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         Composers Music Gen Resources:     more detail

1. General Music Information And Indexes, Classical, Jazz, Composers, Artists, Lyri
composers and musical Arrangers Directory Good resource music resources on the Internetgeneral music information http// Last
Internet Resources Home Music Resources General Music Information and Indexes
Internet Resources Home
Music Resources on the Internet Home Music Graphics

Image Resources

Image Archives

Linkware Graphics Music Images
General, Classical
Classical Indexes

General Indexes
Artists, Groups

Commercial Music Sources


Healing Music
... Online Publications Jazz Jazz Resources Folk Folk Music on the Internet What's New at Music Resources Web Site Design ... 1997 Floods N. California Resources Information What's New How To Download Images Submit A Site ... Sitemap Other Resources WebsiteTips Articles and Tips SuperBladePro Presets Linkware Graphics Our Sponsors SKDesigns Website Design, Graphics Shirley Kaiser, Pianist, Composer
Table of Contents
Indexes Information The Art Music Web Ring BMG Classics World Resource for Classical Music EINet's Classical Music on the Net Classical Music Stations - RealTime Internet Radio From the Mining company - about a dozen stations listed to listen to live on the Internet. Good resource. Classical Net Basic Repertoire List for Building a Library of Classical Recordings, recommends specific classical CDs also, so much more (and lots of links, too). Harmony Music List Classical Music Department of the WWW Virtual Library The Mammoth Music Meta-List, Classical Music

2. Selected Resources In Music
Guides music music Reference resources. music Reference resources Women composers. London Macmillan, 1994. gen REF. ML 105 .N381 1994. The New Harvard Dictionary of music.

Find It Subject Guides Music Music Reference Resources
Reference Resources for Music and Dance
Unless otherwise indicated, all call numbers are for General Reference on M Level. Guides to Literature and Handbooks - Music Duckles, Vincent H., and Michael A. Keller. Music Reference and Research Materials: An
Annotated Bibliography.
New York: Schirmer Books, 1988. GEN REF ML113 .D8 1988 Gammond, Peter. The Oxford Companion to Popular Music. Oxford and New York: Oxford
University Press, 1991. GEN REF ML102.P66 G351 1991 The New Oxford Companion to Music. Oxford and New York: Oxford University Press,
1983. GEN REF ML100 .S36 1983 Dictionaries and Encyclopedias - Music Baker's Biographical Dictionary of Musicians. New York: Schirmer Books, 1991. GEN
REF ML 105 .B16 1991 Contemporary Musicians. Detroit: Gale Research, 1989-. GEN REF ML385 .C66 The Encyclopedia of Popular Music , 3rd ed., ed. Colin Larkin. London: Muze, 1998. GEN REF ML 102 .P66 G84 1998 Kennedy, Michael. The Oxford Dictionary of Music. Oxford and New York: Oxford
University Press, 1994. GEN REF ML 100 .K351 1994

3. HSU Library - Music On The Internet Music Resources On Music Resources (www Reso
music resources. Select another discipline biography see also gen bio. Classical composers. composers (UWash). composers ( Schirmer)
Music on the Internet
Large Sites and General Guides
Sites for Specific Curricular Interests
Composition and Theory ...
Rock n Roll
Learn more about the Humboldt State University Music Department
American Musicology Society WWW Sites of Interest to Musicologists (
This page at the AMS website has listings for: academic jobs; dissertations; academic institutions, U.S. and worldwide; music libraries, archives, and online catalogues; musical periods; instruments; online journals, dictionaries, and encyclopaedias; and many more. The categories are not arranged in alphabetical order but scrolling is well worthwhile at this rich site.
Infomine: Visual and Performing Arts (
This is a section of a large gateway site maintained at the University of California, Riverside. To get to the Music section, scroll down to the Subject link, and click on it. Then click on M and scroll down to Music and its subdivisions.
Music on the Internet (

