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         Economic & Business Stats General:     more books (100)
  1. e.stat for business and economics by Malcolm Getz, 2000-11-01
  2. STATS for Business & Economics by Berenson, Livine, et all 1989-11
  3. Treasury Decisions Under Customs and Other Laws, Volume 29
  4. Computer Test Bank: Ctb Wind Basic Stats Business & Economic by Lind, 1996-08-01
  5. Bundle: Stats for Business & Economics W/Data Disk & Solutions Manual by Anderson, 1998-07
  6. Stats Means Business by John Buglear, 2001-11-06
  7. Stat For 21st Century by Joseph W. Duncan, Andrew C. Gross, 1995-02-01
  8. Stat Free Six Sigma: Focusing on Intent for Quick Results by Praveen Gupta, 2007-02-14
  9. Stats To Go (Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism) by John Buglear, 2000-06-19
  10. The Practice of Business Statistics (full), CD & E-STAT Pack by David S. Moore, George P. McCabe, et all 2004-08-15
  11. Graphing Calculator Manual for Stats: Modeling the World by David E. Bock, Paul F. Velleman, et all 2009-04-09
  12. Under Bus Stat Student Sol Man by Van Ness, 1993-09-01
  13. Monthly Digest of Stats: Vol 714 by Office of National Stats, 2005-06-24
  14. Vorkurs Mathematik: Arbeitsbuch zum Studienbeginn in Bachelor-Studiengängen (EMIL@A-stat) (German Edition) by Erhard Cramer, Johanna Neslehová, 2009-10-14

1. KYVL: Ky Stats: Business And Economy: General
Kentucky stats. Your browser does not support script. Kentucky Annual economic ReportThe Gatton College of business and economics at the University of
Kentucky Stats
Your browser does not support script. Go to alternative text navigation
Business and Economy > General
Contributor Claudia Fitch , Louisville Free Public Library
Airport Information
This site has statistics and market reports on such things as average daily passenger load, average number of miles traveled, average fare and much more. To use it, enter an airport code, city code or the name of a city in the search box.
Automobile Production in Kentucky
This report presents statistics about total car and truck production in Kentucky in 2000 and compares production with competitor states.
County Business Patterns, 1993-2000
This annual series includes a separate report for each State, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and a U.S. summary. The divisions of the economy covered are agricultural services, forestry, and fisheries; mining; contract construction; manufacturing; transportation and other public utilities; wholesale trade; retail trade; finance, insurance, and real estate; and services.
Economic Census for Kentucky, 1997

2. Office Of Advocacy - U.S. Small Business Administration - Economic Statistics An
general Small business file) Provides answers to basic questions about small business. ResearchPublications, 2002 – Advocacy produced economic reports on
Office of Advocacy Economic Statistics and Research Search What's New? Working Papers General small business ... Outside research
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General Small Business

3. LSU LibrariesBusiness Resources Text Options), Economic Review, And Economic Tre
Nebraska Department of economic Development, business Development Division, Existing business, business Startup, business Regulations 11. Other States' economic Development Departments Protection Division Nebraska Attorney general. 14. FTC DOL - 'Small business Handbook' Bureau of Labor stats (BLS) - CPI
Federal Reserve Board

Journals and Scholarly Publications


Statistics (U.S.)
Working Papers
Federal Reserve System
Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
Locate FOMC minutes, testimony of FRB officials, speeches of FRB members, the Annual Report and Budget Review , statistical releases, and the Beige Book.
Fed In Print
Locate the links under the heading "Library Collection." Find links to the 1994-1996 editions (text version) and the 1986-1996 searchable index.
Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta (Sixth District)
Dollar Index , monetary policy documents (with links to other FRB sites), and regional economic updates. Under "Publications," locate the Economic Review (abstracts), the Manufacturer's Survey , the Southeastern Manufacturers Survey History , statistical releases (from the FRB-St. Louis), and abstracts of working papers.
Federal Reserve Bank of Boston (First District)
Under "Economic Information" locate numerous publications, links to statistical data, and news about other publications.
Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago (Seventh District)
Under the heading "Economic Update" locate links to the financial markets data (e.g. current and historical foreign exchange rates), economic indicators (e.g. CPI, PPI, purchasing managers' survey), labor markets, banking, monetary policy Beige Book, FOMC minutes), regional highlights, and Federal Reserve Board Statistical Releases.

