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         Engineer Case Studies:     more books (100)
  1. Hoghead: Industrial Ethnology of the Locomotive Engineer (Case Study in Cultural Anthropology) by Frederick C. Gamst, 1980-03
  2. Information behaviour of scientists and engineers: A case study of Indian space technologists (Concepts in communication, informatics & librarianship) by M. S Sridhar, 1995
  3. Sustainable Development in Practice: Case Studies for Engineers and Scientists
  4. Sustainable Development in Practice: Case Studies for Engineers and Scientists
  5. Integrating practice, theory, and design for engineers: A case study approach by P. K Raju, 2001
  6. Unemployment and registrations in employment exchange: A case study of civil engineers in Andhra Pradesh (Manpower studies no.12) by Andhra Pradesh (India), 1973
  7. Sectoral comparisons of professional career paths in the 1980's: A case study of scientists and engineers (Discussion paper series / Mandel Center for Nonprofit Organizations) by Anne Elizabeth Preston, 1991
  8. NEPA's influence on Federal water planning: Part 2: case studies of Corps of Engineers' planning in California (EEP report) by John Randolph, 1975
  9. Economic-environmental interrelationships: An Indiana case study of the Corps of Engineers Patoka Lake project and the Patoka region (RB - ; 951) by John Conrad Callahan, 1978
  10. An attempt to engineer consent: a case study of Ohio State issue number one, fall, 1963, general election (Kent State University. Graduate College. Masters theses : Department of Political Science) by Jerry L Hayes, 1964
  11. Beyond Failure: Forensic Case Studies for Civil Engineers by Norbert J. Delatte, 2008-01-09
  12. Designers in Action: Case Study 1985-1991/H00733 De (De (Series) (American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Design Engineering Division), V. 41.)
  13. Concepts in Cladding: Case Studies of Jointing for Architects and Engineers by Alan Brookes, 1986-01-06
  14. Mechanical Engineering Design Education: Issues & Case Studies (De Series Volume 102)

1. Pro Engineer Case Studies -
Pro engineer case studies Pro engineer case studies showing howto repair flaws and errors in Pro/Engineer CAD model files.
Pro/ENGINEER Engine Cover CAD/IQ Case Study Description This model was created in Pro/ENGINEER as a set of complex surfaces that were mirrored across the midplane then thickened into a single solid. Boolean subtraction operations created the L-shaped cut in the top. Problems Identified by CAD/IQ Self-Intersection Edge to Edge Gaps
Supported Systems


2. Graduate Case Studies: New Product Engineer At The Tempered Spring Company Ltd -
Graduate case study for graduate new product engineer at Solicitec Ltd case studies. ·. Bahco Metal Saws Ltd The company was seeking an engineer to implement all design and engineering activities.
Resources for Graduate Job Hunters Graduate Link Quick Guides Case Studies
Bahco Metal Saws Ltd
... Hot (UK) Ltd The Tempered Spring Company Ltd Solicitec Ltd Useful Web Sites
The Tempered Spring Company Ltd
John Lees achieved a degree in Computer Aided Design at Sheffield Hallam University The Tempered Spring Company Ltd is a long established and internationally known company supplying components to the world's Automotive and Industrial sectors. The firm manufacture automotive components (engine valve springs and stabiliser bars) and industrial springs. Currently they employ approximately 350 people. The main attraction which Graduate Link offered was the extensive coverage the vacancies would receive. They were circulated throughout all the Higher Education Institutions in the Yorkshire and Humber region.
The Vacancy: Engineer - New Product Introduction
The company was seeking an engineer to implement all design and engineering activities. They contacted Graduate Link with the purpose of circulating the post and the vacancy received in excess of 50 CVs, resulting in the appointment of John Lees. Personnel Manager, Janet Maillard, was particularly pleased with the role played by Graduate link in the recruitment process: "The service is excellent... In particular the audience to which vacancies are available is impressive, as is the speed of response, variety of candidates and sheer numbers applying"

