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81. In The Third Person
Article from Third Person article from New music Box on expatriate Chinese composers living in the Category Arts music composers By Region Asia Chinese...... The number and variety of composers with roots in Chinese was born in America, butChinese music is still Winter (1993) Performed by Wei Laigen - dizi, Yang
Breaking the Great Wall When discussing musicians and composers of Chinese descent in America, there are really four heritage streams to consider: Chinese-Americans, mainland Chinese, Taiwan Chinese, and Hong Kong Chinese. These four lineages inform the topics and sounds which the following musicians grapple with. The educational credits, academic teaching positions, awards and accolades, and public performances listed in the biographies of these musicians also attests to the ways in which the new music world is in some ways devoid of national borders. It may make the answer as to who is an American composer all the more difficult to answer, but no one can dispute the fact that composers of Chinese heritage are honing the cutting edge of America's new music scene with some exceptionally vibrant, emotive, exciting and heady music. Make no doubt about it, Byron Au Yong, Fred Ho Jason Kao Hwang and Jon Jang are all Americans. Yong is a second generation American whose parents lived in the Phillippines before coming to the U.S. He has studied with European, American and Asian teachers and embraces a pan-Asian approach to making music combined with Western concepts. His pieces have been performed in the U.S. and Germany. Ho is a saxophonist, bandleader, composer and leftist activist who seems to have embraced the exuberance of African-American musical expression in addition to exploring Chinese-American and Chinese culture and history. Violinist and composer Jason Hwang seems to know no musical limits, having his feet in film soundtracks (

82. GRIME V4n2
included is a list of current CD's annotated with historical notes, a selectionof links devoted to early music/ or women composers.
GRIME Newsletters GENDER RESEARCH IN MUSIC EDUCATION NEWSLETTER v 4 n 2 November 1995 MEMBERSHIP A $ by your name on the mailing label means your membership is due. Membership is $3.00 (US or Canadian currency acceptable. Our apologies: we can no longer accept UK currency). Make cheques payable to Queen's University ANNUAL GRIME MEETING: UPCOMING CONFERENCES: Indiana University of Pennsylvania presents the FOURTH FESTIVAL OF WOMEN COMPOSERS, 20-23 March 1996 FAX: (412) 357-7899 E-Mail: MENC 17-20 April 1996, Kansas City, MO. CONFERENCE ON MUSIC, GENDER AND PEDAGOGICS, GOTEBORG, SWEDEN 26-28 April 1996 There is space in the programme for other speakers to present 20-minute papers. There are also places for those who would like to Dr Margaret Myers, Conference Organiser, Goteborg University Department of Music, Box 5439, S-402 29 Goteborg, Sweden Tel: +46-31-773 40 82 or -773 40 83 Fax: +46-31-773 40 89 e-mail: 1) Dr Marcia Herndon, Music Dept/Tawes, University of Maryland, College Park, MD 20742, USA.

83. Edinburgh University Library: Special Collections: Primary Resources In North Am
of North America during the War of Independence and afterwards (gen. The Reid MusicLibrary holds scores by the major American composers including Barber
Primary resources
in North American Studies
General statement
Modern printed collections

Early printed and special collections of printed books

Microform collections
... Back to Homepage General statement Edinburgh University Library has been acquiring books on North America since the early 17th century, and these early items are now held as part of the Early Printed and Special Collections. Because the modern collections on Canada and USA are intershelved with the Library's other general subject collections, it is difficult to estimate their extent in numerical terms. The Library, however, is unlikely to have fewer than 10,000 separate items on North America in its post-1900 collections, and quite probably more. Subjects covered include history, geography and ecology, emigration, travel and exploration, politics and economics, law, religions, anthropology, literature, the fine arts and music. Some of these are held outwith the Main Library. Modern printed collections Focused interest in the United States is older than in Canada, but the spread of subjects is similar; a greater emphasis is placed on American than on Canadian foreign policy. The Library has significant holdings of printed editions of Presidential and other personal papers, including those of John Adams, John C. Calhoun, Henry Clay, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Benjamin Franklin, William A. Graham, Ulysses S. Grant, Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Johnson, William Johnson, H. Laurens, James Madison, G. Mason, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson. Holdings on slavery, Afro-Americans, and the Black Diaspora are good, and include a number of Afro-American newspapers and journals in microform (see below)

