together scientists from various disciplines dealing with soil and water issues in tropical mountain areas. The main objectives of the symposium can be formulated as follows:
  • To exchange information and scientific findings on the effects of land use change on geomorphic, soil and water processes in tropical mountain areas in a broad sense.

53. Ecuador Guyaquil Galapagos Chimborazo Otavalo Cuenca Oriente Province Jungle, Tr
equador Vagabondo left its track ( ) to indicate the most interesting sites, theones several regions of the world supplied by the American government and the
Selected Internet resources for the independent traveler in Equador, Centro America, Guayaquil, Galapagos, Chimborazo, Playas salinas, Puerto Viejo, Otavalo, Indians, Cuenca, Province Oriente. Information about , travel, tourism, holiday maps, guides, travelogues car renting, ecotourism, rivers, waterfalls, mountaineering, archaeology, deserts, plane renting, natural reserves, parks, trekking, camping, climbing, backpakers hostels and much more. Index Latin America Argentina Belize Bolivia Brazil Caribbean Chile Costa Rica Cuba Equador Guatemala Honduras Mexico Patagonia Peru Venezuela Altri Stati EQUADOR Vagabondo left its track ( ) to indicate the most interesting sites, the ones absolutely not to miss. Adventures and outdoor activities (trekking, cycling, paddling, climbing etc.) are marked by the symbol " ". We have given a strong evidence to Personal Pages (highlighted in green).
General and Geographical data

54. Equador
Churches attend a third of the population who receives the solidarity bond, an aid system for the neediest established by the government last October.
ECUADOR Evangelicals called to solve crisis
QUITO, March l7 (ALC) The Ecuadorian Evangelical Confraternity called on
the Church and society to "persevere in a constructive spirit and to seek
solutions" in the face of the serious economic and political crisis racking
Ecuador. We want "to be the voice of the poor and needy, who we serve, who we form
part of and who cannot withstand more suffering. Unfortunately, many of
those who have access to public spaces talk about the poor in abstract
terms. We speak of the poor with an Ecuadorian face," said a document
published by the entity that brings together the majority of Evangelical
Churches in this South American country. "We believe that this is the time for compassion and to build horizons of
hope. We affirm that today is the time for justice, solidarity and low," said Evangelical Churches as a series of strikes and protests have been launched against President Jamil Mahuad's economic measures. The severity of the situation motivated the US State Department to warn political parties that they must seek a solution to the economic crisis "within the Constitution."

55. Equador - Cascais Portugal Hotels - AllStays
government Rates the big chain promotions! Instantly Check Rates and AvailabilityFor assistance with this page please see our Help section. equador Alto DA

56. Student Government Page
Minutes from the Medical Student government Meeting. Four second year students areplanning on going to equador to assist in giving medical aid to the needy
Medical Student Government
Student Council Meeting 1998/99
January 12, 1999
Budget Brainstorm II
November 17, 1998
November 3, 1998 ...
Budget Brainstorm I
Minutes from the Medical Student Government Meeting
April 13, 1999 I. Meeting called to order at 12:04 II. Election results for next year's student government
Chairperson: Karl Rosen
Vice Chairperson: Matt Berkman
Treasurer: Todd Turley
Congratulations to all of the committee representatives!
Executive council will be meeting Friday April 23 in Dr. Leadem's office during lunch. III. Treasury
Family day only ended up costing about $600
Hermes requested $700 out of next year's budget for next year's journal. The request was passed. IV. New Business
There is some concern about the scheduling of exams. Normally exams are scheduled a year ahead of time by a committee of faculty and students. Though there are no schedules that will satisfy everyone, there have been some suggestions regarding the scheduling process. Evaluation of the exam schedules by the students is one idea. Another is an extended schedule into the weekends to allow for more study time between tests. If you have any proposals, please tell your reps or exec council members.
Come to the Faculty Awards Ceremony on Thursday April 15 in Duval at 11:30. Lunch will be provided.