3. Sustainable Development/Case Studies
Statement of Work for Architecturalengineer (A-E) Design, Vandenberg AFB Family Housing Phase 6 an "WasteSpec" User case studies Ten examples of how WasteSpec was applied to
Homestead ARB Fire Station, FY 00 Additions and Alterations
  • Using LEED to Set Sustainable Development Goals
  • Sustainable Goals and Partnering Agreement
  • Statement of Work for A-E Design, Title 1 Services
  • Photo of Fire Station before renovation begins
    Air Combat Command (HQ ACC) Squadron Operations Facility at Seymour Johnson AFB, NC - FY 97 MILCON Project
  • Statement of Work - for Architectural-Engineering (A-E) Sustainable Design
  • Architectural-Engineering (A-E) Selection Criteria
  • Post-Construction Sustainable Facilities Briefing
    Air Force Space Command (HQ AFSPC) Military Family Housing Construction, Phase 5, Vandenberg AFB CA - FY 98
  • Establishing Sustainability Goals and Partnering Agreement for Sustainable Design
  • Statement of Work for Architectural-Engineer (A-E) Design, Vandenberg AFB Family Housing Phase 6: an improved version of the SOW used on Phase 5
  • Recommended Evaluation Parameters for Architectural-Engineer (A-E) Selection
  • Comprehensive Planning Inputs - Vandenberg AFB Family Housing Phase 5 Charette
  • Design Review Comments on Vandenberg Family Housing Draft Specs - Tips for Incorporating Sustainability
  • Lessons Learned from Vandenberg Family Housing Phase 5 Design Process Vashon Transfer/Recycling Station, King County, WA
  • 4. Studies
    Field engineer Reporting System, Replace the paperbased systems used to collectand report field information with a web-based workflow application.
    print Field Engineer Reporting System
    Replace the paper-based systems used to collect and report field information with a web-based workflow application.
    The Field Engineer Reporting System automates the data collection, submission, and various follow-up activities related to the company's engineering services. The system features e-form versions of the Call Report, Equipment Service Report, and Project Report used to collect valuable engineering information and report to HQ. A series of workflow screens has replaced the complex, time consuming manual process used to follow-up and monitor field activities. Normalizing the data with a set of master files (Customer, Contacts, Engineering Codes, and several others) has improved the communication between the field and office staff and provided management with precise measurements of all activities. As an aid to the field staff, sales information from a legacy database is imported into the SQL table and can be accessed via a web-based Sales Report.

    5. Graduate Case Studies: Graduate Engineer At Bahco Metal Saws Ltd - Graduate Link
    Mark Martin achieved an Integrated engineering with Automotive studies degreefrom Sheffield Hallam University, The Vacancy Graduate engineer.
    Resources for Graduate Job Hunters Graduate Link Quick Guides Case Studies
    Bahco Metal Saws Ltd Drum Engineering Co. Ltd Hot (UK) Ltd The Tempered Spring Company Ltd Solicitec Ltd ... Useful Web Sites
    Bahco Metal Saws Ltd
    Mark Martin achieved an Integrated Engineering with Automotive Studies degree from Sheffield Hallam University Bahco Metal Saws Ltd is a company which manufactures and supplies bandsaws and hole saws throughout the UK and an international scale. Bahco export goods to large overseas firms, including companies in Sweden, Holland and America. Bahco currently employ 70 people, but the company is rapidly growing.
    The Vacancy: Graduate Engineer
    In order to contact candidates quickly and efficiently, and for the vacancies to be viewed by as wide an audience as possible, Graduate Link was asked to assist in the recruitment process. The vacancy was circulated by Graduate Link to all 13 higher education institutions in Yorkshire and the Humber region. Over 30 CVs were received in direct response to the advert and Bahco's General Manager, Steve Allen, was delighted and impressed with the standard and quality of the CVs they received: "The work accomplished by Graduate Link was a huge success... It was extremely convenient and will definitely be utilised in the future."

    6. Mining And The Environment: Case Studies From The Americas - Chapter 7
    Embedded Systems case studies. Carnegie Mellon University In most cases, an engineer has to make educated guesses, and fit hose choices are going to cost, he must be able to
    IDRC: Resources: Books: Catalogue
    Mining and the Environment: Case Studies from the Americas Chapter 7
    Environmental Management in the Bauxite, Alumina, and Aluminum Industry in Brazil
    Liliana Acero This paper briefly presents the main results of a study of the bauxite, alumina, and aluminum industry in Brazil, conducted to investigate hypotheses of the Science Policy Research Unit network (Warhurst 1991a) and the Brazilian team within it (Rattner et al. 1991). Examining recent international trends, the study documented how that industrial sector operates in the economy (Acero 1993). The main objectives were to
    • Document specific environment-management practices of various companies operating in Brazil;
    • Relate these practices to recent governmental and societal laws and regulations on environmental controls and planning;
    • Measure or illustrate possible industrial changes in environmental management and technical solutions resulting from legislation or the pressure of different social sectors; and
    • Document community-level environmental impacts of current practices and the firms' responses, where possible.