4. Business: General Papers – Thesis, Dissertation, Methodology, Stats, & Literatu
Dissertation Station Papers on business general Order online or call us. From the United States and Canada (800) 3510222. From anywhere else (310) 313-1265. means 9 citations, 7 bibliographic sources, 8 pages. Order INTEREST RATES THE business CYCLE. Defines business cycle Examines legal, social, economic corporate aspects of day
Dissertation Station Papers on Business: General
Order online or call us.
From the United States and Canada: (800) 351-0222.
From anywhere else: (310) 313-1265.
means 9 c itations, 7 b ibliographic s ources, 8 p ages. Year is the approximate date of composition. Just Click the paper number to select the report you want!
If the topic you are looking for is not on the list, click here for our thesis and dissertation department!
    Click to Order
    Click to Order CORP. DIVIDENDS.
    Click to Order WORK TEAMS.
    Click to Order BUSINESSES' USE OF WORLD WIDE WEB. Click to Order FRANCHISING OF SERVICES. Prevalence, forms, advantages, relationship with franchisor, statistics, example (Berlitz), types (security, home inspection, maid, educational). Click to Order SELLING OF "COMMAND 7 CONQUER." Click to Order JUST-IN-TIME INVENTORY CONTROL. Click to Order THE VIRTUAL CORPORATION. Click to Order PARTNERSHIP DISPUTES. Click to Order "JERRY MAGUIRE".

5. MEL: Business And Economic Statistics
business, economics and Labor general Statistics Collections Free source of small business statistics. A source of online statistics. Statistical Data Locators. Michigan Regional economic indicators. Northwest Michigan E-stats . Measurements of the Home
HAL Home MeL Internet MeL Magazines and eBooks Business, Economics and Labor About the Business Collection Back to the Business Collection Index
  • WWW Virtual Library: Statistics
  • Michigan Statistics
  • American Statistical Association
  • General Statistics Collections
    • bizstats . Free source of small business statistics. Cyber Atlas . A source of online statistics. Statistical Data Locators . Well organized collection of links to official statistics agencies and organizations around the world. Actively maintained. Data on the Net
      From UC San Diego, search a large collection for "Internet sites of numeric Social Science statistical data, data catalogs, data libraries, social science gateways, addresses and more"

    6. Internet Reference Resources -- Statistics
    general Statistics. See handy charts for various top 25 lists. VA Stat business,Demographic, and economic Statistics The place for current and
    General: Statistics
    For additional statistical sources see the Geospatial and Statistical Data Center
  • Statistical Abstract of the United States
    Search the latest electronic edition of the U.S. Government's #1 best-selling book. Statistical data available for a wide range of topics.
  • National Income and Products Accounts (NIPA)
    Detailed income and outlay data at the national, personal, and corporate levels produced by the Bureau of Economic Analysis. Quarterly and annual data available., ia, date from 1959-present.
  • State and Metropolitan Area Data Book
    All you need to know about state and metro areas in the U.S. for 1997-98 including population, demographic, and economic data.
  • Global Statistics
    Great site for demographic, economic, and natural resource statistics around the world includes current city and country population statistics for over 100 countries around the world. See handy charts for various "top 25" lists.
  • VA Stat: Business, Demographic, and Economic Statistics
    The place for current and historical statistics for the Commonwealth of Virginia. Data represented include education, employment, housing, population, poverty, and taxation.
  • Infonation
    Handy comparative statistical database from the United Nations Statistical Division. Thirty seven different variables in the areas of geography, economics, population, and social indicators are included for over 180 UN-member countries. Also includes numeric essays on over 20 major
  • 7. Mexico Connect
    Mexico's economic Outlook 2000; Foreign Interest 1999 Mexico of C. in Mexico; BusinessOpportunities in Mexico History; general Information; Basic Facts stats;
    Mexico Connect Welcome to Mexico Connect Login
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    8. NKU | Steely Library | Research Guides | Statistics
    eLocation http// From Statistical sources areorganized into the following general subject categories economic/business.
    W. F R A N K S T E E L Y L I B R A R Y R E S O U R C E S Statistics Research Help: Statistics General By State Economic/ Business Related Guides: Catalogs: NKUIRE Other Libraries Information Research Help ... Steely Library
    • Fedstats
      Comprehensive source of statistics from all U.S. federal government agencies.
      Statistical Abstract of the United States
      Location: REF Desk HA 202 U5 Year
      Location: Gov Docs C3.134:Year
      Summary tables of statistics compiled by federal agencies. Extremely useful for hundreds of topics.
      Statistical Sources on the Web
      eLocation: From the University of Michigan Documents Center. This is the place to start looking for statistics on everything from elections to fatal workplace injuries to child abuse. Statistical sources are organized into the following general subject categories, from Agriculture to Weather. The site is searchable. Finding Statistics Online: How to Locate the Elusive Numbers You Need Location: REF HA 33.5 B47 1998

