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         Composers Music Gen Resources:     more detail

41. Greer Music Library
Collection includes books about music and musicians, periodicals, reference sources and indices ), collected works of major composers, study and performance scores, sound and video/laser recordings and computerbased support for the teaching and research needs of users.

42. Resources For Composers And Contemporary Music
Links to contemporary music sites.
Resources for Composers and Contemporary Music
Resources for Composers in the USA

43. TMLL - Course Research Pages
Additional Electronic resources. This Business of music the Definitive Guide to themusic Industry. New York Billboard Books, 2000. gen STACKS ML3790.S5 2000.
Page Last Updated
January 31, 2003 This Course Research Page was created by Sara Kelley Primary Law Agencies, Associations, and NGOs Subscription Databases ... Brief Bibliography of Print Resources
Primary Law
Legislative Materials
Administrative Materials
Judicial Materials

44. DW3 Classical Music Resources : Index
A well organized, well maintained index of 1,500 classical music links, including homepages, chronologies, and necrologies of composers; genrespecific pages, databases, and other scholarly resources. From the Duke University music Library.

Composer Homepages Chronologies and Necrologies National and Regionally Oriented Pages ... Databases Search DW3: Duke Music Library Online Catalog Research Databases ... Questions and comments
Duke University Music Library, Durham, NC USA.
Last update: Thursday, 06-Feb-2003 10:07:36 EST

45. UCLA Music Library: Music Resources On The Internet: Composers And Composition
Reference Sources, Guides and Lists.
Composers and Performers
Listings under Individuals focus on substantial, often research-oriented, sites. Generally, we do not include commercial pages or pages from individuals' lists which are limited to basic biographical information. Such pages can be found in the more comprehensive lists found under Reference Sources, Guides, Lists, Galleries . See also Societies and Associations for links to composers and performers associations
Reference Sources, Guides and Lists

46. Music At UCC: Web Resources: Contemporary Music: Various Composers
Links to contemporary music resources from University College, Cork.
Contemporary music: various composers Suggest an URL Comments Modified:

47. Early Baroque (1600 - 1680) In Classical Music
Background information, resources, and biographies and keyworks of the composers from Heart's Ease Conservatory. Baroque

48. Late Baroque (1680 - 1750) In Classical Music
Background information, resources, and biographies and keyworks of the composers from Heart's Ease Conservatory. Baroque

49. Early 20th Century (1900 - 1930) In Classical Music
Heart's Ease Conservatory outlines the rise of postromantic music and lists major composers with biographies, suggested reading, and additional resources. 20th Century

50. Searches
Classical composers, composers Biographies, Digital Library ART. Art Museum, IndyChildrens Museum, music Research Artist Writing Topic Browse gen, Writing Topic
Eastern Hancock Library ROYAL SEARCH (Over 30 Internet Search Engines) Library Research Magazines.. SEARCH from your home . .see Inspire Ebsco below Directions:
Click on Ebsco Icon
Click on ENTER
Click the box FULL TEXT (an "X" will appear)
Type in topic
Click on the title wording for the article
Click on the groups "by 10"s" to see more Dictionary-Ency.-Medical Dictionary Ency. Library Dictionary -Encyclopedia DIGITAL LIBRARY ... Reference-Almanacs-Facts Library Card Catalog Search Ball State Library Greenfield Library Internet Public Library ... Purdue Library Newspapers, Magazines, and TV ENTER R oyal R ... Wonder Book English, Writing, and Literature American English LIT.-Shakespeare English Literature Research Author Links ... Writing Topic Needle (letter) Foreign Language Foreign Language Dictionary (ALL) Language LINKS German Resources German Links History Biography Online C.I.A. Facts-Files-Countries Civil War Research Conner Prairie ... Reading Study Skills Science Chemical Compounds Chemistry Research Chemistry-Science Library Journ - Chemical Education ... Weather Channel Sports IHSAA - H.S. Sports

51. Music At UCC: Web Resources: Early 20th-century Music: Various Composers
Links to sites devoted to composers of the period.
Early 20th-century music: various composers Suggest an URL Comments Modified:

52. RESOURCE GUIDE ON WOMEN & MUSIC By Gwendolyn Alker With Editorial Assistance Fro
ASCAP, rarely known by its full name, American Society of composers, Authors and genMUS.A mailing list for those interested in music, as it relates to gender
Resource Guide on Women and Music
by Gwendolyn Alker
with editorial assistance from Christian Herold
This resource guide is an introductory list of various organizations, events, web sites and bibliographic references, focusing on women and music. This list does not claim to be exhaustive. Instead, it provides the reader with an entryway into a rapidly expanding network. The internet has provided an invaluable place to foster the ongoing conversations between women who are interested in music; therefore, this list will be most useful for those with access to the World Wide Web. This guide does not include academic edited volumes, or other academic essays. The guide could not have been completed without the help of Sarah Whitworth, Eva Wiener of NYWC, Inc., and various members of IAWM-L discussion list (hosted by the International Alliance of Women in Music). Beth Anderson Herold <> generously lent her flyer, " The Internet For Women In Music " < ifwm.html>. A few sections of this guide have been taken from her text. This guide is divided into the following sections: I.