    7. UTS News: Press Area
    case studies. Spring Assemblies or Surgery Devices—TK Solver Does It All MikeHagland, a design engineer for Gyrus Medical, Ltd., in the UK, uses Universal

    UTS Store

    Site Map
    UTS Pressroom
    Announcements and Releases Events Case Studies
    Case Studies
    • TK Solver to design keyhole surgery devices. But he began using TK Solver 12 years ago for something entirely different: designing spring assemblies.
      TK Solver Indispensible for Sewage/Wastewater Consultant

      William G. Smith
      Power plant valve designer likes TK's object-based interface

      George Scanderbeg
      Electrical power plant isolation systems are massive, but must respond precisely to fluctuations in fluid pressure. The valves in these systems are key to the correct response. They, like the systems they are part of, are massive, but must be designed to precise specifications.
      Automotive Design Engineer Does It All With TK Solver

      Torrington Co. engineer Michael Morsches designs intermediate shafts for automotive steering systems. TK Solver lets him quickly try out different scenarios. He knows it saves him time, but he doesn't know how much: TK is the only math modeling tool he's used in 11 years.
      TK Solver Helps Scientist Solve Burning Questions
      Engineer David Kuzmeskus uses TK Solver to puzzle over some burning questionsliterally. He models fire scenarios with all the complexity of the real thing. The work has relevance in the fire safety and insurance industries. His tool of choice: TK Solver.

    8. Case Studies
    case studies. Brief details of each case study are given below. Click on thelink to read it in full. Current Students. Mr Matt May, engineer, QinetiQ.
    career website institute of physics career development professional development ... business monitoring Case Studies It can be hard to know exactly which area of physics you would like to begin your career in, or what it is like to work for a certain type of organisation. Members of the Institute of Physics have written about themselves and their careers, in order to answer some of the questions you might have. Brief details of each case study are given below. Click on the link to read it in full. Current Students Miss Kwan Cheung Undergraduate Student, University College London (UCL) Mr Peter Ranscombe Undergraduate Student, St Andrews University Mr Steve Robins PhD student, Experimental Particle Physics, Bristol University Miss Caroline Smith Undergraduate Student, Somerville College, Oxford Young Professionals Miss Alex Byrne Professional Standards Manager, Institute of Physics

    9. COCOBASE SECTION "CUSTOMER CASE STUDIES" - CocoBase Customer Success With Harte-
    customers, Leveraging CocoBase Enterprise O/R saved us significant time and money! .Rob Sakmyster, Senior Software engineer Program Technical Lead, TRW Inc.
    CocoBase introduction features whitepapers integrations ... download
    customers "Leveraging CocoBase Enterprise O/R saved us significant time and money!" Rob Sakmyster, Senior Software Engineer
    Program Technical Lead, TRW Inc.
    Customer Success Stories
    Harte Hanks (click here to view)

    (CocoBase and Weblogic Server - EJB Development)
    Created flexible Database Access Layer for their CRM system simplifying customer setup and requiring no changes to the application.
    TRW (click here to view)

    CocoBase and EA Server - EJB and Java persistence development.
    Using CocoBase, we transformed a complex 2-tier architecture to a complex 3-tier architecture with special emphasis on a fully supported middle tier using EJB. (click here to view)
    CocoBase and Tomcat / Apache Server - Import UML Object Model, JSPs, Java persistence. went from Complex Abstract Object Model to Concrete Java Application instantly with CocoBase

    10. Hear What Ethicon Employees Have To Say
    Careers at ETHICON. Learn More. Benefits. case studies. case Study 1Dana Mendenhall Strategic Planning engineer. Dana began her career
    @import url(/include/styles/form_style.css); Site Map Careers at ETHICON Learn More Benefits Case Studies Case Study 1
    Case Study 2