4. Music Resources On The Web.
Part of the Jewish gen. http// lid264.html music. indiana. edu/ music_ resources/ mcology. html Collection of music by Israeli composers. Alice
Musical Telecommunication Applications and Resources of the Internet:
(Presented at the University of Southern California School of Music Forum on October 4, 1996)
by Dr. John Kuzmich, Jr.
What's on the Internet?
* E-mail
* Finger
* Telnet
* Gopher
* Veronica
* News Groups
* World-Wide Web
Cruising On The Information Superhighway *E-mail *World Wide Web. *BBS *Commercial Online services.
Music Internet Resources and Applications
General Applications
Adam Curry's The Vibe for the latest information and comments from the MTV's man himself: URL is Music Under Soviet Rule : Offers a collection of documents related to the classical music of the former Soviet Union. URL: Opera-1 Home Page : Includes a guide to recorded opera, an A-Z guide to composers, an A-Z guide to operas, synopses of operas, photos of opera stars, and links to other opera sites. URL: ROCKIN.COM : A music source for rock bands, management companies, musicians and other music resources. Download sounds, pictures and schedules of bands from all across America. Post your band for $25.00 a month. They will build a site for you. URL:

5. Welsh Music Curiad Song Books And Educational Resources
1011C, A cassette of all the songs from the ‘Mae gen i gân' book. Attractive musicby some popular composers such as Robat Arwyn and Gareth Glyn.
QUALITY PUBLISHERS OF PRINTED MUSIC Song Books and Educational Resources
You will note that some sample pages and sound clips are contained in this section. means that you are able to see some sample pages of this publication on the screen. Similarly means that you are able to hear an extract from a recording of the work. The latest version of Real Audio Player is required to listen to the sound clips. Byd o gân.
25 unison and two part songs from around the world. Key Stage 1-2
(Welsh lyrics only)
E. Olwen Jones Pwy wnaeth y sêr uwchben?
16 songs each dealing with a
Biblical theme in a contemporary style.
Key Stage 1-2
(Welsh lyrics only)
Arfon Wyn Pan ddaw yfory
Excellent arrangements of 11 favorite Welsh ‘pop' songs.
Suitable for choir or classroom use. Key Stage 3-4 (Welsh lyrics only) Editor: Alun Guy Dewch i'r wledd. 14 Christian based songs. Key Stage 1-2 (Welsh lyrics only) Arfon Wyn Boed Noël 26 carols by Wales' most prominent composers. (Welsh lyrics only) Various Stori'r Geni The nativity story in word and song. Key Stage 2-3 (Welsh lyrics only) Chiz 6 popular Huw Chiswell songs. Key Stage 2-3

6. Classical Music Resources
Classical music on the internet. Buy CDs of Classical music from around the world. News and information on composers, concerts, festivals and orchestras of classical music. Classical music resources. CLASSICAL music OPERA CDs, Global music Network artists, composers, etc. Leonard Classical music. For Seniors. Vocabulary gen. Jigsaw Puzzles
Classical Music Resources
Audio CD - Mahler: Symphony no 10 / Rattle, Berlin Philharmonic ($11.88)

Audio CD - EspaOleta / Chatham Baroque ($12.58)

Audio CD - Copland the Populist / Tilson Thomas, San Francisco Symphony ($11.88)

Audio CD - Beethoven: Symphonies 1-9 / Barenboim, Staatskapelle Berlin ($59.48)
Free Expert Newsletters

Search: Classical Music Popular Music All Products Books Video Toys Electronics Enter keywords...
Bargain Music CDs

Bargain Classical Music CDs

DVDs and DVD Players

Buy Travel, Trivia and Quiz Games
A Base for Music Videos A Base for Music DVDs Buy Music CDs Online Classical Music Top Sellers - Classical Music Section at Jazz Section at Buy Recommended Cds at Music Section at Pop Music Section at Buy CDs Featured in the Media Buy CDs Online Carnegie Hall - history, calendar, etc. CD Universe Classical Search Engine Classical Insites - classical education Classical is Cool! - concerts, radio programs, etc. Classical Music on the Web Classical Net - CD guide, composer data, etc.

