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81. {chat, Chitchat, Chatter} (OTHERS)
(english, music, translation, movie, pops, song, lesson, chat, windows He also plansto exhibit his original work music Flea market and Chat in enlish pages are
top new E-word J-word ... Editor's Note (MAIN)
  • -New!- shaberiba (Tokyo)
    (shaberiba, chat bbs diary teenager ... education
  • -New!- Office Transcriber /Via Voz (Hyogo)'s Home Page is full of pleasant topis. Understand Japanese ? You love dogs ? Why not read Omega Mama's stories ? They're true stories. Sorry,but Office Transciriber Via Voz is to be closed indefinitely.
    (fViaVoice, ViaVoce, homepages)
  • -New!- HIROKI's Page (Ibaraki)
    CGI CGI Game
    game chat BBS , HP, link
  • -New!- Home part-time job chat lady chat part-time job (Yamaguchi)
    A chat, an operator, being home, part-time job, SOHO, a high income, a rich man, a chat lady, a chat operator, a home operator,
  • -New!- dxtekigokusenjutu (Tokyo)
    kanrininsaburo-kabugakojindeuneishiteirusaitodesu. keijiban/chattoinochidesu. pokemon/pawapuro/yakyuugasukinahitodaigangeyi!!
    (zatudan, saitama , kanitama, saitamasaitama, pawapuro6, pawapuro3, pokemonrubisafa)
  • -New!- a hlef YUUGI (Kanagawa) This homepage is yuugiou and rumikku! It has many electronic bulletin board systems! But It's Japanese homepage. yuugiou , rumikku, chat day , a, hlef)
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82. Tim O'Brien's Guestbook-1998
wanna say that in my sophmore (high school) enlish calss, we I've already made plansto continue reading each and that right now I am preparing a lesson on the
Tim O'Brien's 2001 Guest Book
Return to the current guest book. I bought "The Things They Carried" to read on a trip to Boston in October and finished it in a day. Couldn't wait to come home and read "If I Die In A Combat Zone." Now I'm reading "Going After Cacciato." These are among the best of 20th century war literature.

San Antonio, TX USA - Thursday, December 13, 2001 at 12:30:31 (CST) I just finished using "Things They Carried" in my Humanities class. It was a fantastic success. I treasure my meeting my Mr. O'Brien several years ago in Davenport,Iowa. He is an author of unusual power and insight.

Cedar Falls, IA USA - Tuesday, December 11, 2001 at 19:45:55 (CST) loved the book thoughts on existentialism anyone?
miami, fl USA - Monday, December 10, 2001 at 20:03:30 (CST) I had to read O'Briens story in my college literature class. I really enjoyed it, helped me understand a horrific war that occured in a generation before my time. I didn't never could comprehend fully what happened in Vietnam from the history books. O'Brien did a magnifecent job making it real for us who did not understand. Thanks

83. Questions And Discussion
show they break away from the story and tell names of things in old enlish and give athreat to human society and the Alkiada people need a neew lesson on how
Questions and Discussion
Describe Sa' and Ch'idzigyaak's character traits. How are they similar? How are they different?
joathan walwyn

David's thoughts on teh subject : They're both old women. They are both living together trying to survive in iceland.
David Myers

Lakia's thoughts : they are both old and in harmony with David's comment, they are trying to survive. They have to eat the things that most wouldn't and they suffer through the cold weather and try to keep warm.
I agreed with Lakia and David's thoughts.
Hoa Vu

Nazim Hudda's Thoughts Check Out The Two New Questions

Another question about Civil War: What are the three reasons for Civil War?
Hoa Vu

About the two old women Remember they are in Alaska, not Iceland. Yes, they are both trying to survive. But how do they go about that differently? I find that Sa' seems more motivated to push forward and that she really encourages her friend Ch'idzigyaak. Do you all agree? Why/why not? joathan walwyn Notice: Remember to use YOUR OWN WORDS when posting to the Swiki. Taking other people's ideas or words and using them as your own is plagiarism. joathan walwyn Civil War what do you know about it? There are many misconceptions about the causes. What have you heard about why the Civil War occured?

84. Language Exchange Message : Translation From Enlish To Spanish
Bulletin Board Category Vocabulary/Translations Discussion translation fromEnlish to Spanish All messages in this discussion , Message, Posted By. 7737,

85. Korean Penpals - Email Pals For Exchange Of Language And Culture
English. I'ma international student in Vancouver. l need to brush on my enlish. Also,I would be good exchange for leraning enlish any languge. kahn. South Korea.