    9. Louisiana Economic Stats
    Bureau of economic Analysis; general economic Information; LEAP demographic andeconomic information; Bureau of Labor Statistics; Latest County business Patterns.
    State Information Metropolitan Areas Maps Local Contacts ... Census Announcements and Notifications
    Louisiana Economic Information and Estimates:
    Parish Income, Poverty and Economic Information

    10. Papua New Guinea - General Business And The Economy
    general business and the economy online country data pay for info site / stats byyear Pacific economic Bulletin The Pacific economic Bulletin is published by
    The World-Wide Web Virtual Library - Papua New Guinea
    Category Subtree
    General business and the economy ...
    See also Development and PNG businesses
    • PRS online country data
      pay for info site / stats by year
      [Last checked: 04 March 03 10:37:09 PM]
      Pacific Economic Bulletin
      The Pacific Economic Bulletin is published by Asia Pacific Press at the Australian National University. It is an important resource for those interested in economic and policy developments in Papua New Guinea and the Pacific island countries.
      [Last checked: 04 March 03 10:37:19 PM]
      Papua New Guinea Business Directory: PNG Forums
      Business-related chat board
      [Last checked: 04 March 03 10:47:56 PM]
    This is a subpage of the Papua New Guinea WWW Virtual Library . Bookmark or link there, not here. Feedback highly appreciated.
    Subpage last updated 4 March 2003
    This site is hosted by Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies, ANU, Canberra. Home

    11. Area Guide Main Menu
    County Area Map, *, *. general business stats, Hotel, Hotel / Short Term Lodging. Schools,Housing Overview, *. Health Care, economic Dev. Corp. Your business Here!
    Click On The Link Below For The Information You Desire! General Interest Relocation Information County Story Residential Real Estate Education Commercial Real Estate ... General Business Stats Hotel Hotel / Short Term Lodging Transportation Banking Services Climate or Local Weather Schools Housing Overview Health Care ... Important Phone Numbers Discussion Group Professional Services Chamber Of Commerce Area Zip Codes Legal Services Maryland Chamber ... County Fairgrounds Non-Profit Groups Area Churches Arts Council Chamber Of Commerce Community Groups Economic Dev. Corp. Automotive Services .com Government Services Auto Appraisers, Inc. Your Business Here! County Executive Webpage Distributors ... e-mail addresses Government Website Website Discussion Group Library System listings coming soon! Also, visit our interactive website discussion group for an open forum of interesting conversations. List your business here!

    12. Leeds School Of Business | University Of Colorado At Boulder : Business Research
    US Department of Agriculture (general information about the Association for Universityand business economic Research (Click on State stats for Links
    This site uses javascript. Please turn it on.
    BRD Links Business Economic Outlook Forums Colorado Business Review Services Projects More Information Business Advancement Center Mid-America Manufacturing Technology Center
    Offices and Centers ... Outreach Services Resources Faculty/Students Industry Support Affiliations BEOF Resources The Business Research Division has identified the following sites as valuable resources for economic, financial, and general information about the University of Colorado, Boulder and surrounding cities, Boulder and Broomfield Counties, the state of Colorado, and the United States. Menu Demographic and Financial Information about the U.S.
    • Bureau of Economic Analysis (GDP, Personal and Per Capita Income, Industry economic data (I/O), Fixed Assets) U.S. Census Bureau (Demographics of the U.S. population and U.S. businesses) Bureau of Labor Statistics (Inflation, consumer spending, employment, unemployment, wages, earnings, benefits, productivity, safety and health, business costs, industry and labor force demographics)