7. Selected Resources In Music
music Find Books not in the Eisenhower Library. For older titles and authors/composers,it is often useful Printed Books of the British Museum (gen REF Quarto

Find It Subject Guides Music Music Books Not in MSE
Music: Find Books not in the Eisenhower Library
Expand your research beyond the walls of Eisenhower Library. You can go to the Friedheim Library at the Peabody Conservatory. You can search the catalogs of all the research libraries in the USA, or search libraries in other countries; these resources are absolutely invaluable and essential for research.
  • Online catalogs containing books in all major US research libraries, and some European libraries
      Eureka: the online catalog of the Research Libraries Group. Choose this from the library's main menu , under " Electronic Databases WorldCat: online catalog of most US and some European research institutions.
    For older titles and authors/composers, it is often useful to consult the following printed catalogs, locations as indicated:
    • (Z 927 .P2, located on D-Level) The National Union Catalog, Pre-1956 Imprints, (Z 881. A1 C28, located on D-Level near the compact shelving) General Catalogue of Printed Books of the British Museum (GEN REF Quarto Z 921. B86 1959, located on M-Level).

8. Music
biography see also gen bio. Lives Red Hot Jazz musicians 20th C music composers backto Essentials of music Jazz Corner musicWeb music resources music Software
Music Resources Select another discipline: - Select A Discipline - Ancient Liturature Ancient/Medieval History American History Art Biochemistry Biology Business Chemistry Computer Science Criminal Justice Earth Science Education Engineering English/American Literature Environmental Science Foreign Literature General Resources Government Documents Health Mathematics Meteorology Music Philosophy Physics Political Science Polymer Science Psychology Sociology World History Jump to section:
Indexes Indexes (full text) Indexes (specialized) Journals ... Web Sites (music industry) Database Information Key: Database Descriptions UMass Lowell Community Only Open Access indexes (citations only) RILM

indexes (some full text) IIMP
Humanities Abstracts

Academic Search
Expanded Academic
Infotrac OneFile
indexes (specialized) Aria Database
Bach Bibliography
Beethoven Bibliography CANTUS ... Musica (choral repertoire) Popular Song Rojaro THEMA WWW Music Index journals (full text) UML E-Journal List journals (individual titles)

9. Edens Library --Music Resources
Web Expanded Academic ASAP and gen'l Reference Dr. Estrella's Incredibly AbridgedDictionary of composers Eric's Treasure Trove of music
Selected Sites and Sources for MUSIC
Selected Reference Books Suggested Subject Headings Indexes, Abstracts, Databases... Periodicals ...
Return to General Reference Humanities Resources
Selected Reference Books
Great for statistics, definitions, general overview of topic...
  • American Composers: A Biographical Dictionary Ref ML 390 E815 1983
  • Baker's Biographical Dictionary of Musicians Ref ML 105 B16 1991
  • Baker's Biographical Dictionary of 20th Century Classical Musicians Ref ML 105 S612 1997
  • The Complete Book of Classical Music Ref MT 6 E89
  • The Definitive Kobbe's Opera Book Ref MT 95 K52 1987
  • Dictionary of Afro-American Performers Ref ML 106 U3 T87 1990
  • The Down Home Guide to the Blues Ref ML 156.4 B6 S26 1990
  • The Encyclopedia of Jazz Ref ML 105 F36
  • Great Composers 1300-1900 Ref ML 105 E944
  • The Great Song Thesaurus Ref ML 128 S3 L4 1984
  • Greene's Biographical Encyclopedia of Composers Ref ML 390 G85 1985
  • The Guinness Encyclopedia of Popular Music (6 volumes) Ref ML 102 P66 G84 1995
  • Heritage of Music (4 volumes) Ref ML 160 .H527 1987
  • 10. Homework Helper
    (gen. Mus. An overview of women composers from ancient greece and medievaldays through the late baroque/early classical. music resources.
    Web Sites for Students Music
    Histories and Instructions of Musical Instruments America's Shrine to Music Museum America's Shrine to Music Museum Center for Study of the History of Musical
    Instruments, founded in 1973, is one of the great institutions of its kind in the world. Its renowned collections, which include more than 6,000 American, European, and ethnographic instruments from virtually all cultures and historic periods, are among the most comprehensive anywhere. (High School Orchestra/Band - Course Outcome 4; Music History - Essential Unit Outcome 1) Guide to Medieval and Renaissance Instruments Pictures and history of instruments used during the Medieval and Renaissance Time Periods. (High School Music History - Course Outcome 2,3) Guitar Foundation of America A links site to guitar information. (Guitar/General Instrumental Music - Course Outcome 2, 3, 5)