84. EKeegan's Page
gen. Sci Lessons, Biolinks, ScienceNet. Links, Classical Insights, music Publisher.Piano, Cool music, About composers. Woman in Art, The Louvre, Coloring.
Educational Links for Teachers
Here are some great educational links to check out! (440 at last count)
The Links are organized into the following 14 tables: Click on the table name to go directly there!) Reading/Writng/Languages Lesson Plans/LearningStyles/Special Ed. Science 4. Social Studies ... 5. Technology (Search Engines) 6. Geography 7. Math 8. Federal/State Links 9. Phys.Ed./Health/Mediation ... 14. Critical Thinking Try This Link! Aunt Ellen Reading/Writing/Languages Back to Top Online Texts Collection World Language Reading Instruction ... Literary Classics Online Lesson Plans/Learning Styles/Special Ed. Back to Top Sites for Primary Educators Brain Storm Scientific American on Learning ... Education World Science! Back to Top Ocean Planet Help Learning Science Discovery ... Science and Technology Social Studies Back to Top History/Social Studies Maya Adventure Mancala ... Demography and Population Technology Back to Top Writing in HTML Web Search Engines Find What You are Looking For! ... Web Robots Geography Back to Top The Virtual Tourist Excite Travel Information on Cities National Geographic ... Cartography Mathematics Back to Top Word Problems Math Help ... Room
Federal/State Links Back to Top New Jersey 3 Educational Information N.J. Educational Standards

85. Atari & TOS Compatible Music Related Links
CDP Document about the composers' Desktop Project a Falcon030 MIDI files, but vendorsfor several music-related items 16 sequencer and Pro 24 gen and Zero
8N1 Software
Developers of the Sam-Edit2 freeware sample editor with a download for a beta version.
Akai Software Zero-X
Brief description and links for the Zero-X sample editor for all Ataris.
Page d'acceuil de Gilles Barges
Details, screenshots and downloads for the formerly commercial and now shareware QUiNCY 8-track audio recorder for the Falcon030 and the shareware SC55 pilot MIDI editor for the Roland SC55 Sound Canvas synth. French language with English language pages avaliable
John Blakeley's Homepage
Document about the Composers' Desktop Project - a Falcon030 software sound tools project.
Club Cubase
An independant multi-platform Cubase users group, with details about membership, discounted software for sale, Basique magazine on-line, links, second-hand area and news.
The Csound Front Page
Links to binaries, documentation, accessories, resources and projects relating to the Csound multiplatform programming language for creating sounds on a computer, including a link to an Atari port.
The CyberDen MIDI Hell
Details and downloads of various MIDI software and utilities for a variety of platforms, including Atari, including keyboard synth programs, keyboard sampler programs, sample editors and sequencers.

86. NYU Today
8pm. Admission $5 gen., $2 Stu will perform dramatic songs and choral music, violfantasies written by midseventeenth century English composers Weelkes, Tomkins
Decemer 10, 2002
Vol. 16 No. 4
December 10, 2002 - February 7, 2003
Following is a selective listing of events at New York University. All events are free of charge unless otherwise indicated. As schedules are subject to change, it is advisable to confirm all information in advance. Addresses of exhibitions and events are listed under Venues. DANCE

Wed., Dec. 11 A Walking Tour through Pompeii: A Virtual Reconstruction. The premiere of a 70-minute digital film that takes viewers on a virtual walking tour through Pompeii and Herculaneum as they existed before 79 AD when Mount Vesuvius erupted. 6pm. For further information please call: 212-998-8739. CASA ITALIANA.
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The Faculty and Staff Assistance Program (FSAP) is a voluntary, confidential assessment and referral service that is available to all faculty, staff, and their families. It is designed to help employees resolve problems that affect their personal lives as well as their job performance. Counseling is conducted in an atmosphere of privacy and complete confidentiality. FSAP also sponsors a series of lunchtime seminars. 998-4370.
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HUMAN RESOURCES The Office of Employee Relations, Learning, and Development and of Work-Life Services offer NYU community members a wide range of seminars and workshops. You may register online or get more information at