57. Cyprus News Agency: News In English (PM), 99-05-11
06 Cyprus equador - Protocol. Prisacaru and member of the Committee of the RomanianSenate, Marcian Bleahu, will meet with top House and government officials
Compact version Today's Suggestion
Visit the Canadian Hellenic Broadcasting (CHB) Homepage Monday, 7 April 2003 News Latest News (All)
From Greece

From Cyprus

From Europe

From Balkans

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Cyprus News Agency: News in English (PM), 99-05-11
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  • 1625:CYPPRESS:01
    Romanian Senators - Visit
    Nicosia, May 11 (CNA) A Romanian parliamentary delegation arrives here this evening at the invitation of the Cyprus House of Representatives. During their three-day visit, Chairman of the Standing Committee for Foreign Policy Ghiorghi Prisacaru and member of the Committee of the Romanian Senate, Marcian Bleahu, will meet with top House and government officials. On Wednesday the two Senators will be received by House President, Spyros Kyprianou, and have meetings with chief negotiator in Cyprus' talks for accession to the European Union George Vassiliou and the House Standing Committee on Foreign and European Affairs. On Thursday Prisacaru and Bleahu will be received by President of the Republic, Glafcos Clerides, and meet with Foreign Minister, Ioannis Kasoulides.

    58. Bolsa Amazônia
    to unite their efforts and establish a nongovernment organization for an objectiveto contribute to the sustainable development of equador, applying science

    59. Fact Sheet:  Equador
    The lumber industry in Ecuador is rapidly growing and the government is trying tosolve this problem. The population of Ecuador is approximately, 12 562 496. Sheets/ecuador.asp
    Fact Sheet
    Ecuador Ecuador is situated on the west coast of South America. Just to the north of Ecuador is the country of Colombia, and to the south is Peru. Ecuador is slightly smaller than the state of Nevada with a total land area of 283 560 square kilometers and a coastline of more than 2 237 kilometers. The central eastern part of the country is located in a region of the Andes mountains. The highest peak in the country is Mount Chimborazo which is 6,770 meters high. The largest active volcano is mount Cotopaxi. The lowest point is the Pacific ocean which is at sea level.
    The climate of Ecuador is tropical and very warm on the coast, but it can get cooler farther inland from the coast. Much of Ecuador land consists of forests. (a small portion of which is rain forest in the eastern part of the country) Like many different countries, Ecuador is currently having problems with deforestation. The lumber industry in Ecuador is rapidly growing and the government is trying to solve this problem. The population of Ecuador is approximately, 12 562 496. Ecuador's capitol city is Quito, which is located in the north eastern sector of the country. The city of Quito has been voted the most comfortable city to live in, in the world. Its average temperature is usually in the low 70's.

    60. Travel Intelligence | Links On Ecuador
    World Reference Desk Country summaries by Dorling Kindersley Ministry of ForeignAffairs Official government Site Exploring equador Directory equador

    suggest a link
    Links from this site are often to online versions of print publications. However, the print editions remain great value and often contains significant extra material. Links on Ecuador
    Country Studies for U.S. Library of Congress
    : Description and analysis of the history and the social, economic, political, and national security systems and institutions of countries throughout the world
    CIA World Fact Book
    : Rather dry, factual information on Geography, People, Government, Economy, Communications, Transportation and Military
    U.S. State Department Background Notes
    : People, History, Government, Economy, Foreign Relations and Travel and Business Information
    Lonely Planet
    : Travel Facts, When to go, Activities, Attractions, History and Culture
    World Bank
    : Information on Developing Countries
    World Travel Guide
    : Passport/Visa Information, Money, Health, Travel, Sports and Activities, Business Profile, Climate, History and Government
    World Reference Desk
    : Country summaries by Dorling Kindersley
    Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    : Official Government Site
    Exploring Equador
    : Directory Equador Tours : Tour operator Ecuador Explorer : Adequate regional guides Quito Fodor’s

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