    Current (2001) edition of the codified laws of the State of Minnesota. Includes index.Category Regional North America Minnesota Government Law...... Chapters 116R thru 116T, business DEVELOPMENT. Chapters 268 thru 269,economic SECURITY. Chapters 415 thru 416, CITIES, general GOVERNMENT.
    Chapters 1 thru 2A JURISDICTION, CIVIL DIVISIONS Chapters 3 thru 3C LEGISLATURE Chapters 4 thru 9 CONSTITUTIONAL OFFICES Chapters 10 thru 12 GOVERNMENT MISCELLANY Chapters 13 thru 13C DATA PRACTICES Chapter 13D MEETINGS OF PUBLIC BODIES Chapters 14 thru 16 STATE AGENCIES Chapters 16A thru 16E ADMINISTRATION AND FINANCE Chapters 17 thru 43 AGRICULTURE Chapter 43A STATE EMPLOYMENT Chapter 44 CITY MERIT SYSTEMS Chapters 44A thru 45 COMMERCE Chapters 46 thru 59 BANKING Chapters 59A thru 79A INSURANCE Chapters 80 thru 83 SECURITIES, COMMERCIAL REGULATIONS Chapters 83A thru 84 NATURAL RESOURCES Chapters 84A thru 84D CONSERVATION Chapters 85 thru 87 RECREATION Chapters 88 thru 91 FORESTRY Chapters 92 thru 94 LANDS AND MINERALS Chapters 97 thru 102 GAME AND FISH Chapters 103A thru 114B WATER Chapters 114C thru 116I ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION Chapters 116J thru 116O ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT AND PLANNING Chapters 116P thru 116Q ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION FUNDS Chapters 116R thru 116T BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT Chapters 117 thru 119 EMINENT DOMAIN; LOCAL DEPOSITORIES AND INVESTMENTS

    14. Prevention Dividend Project: Data Sources
    Canada general Agriculture / Aquaculture / business / economics Crime forstatistics , research, social and economic indicators
    Prevention Dividend Research: DATA SOURCES General Information
    General Information
    Workplace Health Community Health Seniors ... Family Violence General Information: Approach to the measurement of costs (expenditures) when evaluating health and social programs. Browne G, Gafni A, Roberts J, Whittaker S, Wong M, Prica M,
    System-Linked Research Unit Working Paper Series #01-03 Abstract in pdf format. Canadiana - The Canadian Resource Page Canadiana The Canadian Resource Page Contents News and Information Canadian-based Publications Online Facts and Figures Canadian Dollar exchange rates Telephone number lookup Business telephone lookup ( Yellow Pages ) Postal Code lookup.

    340, stats. affected communities in accordance with their general plans for economicdevelopment b) Facilitate and assist in the location of new business in the
    Chapter 340, Statutes of Nevada 1999
    [Approved May 28, 1999] (Leadlines for sections have been supplied by the legislative counsel of the State of Nevada) The People of the State of Nevada, represented in Senate and Assembly, do enact as follows: Section Legislative findings. The legislature finds as facts that:       1.  The reduction of federal activity at the Nevada Test Site has affected the surrounding region in a manner and to a degree different from the effects occurring elsewhere in the state, by eliminating employment and otherwise diminishing the financial stability and economic vitality of the communities in the region.       2.  The affected communities, if they are to survive, must diversify their economies by attracting new enterprises and rehabilitating existing enterprises.       3.  Existing general requirements pertaining to the management of public property make the cooperative use of public property and resources for that diversification and rehabilitation impractical.       4.  Cooperative use of public and private resources has shown itself in other states to be effective in economic diversification and rehabilitation.