87. Lycos Search: Classical Contemporary Music
details will follow descriptions http// Technology, Commodity,PowerRoger Johnson music and Computers composers Panel Discussion
Lycos search: classical contemporary music
29-Nov-94: Lycos Nov 25, 1994 catalog , 1,284,907 unique URLs (see Lycos News
Printing only the first 20 of 17424 hits on words: classical classicality classicallanguages classically ... musical [score 1.0000]
date: 13-Nov-94
Dear Sony Music
Dear Sony Music
keys: classical contemporary music
Dear Sony Music ... So what do you think of Sony Music Online? Please add your comments here.... Email: Send to: General Comments Columbia Epic Legacy Nashville Relativity Sony Classical Sony Wonder TriStar Music Discos Thanks and respect! Your input will help us realize and render a better Sony Music Online. To help us better understand who is usin... What are your favorite types of music ? (check all that apply) Adult Contemporary Alternative Classical Music Other: How often do you log onto the Internet? Other:
[score 0.9862]
date: 24-Nov-94 bytes: links: title: About KDFC keys: classical contemporary music excerpt: About KDFC THE BAY AREA'S ORIGINAL CLASSICAL STATION STATION HISTORY: Since 1948, KDFC has broadcast

88. Terezin
Creation of a Camp. Baugher, gen. Theresienstadt. By Karel Svenk. composers of theHolocaust. Downtown music Productions, 2000. Karas, Joza. music in Terezin.
SOURCES ***Life Behind Walls*** The History Baugher, Gen. Theresienstadt. Benesova, Miroslava, Vojtech Blodig, Marek Poloncarz. The Small Fortress Terezin 1940-1945 . Prague, CzR: V RAJI Publishing House, 1996. Chladkova, Ludmila. The Terezin Ghetto. Prague, CzR: Nase vojsko Publishing House, 1995. Karas, Joza. Music in Terezin. Stuyvesant, NY: Pendragon Press, 1985. Czechoslovakia: A Country Study. IMAGESsee Works of Art for drawings/paintings: "Aerial view of Terezin." <> "Original plan." Chladkova, Ludmila. The Terezin Ghetto. Page 32. "Emperor Joseph II." <> "Austro-Hungarian Empire." Map. <> "Munich Agreement." Map. <> "Munich Agreement." <> "Arrival of Germans." Benesova, Miroslava, Vojtech Blodig, Marek Poloncarz.

89. Camp # 197, SCV: Links To The Confederation...
Ohio Division gen'l Bushrod R. Johnson Camp 1720. Poetry and music of the War Betweenthe States Kathie the popular songs of the War and their composers; and a
The SCV On-Line:
International Headquarters: Sons of Confederate Veterans Army of the Trans-Mississippi
(to which the Arkansas Division and the R.C. Newton Camp #197 belong!) Europe Camp #1612 Os Confederados Camp #1653 (Americana, Brazil) Alabama Division Indiana Division Iowa Division Kentucky Division Michigan Division Mississippi Division Ohio Division Oklahoma Division South Carolina Division ...
  • E. Porter Alexander Camp #158 - The C.S.S. Hunley Web Site
  • Pee Dee Rifles Camp #1419 Tennessee Division West Virginia Division The International Headquarters of the Military Order of the Stars and Bars, an organization of the descendants of the Confederate officer corps.
  • 90. European Music Office
    gen.mbH AKM is a service company for music authors and organisers TONO Performingrights Society for composers, Authors and music Publishers Galleiret
    Meet EMO / Association Structure / Members
    Association Structure

    14-16 rue Ballu
    Tel: +33 1 44 63 10 00
    Fax: +33 1 44 63 10 10
    Email :
    Web :
    Adami has been at the service of artists since 1955. Its vocation is to collect and distribute sums of money owed for the right to use recorded material. It manages the rights of up to 150 000 performers, among which 15 000 are members.
    Adami also devotes part of the money collected to supporting and promoting artistic work, performing arts and vocational training for artists, in accordance with the 1985 law. It thus encourages the hiring of artists according to the laws of employment, collective agreements and the rights of intellectual ownership. AKM Autoren, Komponisten und Musikverleger

    91. Internat. Music Centers / Zahranièní Hudební Centra
    SOUNZ Scilla Askew email web Poland Library of the Polish composers'Union Stanislaw Czopowicz 27 web http//

