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41. :: The Obligatory Blog
the lesson back up, back up, back up a secondstring team to me, and i am pickingan enlish win, much that's 70kgs she plans to lose all up in case you weren't
Thursday, November 28, 2002 Ouch
i rediscovered last night that "personal trainers" have a lot in common with dentists. not only do they derive enormous pleasure from seeing their clients in pain, they also seem to think that it is possible to talk at the most rediculous of times! whereas dentists will invite you to offer up opinions and chit-chat with a mouthful of sterile implements... personal trainers engage in conversation when you have been sitting on an excer-cycle for 15 minutes and are using up all available mental capacity to keep encouraging neural signals travelling from brain to tiring legs to keep on going, and using what is left of the smoke depleted lung capacity to keep the body functioning... polite conversation is simply not an option!
oo, i am late... more later by gazza :: link Add a comment Wednesday, November 27, 2002 Sex Anyone?
have just published the 2002 edition of their global sex survey, which poles 50,000 "lovers" worldwide. dear old new zealand features in the report, whereas our prudish neighbours across the tasman proved too tight lipped about their sex lives for that country's data to be included in the final report...
there are some really pretty interesting things shown up in the report:
  • on average, people across the world are having sex 139 times a year

42. Close Encounters Of The Zanderkind
or YOU ..almost insist that I learn a lesson RIGHT now and let me worry aboutpassing FUCKING enlish Literature accident will stop a lot of plans for a
Sorry, your browser doesn't support Java.
Warping young minds, and frightening small animals since 1986!
April 06, 2003
Right now Saddam's Top Ten things to do this weekend... Thanks to Danielle for this little tidbit. David Letterman's Top ten Saddam Hussein Weekend Plans 10. Setting clocks one hour ahead on time bombs 9. Antiquing with wives two and seven 8. Giving go-ahead for "Operation Run Like Hell" 7. Ordering bullet-proof mustache 6. Brunch with Geraldo 5. Boosting Republican Guard morale by playing Tony Robbins tapes 4. No plans, due to the fact that he's been dead for quite a while 3. Posing for ten thousandth giant mural 2. At Baghdad tennis club, playing doubles with doubles 1. Kissing his ass goodbye And this just in....................LOL
New street signs going up in Bagdad.....
Thanks to Acidman for the link Zander commanded you read this at: 11:56 AM Whaaaaaatsup? (3) bothered to comment! Insert cool title here.... Okay so the brain cells are not all firing this morning, so no cool title, but.......... :2thumbsup: This weekend is going very good so far, and I am having a good time being home. HOWEVER

43. Edlinks
Language Arts lesson plans A collection of lesson plans with handouts by Ray Saitzand many contributors; all of the This site is ideal for the enlish junkie.

Writing in an Elementary Classroom, Research in the Teaching of enlish, 16 (1982 CRITICALTHINKING HANDBOOK A Guide for Remodelling lesson plans in Language
- ================================================================================ Note 1.0 Welcome to the CHALLENGE conference 1 reply SPCVXA::TERRY "Terry Kennedy" 8 lines 3-JUL-1989 01:26 Welcome to the CHALLENGE conference. This conference is used to conduct discussions of Challenge Grant issues by grant particpants. It provides a faster and easier method of communicating with all the grant participants than using the MAIL system. This conference is private and restricted to the Challenge Grant parti- cipants. If you are a participant and receive a message saying you cannot access the conference, please send a MAIL message to user TERRY. ================================================================================ Note 1.1 Welcome to the CHALLENGE conference 1 of 1 SPCVXA::TERRY "Terry Kennedy, Operations Mgr" 3 lines 22-MAY-1991 03:48 - - This conference has been opened to all interested parties. We look for- ward to your participation in these discussions. Non-pertinent notes are subject to Moderator action. ================================================================================ Note 2.0 This topic reserved for future internal directory 1 reply SPCVXA::TERRY "Terry Kennedy" 2 lines 3-JUL-1989 01:26 The most current internal directory for this conference will be posted as responses to this topic. ================================================================================ Note 2.1 This topic reserved for future internal directory 1 of 1 SPCVXA::MORNEWECK_S "Sam Morneweck, Project Direct" 108 lines 31-JUL-1989 14:03 -

45. ¿¼ÊÔÖ¸ÄÏ¡ªÓ¢ÓÊÔ
Still, despite its emphasis on new markets, Reebok plans few changes in the stillcarefully chooses the manufacturers of its products 40.What lesson has Reebok Space/Band 6/2000.6tp.htm
Part I Listening Comprehension (20 minutes) Section A
In this section, you will hear 10 short conversations. At the end o f each conversation, a question will be asked about what was said. Both the conv ersation and the question will be spoken only once. After each question there wi ll be a pause. During the pause, you must read the four choices marked A), B), C ) and D), and decide which is the best answer. Then mark the corresponding lette r on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the centre.
Example : You will hear:
You will read: A) 2 hours. B) 3 hours.
C) 4 hours D) 5 hours.
From the conversation we know that the two are talking about some work they will start at 9 o'clock in the morning and have to finish at 2 in the afternoon. Therefore, D) "5 hours" is the correct answer. You should choose £ÛD£Ýon the An swer Sheet and mark it with a single a sinle line through the centre.
Sample Answer
£ÛA£Ý£ÛB£Ý£ÛC£Ý £ÛD£Ý 1. A) Buy some traveller's checks.