53. WandP: Feminist Yellow Pages
iawm/home.html A resource on women composers and women Women http// genMUSis a mailing list for those interested in
For ease of use, we have broken the Yellow Pages section into TOPIC HEADINGS:
Altavista Search
Altavista can be used to search the web, or Usenet, and it is the search engine you either love or hate. Scholars love it, because it is far more comprehensive than ordinary search engines (it searches the content each document page on the web for desired text, rather than simply reading page titles.) Many other people hate Altavista, because it can turn up unholy amounts of information, which can get mind-numbing. For fun, try looking up your name, using Altavista!
DeJa News
If you are looking for information posted to the Usenet News groups, this is the search engine you need to check out. Fast, thorough, and easily tailored to specific searches.
Four-11 Web Site

54. AMS Committee On The Status Of Women
Early music Women composers; gender and music Discussion List leave blank body oftext subscribe genmus; of Women in music; Society for music Theory, Committee
AMS Committee on the Status of Women
Related Sites
Sister Organizations and Discussion Lists
Useful Resources

55. Music Bibliography
composers. Bach Essays on his life and music by Christoph Wolff. ML410 Cha.P (CLMain Shelves MD gen Reading). Garretson, Robert L. Conducting choral music.
LINUS October 2000 : Collection Highlights
Let's have music now!
Compiled by Lee-Wang Cheng Yeng, Central Library The National University of Singapore will offer a music degree course from 2002 as reported in The Straits Times, 6 September 2000. However, you do not have to wait until then to read up all you want on music! Head for the Central Library where the music collection (including the recordings) awaits your discovery and enjoyment. If your question is where to start, here is just a select list of titles arranged under broad groupings. If you desire more, check the catalogue LINC at To supplement your reading, you can listen to recordings of various performances available in Central Library. In LINC, under Special Collections click on Digital/AV Collection then search by Author to look for the works by a composer, e.g. Bartok, and recordings of The 6 String Quartets will be retrieved. Interested in viewing an opera? Search by Title, e.g. Carmen. Alternatively, use Keyword, e.g. Louis Armstrong to find Louis Armstrong, the gentle giant of jazz

56. Genazzano F.c.j. College Senior Library
Dr. Estrella's Increadibly Abridged Dictionary of composers. music from the ABC. Lastupdated February 1999 Contact genazzano
RESOURCES Subject Teaching Other libraries on the Internet References ... Teacher-librarian links LIBRARY INFORMATION Electronic databases


Opening hours

Genazzano f.c.J. College Senior Library Subject resources - Music Aussie Music Online Australian Music World Wide Web Site Classical Music Department of the WWW Virtual Library Classical Music: Composers ... Music from the ABC
Last updated: February 1999

Genazzano f.c.j. College, Cotham Road, Kew, Victoria, Australia 3101
Telephone number: (03) 9817 6086
Fax number: (03) 9817 2458

57. Additions To The Viola Web Site In Chronological Order
Address to gen Totani's Viola Ensemble music Archive updated Viola music of New Yorkcomposer Steven R. Gerber for download at http//
Additions and Modifications
to The Viola Web Site
March 2003:
Kenneth Martinson 's web address updated in Viola Professors and Violists on the web pages. Duo Leclair added to the Violists on the web page. Shmuel Katz added to the Violists on the web page. Laura Wilcox added to the Viola Professors and Violists on the web pages. Web site uploaded: XXXI International Viola Congress , June 10-13, 2003 and listed on the Viola Events page
February 2003:
's web address updated on the Violists on the web page. Roger Myers' web address updated in Viola Professors and Violists on the web page. Events page updated.
January 2003:
Thomas Oboe Lee , composer added to Other Music Sites page. Sten Broman, composer added to Famous Names list. To Hear the Angels Sing , a Dublin City Christmas Story by Joe Beine. A short story online about a violist. Jeanne Mallow added, and Gilad Karni 's web address updated on Violists on the web
November 2002:
Steven Gerber's web address changed to in resources page Link to Dr. David Dalton's

58. Program Curriculum: Program: Liberal Studies
805264, Great composers In music, 3.00, 3 - 0, 805-278, History Of Pop/Rock music1920-Present, 2.00, 2 806-201, gen., Organic, And Biological Chemistry, 5.00, 4 -2, 7.
Home About MATC Contact Us Search ...

Divisions and Departments
Program Descriptions Summary of Offerings Admissions ... Bachelor Degree Options
Liberal Studies
Program Number: 20-800-1
801 Communication Skills
Credits Lec-Lab
Offered English Comp 1 English Comp 2 Adv Composition Intro To Lit Survey Of English Literature 1 Survey Of American Literataure 1 Survey Of American Literatuare 2 Survey Of World Literature 1 Survey Of World Literature 2 Literature 20th Century Contemporary Lit Classical Mythology Creative Writing Creative Writing Special Topics Newswrtg Rptg Feature Writing Independent Projects In News Magazines Women In Litrature Women In Literature II Women In The Arts 802 Foreign Language
Credits Lec-Lab
Offered Spanish 1 Semester 1 Spanish 1 Semester 2 Spanish 1 Spanish 2 Spanish 3 Spanish 4 French 1 French 2 French 3 French 4 803 History
Credits Lec-Lab
Classes Currently Offered Making Mod Europe Europe Mod World Am Hist 1607-1865 Am Hist 1865-Pres.

59. The Resource Center For Japanese Music - Composers
Mr. Masaaki Hayakawa
Birthplace: J Compositions on file: Gen-ei,0 Composer Index Music From Japan - Home

60. The Resource Center For Japanese Music - Composers
Mr. Takashi Yoshimatsu
Birthplace: Tokyo Award: Jap. Sym. Found. Prize "Dorian for Orchestra" Year: 1980 Award: 44th Music Concours selected an early work Year: 1975 Studies: Self-taught Composition studies Article/Review: R Publication: NYT Date Pub.: 12/11/84 Reaction (Positive/Negative/neUtral: U Article/Review: R Publication: NYT, Cleve, NYCT Date Pub.: 2/16/85 Reaction (Positive/Negative/neUtral: U Compositions on file: 4 Pieces In Bird Shape,1983 And Birds are still...,0 Bassoon Concerto "Unicorn Circuit",1988 Birdscape,1984 ... Music From Japan - Home

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