    92. Grants: Subjects J-Z
    Web Access http// Web Access http// Alliance for composers An organization which
    Grants Information Center
    Subjects Env - Z
    Environment Inventions Journalism Libraries ... Women Note: The information which follows is pertinent primarily to nonprofit organizations and sponsored individuals, and supplements funding sources found in other sections of the Grants Information Center's Web pages. To find these other sections go to the Resources for Nonprofit Organizations site at /nonprof.htm.
    Amazing Environmental Organization Web Directory!
    Be sure to explore this site, the "Earth's Biggest Environment Search Engine." A good place to start would be the General Environmental Interest site. Grantseekers might want to start with the word "grants" as a search, or go to the "Trusts and funds" section of the Business section. In the "Other Places to Search" category there is a list of other major eco-web sites. Web Access:
    Chronicle of Philanthropy: Environmental Organizations
    Includes Internet links to directories, government aid, management and fund raising, and advocacy for the environment. Fully annotated. Web Access:
    Conservation Technology Support Program (CTSP)
    An annual grant program awarding in-kind technology donations to conservation organizations to build their Geographic Information Systems (GIC) capacity. Web Access:

    93. Rochester Review V59 N2--Class Notes
    the word aura and the suffix gen, implying something an enormous impact on thefuture of music in America Many Eastman composers were featured in the famous
    The Rochester Review, University of Rochester, Rochester, New York, USA
    Class ACTS
    Deborah Kates Smith
    They're big in business
    Hail to former Xerox executive Deborah Kates Smith Christopher Schellhorn '79S (MBA), the new president and chief operating officer of Visa Interactive, a subsidiary of Visa International. The company was founded two years ago to provide electronic home-banking and bill-paying services and now serves some 90 financial institutions. Schellhorn joins Visa Interactive from International Verifact, Inc., in Denver, where he was vice president and general manager.
    Simon says he's tops
    At the Simon School, Kevin Pickhardt '90S (MBA) received this year's Alumni Service Award. Of nearly 500 alumni who volunteer actively for the school, he's been extraordinarily generous with his time and energy, says Deborah Howe '91 (Mas), assistant director of alumni relations and development. Pickhardt chaired the committee that planned and marketed the school's Alumni Weekend in October, and over the past year "really put a tremendous amount of time and effort into the job," according to Howe. Pickhardt is a general manager for Xerox Business Services.
    For art's sake
    Stephen Rustow '70 has recently moved back to New York City from Paris, he had spent some 10 years overseeing I. M. Pei's design team for the Louvre Pyramid. Rustow was a sculptor at Rochester who went on to earn a degree in architecture from M.I.T. . . . Speaking of great art museums: The Guggenheim now employs

    94. Survey Of NonWestern Music - Spring 2001
    Aside from the fact that it is now a gen. Ceremonial Practitioner The Native AmericanChurch The Sun Dance Navajo Hymn music New composers in Traditional
    Survey of NonWestern Music
    Study Questions for Various Videos
    Stonee's WebLodge - Native American Legends, Religious Beliefs and Folk Lore

    Below, is a link to one of my favorite sites containing material related to the Native American Flute.

    Dr. David Etienne
    Professor of Music
    Henderson State University
    Since I've been teaching this course, there have been various questions asked concerning Surveyof NonWestern Music. What follows is a collection of various questions asked by students and colleagues.
    Why should I take a course in NonWestern Culture?
    Aside from the fact that it is now a Gen. Ed. requirement of all students at Henderson State University, it will enrich your intellectual being. This planet is constantly getting smaller withrespect to communication and travel. In order to be a more well-rounded student of liberal arts, itis necessary for you to be knowledgeable in cultural areas other than yours. To quote a colleagueof mine, "If we don't know about others and their culture, we can't begin to understand them."
    Will this course satisfy my General Education requirement forNonWestern Cultures?