46. Untitled Document
DEVELOPMENT lesson plans Links Psychosocial Teaching Philosophy A Life's BeyondCollection of Learning A Resource Site for Students Teachers of the enlish/
Favorite Literature
My Resume
Personal Works
Photo Gallery
Video Production CLASS WORK
How To Instructions
Project Proposal Drafts
Lesson Plans
Links Psychosocial Teaching Philosophy "To learn to write is to learn to have ideas." - Robert Frost

47. Message Board
hi,i want to learn enlish if any friend be intrested in me please contact me LearnEnglish online by practicing with a native speaker and use free lesson plans.

48. TEC Teachers
behaves himself in class, and he smiles and speaks enlish with the I explained oneof my plans and why I divided the to make out a draft of a new lesson for 8

49. Ch05sep9
Well I've learned my lesson. class for so long, voluntarily, enjoying every minute,no plans to leave MichaelC What you know in enlish has taken you years right
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Chat with students Ying-Lan from Taiwan and Lola from Kuwait;
and teachers Michael C, MAD Maggi, and Vance
September 5, 1999
Connecting to Ying-Lan: @64,64 !It's Ying-Lan Vance: There she is! Ying-Lan: hi, Maggi, and Vance. ONly youo? Ying-Lan: ^I am sorry being late. Maggi: Hi Yinglan! Vance: So far, only us. Lola was here briefly. Maggi: aren't we enough?! :-) Ying-Lan: HI,. BTW, your student don't contact me. Maggi: she only arrive on Friday. Maggi: arrived Ying-Lan: ^She might be busy to know the new world. Ying-Lan: ^It's o.k. Maggi: she might have jet lag Ying-Lan: ^sure,,, and being busy. Maggi: yes...getting settled in. Ying-Lan: What were you talking about?

50. *Wishful Thinking*
almost 6pm and I don’t have anymore plans for today I can’t forget the oral presentationfor enlish I will class because it was a really boring lesson today

51. Teach Online: Course Requests By Subject
enlish 101 Acrreited, college level 478. I would like to learnabout early childhood education,creating lesson plans etc
Join Now Sign In Money I've Earned My Awards ... Shopping Cart
Monday, April 7, 2003 You Are Here: Home Course Requests by Subject View Requests by: Subject - Department Date Fee Type ... Post Request Categories Accounting
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My To Do's Create a Class Join/Remove a Class My Settings Change Password Edit My Profile Edit My Resume Help ... LogOff The following is a list of course requests posted by potential students ordered by Subject . If you are looking for a class to take and have not been able to find a suitable match in our course catalog , then try posting a request for the course. Page 12 of 44 Subject Department Request Date Fee ... criminal investigation and forensic medicine (2 replies) Criminology Online Class criminal investigation and forensic detective or police studys... Criminal Justice (6 replies) Criminal Justice and Corrections FREE Online Class Basic-Easy to understand reviewing Court Case's,Criminal's,How the Justices Dept works.... ... crystal healing (4 replies) Spiritual Studies FREE Online Class spiritual healing...

52. Barcellona
as the centiment attached to the unfinished plans of gaude it is just another lesson,i suppose, in the need to of maria and hanna and hannas enlish boy friend
this city is hauntingly simaler to san francisco....
barcelona, 5-18
barcelona, 5-20
Barcellona 5-24
marico opa at the beach

things may be a bit incongrous- infere from the contex....
well james was off, and i hope he has a great time in his tour of spain, i'll see him again in a few days. I have had a bit of romance with a very cool canadian girl, rose, who perhaps someday i might be in touch with again, but doubtfuly.
manly though i feel that i have gone into a space of deep hard rest, that i am in a sleep cycle of life, and that i will awake from lazyness relaxed and ready for more insanity and presure of the western world. I feel like i am developing more of an eage, learning more how to assert myself in the world, it is good.
well - now i will do some art work
I had a fabulous time with Brain at seista yesturday. He took me out to eat at the hary chrishna temple, were i had about the best meal that i can remeber since being in europe. it was also dirt cheap. We then had coffie, and he showed me around the new exhibition space / architecual offices for his firm. cerial will be moving out of his place early friday morning, and so will jonus. I am thinking about moving in to jonuses room, however there are a lot of unawsered questions, many how secure my shit will be given the number of people flowing in and out of that place. I will have to talk to cerial about it.- actualy now that i do think about it, it should not be a problem at all. Sanna is leaving for Ibza tonight, and Ruth left for austria last night, i had a good bowl of fruit salad thanks to them. they are two people i like very much and would like to know better.