    11. Subject Listings Of Web Resources In Jewish Music
    Part of the Jewish gen. http// TischlerCollection of music by Israeli composers Alice Tischler's collection of

    JMWC Featured Sites
    Web Resources
    Subject Listing of Web Resources Alphabetical Listing of Web Resources Getting to the Music Festivals Performing Groups ... Reviews
    Starting Research in Jewish Music Places to Study Organizations, Societies, Conferences Bibliography of Biographies ... General Music and Library Resources Subject Listing of Web Resources Go to Alphabetical Listings
    Online Bibliographies and Texts
    Music in the HolocaustA Select Bibliography
    A highly selective, very focused bibliography which includes books, articles, music collections, selected recordings, scores and texts. Suszanna Weisch-Shahak, REPERTORIO SEFARDI - a modo de introducción
    Written for: A la memoria del Maestro Paul Bénichou. An English tranlation provided by Google, is linked here: translation in pdf . Also: OBSERVACIONES SOBRE EL ROMANCERO SEFARDÍ DE TRADICIÓN ORAL - MOTIVOS MÍTICOS Y FOCO TEMÁTICO Bibliography on Music in the Ancient Near Eastern and Mediterranean Worlds
    Extensive academic bibliography on music in the Near East. Many entries on ancient music in bablyonia as well as ancient Israel.

    12. SOUND Resources
    SEAMUS is a nonprofit national organization of composers, performers, and teachersof what's new in the worlds of electronic music, new music and the gen JAM.

    13. Music Internet Subject Guide - Newark Public Library
    gospel, jazz, rap, rock, soul; even composers, radio stations http// music resources on the Internet http//
    Music Search engine

    Historic U.S. music

    Lyrics and sheet music
    Music for sale

    Search engine: MusicSearch

    Search by entering a term or terms of interest to you, and the specialized engine will retrieve relevant sites. Especially valuable for popular music information; with a directory for artists, events, genres, instruments, reference, reviews, and other topics. Links to approximately 5,000 sites.
    Megasites: Archives of African American Music

    Blues, classical, gospel, jazz, rap, rock, soul; even composers, radio stations, and more; with scores, artifacts, oral histories, photographs, and audio and video clips. Although this page includes a number of dead links, its merits are indisputable. ConcertWeb Beyond events, this site offers a wealth of links to bands, genres, labels, zines, recording equipment, and industry news. Music Journals and Magazines, Newspapers and Periodicals

    14. The Viola Web Site
    List of Viola CDs (listed by violists and by composers). gen Totani's Viola Ensemblemusic Archive. Graded Viola music for Learners compilation of pieces set by
    Viola music of New York composer Steven R. Gerber available for download at Elegy On The Name Dmitri Shostakovich ASTA MD/DC Certificate Program for Viola (Performance requirements and suggested curriculum) AVS National Teacher Directory ... article , which first appeared in the February 2000 issue of Strad Magazine. Rebecca Clarke: Contests and Contexts (abstracts from Society for American Music's Conference, Toronto 2000: Musical Intersections The Rebecca Clarke Society Vibrato to your hearts' delight by John Krakenberger Choosing a viola , from Collins Violins. Practices Tips compiled from contributors of the Viola Email List, compiled by Lisanne Bainbridge Japanese Viola Fan Club's exhaustive List of Viola CDs (listed by violists and by composers)
    Dr. Pamela Goldsmith's web site, which contains many of her writings published in Strings, American String Teacher, Journal of the American Viola Society, etc., can be found at