86. Book Three
Demonstrate enlish skills necessary for development of Pronunciation Skills.(Integrated into Life Skills) Click here to make comments on this page.
Book Three
High Beginning

Unit One:
Workforce Development Skills
Unit Two:
Applied Technology

87. : Ask Judie
Ask Judie. You are here Discussions Ask Judie How to study enlish textsas an EFL/ESL student. How to study enlish texts as an EFL/ESL student.

88. : Ask Judie
Author. Nov 11 2002 1249 pm, How to study enlish texts as an EFL/ESL student,2, Sandra. Nov 7 2002 520 pm, ESL certification in Asia, 4, Mr.A.BenEzra.

89. Signs Of Faith - Fall 1999 - Overcoming The Odds
Auditorium and inside the main classroom Vietnamese Catechists discuss their lessonplans for the of the students who have just begun to speak enlish, don't
A Place of Miracles
By Brother George Van Grieken, FSC

L arge or small, at De La Salle Chapel each event carries inside it the spirit of faith and zeal that gives life to everything that the Lasallian Sisters and the Christian Brothers do within this community. There are no small miracles here; each miracle is large to the heart that is touched. One cannot visit De La Salle Chapel without going away amazed. Here in the midst of a busy residential area of San Jose, California, six Lasallian Sisters and five Christian Brothers from Vietnam provide a set of deeply appreciated educational programs for the local Vietnamese Catholic community. In this city with the largest Vietnamese population of any city in the United States, De La Salle Chapel sits as both an oasis of safety and a cauldron of activity. From morning until evening, every day of the week, the voices of children and teenagers echo among the set of small church buildings, classroom cottages, and a converted garage. The playground is festooned with banners from the last Vietnamese cultural celebration, and adults pick up or drop off their small children, secure in the knowledge they will be well cared for. Inside the main building, Vietnamese senior citizens pray their devotions each Friday morning. Next door, the Sisters lead a group of children in religious songs. On the basketball courts outside, Vietnamese teenagers practice their folk dancing in preparation for the upcoming New Year's program at the Civic Auditorium and inside the main classroom Vietnamese Catechists discuss their lesson plans for the following weekend's catechism classes.

90. : Ask Judie
How to study enlish texts as an EFL/ESL student. by Sandra on Aug 20 2002818 pm. Your reply to How to study enlish texts as an EFL/ESL student .

91. : Ask Judie
Nov 15 2002 338 pm, teaching behaviours in EFL classrooms, 3, Liu Wei. Nov11 2002 1249 pm, How to study enlish texts as an EFL/ESL student, 2, Sandra.

92. Explanation
A "talking" Hmong/English and English/Hmong dictionaries.Category Reference Dictionaries World Languages H Hmong......Welcome to the only talking Hmong/English and English/Hmong dictionariesin the entire world! These dictionaries have been created
Go to:


94. Interchange 9/9
A bit of text at the end got lost.Apologies for that! Neil:
Testing Tan Tran:
Anyone there? Clifton Strickler:
When do we switch to our handles? David Wynn:
houston, we have a problem Neil:
Go to interchange and then psuedonym
Alan Phan:
i hate tests
Miss Kraboppel:
So who am I now. Pedro: ?como estan? Brandon: Here we go... Ashley Baker: Identity crisis in action Neil: muy bueno, gracias Principal Jones: hola Stephanie Jobs: Hello, hope everyone is having a good day. Advisor 2: hey stephanie. Where is Woz? Margo Harrison: d Brandon: My day sucks, and it's only 10am Miss Kraboppel: Good morning, Class. Today we are going to learn about "chatrooms" Govt. Automaton #3: Mind the gap. ....JIM.....: what up Stephanie Jobs: Pardon Advisor 2: Wozniak? Govt. Automaton #3: You will all be assimilated. Stephanie Jobs: He's at a bar doing who knows what. ADVISOR 1: BEGIN THE PROCEEDINGS! Advisor 2: good ole Woz. Brandon: can we hurry up, I need to get to biology class Miss Kraboppel: say, how bout that ibook, miss jobs? Neil: I'm sorry, but could we run this interchange in a reasonable fashion? I'm missing work and I don't want this to be a waste of my time. Suzanne Teshera: Pedro: que?

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