53. SUBJECT: Textbook & Course Info (AS)
topics such as health insurance, pensions, and retirement plans in terms on it inAugust and works on a lesson each weekday Don't worry about the enlish texts
KEYSTONE ... BACK TO ARCHIVES PAGE email: SUBJECT: From: Marty Date Posted: Apr 08, 2000
Physiology and Health is a good, basic Health course. There are six exams divided roughly as follows:
Exam 1 - fitness/ grooming/ mental health
Exam 2 - diet / drugs (medical)/ tobacco / alcohol / drug abuse
Exam 3 - body systems: nervous, skeletal, muscular, endocrine, reproductive, circulatory, respiratory, digestive
Exam 4 -family and social health, consumer health
Exam 5 -safety, first aid, cpr, communicable diseases, sexually transmitted diseases, noncommunicable diseases and disorders
Exam 6 -the environment and your health, energy conservation
My daughter, age 14, is halfway through the course. She gives it a positive rating for both content and ease of work. From: Janie Date Posted: Apr 04, 2000

54. Welcome To Jo's Message Board
have some problems in the usage of some enlish words.So rather keep go to the collegefor the lesson and rather gone, this year we don’t have any plans to go
Messages from 31 March to 18 March 2002 03/31/02 23:31:27 GMT
Benly link link email email country Southampton, UK message
Hi Don Juan,
Jo’s chat room is only for us to chat by an arrangement. Every time Jo puts a certain time on here, so that everyone can go to the chat room at that time, but she is on her holiday at the moment. Do come back here to check the time plesae. Correction: The chat room can be used any time. However, if you'd rather not talk to yourself, why not arrange a chat by telling people what time they can meet you there. Jo
03/31/02 23:30:09 GMT
Benly link link email email country Southampton, UK message
Hi Twinstar,
I heard Taiwan was attacked by a serious earthquake on the news today and I have noticed your last two letters on your E-mail address are “tw” and it represents Taiwan. So I just want to make sure you and your family are alright, because we haven’t seen you on Jo’s message board in last few days
03/31/02 22:47:53 GMT
Benly link link email email country Southampton, UK message
Hi Woong

55. IK! Guest Comments - Page 3, December, 2000
Sorry for my broken enlish and wasting your time with stupid night,I'm making allmy nowhere plans for nobody. My first John Lennon lesson came in 1975, when I
Page 1

Page 2

Page 3
John Lennon Peace Flame ...

IK! GUEST COMMENTS: DECEMBER, 2000 (IK! reserves the right to edit or delete comments we feel are demeaning, obscene or threatening. All Guest Book entries are sent to the editor before being entered in the Guest Book. Also, please send your entries in English if possible. Thanks! ) Monday, December 11, 2000 Name: Joe Aurello comment: Well, it was December 8, 1980, a Monday night.I was 14 years old, and home sick with the flu. I was watching Monday Night Football when the dreaded news came on given by Howard Cosell of Monday Night Football. I sat up in my bed in disbelief. The next morning home sick from school, I put radio on first thing in the morning, and listened to many radio stations for songs, interviews, insights into John and his life. That weekend all radio stations went silent as a vigil for John. It is now 20 years later, and the date always sends chills through my body. I went to the vigil in Central Park Friday night. I arrived there at 7:30 and stayed until around midnight. Throughout the evening, just about every Beatle/ Lennon song was sung with such passion that it brought goosbumps at times. A little before 11 PM, the entire park went silent for a few minutes. After a few minutes, we all in unison with such passion sang "Imagine". The feeling of love was in the air which brought tears to many. The vigil was very peaceful, with people holding candles and flowers singing all the songs we know and love.