    15. Electric Blues Club - Resources, Unions, Research, Info Links
    Collects and pays royalties to composers, songwriters and on the World Wide Web NewZealand music Centre PO Email Pipeline Productions
    //Top Navigational Bar III (By BrotherCake @ //Permission granted/modified by to include script in archive //For this and 100's more DHTML scripts, visit Resources
    Health Insurance Music News ... Tutors
    Music and business resources for bands, musicians and music industry personel have been split into several sections.
    These include information on finding and protecting your band name or trademark, musicians health organisations, music associations, insurance companies specialising in coverage for musicians, musical instruments and events, unions protecting the rights of musicians and start up resources for self-employed musicians.
    Also browse Vocalist's section.
    Online Music Resources

    Start Up Business Resources

    Useful Resources
    British Musicians' Union
    Performing Rights Society

    PPL (Phonographic Performance Ltd), 1 Upper James Street, London W1R 3HG, Tel: 020 7534 1000 Fax: 020 7534 1111. Collects royalties on behalf of record companies and performers, licensing broadcast and public performance of sound recordings.

    16. Alternative Rock Artists And Bands Index -- C -- Music Resources At Harmonicity.
    DJ Supplies musical Toys Electronics MP3s composers Conducting Contemporary Instruments,music! Christmas; Christopher, St; Chrome; Chron gen; Chronic Future; Chub;

    Popular Index

    Classical Music

    County Music

    Children's Music
    Alt Rock
    Books Magazines Popular Music Classical Music DVD Video Video Games Computers Software Electronics Housewares Hardware Outdoor Living Toys Baby Gear
    Genres: Alternative Rock
    ... Death Use the Index

    17. Someone's Wonderful Music Link Collection resource collection over 2200 entries composers, cd's you LinksSouthernmusic Links to music Organizations and resources http//www gen.
    This page of music and liturgy links began as a mirror of the page located here: Some of the links are updated here, and some dead links are deleted ~~~MENU~~~ CHOIR CLASSICAL GRANTS LESSONS ... SEARCH ENGINES

    18. DIEM
    DIEM provided the necessary technical resources while NDDT choreographers, dancers,engineers and composers involved issue of the Computer music Journal “The

    19. International Music Centers
    801 86 02 Fax 0064.4.801 86 04 Email http Poland Library of thePolish composers' Union - Polish Contemporary music Documentation 27
    Artist Song Album Composer Composition Instrument
    Buy your music from SheetMusicPlus and help keep Woodwind.Org Running! International Music Centers Home Resources IMC [ Jump to ... ] Home Search Woodwind.Org Sponsors Bulletin Board Klezmorim Forum Announcements Vendors Classifieds Personal Help Sherman's Corner Resources Klarinet Klarinet Archives Music/Midi Equipment Serial Numbers Makers Chat Compositions Discography Research/Study Stolen Young People Uploads Miscellaneous IAMIC International Association of Music Information Centres
    Secretary Stiftgasse 29, A-1070 Vienna Austria
    Tel.: ++43-1-521 04 - 55 Fax: ++43-1-521 04 - 99
    Internet: A B C D E ... Z Australia
    Australian Music Centre Ltd
    P.O.Box N 690
    Grosvenor Place
    NSW 1220 , Australia
    Tel+61 2 247 46 77 Fax+61 2 241 28 73 E-mail

    20. Willamette University L College Of Liberal Arts Catalog
    students choosing careers as professional composers or music ALL music DEGREES INmusic University gen. 5) MUSC 348 Secondary general music resources (.5) MUSC

    College of Liberal Arts Catalog

    MUSIC Department Homepage
    The Willamette University Music Department provides a program of rigorous study in music performance, music composition, and music education within the broad spectrum of a liberal arts education. The department offers all students opportunities to develop musicianship, to perform the literature, and to understand the principles that will lead to a fuller intellectual grasp of the art.
    Admission, Scholarships and Financial Aid

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