    95. Imutus - Interactive Music Tuition System
    RECxml-19980210 http// Editor (Windows 95/98/NT),a shareware music notation editor for composers, arrangers or
    Web sites related with previous or current music projects

    Internet Musical University MUSICALIS (

    Web sites related to distance learning

    Recorder Lessons
    Aural Training, Theory

    Web sites related with previous or current music projects

    96. Welsh Music Curiad Vocal Music
    Vocal music. 9023, Hwiangerddi 1. Pedoli 2. Pwsi meri mew 3. Y Gwcw 4. Mae gen iebol melyn 5. Hwyaid 6. Bonheddwr mawr o'r Bala 7. Mae gen i ddafad gorniog 8
    You will note that some sample pages and sound clips are contained in this section. means that you are able to see some sample pages of this publication on the screen. Similarly means that you are able to hear an extract from a recording of the work. The latest version of Real Audio Player is required to listen to the sound clips. I saw three ships Dilys Elwyn-Edwards Praise of summer Lyn Davies Songs of the seasons
    1. Winter
    2. Spring
    3. Summer
    4. Autumn Dilys Elwyn-Edwards Elfennau (Welsh lyrics only)
    1. Nos o Haf
    2. Y Moelwyn
    3. Tir na n-Og
    4. Cwyn y Gwynt Llifon Hughes-Jones Mair (Welsh lyrics only) Lyn Davies Luna Lyn Davies In preparation Ni feddyliais . . . Lyn Davies In preparation The mill at Trefin Llifon Hughes-Jones Fair Lisa Arr. Brian Hughes Love in Christ Llifon Hughes-Jones The moderate sinner Susan L. Jones A Birthday Susan L. Jones Futility Susan L. Jones Spectres Lyn Davies Orador sur Glane Lyn Davies Yr Alarch a chaneuon eraill
    1. Yr Alarch
    2. Bugeilgerdd gwyl Ifan 3. Y Fflam

    97. Music Gen X Chico Cesar Putumayo Lifestyle Trend Demko
    Front Page Headlines Lifestyle Links ... Books
    Chico Cesar, cutting-edge Mozart of Mambo
    AgeVenture News Service
    Since his phenomenally successful debut recording in 1995, a self-produced live album that was released on a small, independent Brazilian label, César has been recognized as one of the most gifted composers and lyricists in Brazil. The Putumayo Artists release, Chico Cesar (photo), includes selections from César’s groundbreaking studio albums and serves as perfect introduction to the music of this stunning new world music star.
    While Chico now lives in the southern metropolis of São Paulo, Brazil’s largest city, he hails from the small city of Cartolé do Rocha (population 12,000) in Paraîba, a state in the Northeast. It is a region that is rich in culture but poor in resources, and poverty and low life expectancies are the rule. The dusty streets of Chico’s hometown were sources for both joy and sorrow giving rise to the deep sentiments and sparkling pleasures of his compositions.
    Born to a poor, farm worker father and a washerwoman mother, Chico is clearly gifted. At three years old, he had learned to read. By twelve, without knowing a single musical note, he composed his first song. "I was just a kid, 8 years old, when I started working at a record store. At the same time, my aunt got me a scholarship at a school founded by nuns. At age 10, we had a band with instruments my friends and I invented ourselves. At age 14, I formed another music group, and with our own songs we crossed my native state singing in music festivals. At 16, I moved to the state capital, and soon after dedicated myself to music only, touring Brazil, Japan, and Europe."

    98. USN Middle School Webliographer/Search General Reso

    99. Shop For Box Sets Music CD, Classical, Composers - 6
    Online shopping for box sets of opera, vocal and classical music CD and DVD. Buy CDs and DVDs of classic and collectors' music from around the world. News,

    100. Gingrich Library, Music - Albright College
    Also has links to composers and libretti. music industry and commercial music, includinglyrics
    MUSIC Related Resources (databases, search engines, online catalogs, subject lists of other humanities subject web sites) MUSIC All-Music Guide Includes 192,000 recordings and 62,000 biographies accessible by album, artist, composer and title. CD Now Classical masters, current artists, and artist interviews. Uses Real Player plug-in. ClassicalNet Includes a basic repertoire list, recommended CD's, info on composers and their works, lists of scores and books, and many classical music links. Ethnomusicology, Folk Music, and World Music Provides links to institutions and organizations, bibliographies, periodicals and online publications and many other links in the areas of folk and world music. Eyeneer Music Archives Makes information about four main music genres (international, jazz, contemporary classical and traditional American ) publicly available with discographies, photos , biographies, and sound samples. Uses AIFF, .wav, QuickTime plug-ins Internet Resources for Music Scholars Harvard 's Music Library maintains this list of links to more than 300 scholarly music resources on the Internet.

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