56. HISA @ U.K. 16-31/Dec/2000
a little bit dark, you can drink enlish bitter beer Christmas lesson is absolutelynormal lesson, nothing special a small time loser with big time plans to pull
¡ New Year's Eve 31/Dec/2000
There aren't special events in London this year. English goverment said it's stand for safety. It sounds jorking. I don't believe London hasn't got fireworks. But It would be true. English people gathered to celebrate together at Trafalgar Square or Big Ben. Very crowded there. But no firework, no special events.
Those days ware worst time in all my life last year. I had worst happening after soon. I didn't think about I go to London then. Someday a human must die. You should do what you like. What do you want to do? Do you hope that seriously? Why? That confuse me what I want to do.
I heard a sound of a bell from Big Ben at 12 o'clock. I would be 21st century. Everybody said 'A Happy New Year' each other. I saw many kind of races at centre of London. It's London's huge charm point.
In my childhood. I tought I must to be TV game programmer, if I won't I'm not me. But I gave up to making TV game last year. Now I think if I will be able to talk about only hobbiy, family and money, I'm not me. I'm not so old, but I'm becoming old. I'm becoming a boring little old man. I should forget usual way which is not suitable for me. I'll try to make very Hisashi's way.
My favorite a historical person said 'Your will excites the dull world.' I think I was thinking too much today. I'll sleep.

57. > Chat > Wed 2002-08-28
or did you teach the students a lesson last time locations in Quebec City or not scottAny plans to program richc OK, since yours is an enlish-languag3e Adam chat
Chat for Wed 2002-08-28 21:02:35
rich-c : test
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to George
rich-c : hi there George
rich-c : as usual, we are the first two
George : Hi Rich
rich-c : Dr. D. apparently is having problems with his ISP and may not make it
George : did the system crash?
rich-c : and Guy Bona is in the process of moving and his ISP has the connection messed up too
George : slow night
rich-c : not Dr. D's system - it wouldn't dare - but the whole Ameritech network has problems George : oh boy George : will Pam be on tonight rich-c : reading in Consumer Reports today how half their dialup members have crashes every month and about a fifth of their broadband users rich-c : she said she would, she was over here after work to swap some tapes rich-c : and said she had to hurry home because she had a lot to finish bdfore chat George : i had a sleep study last night rich-c : anyway, I cannot imagine why Americans put up with such lousy overpriced so-called service rich-c : oh, one of those sleep clinic thingies, in their lab? George : i couldn't sleep, now i'm tired

lies the interest, the drama and the lesson of George lyrical and playful, full ofeffusions, ideas, plans of work if he had not beaten the enlish so gloriously

59. Miyu's Lagacy Of Power
Your visage shall serve as an object lesson to those published the first manga seriesin enlish in six better, but Antarctic Press has no plans to translate it
Paralyzed, I could do nothing to help Miyu. Physically weak and emotionally distraught, she was no match for the God-Demon Shinma. She gazed at it in terror, determined to survive, but her strength was gone. It was only a matter of time before she succumbed. I had always been fatalistic and was even more so now that defeat was imminent. Yet, I thought back bitterly to the events that had landed us into this predicament. I had been presumptuous to think I could challenge these Eastern Shinma, much less persevere against them and defeat them. I could not even hold my own against their unawakened guardian this fragile thirteen year old girl whose powers were still dormant and whom I now longed to protect, but could not. The Eastern Shinma were our masters and leaders, but they were corrupt and destitute of spirit. I had not hated them before as I do now. They had merely been my adversary in a struggle for dominance a contest I had lost before it had even begun. But I loathed them now; not for what they had done to me I was as gracious in defeat as I would have been had I been victorious. It was for what they were doing to this innocent child that I now despised them. I realize that I, too, had attempted to subdue Miyu. She was, after all, the key to vanquish the Shinma. She was their strength and their weakness. But I had approached her gently and with compassion. I would only have sealed her power away without damaging her delicate beauty. Yet, they who purport to be her mentors and benefactors shattered her entire existence, destroyed her home, and cast her out emotionally exhausted and mentally tormented.

60. Right Now, In My Brain
named Kez wants to know how the US plans on removing purpose to teach me some kindof lesson about humility I wish I knew better this language you call enlish.
Monday, March 31, 2003
I will write up my memories of the Arianna Huffington speech one of these days. I really will… This, in the meantime, in the only photo I snapped of her that evening. It’s not too good. I took it without a flash so as not to bother her, so the shutter stayed open for a long time. As a result, it’s kind of blurry. Sorry.
posted by Mark at 9:36 PM
stuff in the mail
posted by Mark at 9:35 PM
Sunday, March 30, 2003
love triangle
The small standing man is in love with the man who is looking for his contact lens, but all that he can think about is the crying, rolling man. Such is the way with love.
posted by Mark at 10:47 PM
and here’s a leftover debris sandwich It’s cold, but edible. I hope that you enjoy it: Jon Stewart makes a damn funny crack on the awarding of government contracts to Dick Cheney’s old company, Halliburton. (I got this from BoingBoing )… Dave writes in to let everyone know that our government has apparently just legislated mandatory prayer , finally bringing an end to that onerous separation of church and state thing that’s been holding our country back for centuries… The New York Times had a good piece last week about online privacy and what tools we have at our disposal to increase it. You should read it… If you’re interested in privacy issues, you might also want to check out the materials they have available at

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