    Case Study 3

    Case Study 1
    Dana Mendenhall
    Strategic Planning Engineer Dana began her career at ETHICON in our San Angelo, Texas facility as an Associate Industrial Engineer. Hired directly out of college, Dana has advanced through various divisions within the company, including Engineering, International Products, Materials Management, and now, Strategic Planning. In her current position, Dana is charged with helping to develop long-range operational strategies. "Educational training, invaluable experiences, professional development and interpersonal growth are all fostered in an atmosphere of accepting ourselves and providing the very best for our customers." Case Study 2
    Robert Nunez
    Plant Engineering Manager Robert joined ETHICON in the summer of 1990 as an Intern and was hired full-time as a Mechanical Engineer the following year. For the next several years, Robert rose through the technical ranks, taking on increasing levels of responsibility within the Equipment Development Group. In 1998, Robert crossed over to management, and is currently supervising a large team of engineers in our Somerville, NJ plant. "Entire careers are spent here. Within my area, we have 10-year, 15-year, and 30-year veterans. I think that says a lot about the way ETHICON treats its people."

    11. Authorising Engineer Consultancy -Case Studies - Planned Maintenance Engineering
    The Issue The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 tasks owners/duty holders toidentify the nature of precautions necessary for the achievement of high
    The Issue
    The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 tasks owners/duty holders to identify the nature of precautions necessary for the achievement of high standards of electrical safety to comply the duties imposed through the recommended practice of adopting safe systems of working with properly formulated and regulated written procedures. The Response
    Planned Maintenance Engineering Ltd have for a number of years employed highly qualified and experienced engineers, all of whom are currently Ministry of Defence certificated to undertake the statutory compliance role within the company.
    Recently this role was expanded on a consultancy basis to include authorised personnel working for Comax SBS at Farnborough, Malvern, Porton Down and a number of other sites. Currently, negotiations are at an advanced stage to provide audit facilities for Portsmouth Naval Base. The in-house operational base is provided by sixty authorised personnel working for a large number of client organisations. The expertise provided is not solely restricted to electrical installations. Suitably qualified engineers can be provided for Confined Spaces, Boilers, Pressure Vessels and Oil/Petrol/Lubricants.

    12. Oil Case Studies
    Oil case studies. case study 1 petroleum engineer I wanted to work in theoil industry, as I knew the work to be interesting – and the money decent!
    Site Map Print this page Email this page to a friend 7 Apr 2003 Career centre Where do I start? Your background issues Use your subject Careers advice for graduates ... Career FAQs Jobs and work Search job vacancies Industry insights Search company profiles How much could I earn? ... Explore working abroad Further study Why do postgraduate study? Featured institution profiles Funding my further study Explore studying abroad My Prospects Login Register Forgot password? Why should I join? ... Oil, gas and petroleum Oil ...: Case studies As it is As it was As it will be Big players ... Information sources
    Case study 1: petroleum engineer
    There are times when the hours are long and you get a lot of pressure from everyone harassing you for your time, each claiming their job is the most important. But you get a great buzz when a job goes well, and the financial rewards are good.
    Case study 2: mudlogger
    You then have little time to assemble and get to know your team of logging and testing contractors. It is important that each understands his own role so you must outline the objectives of the logging and any testing and run through the planned programme of events.
    Out on the deck, the equipment which you last saw at the supply base is being unloaded from the boats. All must be checked off and inspected for damage. With the rig costing up to $150k per day during testing, it is important that any missing or damaged equipment is replaced or mended before testing starts.