    16. STAT-USA/Internet * Home Page
    Doing business in Mexico export, import, contacts and general information - in Mexico Connect - Mexico's monthly ezine / magazine devoted to informing about and promoting Mexico, her people, culture, history, arts, business and spectacular areas
    April 7, 2003 Edition
    You have not logged in yet today. [Click here to login to STAT-USA/Internet now]
    STAT-USA/Internet, a service of the U.S. Department of Commerce , is the site for the U.S. business, economic and trade community, providing authoritative information from the Federal government.
    State of the Nation
    Access this area for current and historical economic and financial releases and economic data. Stay informed with direct access to the Federal Government's wealth of information on the U.S. Economy. Access to files for subscribers only.
    What type of information does this area contain?

    Access this area for current and historical trade-related releases, international market research, trade opportunities, country analysis, and our trade library...the National Trade Data Bank (NTDB) . Access to files for subscribers only.
    What type of information does this area contain?


    If you intend to redisseminate files from this product electronically, please contact us. HOME.STAT-USA.DOC.GOV

    17. KYVL: Ky Stats: General: Surrounding States
    Statistical Abstract, 2000 This site from the University of Illinois' Bureau ofEconomic and business Research provides (PDF format) stats Indiana 2000
    Kentucky Stats
    Your browser does not support script. Go to alternative text navigation
    General > Statistics from Surrounding States
    Contributor Rosemary Meszaros , Western Kentucky University The state statistical abstracts in this section provide data at the state, county, town or city level on population, income, employment, industry, communications, energy, transportation, climate, crime, and vital statistics, etc.
    Guide to State Statistical Abstracts
    This guide is provided by the U.S. Census Bureau. Although not all states have direct links on this page, a link to an agency or university department which may have state statistics will be listed and it is possible that state statistics can be obtained by going directly to that agency's or university department's link.
    Illinois Statistical Abstract, 2000
    This site from the University of Illinois' Bureau of Economic and Business Research provides access to the table of contents only. (PDF format)
    Stats Indiana 2000
    This site is an information service of the Indiana Business Research Center at the IU Kelley School of Business.
    Statistical Abstract for Missouri
    This site is provided by the University of Missouri-Columbia.(PDF format). Additional statistics sites are available from the

    general Management Differences Article. Weekly economic and Political Overview;economic Indicators - Various El Financiero - business Weekly. Back to Page
    - MEXICO -
    Successful business ventures depend upon knowing the territory.
    This section provides the business, economic, cultural
    and business practices information, critical for success.
    Current Data State/Area Info/Opportunities Reference Links
    General Information:
  • Understanding Cultural and Management Differences
  • 19. Welcome To Mexico Connect Business - Your Guide To Commercial Success In Mexico
    of Mexican History; general Information; Basic Facts stats; Mexico'sEconomic Outlook 2000; business Entry Basics; Incorporation of
    Dedicated to assisting companies everywhere,
    to develop successful commerce in, with and from Mexico.
    Mexico Connect's
    "Mexico Jobs"

    World Export
    facilitates exporting companies to professionally compete in the international working place by showcasing and trading their products globally.
    Receive email when this Mexico Connect page changes Powered by NetMind Click Here
    © Mexico Connect 1996-2003

    20. Biotechnology Industry Business Information Trends Drug Development Investing
    More general Management Managing biotech business development. More FirstTime Here? - Industry overview and site introduction. economic and business
    zfp=-1 About Biotech/Biomedical Search in this topic on About on the Web in Products Web Hosting
    with Yali Friedman
    Your Guide to one of hundreds of sites Home Articles Forums ... Help zmhp('style="color:#fff"') Subjects ESSENTIALS Site Intro Starting Up Mini MBA in Biotechnology ... All articles on this topic
    Business Directory



    Consulting Services

    Contract Research
    Stem Cell Research

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    Advertising Free Credit Report Free Psychics Advertisement In The Spotlight Mon, Apr 7, 2003 Proteomics and Gene Therapy Firms Change Faced with the reality that investors are not willing to wait the long periods for the fruition of proteomics and gene therapy, firms formed around these technologies are changing in order to survive. More: General Management - Managing biotech business development. More: Book Reviews - Reviews of biotechnology titles. Before You License... Licensing products and technology platforms is an integral part of many biotechnology company business plans. There are many important legal, business, and scientific considerations for successful licensing agreements. Here's some guidance... More: Licensing - Licensing technologies and products.

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