    13. Case Studies
    case studies. » engineering Building Management case Study Mechanicalengineering Scott I am a lead design engineer in a water company.
    Site Map Print this page Email this page to a friend 7 Apr 2003 Career centre Where do I start? Your background issues Use your subject Careers advice for graduates ... Career FAQs Jobs and work Search job vacancies Industry insights Search company profiles How much could I earn? ... Explore working abroad Further study Why do postgraduate study? Featured institution profiles Funding my further study Explore studying abroad My Prospects Login Register Forgot password? Why should I join? ... What do graduates do? 2002 Case Studies Mechanical Engineering
    I am a lead design engineer in a water company. I first joined the company after my A-Levels and was sponsored through a BEng in Mechanical Engineering (later to become an MEng in Industrial Engineering).
    Following my graduation, an application to join the company full-time was a logical step. My first year after graduation formed part of an intensive programme exposing me to all areas of the business. My experiences ranged from a high level project and residential business develop week, to an outward bound weekend, and all this with the day job. With placements in a variety of engineering roles, the first thing I learnt was that every department is different. I met an amazing range of people, from professional and technical to those who maintain the networks and operate the plant.
    Working within the engineering function is an organising role. You are given an objective, be it the installation of a new pipeline or modifications to the treatment works. In a team, you are then responsible for turning the objective into reality. It's not detailed design, as consultants are paid to do that for us! I am currently responsible for the development of a new pumping station.

    14. Small Worlds : Products - Case Studies
    As is often the case, the problems arise from unexpected and built into it, helpingthe new engineer to learn Our studies show that with our tool an average

    features users
    Java World
    Unix Scripts World

    Database World
    C# World
    C World
    VB World
    COBOL World
    Ada World
    Shows prospects for evolution Allows more precise project budgeting Helps system testing Simple and easy to use Production Rollout A technical group released into production a version of software that contained a minor bug fix. The next day it became clear that there were problems with this rollout. The system was not functioning in the expected way and prevented normal business operations. After several intense hours of debugging, the developers found that the problems were caused by an older piece of the code that contained some business rules that had not changed in a while. Recent code was affecting these rules in an unexpected way. As is often the case, the problems arise from "unexpected" and "forgotten" places. Our tool prevents these problems by inferring all possible components that may be affected when a change takes place. Performance/Scalability It is typical that performance problems stem from unnecessary dependencies, extra components, and type conversions.

    15. Geac Computer Corporation Ltd. - Find What You're Looking For
    Zellweger increases service engineer productivity by 30% with System21Service Management. Since implementing System21 Service Management

    16. Geac Computer Corporation Ltd. - Find What You're Looking For
    The following are case studies for your region. Industry Oil Gas. Zellweger increasesservice engineer productivity by 30% with System21 Service Management.

    17. Microsoft Case Studies: Kenworth Truck Company
    The case for migrating to the Windows platform was strong right from the start.Kenworth had long wanted to pare down to one machine per engineer but a test

    18. Microsoft Case Studies: DSS UK Limited
    spending far less on the devices than we would usually spend on equipping each fieldservice engineer with a This case study is for informational purposes only

    19. Network Appliance - Case Studies - AMD
    Network Appliance case studies - AMD. Blackmor says she and her fellow systems administratorsoften use the online chat with an engineer support feature on

    20. Network Appliance - Case Studies - Motorola DigitalDNA Laboratories
    , case studies. For example, if an engineer prefers to work on a UNIX computer,Motorola can eliminate or repurpose the NT station the engineer was using to
    Home Case Studies

    Tech Reports

    Manager of DDL Engineering Workstation Administration,
    Motorola SPS
    Printable Page
    PDF (631KB) Motorola DigitalDNA Laboratories
    Seven Years, Three Facilities, and 17 Filers
    As the world's number one producer of embedded processors, Motorola's Semiconductor Products Sector offers multiple DigitalDNA technologies, which enable its customers to create "smart" products and new business opportunities in the networking and computing, wireless communications, transportation, and home networking markets. Motorola's worldwide semiconductor sales were $7.9 billion in 2000.
    Motorola DDL is a long-standing Network Appliance customer. The group bought its first filer in 1994, and currently has 17 filers at three locations: Tempe, Arizona; Mesa, Arizona; and Austin, Texas. The group currently has over 4TB of information on its filers.
    According to Ed Davidson, manager of DDL Engineering Workstation Administration, Motorola SPS, the performance of the filers in storing and serving those files has been excellent. "We compared the filers to storage solutions from server vendors and from data storage vendors, and the filers had the best price/performance ratio by far," said Davidson. "We even ran a benchmark test comparing the performance of systems with applications and data stored on local disk versus stored on the filer. It turned out that storing data on the filer delivered better performance than storing it locally." Davidson also notes that storing data on the filer is more secure than storing it on local disks, which could be physically removed much more easily.

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